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I'm home. So far it's weird but mostly nice, although I rather suspect I'll be very glad to head to Newcastle next Saturday just to get out of the house and be doing something again. However, there're no words to express how lovely it was to wake up at 7am this morning (I was in bed by 9:45pm. I'd just spent twenty two hours travelling; seriously, I'm amazed I held out that long) and to be able to get up and meander around without worrying about waking anyone, to wander downstairs and sit on the sofa with a coffee and get reacquainted with Harry the Second (my biiiig laptop). It was unspeakably wonderful. I rather think that if I'd been working in Australia and had my own place, I really wouldn't have wanted to leave. Add 'working in Australia-probably-Sydney-but-Melbourne-would-be-nice-too' to the list of things I'd like to do sometime, along with 'become famous author' and 'own debenture tickets to Wimbledon'.

And now I'm home, I have to say the biggest, hugest, massive-est THANK YOU to [ profile] chickybee32, [ profile] mayakitten, [ profile] acityofwonder, [ profile] irradiatedsoup, [ profile] futureperfect and [ profile] falln who all took time out of their lives and/or opened up their respective houses to the souvenir-crazy Brit to make my whole Australia experience so utterly wonderful. I love all of you. You're amazing. Whenever you all make it to the UK, whatever couch/spare bed I may have at the time is yours, along with tour guiding and much forcing encouraging you to watch British tv.

(I'll probably flail a little bit extra over you if you bring me more Tim Tams but I'll be ridiculously happy to see you regardless. ;) )

Seriously yous guys. You rule. <3


IN LESS HAPPY NEWS RELATING TO AUSTRALIA: I hate stupid TV laws that mean I can't watch the Good News Week stuff off the site back here in the UK. Ggrr. And no good Australian proxy servers seem to exist. It means I'll have to wait for the podcast to be uploaded before I can watch Monday's episode but Wil Anderson twittered about how hilarious it was filming it and I don't want to wait. Britain would love your comedy, Australia! You should sell it to Dave so they can repeat it a millionty one times a week!


On the plus side I did take about 150 caps of Paul doing his blog while I was still in Oz and now I'm happily engaged in making icons of them all, with only the occasional mournfulness over not being able to rewatch them whenever. Seriously. Unfair. But pretty icons!

And also a plus, my DAAS dvd works just fine on Harry II (who is huge. I'v had dinky little Beaver the Netbook for two months and now I suddenly have all seventeen-inch-screen of Harry back. It's weirding me out) and all my books have arrived so I suppose I should just suck it up and be glad that they upload the podcasts at all, for free. I'm thinking about downloading Thank God You're Here too. I'm pining for Aussie comedy and the new series of QI isn't being shown until *September* even though they've filmed it all, so there's no British awesome to distract me.

The woes of my life. Need moar comedy! Except, I'm pretty sure Dave will have a QI marathon on at some point this week - because they always do - and all will be right with the world once more. Give me a month; you'll say "Paul McDermott" and I'll say "Who?"

...That's a lie. But a comforting one.


Oh Andy. There're no words for the
suckitude of this happening to you in the all-too-short grass season
. There's a week until Wimbledon starts though, so I'm still optimistic hopeful.

On the subject of tennis, this made me giggle: Robin Soderling never threatened, the rain tried and gave up and the Spanish lunatic could only leave him a mite shaken, but not in the remotest stirred. Federer is so mellow, he just tried to shy away from the intruder instead of clocking him; one would liked to have seen the idiot try the same trick on Marat Safin.

I would indeed. Here's to some idiot running on court to try to drape a flag over Marat Safin! We'd probably get a lesson in how to break a racquet over someone's head. Certainly it'd be an example to all the crazies out there of why Chasing Someone With Easily-a-Potential-Weapon In Hand and a career in using it with no small amount of force, could be a bad idea.


...I'm sure there was something else I wanted to say but it's gone. Hm. Went on a walk with the parentals earlier and we saw a cormorant catch and eat an eel, which is exciting but not what I wanted to say. I think.

Oh well. I'm sure either Livejournal, Facebook or Twitter will be around for me to fling it to the internets when I remember.
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I am in Dubai! After a long, long bumpy flight that I mostly tried to sleep through because turbulence? Least comforting thing ever. We got over it in time for a pretty pink and gold and blue sunrise but I'm hoping it's used up the turbulence quota for my next flight (half the length hurrah!).

I didn't cry in the airport. Well, I sniffled through customs and during takeoff because they turned the lights off and I felt a little less of a crazy person when no one could see me. I miss Australia and I only left like fifteen hours ago; for the last four weeks I've been all "home! home! yay!" and now I'm all "Australia..." *sadface* Most. Indecisive. Person. Ever. Had a lovely last day with [ profile] chickybee32 and [ profile] irradiatedsoup in Melbourne though. <3

I'm so glad I had the flights the other way around this time though, with 14hr first and 7 last, because I so don't think I could face fourteen hours on a plane right now. Seven's enough and I'm hoping I can sleep at least a few of those because I'm in that zone of overtired blankness which is oh-so-not fun and may lead to me walking the wrong way when I get back to Manchester. I hope my mother's there waiting and I'm not left to wander aimlessly. Ngh.

I am looking forward to my own shower though. And my room. And Casper. And Harry II with Photoshop. In like, nineish hours! It's awesome, except it would be more awesome if it was now and not all that time away.

Oh look, the Good News Week site won't load the episodes for me anymore. Kind of what I expected but it still sucks. :( I hope they upload the podcasts faster than they have been doing or I'll be constantly bugging [ profile] mayakitten for my Paul McDermott fix.

Okay, they're boarding. See you in like nine hours.
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Off to Melbourne soon for a last day of Aussie funsies, so this'll be my last internets for some obscene amount of time (maybe like thirty-six hours? More?) And then I suspect when I get home I will be sleeping for some indeterminate amount of time, only staggering out of bed to grab coffee, check my mother hasn't depleted my limited supply of TimTams already and then fall back asleep. So I'll be back!!!... sometime.

