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It's been torrential rain all day. Mist is now drifting in to hide the trees across from my window and I'm finding things to do in a lazy non-productive way. Like remaking Softer Worlds and in particular this one-

-which reminded me of a fic I started writing back at the glorious start of the year when Murray and Novak seemed determined to publicly out themselves as a couple, where Novak's a vampire (and a tennis player) and Murray was still his best friend (until he wasn't). It was going to be loosely-tied together scenes from The Life of Novak Djokovic, Vampire, until Murray wouldn't go away and I realised his side of the scenario would be more interesting anyway.

I like the idea of Novak as a vampire and how it works with things like his pickiness with food, the way he had trouble with heat for a long time and of course Murray would know, because a twelve-year old vampire!Novak would never be able to keep something like that secret.

I never finished (are you surprised?) - honestly I never even finished the first scene, or the second where Murray found a baby vampire Novak crying the locker rooms of a tournament they played when they were twelve because he was too young to deal well with sunlight - but I still liked the very beginning and since it's a lazy rainy Saturday, I fixed a few of the more awkward sentences in what I had written and thought I'd post it. It's 2317 words by OpenOffice's word count but they've always been more optimistic than accurate for me.

Don't expect this to ever be finished, or potentially to even get more scenes (although I've always wanted to write the Australia one referenced in this, because Novak looked terrible in that 2010 match against Tsonga and there's so much to do with that) but because I'm bored and it's raining and maybe posting something will actually make me write something, anything:

the one with the vampire's ex-best friend, implied djokovic/murray, pg for blood, this part bite-free )


In other news re. my last post I caved and bought The Quiet War (the book that Gardens of the Sun follows on from. A few pages in and Sri Hong-Owen (not yet a lady captain) has shown up in the background but I'm hopful that she's going to be more major very soon.

Interestingly, the other books by Paul McAuley list in the front of this one is in the proper order, with Gardens of the Sun last after The Quiet War. I don't even know what goes on in your heads Gollancz.

I have many, many things I should be doing before Doctor Who later. I must not read all evening instead. Really.

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Slightly-less-hasty-than-intended bodge job of a new LJ layout, because it was really time to take the Christmas/New Year one down. Wish I had time for an icon overhaul but then I'd be going into work in PJs with unwashed hair and considering it's not my last week anymore (contract extension 'til March 31st ftw!), I should probably make an effort to appear at least vaguely presentable.

Also, hello LiveJournal. I am not ded. At some point I will finish memes and maybe post fic extracts and flail over the amazinghood of Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic apparently deciding they no longer want to hide their deep and touchy-feely love for each other. However, now I have to go and get ready for the amazing job that lets me go in half days twice a week and still pays me the same. Which I have until the end of March. Win.

(Of course, that's assuming I can get to work with the killer fog that's been outside all morning. If this was an episode of Doctor Who, I'd have been eaten by the fog monsters hours ago.*

* As much as I like to think I'd be the plucky local girl who works out how to defeat the fog monsters with a handheld fan and some de-mister, I rather suspect I'd be the foolish local girl who disappears and the Doctor gets indigantly rageful about, before forgetting about the instant he spots something shiny.

edit: I've just remembered that last night, I dreamed that I bought a Kindle. Er. Wishful thinking there subconscious?

(I also dreamed that I found a hidden library beneath a folding piece of floor in a house we were renting; it was like a whole secret apartment full of books I wanted to read and squishy seats and with the door bricked up. I think perhaps it was my subconscious crossing the line of wishful thinking, into full on delusions.

It was a really beautiful library.)
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I was going to wait to do this until next month, when [ profile] kindoftrouble finished, to save flists from being all song memes but I need something to make me post again and I feel like posting more to enjoy my Christmas LJ layout while I can have it, so. Plus if I wait until January, I'll have forgotten it and never do it anyway. It doesn't really matter if it runs over half a month and half another. Maybe we can create a new month. Decanuary: like February 29th, it only exists once every four years or whenever it's convenient!

