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Typically my internet here in Greymouth is the same as in Nelson, working on a by-megabyte basis. Bah. I hopehopehope my Franz Josef internet is back to a time-based system, free or not, because I really want this just-out-of-reach Good News Week now. DAMN YOUS.

I just hit my first 'I wish to memorise this amazing fic!", clicked 'Add to memories' and... got given the Dreamwidth log-in page. I want to type something short, rude and to the point but I'll just stick with leaving it unmemorised. This is going to make life difficult, isn't it.

That's not a question.

Whatever. When LJ actually was imploding under the weight of stupidity no one could pick a new home. Now all of a sudden the grass is greener and I can't add fic to my memories anymore. Bah. I...

...Just when I think the universe has set out to mock me, I'm joined by a beautiful little tortoiseshell cat who, from a sign in the kitchen, I know is called Jess. She throughly investigated my socks, my knee and my empty coffee mug before curling up next to me and purring her supremacy over all. And a Scottish guy just came in and was like "Yeah, take her to bed with you! She loves it."

I think I love this hostel.

Anyway, tomorrow we're heading on to Franz Josef which I'm really looking forward to, mainly because I'm going to spend tomorrow afternoon and one day doing nothing. Well, postcards and my travel journal and all, and probably recovering from the full-day glacier hike I'm doing the day after tomorrow, but mostly nothing. It's been far too long and I can't wait. Plus I might actually get some snow. SNOW. TWO DAYS AGO I WAS ON A BEACH. This country is nuts.

Anyway, I'm off to bed now because I want to steal away the cat before something shiny lures her to someone else's room. If the internet in Franz Josef is indeed free then I might even do a proper catch-up post with pictures. Maybe. And book stuff, crap. I still need to book my Uluru tour.

Tomorrow. Right now I'm going to go and spend some quality time with the cat. Just, no one tell Casper. :)
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Oh Tim. I didn't watch the whole match but tuned in for the last few games and the interviews. It was fitting that it ended at Wimbledon and that they won so well but still heartbreaking, really, because I knew who Tim Henman was before I ever watched tennis. I'd have stopped in the street to ask for his autograph years before I'd have given Roger Federer so much as a second glance. He's been tennis in this country forever and it's the end of an era.

Makes me think that after Roger retires, after Andy does, I'll drift away from tennis. None of the young guys really hold my attention in the same way. Guess it's like the WWE wasn't the same once Rock left or without Jericho and Austin. Though, at least tennis has a senior tour I can start stalking instead.

Today I have a million and one things to do. I had them all to do yesterday to but instead I lazed around the garden, getting wet knees from crouching on the grass and trying to take pictures of the cats. The grey cat - dubbed Kitty, for lack of an actual name - has taken to almost-living in our garden and making a mad dash to get in the house every time we open the kitchen door. It's endearingly cute and, even better, driving the parental's nuts.

Our feline overlords )

Stuff. Yes. Stuff is good.
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There's a very pretty kitty hanging around our back garden right now. Apart from being entirely too demanding for a visitor, she is quite adorable (except for one half-hearted attempt to bite me when I stopped feeding her treats. Just reinforcement for my theory that all cats are gits underneath the pretty face.) Even Casper seems more intent on watching something down the garden than bothering with her and he's usually the first to freak out about visitors.

Because she is very pretty )

I am behind on life right now. I know this. But bedroom is almost sorted, I'm almost organised and I need to start proper job hunting from Monday. Expect much internet procrastinating.
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Watching two sets of Scrubs outtakes and then four of the Red Dwarf Smeg Ups one after the other messes with your head. Seriously. I flicked onto Top Gear after and spent ten minutes waiting for Clarkson to start laughing over screwing up. Even when I was telling myself it wasn't outtakes, my brain was still waiting for the catch.

Yeah, my life is totally busy right now. Um. Yes. Which is why I haven't caught up on 'net stuff yet. Really. *laze*

Catching the boat to Penarth tomorrow. If I wake up in time. Hm. Also, I went into Blue Banana today and was so intimidated by the sales people (they looked & dressed like I would look and dress if (a) I looked that good and (b) had enough money to buy the stylish gothy-type clothes and make-up) that I had to buy something, so I bought chrome nail varnish (the only thing I could afford in the damn shop. Though the shoes, oh the shoes. *heartbreak*) It makes me look like I've had my nails coated in silver. Think that scary claw-woman from X-men 2. Yeah. Only more silver.

Interestingly, it doesn't go with any of my remaining clean clothes and I don't have nail polish remover. Then again, the woman in front of me in the Thorntons queue today had bright blue fake nails that were a good two inches long. She couldn't pick up her change with them. So maybe I'll survive.

To round off, have some random Cardiff pictures )

And now I'm totally going to bed. -_-

edit: Except, I stopped to watch the video of me and John Barrowman just posted by [ profile] dukedee (scroll down to the last one).

I'm torn between being amused and mortified that my first thought after meeting John Barrowman was "LIVEJOURNAL. MUST HAVE PROOF FOR LIVEJOURNAL." ^_^
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Have spent the night on the sofa with a bag of salted popcorn and King Kong on the Giant Television of d00m. Anything captalised should have 'of d00m' after it. It's a rule. I surprised myself by enjoying it - though I think moreso when I could pause it to get a mug of tea than I would've done in the cinema. Good decision to wait this long. Score.

Tomorrow I'm going shopping down all the little arcades and getting tickets to see HP on Saturday at the seven floor cinema round the corner. Despite three cats who are always on the wrong side of every damn door three seconds after they've gone through it, life? Cannot be bad.

I'm well aware I owe everyone and their mother LJ comments, facebook messages and general acknowledgement of my continued existence. I will get there. Sometimehow.
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Yeah, I meant to leave for the Bay before the tennis coverage started. Only, there's now a traumatised-and-probably-soon-to-be-dead bird cowering in a box in the kitchen while Disco stalks around the garden throwing the feline version of a tantrum. And I have no idea what to do with the bird, because while it's probably best to just leave it alone and go down the Bay, on the highly unlikely chance it recovers then there're a million places in that kitchen it could flutter and get stuck.

But I really don't want to be here while the Wimbledon final is on (I'm recording it, I just-- Just. Not while it's on) and it's such a tiny house that there's no way I can move anywhere or do anything without disturbing the bird. At home we put the occasional one that gets catified or flies into the windows in the garage but at home the garage isn't across a cat-filled street and so full of junk that the door barely opens.

Jesus. And my 'rents mock Casper for being crap at catching stuff.


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