Have fun with your internets. *mourns* I wish they'd find a way to install it on planes already.
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I'm going home tomorrow (but I don't get home until the day after! Fun times!). *sadface* It's close enough for me to check the weather for when I land on Friday (it's barely 15 degrees over the next few days; I was expecting at least up to the twenties from what I've been hearing about crazy weather back there wtf?) and my 'rentals want my flight details and you know, I have less than no money left so it's good I'm going, and yes I know I've been complaining about hostels and repacking my backpack for the forty millionth time but... that was when I wasn't two days from going home. There's still stuff I haven't bought! There's still stuff I haven't done! Except the Rod Lave arena tour which we're planning to do Thursday as one of my Last Day Things so I can giggle at the locker rooms and spend too much in the little shop (I don't know if they have a little shop but I'm guessing they do. If backpacking has taught me anything, it's that everywhere will have a little shop).

[ profile] irradiatedsoup we're planning on heading in for the tennis centre tour at 1pm, then do the acquarium after (the tennis tour should finish around 2:15-2:30pm) so you can come do the tennis tour with us or just the acquarium or whatever. :) I have my phone but don't have any credit left, so let me know on the interwebs tonight or just text me where you are tomorrow and we'll come find you.

And that'll be it.Which is weird but you know, home will be nice. And I'm only there a week before I head to Newcastle & London anyway, so it's not like I'll have time to get bored. It's just oh, Australia. Why do you have to be so far away?

But anyway right now I have some time to kill so have That Icon Meme, gacked from [ profile] kindoftrouble:
icon meme! )

If you want me to pick some of your icons, you might be waiting until Saturday because tomorrow night I'm spending almost twenty-four hours travelling and then at least eight sleeping that off. I won't have forgotten! It's taken me five days to finish this post though. Um. Maybe make that Sunday.

Later I have to pack for the last time. Mmmm, that cannot be over soon enough.
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This is it, my last internets for two and a half days. I have twelve minutes left but my battery isn't going to last that long anyway.

Woe! Don't miss me too much internets! And I won't let the great big lump of rock seduce me into forgetting your charms! I'll burn and pine until Wednesday night, I promise.

You know, apparently there are netbooks in the world that have eight hours of battery. I wish someone had told me this before I bought mine which is lucky to make it over two. NOT THAT I'M BITTER.

Eight freaking hours. Damn yous all!

See y'all Wednesday evening, hopefully. I'm still not convinced this whole thing was a good idea; if anything, this trip has taught me that I like my little luxuries, like working toilets, far too much.
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Oh Paul McDermott, I wish you'd never left the UK. We would've loved you! Except uh, maybe not some of the girls in that video. But the rest of us!

Alice Springs quickly gets dull. I'm back exactly where I was for three hours this morning, sitting in a corner of the computer room where there's a plug socket, downloading Primeval and watching Paul McDermott on Youtube. You'd be surprised at how much of my trip that describes.

...Or, looking back at my LJ entries, maybe not.

Oh holy crap, THEY UNDRESS A GUY IN THE FRONT ROW. That's both hilarious and terrifying. Suddenly being in the front row for a Derren Brown show seems pretty tame. Oh my god.


The only hoodie I could find in any of the many souvenir shops here (pretty much the only shops open on Sundays; JayJays was closed, dammit) was a Bondi Lifeguard one, which is pretty cool because I wanted one in Sydney but I was still being careful with money back then (hah hah did that not last). The only minor, tiny, infintesimal problem was that I want it to wear on the next three days hiking in the outback, which is mostly some shade of orange... and the hoodie is white.

You can see how this might end in the terrible destruction of a new hoodie, right?

I still bought it. It's bloody freezing and it was the only thing I even remotely liked in about seven shops. Still cost me too much (I actually think the ones in Sydney might've been cheaper -_-) but it's cold dammit. Of course, I like it so much that now I'm thinking of keeping it safely in my bag and being cold rather than coming back Thursday with it tie-dyed orange but I rather suspect that resolution will only last until tomorrow when I have to get up in the freezingness of 5:30am.

I say again: this bloody great rock? So better be worth it.
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I am in Alice Springs.

I am absolutely freezing.

These two sentences? Should not go together. At ALL. I'm in Alice freaking Springs. The center of Australia! Where it rains like, on actual finger countable occasions each year! And it's not even their winter yet (okay almost. But not quite).

As we were landing, the pilot was all "Well folks, we have low cloud cover, 10 degrees centigrade and the local time is approximately five to four." *pause* "Oh, and it's raining."

People laughed. I LAUGHED. Oh, our sweet and naive selves. He really wasn't kidding.

Anyway, aside from the fact that I'm cold because I not only left my scarf and gloves back in [ profile] irradiatedsoup's with cheerful abandon, I also left the fleece lining for my waterproof because I should check the weather forecast and not assume somewhere that is always hot is going to be hot when *I* get there, I'm cold because I'm sitting in the kitchen of my hostel. A hostel that is clearly designed around the weather being hot enough to fry an egg on the road so the kitchen is totally open to the elements, the bar is partly open, the toilets/showers have no outer doors and they usually show movies outdoors around the pool only they've called it off tonight because it is actually that cold and wet. I have to sit in the kitchen because the internet is totally undetectable from the bar next door, while I can just about detect it in my room on the other side but it's too far away to connect. I'm now engaged in a war between how much I want internet and how much I want to continue to have feeling in my fingers.

I'm sleeping out in this. Outside. In a sleeping bag. I'm so glad I packed my thermal vest at least, for what little good it might do. I might hunt up a fleece blanket tomorrow; they had a notice for some being on sale in Woolworths but there were none left. Hm. I wonder *why*.

Anyway, at least I made it here despite Tiger Airways being worrying rough'n ready after all the shiny big airplanes I've been on recently and although my hostel seems to have been built by a permanant inhabitant of the equator, it isn't nearly as bad as some I've been in. It's clean and there're two rather funny Liverpudlians in my dorm who're on the same three day rock tour as me on Monday. I saw them at Melbourne airport with their suitcases open, putting on as many clothes as possible because their baggage was so overweight and, as you do in these cases, I silently giggled and regarded them running back and forth to weigh their cases with increasing desperation as excellent entertainment. (I also pegged the guy as gayer than a treeful of monkeys on nitrous oxide when his case was three kilos heavier than the girl's). When they were on my free pick-up bus to my hostel I went "!!" at the funny coincidences in life. Then as I got back from my walk to Woolworths for junk food earlier, I met the guy trying to see to enter the code to our door by the light of his phone (the rooms open directly outside. Of course. Because it is always hot here. Right). I got chatting to them just now and was like "I'm doing the three day tour on Monday..." And I knew before the girl opened her mouth that that's exactly what they'd be doing.