Yes. Anyway.

a music meme (snagged from [ profile] kindoftrouble*.

December 14th: 01 - your favorite song

I thought this was going to be terribly hard to pick, then I went on iTunes to see which my most played song was and it was this. Which actually is pretty much as close to a favourite song I could have (years of listening to it later, it's still always on my iPod, I enjoy it every time and still think it's a beautiful song, both music and lyrics).

I originally heard this on a Stargate SG-1 Jack/Daniel fanvid by butterfly (it's a stunning vid, well worth the dl if you haven't seen it). There is a Sarah Fimm-only version which is a little bit more sparse, with a bit more of an edge to it and I like that one too, but not as much as I like the mix version.

the meme list )

*I totally just typed that @kindoftrouble. Bloody Twitter.


In other news, as of today I am the proud owner of a mug with this Softer World strip on, courtesy of (I agonised for a while over which Softer World to chose and in the end went with this because it always makes me smile and this was only kind of a test-order anyway, to see how it came out). It looks wonderful and I rather want an entire set of Softer World mugs now, only at £8 a mug they are pushing my limit of "worth it", no matter how cool.

That said, they have a Facebook group on which they post discount offers and the P&P is free in the UK. The print quality is superb and the writing is perfectly readable. Suspect I will be ordering more in future, with custom Softer Worlds on especially since the strips are the exact right size to wrap-around.

I feel a proper Andy/Roger Softer World mug is essential in my life. Now just to get the right strip for it.

(They also do custom rhinestone t-shirt designs. I'm not even going to contemplate some sort of tennis slash logo in sparkly rhinestones to wear to Wimbledon next year.

Mostly because it's too tempting.

Also, I think my other idea of I'm rooting for Roger Federer, while hilarious to me personally, may cause some serious double-take damage to all the Australians in the queue.)


They are predicting lots of snow for us from Thursday. Am torn: want snow but desperately need Saturday to finish Xmas shopping, get my hair cut and hopefully see Voyage of the Dawn Treader which I've looked forward to for well over a year now. To do that, I need trains to be running. I also really can't afford to miss more work, although it's not such a big deal whichever train/bus/hot air balloon I catch to get me there as I get paid the same even if I'm just in work for an hour or a day. So...I'd like snow? But not so much that all the trains stop running.

Well, look at that. The meme did make me post after all. Hhhmmm.
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Oh dear. Thought "I am completely disorganised for Christmas this year; I shall fix this beginning with a Christmas-themed LJ layout!" Then I spent an hour doing the layout (which is not what I pictured; the wrapping paper I scanned for it has bright silver horses but would they scan silver, would they hell) and ended feeling pleased with myself. So pleased that I rewarded myself with an hour nap since I only had about three hours sleep last night (I've rediscovered that I only really write well between 11:30pm and 4am, which is not conducive to getting up for work at 6am) until 10:15pm. Woke up at 10:44pm, went "Excellent! I have only slightly overslept and shall now do useful things!"

And promptly went back to sleep until 1am. You may be sensing a reason here as to why I'm not Christmas-organised at all.

So yes. So far I have sent no UK Christmas cards. This is a terrible situation and I plan to try to fix it, at least a little bit, tomorrow morning since I'm back to working half-days Tuesdays and Thursdays (yet I get paid for the whole day. Have I mentioned before that this job is marvellous?) and should have time, unless I stay up until 4am again. I actually fell asleep on my desk in work tody for a few minutes, so I really probably shouldn't.

Thankfully my immediate boss is all kinds of lovely and woke me up with Christmas chocolate cake and gingerbread. No, really. I am going to miss this job. Especially the money, since I seem incapable of saving; I really must save every extra penny between now and when I finish on Jan 7th to do...I don't know. Something. Not stalk the cute post boy around the hospital anymore, I suppose. D-: It's all I've done for about four months now! What will I do!