Funny old world. They seem nice though, for all that I keep unconsciously mimicking their accent when talking to them. The guy was asking if there're toilets on the tour and we were both "...Behind a bush?" and he hid under his pillow with all the drama of the apocalypse. This could be a very entertaining tour. If I can move enough to see it from under all the layers I'll be wearing that is; task for tomorrow is to buy a hoodie. Preferably a nice touristy Australia one but there's a Jay Jays by Woolworths so screw the money; if I can't find a tourist one I'll just get the warmest thing I can find. And also possibly a scarf.

...I have to say that from all this complaining I'm doing, you'd think I was miserable. I'm not. I was while waiting to board the plane earlier, because I'd just got into the lovely habit of being in an actual flat and hanging out with [ profile] irradiatedsoup and Monkey. Then on the plane I sulked my way through mild turbulence and dozed and wandered through Alice Springs airport after landing convinced that my hostel wouldn't be there to collect me.

Then they were and then the lady who checked me in was lovely and the rooms are clean and the beds comfy, not to mention the town is actually much bigger than I was expecting. I was thinking backwater nothingness and I got shopping centre. And getting to choose between a Coles or a Woolworths, when I'd been wondering if there'd be either. And for all that the weather's crap, it somehow gives everyone something to talk about that isn't "Name, where've you been, where're you from..." So far the biggest downside has been the TV in our room not getting Channel Ten so I can't watch the repeat of Good News Week but I watched it on the website anyway and it looks like they've finally got the podcast working anyway so I can download it tomorrow.

All in all, it's not been quite the disaster scenario I was imagining. The only downside is that I've just checked my bank account and gone O_O because the money has gone out my account but not onto my credit card yet, so I have pretty much no money left on it. But I used it to pay for my Rock trip earlier thinking it'd all been paid off. Um. It could make life... interesting. My other payment only took a day, so hopefully this one'll have gone through by the morning and ALL WILL BE FINE. YES. Jesus, I have no idea how I ended up cutting it this close with money. I mean, I have money because I took a bunch out in Melbourne thinking I'd paid my credit card off but I might have a whole lot less money if this doesn't work out right and the Nationwide charges me for it. Uh. Yes. I think I'm going to stop looking at my online banking now. And cross my fingers that the money I paid in yesterday hurries the hell up.

ANYWAY. My bankruptcy aside, life is not so bad. And I'm now down to less than a fortnight 'til I get to sleep in my own bed again which is totally not a bad thing. It'd just be nice if Australia was a little closer, so I could drop back in to see everyone without bankrupting myself to do it. *wistful*

Okay. The cold's beaten me. Off to go hide in the room and watch Primeval.
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I am in Christchurch Airport. It's 4:32am. Kind of proud of myself for actually getting out of bed, making my shuttle and getting here in plenty of time. There's a queue a mile long that I have to join in a minute but it's going down pretty quick so I'm watching everyone else stand there for a bit until it's shorter.

I don't know if it's my laptop or the crappy airport internet (first fifteen minutes free only, wtf) but this is slow and freezing and I keep having to stop to wait for the cursor to catch up. Hm.

This is my last post from New Zealand. *sadness* Not ever-ever because I will come back but for the forseeable future. Not that I can afford to be here any longer with all their souvenirs...

Okay my queue has gone. Off to catch a plane. BE READY AUSTRALIA (again)! ;)
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Good News Week from yesterday is up on iTunes. And my hostel here has the same excellent wireless as the YHAs. In the room.

Except I really want coffee and I should go see something of Christchurch, so I'm thinking I'll wannder off to get a takeout Starbucks then come back and eat cold Chinese and watch a film or something while it downloads. That is, if I can find a plud point in my room dammit.

It's amazing how much this has cheered me up from the sulk I was in not two minutes ago. I should not be sulking on my almost-last night in New Zealand but I'm totally looking forward to getting back to Oz and people I can hang out with now.

Speaking of which [ profile] irradiatedsoup, what's best for you to meet up on Thursday? I'll get the airport shuttle in to Southern Cross but should I go hang out in a cafe from there... Sadly I think Starbucks by Fed Square is too far for me to walk without collapsing under the weight of my backpack. *sadness*
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Oh good grief self, ENGAGE BRAIN BEFORE READING FLIST so that when something has obviously been hacked, you do not click the link.

Thankfully my brain did in fact engage about a milisecond after I opened the tab and I closed it before it even loaded but jesus, this is the second time. I need Norton AntiInternetStupidity installed in my brain.

By the way [ profile] sarahtales appears to have been hacked. Don't click anything, just to be safe. Or you know, YOU PROBABLY ALREADY KNEW THAT.

I'm amazed I can be even let out alone sometimes, I really am. McDoofus.


My Chinese food was excellent and also huge, so I'm thinking I'll take the leftovers with me for dinner tomorrow. More money to spend on souvenirs in Christchurch (except I really shouldn't. Eh)!

Good News Week is so good that I have four minutes of it left and I've stopped watching it to do other things so it doesn't have to be over. There should be another podcast uploaded by tomorrow, assuming there's an episode on tonight but I have no idea what kind of internet I'll have in Christchurch so I may have to wait. Somehow this translates to me withholding the last four minutes from myself.

...I don't know either.

My hostel is really cold. I do like it but there is no heating. I think tonight is a thermal-underwear to bed night, which I thought we'd moved past by now. So much so that I sent my thermal leggings home in the box I posted last week. Yeah, regretting that.

Tomorrow is my last day on Magic bus. That makes me kinda sad, because it has been an awesome way to get around New Zealand. I liked it so much that I went there, did that, BOUGHT THE T-SHIRT :D (in an ideal world that would have a picture of me wearing my Magic t-shirt which I amn, in fact, wearing now. I don't care enough to actually take the picture and upload it right now. It's not a perfect world.)

I've now put off exhausting my supply of Good News Week for as long as possible. Back to my last four minutes! (How can you tell I have good internet here? Because I'M SPAMMING YOUR FLIST WITH POSTS, mwahahahaha!

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Firstly, happy birthday [ profile] scoobydumblonde! For uh, yesterday. Sorry! At least your present got there early this year. :) Hope you had a good birthday!


...THIS IS REALLY EXCITING. :DDDDDDD You might be able to tell how excited I actually am. ^_^ Last week's Good News Week podcast is downloading as I type this! I can sort my train tickets for London and Newcastle (I'm getting more and more incredulous that the universe chose *that Saturday* to make Tim and Kayleigh have their engagement party when I'll have only been home from Oz for six days and I have to be in London by the Tuesday. WTF UNIVERSE. I AM HOME WITH NOTHING BUT BOREDOM FOR THE ENTIRE DAMN SUMMER AFTER THAT.)

Sigh. Looks like I'll be catching a train from Newcastle to Lancaster on the morning of Monday 22nd June, hanging around in Lancaster for lunch (this is not a bad thing. I love hanging around in Lancaster) before catching my train on to London at 4:38pm to get in around 7. That's a long, weird day.

What's weirder is that I've spent the last month pretty much on a bus doing even longer days so that schedule seems normal. And considering that this week's plan goes: today I've come from Dunedin to Lake Tekapo. Tomorrow I carry on to Christchurch. One and a half nights in Christchurch later, I fly out to Melbourne at 6am on Thursday. Two nights in Melbourne rocking around with [ profile] irradiatedsoup, then I fly to Alice Springs on Saturday. I have Sunday in Alice Springs before heading out at 6am for my three day Uluru tour....

It's entirely possible that I did not think this week through.


This hostel has a cat. I love the New Zealanders obsession with their cats. On my horse riding day, our guide mentioned that Captain Cook said "One cannot think for the sound of birds!" yet now you hardly hear them. This is due to introduced pests such as possums, weasels, stoats AND pet cats.

New Zealanders will swerve to kill possums. They have traps everywhere for weasels and stoats. Yet, everywhere I go there're a million cats, none of whom wear collars with bells and appear to roam free at will.

Yeah. This country really loves its cats.


...I only have 45 minutes left of downloading on GNW! The big question will be, can I bear to turn off the laptop without watching it and walk down to town for dinner first. This is a Big Question. Especially if it keeps downloading so fast. Even though I'm going for my first Chinese food in a month.

...Paul McDermott versus Chinese food. Deathmatch!

I do need proper food though. My breakfast today was a New Zealand hot dog which is a hot dog sausage covered in batter (I had one in Oz too though, so I don't know who claims the rights to such a delicious yet probably-insanely-bad-for-you snack...), a bottle of L&P which is essentially a New Zealand-made extra-fizzy lemonade, and a Moro chocolate bar which is a slightly chewier version of a Mars bar. This excellence in cusine was followed by a day of strawberry liquorice (it did at least claim to be all-natural liquorice), BBQ flavour rice crackers and a chocolate museli bar.

I need something with vegetables in. Possibly composed entirely of vegetables. With vitamins as flavouring.


There's an Italian guy playing the guitar most excellently right now. It's nights like this, with a lounge full of people either on laptops or doing an insanely large jigsaw or stoking the actual log-burning chimney (New Zealand's south island probably has more of them than anywhere else from what I've seen; every hostel, every pub, practically every shop... okay, maybe not that last one), someone moving their stuff so the cat can have a spot on the sofa while someone plays guitar... these are the nights I love in hostels. These are the nights I'll miss when I fly home in seventeen days.


42 minutes. It's slowed right down. Woe. Maybe I will go for my vegetable feast first.

Or get takeaway...
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My hostel here in Dunedin does not have crap wireless internet. It, in fact, does not have wireless internet at all. When I asked at reception I was directed "go out, down to the lights, turn right and the common room is twenty metres/minutes on your left". I didn't catch whether she said metres or minutes and, on reaching what I assumed to be the correct set of lights (I arrived here at 1pm this afternoon; at 1:10pm I got on a minibus to do a wildlife tour and only just arrived back), I couldn't see anything that looked promising to my right. I could however, see a McDonalds to my left. In Sydney definitely, the McDonalds had free wireless and I thought in other places too.

So I'm in McDonalds. Wireless yes, free not so much. Still cheaper than my Queenstown hostel though, I think. I rather suspect I'll be back here tomorrow morning for a coffee and then again in the evening because I have nothing to do tomorrow and I was kind of hoping to spend it hanging around the internet and the rest of it in a cafe somewhere as the weather is appalling. I was going to head to the cinema across from my hostel tonight to see Star Trek again but now I'm thinking I should head back and watch Skellig, which I downloaded at Easter and still haven't watched, and save the cinema to kill some time tomorrow. Dunedin so far is prettyish but just driving around here in the bus has left me with the distinct impression that I'll get lost if I just wander. Also doesn't help that my hostel doesn't have maps. Why my hostels seem to be degrading in helpfulness and facilities the further south I get, I don't know (Dunedin has like 120,000 residents so it's not like I'm in a backwater) but there you go. I'm staying in the YHA in Lake Tekapo on Monday though and they've yet to let me down on internet so hopefully I'll be able to download Good News Week then. And then I'm back in Oz, and then Alice Springs and you know, I just might be able to watch one damn episode on an actual television before I go home. BUT PROBABLY NOT. Not with the way my GNW luck is going. I'm just glad they have the podcasts up for free at all though, since the website doesn't seem to load the episodes properly outside of Oz. *mourns*

I watched my last unwatched episode last night though and I'm so, so glad I saved it until last because it was the one where Amanda Palmer (I was like HAI NEIL GAIMAN'S FRIEND YOU ARE AWESOME :DDD) did a table dance on Paul's desk and he couldn't speak for a minute or so after. I now heart on Amanda Palmer so much. Remind me to look for Who Killed Amanda Palmer while I am in Melbourne because it looks like Amazon doesn't stock it personally so I may as well try to pick up a copy firsthand. They advertised it on GNW so I'm thinking it's probably around.

Money? MONEY I HEAR YOU SAY?! Yeah. I had McDonalds for dinner tonight. I can afford a damn CD after that. (But only one. >_< Yeah.)


My other thing while I have internet, since that seems to be becoming a problem down here in the unpopulated wilds of 120,000-people-cities, is [ profile] irradiatedsoup, I'm still good to be coming to yours on May 28th right? I promise to not talk about Paul McDermott too much and flail over everything and you can taunt me with your BSG knowledge beyond the end of season two. And also, do you have a printer I can steal borrow to print out my flight confirmation for Alice Springs? If not I can do it at the YHA in Tekapo I think.