Except you know, he lives in my village. So that may prove handy.

So yes, life and such continues to happen to me. We had beautiful snow last week, enough that I took a day off work (oops, moneywise) and they're predicting more for Thursday/Friday which is marvellous, except I really can't miss any more days and will be dragging myself through the blizzards regardless. Then Saturday I have to venture into the manic last-minute shopping crowds to do my manic last-minute shopping. It's entirely possible that I won't make it out alive but I'm inclined not to trust Amazon at this date, especially with all the knock-on effect problems they've had from last week's snow.

Sigh. Remember the days when Christmas wasn't stressful? Yeah. That was good.

That said, I just found the Top Gear Christmas Special teaser on Youtube and frankly, I think it will make up for every single instant of stress...IN THE WORLD. (There are two episodes. TWO. I THOUGHT THERE WAS ONLY ONE. :DDDDD) HERE:

And the Doctor Who special is looking great. And I still have all my Christmas movies to watch. And I'm about four days behind on my advent calendar, so I'm going to do something about that before I sleep.

Hello Christmas. Maybe you're not so bad after all (now please let that cold snowy weather hang around until the 25th again this year please. Let it snow!)
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I know I should be doing something productive right now and I really want a cup of coffee and nothing is happening on the internet to keep me here at my desk but... I'm sitting here watching the rain pouring down outside my open window and listening to the sound of my officially certifiable parental gardening in the downpour and... it's kind of nice.

I really do want a cup of coffee though. One day someone will invent a computer that can also make a cup of coffee. Actually, considering how much of the internet is probably based on unhealthy caffiene addiction, that day may come sooner rather than later. Hurrah!
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I know, I know, I snow-picspammed you only a few days ago but today I walked down the canal to the estuary and it was so pretty.

The best part of living around here )

Don't worry, it's warming up in the next few days (they're predicting 8C for Christmas Day *facepalm*) so I'll have to do proper posts instead of picspams. Alas! I have enjoyed our beautiful almost-Christmas snow. :D

I still need a snow/Xmas icon. Damn.
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So this morning Casper came in to wake me up at half eight. This was odd; I'd left him food and water last night so there was no reason for him to bug me that early. I grumbled at him, turned over and went back to sleep until my alarm went off at half nine at which point I hit snooze, because the only reason you set your alarm for half nine on a Sunday is to feel good that you meant to get up early. Then you just ignore it and sleep in anyway.

Only, it was oddly quiet and oddly dark and I wondered if the cool frost was still around from last night (it made fern patterns across the cars). For no reason I dragged myself out of bed and opened the curtains.

Onto snow. Lots and lots (for us) of snow.

Needless to say, fifteen minutes later I was dressed and out the house with the camera and I stayed out for some hours, during which I took 231 pictures. I haven't uplaoded all of them because lots had wet smudges from falling snow and some were blurry and some were the same thing. But I've uploaded... quite a few. I love snow. I ran around the house shrieking in excitement this morning. Hence, picspam overload.


Oh snow. I wish you'd never melt. <3 It's hailstoning/snowing again now so I hope it'll still be around tomorrow. It's supposed to warm up tomorrow but still have snow so... we'll see. :)

edit: I think I finally fixed all my tags. Maybe.
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I am in Alice Springs.

I am absolutely freezing.

These two sentences? Should not go together. At ALL. I'm in Alice freaking Springs. The center of Australia! Where it rains like, on actual finger countable occasions each year! And it's not even their winter yet (okay almost. But not quite).

As we were landing, the pilot was all "Well folks, we have low cloud cover, 10 degrees centigrade and the local time is approximately five to four." *pause* "Oh, and it's raining."

People laughed. I LAUGHED. Oh, our sweet and naive selves. He really wasn't kidding.

Anyway, aside from the fact that I'm cold because I not only left my scarf and gloves back in [ profile] irradiatedsoup's with cheerful abandon, I also left the fleece lining for my waterproof because I should check the weather forecast and not assume somewhere that is always hot is going to be hot when *I* get there, I'm cold because I'm sitting in the kitchen of my hostel. A hostel that is clearly designed around the weather being hot enough to fry an egg on the road so the kitchen is totally open to the elements, the bar is partly open, the toilets/showers have no outer doors and they usually show movies outdoors around the pool only they've called it off tonight because it is actually that cold and wet. I have to sit in the kitchen because the internet is totally undetectable from the bar next door, while I can just about detect it in my room on the other side but it's too far away to connect. I'm now engaged in a war between how much I want internet and how much I want to continue to have feeling in my fingers.

I'm sleeping out in this. Outside. In a sleeping bag. I'm so glad I packed my thermal vest at least, for what little good it might do. I might hunt up a fleece blanket tomorrow; they had a notice for some being on sale in Woolworths but there were none left. Hm. I wonder *why*.

Anyway, at least I made it here despite Tiger Airways being worrying rough'n ready after all the shiny big airplanes I've been on recently and although my hostel seems to have been built by a permanant inhabitant of the equator, it isn't nearly as bad as some I've been in. It's clean and there're two rather funny Liverpudlians in my dorm who're on the same three day rock tour as me on Monday. I saw them at Melbourne airport with their suitcases open, putting on as many clothes as possible because their baggage was so overweight and, as you do in these cases, I silently giggled and regarded them running back and forth to weigh their cases with increasing desperation as excellent entertainment. (I also pegged the guy as gayer than a treeful of monkeys on nitrous oxide when his case was three kilos heavier than the girl's). When they were on my free pick-up bus to my hostel I went "!!" at the funny coincidences in life. Then as I got back from my walk to Woolworths for junk food earlier, I met the guy trying to see to enter the code to our door by the light of his phone (the rooms open directly outside. Of course. Because it is always hot here. Right). I got chatting to them just now and was like "I'm doing the three day tour on Monday..." And I knew before the girl opened her mouth that that's exactly what they'd be doing.

Funny old world. They seem nice though, for all that I keep unconsciously mimicking their accent when talking to them. The guy was asking if there're toilets on the tour and we were both "...Behind a bush?" and he hid under his pillow with all the drama of the apocalypse. This could be a very entertaining tour. If I can move enough to see it from under all the layers I'll be wearing that is; task for tomorrow is to buy a hoodie. Preferably a nice touristy Australia one but there's a Jay Jays by Woolworths so screw the money; if I can't find a tourist one I'll just get the warmest thing I can find. And also possibly a scarf.

...I have to say that from all this complaining I'm doing, you'd think I was miserable. I'm not. I was while waiting to board the plane earlier, because I'd just got into the lovely habit of being in an actual flat and hanging out with [ profile] irradiatedsoup and Monkey. Then on the plane I sulked my way through mild turbulence and dozed and wandered through Alice Springs airport after landing convinced that my hostel wouldn't be there to collect me.

Then they were and then the lady who checked me in was lovely and the rooms are clean and the beds comfy, not to mention the town is actually much bigger than I was expecting. I was thinking backwater nothingness and I got shopping centre. And getting to choose between a Coles or a Woolworths, when I'd been wondering if there'd be either. And for all that the weather's crap, it somehow gives everyone something to talk about that isn't "Name, where've you been, where're you from..." So far the biggest downside has been the TV in our room not getting Channel Ten so I can't watch the repeat of Good News Week but I watched it on the website anyway and it looks like they've finally got the podcast working anyway so I can download it tomorrow.