I'm just waiting for George singing chocolate pudding to finish downloading before I can head back to chill with coffee and downloaded TV for the rest of the night. I am definitely ready to go home now, or at least back to Australia where I will have TV and fun people to talk to and buying milk for coffee will not be an epic adventure every two days when I move somewhere new. How people live in hostels for a year is beyond me. Even though this one actually seems nice (muuuuch better than the Queenstown one, even though you still have to go outside to get to the showers) despite the lack of internet and staff who seem to have better things to be doing than giving directions.

I do miss my Sydney hostel where staff were nice, I liked my room and my view and the showers and the lounge and the wireless. Or maybe I just miss Sydney, where I was learning my way around and was happy to be there and it was beginning to feel a little bit like home after seven days. I do miss Sydney. I want to save money for other trips, like America and Canada and Peru but I rather think I may be heading back to Sydney sooner rather than later. What's the point of travelling if not to find the places you like and go back to them?

C'mon George. I want to get out of McDonalds and away from the irritating over-junk-fed kids now.
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Today I did nothing. Well. I repacked my backpack (it took me an hour. I have so much crap), was annoyed again at my hostel for closing the kitchen 'for cleaning' when I tried to make lunch at 2pm (SERIOUSLY YOU CLEAN IT AT 11PM EVERY NIGHT WHICH IS WHY I CAN'T MAKE TEA PAST THEN. WHAT. THE. FUCK.) so I stalked off downtown to post a box of stuff home including a rugby shirt I bought my dad as a present (I saw a nicer one today after I posted the box and was so pissed at myself for not finding the All Blacks shop here before), all my collected leaflets, my bone necklace in case Australian customs confiscated it, shells I'd picked up, a few of my t-shirts because I've bought more, a few bits and pieces like keyrings etc.... all of which cost me $64 to post. And that's “economy” rather than the fast post. I really hope it gets there because I love some of the stuff in that box but I just can't carry it all back to Oz. It can take up to 25 days though apparently, which means I may even beat it home and dad'll have to wait for his present which kind of sucks but I'll take it getting there intact over it getting there fast.

Actually it's just occurred to me that the necklace I bought the woman (and kind of want to steal for myself because it's so pretty *wants*) has paua shell in it, but I didn't post it because it would've made the box too expensive to lose. Hm. Australian customs are obsessive but I don't know if they'd be quite that bad. Also it's more annoying when I'm only there two weeks anyway, during which time it'll sit in my backpack, and then it'll go back to the UK.

Maybe I'll hide it in a sock or something, just in case. Though I really don't think they can be that bad. Maybe. Hopefully.

ALSO TODAY, in my day of nothing, I sat in Starbucks for hours reading and messing around on the laptop to avoid coming back to the hostel, had another 'famous' Fergburger, updated my travel diary almost current and finally, finally, after looking over most of New Zealand, found New Zealand stickers small enough to fill all the gaps on Beaver's lid so now he's totally stickered up. I keep turning him around to look and admire the pretty. There're tiki stickers. Tiki stickers. I love the ugly little tikis over here; they're so ugly and incredibly freaky that they stop being ugly/freaky and become cute. I even bought a bag today with one on, though I shouldn't have spent the money. I saw laptop cases with them on in Franz Joseph but now that I want a laptop case I, of course, cannot find any.

I have hopes of Christchurch though. Apparently it's as big on the souvenirs as here or Auckland, so hoprefully... A tiki laptop case for Beaver would be awesome or failing that, a plain one that I can buy a big tiki sticker for.

Also also today, I spent $10 on a magazine called M2 'the complete lifestyle magazine for the New Zealand man' because Hamster was on the cover and there was a great article on him inside, with a gorgeous picture of the TG3. I was even happier I bought it when I discovered their review on Star Trek started one paragraph with the exclamation “By Grabthar's hammer!”Clearly NZ magazines win at the random scifi references. :D They also asked Chris Pine if Kirk wasn't just about fighting and fucking, then gently mocked his shock at a journalist saying fuck. Win!

I'm a little sad that I never made it to Arrowtown today as I was contemplating, because it looked really cute on a postcard I saw this afternoon. But I was mainly going to see the Ford of Bruinen location and when the LotR location guidebook mentions you might have to get your feet wet in the river to get there, on top of all the rain there's been recently... I figured it was probably more effort than it was worth. Not to mention it's the kind of thing I'd rather do with another LotR fan, so maybe I'll drag people along next time I'm here. I'm definitely coming back to Queenstown when I come back to NZ because yeah okay, it's the party capital but it's also pretty. It's the only NZ town I've been to with actual personality approaching that of a European town. Plus being able to just glance up anywhere and see snowy mountains or a beautiful lake with snowy mountains helps a a lot.

Tomorrow I have to be in town at 7:45am to head to Dunedin.I'm thinking I might have to take a rain check on the scenery and sleep, but every time I think that I end up unable to sleep because I'm worrying that I'm missing the pretty scenery. Even though New Zealand is nothing but pretty scenery. I only have five more days of it. I can sleep on June 12th. Or rather 11th, since I'm planning to sleep away as much of my flight as possible.

I have time to kill. Bah. I hate having time to kill in this hostel because there's nothing to kill it with. I have one episode of Good News Week left to watch... but I can't download the newest one until maybe Monday so I don't know if I should hold out. Mmmmm.


And to conclude, I just went looking for this on Youtube on the offchance they'd uploaded it and there it was! My camera was attached to my laptop uploading pictures through the whole thing and I was just mourning not having a record of it this morning, but hurrah for Youtube.

Okay, brief backstory: this is from the Tasman Bay Backpackers which is where I stayed in Nelson, probably one of my favourite hostels of all despite the crappy internet. Every night at 8pm we got free chocolate pudding and ice-cream which was so awesome that George, amazing talented George who was already there when I arrived, had composed a song about it. (By the way, he is totally going to be famous today. We watched him write another song called 'Japanese Lady' and then none of us could stop singing it the next day. So. Talented.)

I'm not in this vid but I am just out of camera shot applauding with everyone else. I'm so glad they uploaded it.

And finally, now you've waded through all the random backstory, here it is: George Woodhouse sings 'Chocolate Pudding'. Trust me, it's worth watching just for George. :)

God did I love that hostel. <3 Though maybe it would've been less awesome without random guitar-toting blonds but maybe not. Free chocolate pudding doesn't come along every day.

That's put me in a good mood. Hurrah! :D And I'm leaving this hostel to-mooooorrrooowwww. Double hurrah!
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If this hostel's internet got any stupider, I'd actually be scratching this post into the wall. With a blunt stick.

Every time it signs me off - which it does, frequently - any sites I've signed into, including LJ, Nationwide banking, Googlemail etc., get flagged by Norton as suspicious because they're trying to take me back to the login page. It is the only hostel wireless that has done this to me and I've stayed in something like fifteen hostels, maybe more at this point. In addition to this I'm only up, dressed and sitting in the hostel lounge at 9:05am because my sleep-in day got cancelled when I was woken at 8am by the guy in the bunk underneath mine doing Darth Vader breathing. I would be less annoyed - everyone gets a cold; I probably sounded none too pretty in Whitianga - if he hadn't GONE OUT FOR A CIGARETTE AT 730AM. Real clever there Darth Lungs of Death.

Then after I got up and got dressed, I walked back along the balcony - yes, going outside to get to the bathrooms is still irritating, especially since it's actually cold enough to snow here right now. Fun times! - opened our dorm door... and the smell literally made me take a step back. Guys, I'm sorry. I don't know what it is. It's probably not all guys. Maybe. But a group of five of you sleeping together in a room really stink in the morning.

I resisted the temptation to leave the door wide open to air the room with the freezing breeze (three of them were still asleep, snoring away, fuckers) but I'm waiting for them to wake up and piss off so I can do just that. I need to repack my backpack and all my stuff to send home into a box, and I can't do that right now without a. a gas mask and b. turning on the light which, since guys apparently sleep in even in hostels (having shared rooms with girls pretty much the whole time? We do not do this. Ever. Even when I wanted to sleep in I was getting up by 8am because everyone else was already up), I cannot do right now. So I'm stuck here in the lounge for the forseeable future.

So, so glad I'm leaving first thing in the morning. I still have four more hostels to stay in but only for a couple of days at the most. I'm thinking my one in Alice Springs might be the suckiest, just on a hunch, but that's my very last hostel before I head home so hey, whatever.

Do kind of want to go home now. The last two days reminded me why New Zealand is unspeakably awesome which I'd kind of been forgetting up until then in the overload of scenery and activities, but I'm definitely ready to get out of hostels, to stop carrying food around with me, to stop having cute American guys somehow get me to spend $40+ in one night on food and drink, which when my bank account is looking distinctly battered is stupid (I'm only £380ish into my overdraft and I said before I left I'd come back around £500 into it, so I'm pretty *much* on track moneywise with three weeks left. It's just, I won't stay on that track if I keep spending).

And in saying that I've just realised that I do in fact get home three weeks today. Maybe a day extra given the day I gain in travelling but datewise. Wow. I don't know how I'm cramming as much stuff as I am into the next three weeks though. o_O Three more places in NZ, Alice Springs/Uluru for five nights, hanging out with [ profile] irradiatedsoup and [ profile] chickybee32. Four flights.

I'm going to get home and not know what to do with myself. Except sleep. Yeah.
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Today I went horse riding through Lothlorien, Amon Hen and Isengard. Plus locations from >Prince Caspian and Wolverine. We waded across rivers that came up over my boots even on my horse and cantered and I kind of loved my horse for the afternoon (my afternoon horse was a sweetheart called Wilson. YES I THOUGHT OF HOUSE), even before I found out he was one of the Prince Caspian horses. And our guide's horse this afternoon was a horse of Rohan. They had a bunch of film star horses. It was awesome.

Then I went for dinner with an American guy I met yesterday and then for drinks and it took me actually almost falling asleep on the table to get away. I left my hostel at 8:30am this morning and didn't get back until past 10pm; I have every excuse to be tired.

But the horse riding was so worth it. It was such a beautiful, awesome, freezing day. So, so worth the two months of anticipation; my only regret is that it was too muddy to canter more than twice. Apparently in the summer you can gallop all the way around the track we took, which just means I have to come back but until I've made back all the money I've spent on this trip... it was still an awesome day. I'm so happy I did it.

Tomorrow... tomorrow I'm sleeping in. And posting a box of all my souvenirs and crap back to the UK so I don't have to carry them anymore, which'll be nice. Now, I'm going to go sleep. It's an actual question over whether or not I can stay awake even long enough to change into pyjamas.

One of the girls I've met on this trip just friended me on Facebook... and we already have two mutual friends, one of which is K who I went to uni with and am bridesmaiding for.

...The world is really very small.

And on that revelation, bed.
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And now, because this hostel's dumb wireless takes me straight to Google when I log in so I don't even know how much credit I have left, I CAN'T EVEN LOG OFF. So I'm wasting my money even though I've finished everything online because I can't actually log out. Christ on a cracker. This hostel's faults just keep on stacking. Take a failcard hostel (and a failworthy review on Hostel World).
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I hate the hostel I'm in now. Hatehatehate. My room smells of guy, is a total dump, the lounge is tiny and open to the reception so it doesn't actually feel like a lounge, the bathrooms are both tiny and have only two showers, one of which doesn't even have a door but only a curtain which not even the hostels I've really disliked so far have stooped to. It's a five minute walk from town so I've already had to carry my backpack up the hill here (not an easy task these days with the sheer amount of crap I've picked up), will have to walk down tomorrow at 6:50am to catch my bus to Milford Sound and then again a couple of days after that to catch my Magic bus onto Dunedin, complete with all my stuff again. I stayed in the YHA last night because I got to Queenstown a day early and it was the easiest place to book; not only could I get the wireless in my room (a lot cheaper than here where it's six fucking dollars for an hour) but we had an ensuite and I had two absolutely awesome girls in the four-bed room with me. I wish I'd booked the whole time there.

Because ironically, this is the hostel I've liked least (almost; the Base in Auckland is a very close second, with my one in Franz Josef fetching up in third) in all New Zealand... and I'm here for the longest. Four sodding nights. Bah.

On the plus side I'm gone all day tomorrow (literally like 6:50am until something like 7pm and then I'll stop for dinner on the way back, so at least 8pm if I can't drag it out longer. Starbucks here is open until 11pm...) and the day after from about 8:20am until I think around 5pm for my horse riding. The day after... I will find a reason not to be here. Maybe visit Arrowtown, which is where they filmed the Ford of Bruinen in LotR. It's pretty close and apparently nice. And is not my hostel. Win win!