All in all, it's not been quite the disaster scenario I was imagining. The only downside is that I've just checked my bank account and gone O_O because the money has gone out my account but not onto my credit card yet, so I have pretty much no money left on it. But I used it to pay for my Rock trip earlier thinking it'd all been paid off. Um. It could make life... interesting. My other payment only took a day, so hopefully this one'll have gone through by the morning and ALL WILL BE FINE. YES. Jesus, I have no idea how I ended up cutting it this close with money. I mean, I have money because I took a bunch out in Melbourne thinking I'd paid my credit card off but I might have a whole lot less money if this doesn't work out right and the Nationwide charges me for it. Uh. Yes. I think I'm going to stop looking at my online banking now. And cross my fingers that the money I paid in yesterday hurries the hell up.

ANYWAY. My bankruptcy aside, life is not so bad. And I'm now down to less than a fortnight 'til I get to sleep in my own bed again which is totally not a bad thing. It'd just be nice if Australia was a little closer, so I could drop back in to see everyone without bankrupting myself to do it. *wistful*

Okay. The cold's beaten me. Off to go hide in the room and watch Primeval.
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So my glacier hike was cancelled today. We had so much rain and wind and thunder last night that, in addition to the entire town (which to be honest is so not that big) not having power for about six hours, the track up the glacier was washed away. They were running a half-day hike instead (weather dependent) but I'd heard so many bad things about the half-day (not to mention one of the *plus* points someome told me was that the guides on the full day cut the steps into the ice, so on the half-day they're already there and you're not waiting around. But since there wasn't a full day hike...) I thought about it for about twenty minutes while we waited around for an update and decided it just wasn't worth the hundred dollars.

I'm kind of alternating between gutted and oddly relieved. Gutted because one girl showed me her pictures from the full day hike last night and it looked unfuckingbelievably awesome, but relieved too because the weather last night was so utterly terrible that I'd sort of accepted there was very little chance of us getting up there, though I'd dutifully gone out and bought sandwiches for lunch etc. because I'd have looked pretty damn stupid if I'd waved it off as "Of course we're not going!" and then we did. But I was just so tired. I was cranky yesterday with all the bus-hopping and out hostel is nice but the slightly funky kind where you wonder if they actually do change the sheets for every new person which is something I mostly don't think about (most hostels are good! YHAs, for example, are lovely and comfortable on the whole and for all its other failings, Base does at least seem to have clean sheets) but isn't exactly conducive to a restful night's sleep. I think the moving around every other day or so finally caught up with me and my subconscious was metaphorically digging in its heels and going if you climb a river of ice today, you will fall asleep while walking and die.

Which is probably only a slight exaggeration.

So instead I went back to the hostel, sat on the sofas in the lounge and did... nothing. I faffed around on iTunes, I charged my phone, I arranged my escape from Franz Josef a day early because the weather is apparently bad tomorrow too so no more chance of glacier hiking and I'll be damned if I spend another day sitting aimlessly (don't get me wrong, one day of fairly aimless sitting has done me a world of good but I'm fast heading into my last week here and there's a limit to how much time I'm willing to waste) because there is simply nothing else to do here when the weather is bad. Example: a little earlier, I walked a short way up the nearest trail to town which is about an hour round trip and apparently gives you a view of the glacier. Just before I stepped onto it, I admired the view of the mountains with the first little bit of snow I'd seen so far and little puffy wisps of cloud drifting between them.

Ten minutes down the track, after being throughly spooked by the gloom, the moss-encrusted woods, a dark and shadowy overhang that (UNHELPFULLY FOR THE FREAKING-OUT-NESS BY THE WAY SUBCONSCIOUS) made me think of the wolflike critter from The Neverending Story, I hit a bridge that was blocked off with a solid wooden gate and a sign declaring the track beyond was irretreviably DAMAGED BY FLOODING. After a brief reaction of "Thank you random trail blocker", I hightailed it back to the town thinking of a bar and possibly letting myself indulge in a Tui (my new favourite drink ever).

As I came out of the woods into actual daylight again, I happened to glance back at the mountains which I'd admired on the way in. It's a good thing I did then because now, fifteen minutes later, they were totally out of sight in dark grey clouds. Even the closest hill which really, not that far away in this town, was just an indistinct blur. On my way down to the bar with unsecured wireless (what I'm leeching right now), the weather chased me with rain and wind and finally hail. If some lovely person hadn't closed my trail off, I would've walked right into it.

In short, I'm not all that disappointed that I chose to avoid the half-day hike today. There're much better things to spend the hundred dollars (like Tui and the pretty paua shell necklace I just bought as my mother's present, unless I decide to steal it for myself before I get home) than being lost in a cloud for three hours. Next time I'm here (which will happen. I swear on Casper that it will) I'll try again.

So now I'm sitting in my favourite bar here, drinking my second (and last considering they're six dollars apiece :( ) Tui, full of delicious pizza and watching Good News Week download faster than I dared hope. Hey I'm a backpacker; if I downloaded it in the YHA tomorrow it'd cost me probably thirteen dollars or more; here it's free except for the price of the Tui which to be honest, I would've bought anyway. If my battery runs out before it finishes then I've chosen a table near a plug point and I will sit here with it plugged in. This is what backpacking does; if something can be had for free? NO SHAME IN TAKING IT.

Then I need to head back and repack my backpack. Again. At least I'm in Queenstown for four days; sure I'm moving hostels once but only just up the road which so doesn't count. I haven't spent four days anywhere since... since Australia. I'm so looking forward to it. Tomorrow I get a pretty long day just sitting on the bus too so I can sleep. That's mostly what I'm looking forward to when I get home; just lying in bed and not having roommates wake you up at 6am, or random French people yelling in the hallway for an hour when you're trying to nap or knowing you have to haul yourself out of your potentially-unclean bed at some godawful hour of the morning to fling yourself up mountains and take pictures of sea. I miss sleep. And Casper. But mostly sleep.

Now I'm yawning but I have another thirty-eight minutes to sit here surreptitiously before I can leave with GNW safely on my laptop. Maybe I'll order a coffee. I saved myself $150 by being a lazy ass today; I can afford a little caffiene in my life.

edit: Bwahahahah, I just caught one of the bar staff as he went past, to ask for a coffee, and he was like "Yeah, of course love." Except his voice is exactly the same as the voice Peter Serafinowicz puts on to play that guy whose voice "does things" to Fran in Black Books. EXACTLY.

I did not crack up but it was close. :D
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Uh. A guy from Eon, I think, just knocked on the door and I opened it thinking it was my parents who'd forgotten someone (they've gone to meet some of my dad's workmites down the pub). And he spouted something about wanting to know if we're happy with our energy or something. I'm not really sure. And when I handwaved it off with "You'll need to speak to my dad! Sorry!" he asked if he could come back Monday. Uh. And then we had a conversation about ish as a measurement of time.

It. Is. Freezing. I stood at the door for literally thirty seconds and now my feet are chilled through. What can be so important about making more money that you have your employees out at night, in the dark, in freezing weather? Seriously.

That is, assuming he does work for Eon and isn't an axe murderer who was scouting the house to see if anyone was home. Uh. If I don't post tomorrow, be worried okay? I don't think axe murderers would stop to chat about the use of ish and whether there's a difference between metric and imperial ish. I hope.


I'm staring blankly at different websites with prices of flights to Australia. £717 is the cheapest I've found but I've never heard of the airline and I can fly on Emirates, which was recommended to me by several different people, for £785.90 on a variety of days. Which seems okay. Actually it's just occurred to me that I'm looking at coming back on Friday June 19th but Wimbledon starts June 22nd, so maybe I should make it a few days earlier. I don't even know if I have enough money for that long anyway. I've totally not planned this trip like I should've done months ago.