And in better news (because I'm thinking I've reached the point of being travelled-out. I want my bed and my space and a room that doesn't smell of guy. Seriously) after this I will be on my last week in NZ and then I can head back to Australia and [ profile] irradiatedsoup and [ profile] chickybee32 who (uh, I'm fairly sure anyway...) will not charge me for internet usage so I can download the latest podcast of GNW that is taunting me and squee and hang out in an actual house that is not a hostel. Okay, so I have to fly to Alice Springs and sleep in a hostel for...three nights, plus two nights out in the Outback IN A FRICKIN SLEEPING BAG (my brain is still sitting back and going 'THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU MAKE DECISIONS WITHOUT ME, JESUS EFFIN CHRIST') but as that is my Last Actual Insane Tourist Thingy before I go home, I'm figuring I can suck it up and deal. I was going to leave Beaver the Laptop with [ profile] irradiatedsoup while I was out there but it occurred to me yesterday that I only have an 80 picture memory card for my camera. I've coped so far by putting everything immediately onto the Beaver, sometimes in a mad rush so I can take a perfect picture before the bus goes round a corner, but if I didn't have him with me... so I may have a buy a little laptop case for him and take him out to Uluru. He's going to be a very well travelled little netbook by the time I get him home. Especially since I'll then probably take him up to Newcastle and down to London with me too, just 'cause. He's been my absolute favourite thing that I've brought with me. I think I'd pine without him now.

Speaking of Newcastle, I need to buy another train ticket. Sigh. And email thetrainline asking if I can actually get my freaking return ticket without my card. -_-

Also also also, just before I go and to end on a positive note? I loooooooove Queenstown. It's tucked away by a lake and when you look up, you're surrounded by immense mountains covered in trees and snow. Plus it's the first NZ town I've come across with actually personality and some stone buildings and streets that come anything near quaint. But mostly I love the snow-covered mountains. Every time I think about how much I dislike my hostel, I can just look up and go "...Wwooooooowwwww."

(Which clearly means they should've made my hostel OUT OF GLASS and then I wouldn't care so much that I hate it. Hm.)

OH. OH. AND. The first news I've seen on TV in like a month, was ROGER WINNING. And then WIMBLEDON'S NEW ROOF. Seriously, I turned on the TV yesterday going "TV! I LOVE TV!" and that's what I got. Sweet as!

...I bought a top that says 'sweet as' today and has a definition underneath. Best. Saying. Ever.)
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So my glacier hike was cancelled today. We had so much rain and wind and thunder last night that, in addition to the entire town (which to be honest is so not that big) not having power for about six hours, the track up the glacier was washed away. They were running a half-day hike instead (weather dependent) but I'd heard so many bad things about the half-day (not to mention one of the *plus* points someome told me was that the guides on the full day cut the steps into the ice, so on the half-day they're already there and you're not waiting around. But since there wasn't a full day hike...) I thought about it for about twenty minutes while we waited around for an update and decided it just wasn't worth the hundred dollars.

I'm kind of alternating between gutted and oddly relieved. Gutted because one girl showed me her pictures from the full day hike last night and it looked unfuckingbelievably awesome, but relieved too because the weather last night was so utterly terrible that I'd sort of accepted there was very little chance of us getting up there, though I'd dutifully gone out and bought sandwiches for lunch etc. because I'd have looked pretty damn stupid if I'd waved it off as "Of course we're not going!" and then we did. But I was just so tired. I was cranky yesterday with all the bus-hopping and out hostel is nice but the slightly funky kind where you wonder if they actually do change the sheets for every new person which is something I mostly don't think about (most hostels are good! YHAs, for example, are lovely and comfortable on the whole and for all its other failings, Base does at least seem to have clean sheets) but isn't exactly conducive to a restful night's sleep. I think the moving around every other day or so finally caught up with me and my subconscious was metaphorically digging in its heels and going if you climb a river of ice today, you will fall asleep while walking and die.

Which is probably only a slight exaggeration.

So instead I went back to the hostel, sat on the sofas in the lounge and did... nothing. I faffed around on iTunes, I charged my phone, I arranged my escape from Franz Josef a day early because the weather is apparently bad tomorrow too so no more chance of glacier hiking and I'll be damned if I spend another day sitting aimlessly (don't get me wrong, one day of fairly aimless sitting has done me a world of good but I'm fast heading into my last week here and there's a limit to how much time I'm willing to waste) because there is simply nothing else to do here when the weather is bad. Example: a little earlier, I walked a short way up the nearest trail to town which is about an hour round trip and apparently gives you a view of the glacier. Just before I stepped onto it, I admired the view of the mountains with the first little bit of snow I'd seen so far and little puffy wisps of cloud drifting between them.

Ten minutes down the track, after being throughly spooked by the gloom, the moss-encrusted woods, a dark and shadowy overhang that (UNHELPFULLY FOR THE FREAKING-OUT-NESS BY THE WAY SUBCONSCIOUS) made me think of the wolflike critter from The Neverending Story, I hit a bridge that was blocked off with a solid wooden gate and a sign declaring the track beyond was irretreviably DAMAGED BY FLOODING. After a brief reaction of "Thank you random trail blocker", I hightailed it back to the town thinking of a bar and possibly letting myself indulge in a Tui (my new favourite drink ever).

As I came out of the woods into actual daylight again, I happened to glance back at the mountains which I'd admired on the way in. It's a good thing I did then because now, fifteen minutes later, they were totally out of sight in dark grey clouds. Even the closest hill which really, not that far away in this town, was just an indistinct blur. On my way down to the bar with unsecured wireless (what I'm leeching right now), the weather chased me with rain and wind and finally hail. If some lovely person hadn't closed my trail off, I would've walked right into it.

In short, I'm not all that disappointed that I chose to avoid the half-day hike today. There're much better things to spend the hundred dollars (like Tui and the pretty paua shell necklace I just bought as my mother's present, unless I decide to steal it for myself before I get home) than being lost in a cloud for three hours. Next time I'm here (which will happen. I swear on Casper that it will) I'll try again.

So now I'm sitting in my favourite bar here, drinking my second (and last considering they're six dollars apiece :( ) Tui, full of delicious pizza and watching Good News Week download faster than I dared hope. Hey I'm a backpacker; if I downloaded it in the YHA tomorrow it'd cost me probably thirteen dollars or more; here it's free except for the price of the Tui which to be honest, I would've bought anyway. If my battery runs out before it finishes then I've chosen a table near a plug point and I will sit here with it plugged in. This is what backpacking does; if something can be had for free? NO SHAME IN TAKING IT.

Then I need to head back and repack my backpack. Again. At least I'm in Queenstown for four days; sure I'm moving hostels once but only just up the road which so doesn't count. I haven't spent four days anywhere since... since Australia. I'm so looking forward to it. Tomorrow I get a pretty long day just sitting on the bus too so I can sleep. That's mostly what I'm looking forward to when I get home; just lying in bed and not having roommates wake you up at 6am, or random French people yelling in the hallway for an hour when you're trying to nap or knowing you have to haul yourself out of your potentially-unclean bed at some godawful hour of the morning to fling yourself up mountains and take pictures of sea. I miss sleep. And Casper. But mostly sleep.

Now I'm yawning but I have another thirty-eight minutes to sit here surreptitiously before I can leave with GNW safely on my laptop. Maybe I'll order a coffee. I saved myself $150 by being a lazy ass today; I can afford a little caffiene in my life.

edit: Bwahahahah, I just caught one of the bar staff as he went past, to ask for a coffee, and he was like "Yeah, of course love." Except his voice is exactly the same as the voice Peter Serafinowicz puts on to play that guy whose voice "does things" to Fran in Black Books. EXACTLY.

I did not crack up but it was close. :D
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Typically my internet here in Greymouth is the same as in Nelson, working on a by-megabyte basis. Bah. I hopehopehope my Franz Josef internet is back to a time-based system, free or not, because I really want this just-out-of-reach Good News Week now. DAMN YOUS.

I just hit my first 'I wish to memorise this amazing fic!", clicked 'Add to memories' and... got given the Dreamwidth log-in page. I want to type something short, rude and to the point but I'll just stick with leaving it unmemorised. This is going to make life difficult, isn't it.

That's not a question.

Whatever. When LJ actually was imploding under the weight of stupidity no one could pick a new home. Now all of a sudden the grass is greener and I can't add fic to my memories anymore. Bah. I...

...Just when I think the universe has set out to mock me, I'm joined by a beautiful little tortoiseshell cat who, from a sign in the kitchen, I know is called Jess. She throughly investigated my socks, my knee and my empty coffee mug before curling up next to me and purring her supremacy over all. And a Scottish guy just came in and was like "Yeah, take her to bed with you! She loves it."

I think I love this hostel.

Anyway, tomorrow we're heading on to Franz Josef which I'm really looking forward to, mainly because I'm going to spend tomorrow afternoon and one day doing nothing. Well, postcards and my travel journal and all, and probably recovering from the full-day glacier hike I'm doing the day after tomorrow, but mostly nothing. It's been far too long and I can't wait. Plus I might actually get some snow. SNOW. TWO DAYS AGO I WAS ON A BEACH. This country is nuts.

Anyway, I'm off to bed now because I want to steal away the cat before something shiny lures her to someone else's room. If the internet in Franz Josef is indeed free then I might even do a proper catch-up post with pictures. Maybe. And book stuff, crap. I still need to book my Uluru tour.

Tomorrow. Right now I'm going to go and spend some quality time with the cat. Just, no one tell Casper. :)
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I DID NOT FALL OFF. Even when my horse (who, for [ profile] hill2k and [ profile] dukedee, was called The Fonz) decided there were gremlins living in the hill and tried to dump me and take off.

Have rewarded self with a Moro Gold (my favourite NZ chocolate bar; I'm planning on sending a biiiiiiig box full of all this stuff home next week) and now I'm going to reward myself with a hot shower and then maybe an episode of GNW before I actually do some washing.

Also, I bought thermals today. Feel ridiculous because it's really insanely warm here in Nelson but everyone makes the rest of the south island sound like the Artic. All I can say after buying bloody thermals is IT BETTER BE.

I hope my internet in Greymouth tomorrow is better, hopefully the same one the YHA hostels were using which I have an account with, so I can download this week's GNW. No more of this by-megabyte crap which means I can't even watch stuff on Youtube. -_- Fail!

Now, shower. Mmmmmm. Yes.

edit: Also I just checked out my bank account which, thanks to the funsies with my card and my parents paying my credit card off until I get back and empty my savings to pay them back, is tricky. But adding and subtracting everything up means I've worked out that not only am I, technically, already in my overdraft but I really should stamp down on how much money I'm taking out.

All of which has left me looking at the flights to Alice Springs I paid for a few days ago, going "..." because the whole Ayer's Rock trip is costing me upward of £340 and... and really? The closer I get to it, the more I'm getting less and less enthusiastic. It's a big rock. I really don't know if I care that much. Not to mention having to get more flights with all the ensuing hassle and... I could've just hung around in Melbourne for an extra five days. But no. I'm only going because everyone was telling me "you cannot go to Australia and not see Ayer's Rock'! So I was all "Okay!" and booked stuff.

...Bleh. Maybe I've just hit that point where I've seen the amazing scenery, I've stayed in the different hostels, I've been doing stuff you have to do pretty much every day for the last seven weeks, and I've done about as much of it as I can without my brain taking a holiday. It's not even the money, because I'm totally working on a policy of "If I want to do it and can only do it while I'm here, stop worrying about the freaking money. That's why you have an overdraft."

I wish I hadn't already booked my stupid flights. I don't think I could get a refund now which pretty much means I'm going. Sigh. I suppose once I've done it, it just means I won't have to do it next time.

Which YES I KNOW is totally the wrong attitude and yes, how often am I going to be in Australia yadda yadda... heard it. Got over it. A girl in Wellington told me everyone hits this point of backpacking overload and you do get over it and all is shiny again but I'm thinking maybe when I've hit the point of hating people in my dorm room simply for being in the room with me, and for little things like opening a pack of biscuits and rustling the plastic, there's a reason for that. When I look at Ayer's Rock and go *handwave* whatfuckingever, that maybe I should just quit before I reach the point of sitting in a corner and refusing to move because I hate everything.

Suspect I am a two-months-a-time backpacker. Six months would, I think, be a bad idea. Possibly involving a hostile takeover of the nearest Starbucks around the third month and refusing to come out until I run out of espresso brownies.
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