For once in my life, I'd like some actual motivation. Soon, please. Otherwise I'm going to be getting to Australia without a clue or worse, not getting there at all. -_-
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Of course I'm not really expecting to wake up tomorrow morning to anything like a proper covering because this is me and it'll no doubt be raining by 2am (okay, 4am according to BBC's 24 hr forecast) but still. Pretty. It almost makes up for my envy of the south getting YET MORE SNOW in this supposed 'Winter Storm' happened tomorrow night/Tuesday morning. I was actually contemplating getting on a train to [ profile] kindoftrouble's tomorrow morning because, dude. Dear South, stop hogging the snow wealth!

Not that I'm bitter. Nope.



Is it just me or is this self-portrait of Derren Brown just missing the little devil horns? I wish I had the spare £50 to buy a print of it, I really do. *wistful* Oh to be rich.
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Dear News People,

Stop talking about the snow. I've had no snow. No. Snow. At. All. Back in Wales, they've had at least three inches but here further north, no! No snow for Helen.

So you can shut up about how much trouble everyone else is having because clearly, they should just move to the black pit of weather despair that is Cumbria. Or live within a fifty mile radius of me.

No love,


...Fuck you too weather gods.
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I just went to let Casper out, thought 'that rain sounds very odd', and stuck my head out - into snow. Well half-snow, enough to leave a thin layer on the table outside which has already gone so it must've turned to rain. The BBC is informing me that it's the eastern side of the country getting the snow (surprise surprise; you damn easterners always hog it all) but I'm mainly gleeful that we're having more snow so soon after the last lot. This winter is actually looking promising.

I doubt Casper would agree; he took a look, hesitated, ran outside to hide under the nearest bush for all of three seconds before sprinting back through the door. I can only imagine what he'd be like if we had a good foot or so of snow like we did when I was younger; no doubt we'd have to buy him a litter tray. Or little cat-sized wellies for each foot, which would have the added benefit of being totally hilarious.


I am still awake at 4am for no logical reason; I fell asleep on the sofa watching Dave's QI marathon then the parental woke me at half two when she came down for a drink. Then I decided to watch The Sarah Connor Chronicles instead of going straight to bed because I've been trying to record this week's episode since Thursday night, when both the normal and +1 showings failed to record. Thankfully Virgin has nothing else to show so it's repeated every night and the fourth attempt finally stuck. Don't know what the hell is going on with Sky because other stuff recorded that night fine, and not amused since it's one of the few remaining things I'm watching with any enthusiasm. Heroes, I'm at least three episodes behind and finding it hard to care, while Spooks is doing its best to keep me interested but there's a limit to how much even shirtless Richard Armitage can do.

Merlin is still excellently, wonderfully, fabulously gay though. I loved tonight's episode so very much that I may have to buy the DVDs when they release the series together (I refuse to buy 'volumes' on account of them just being the BBC's way of cashing in and being ridiculously overpriced) if just for the promise of commentaries. Commentaries.

Also, people? Quit whining that it doesn't follow 'history'. If everything the BBC made followed the same 'history', we'd just be watching the same shows over and over again. It Would Be Dull. They have a dragon living under the castle. Arthur and Merlin are practically sleeping together onscreen. Seriously. This show is just fantastic as it is thank you very much. Stop giving it 'only three stars even though it's really good' just because of history. Boo hiss.

(I'm both worried and intrigued by the episode summary for the finale on Wikipedia [obviously that link contains spoilers]. It could either be fantastic or very very dreadful. Or, considering I can find no mention of a second series anywhere, very depressing. Maybe Arthur/Merlin is too wonderful a thing for the BBC to let it survive to a second series. Alas.

...Actually, I have more faith in the BBC's greed than anything. There'll be a second series. It'll be fine. *handwave*

*touch wood*)

I need Merlin icons but first I need to make Photoshop work. Dammit.


It's now gone 5am and I should actually go to bed. I can't believe I'm up this late but still haven't done anything useful. Sigh. Weekends should be longer.
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Dude, this is some staggeringly terrible weather. I've seen it rain like this before but never so consistently all day, or maybe it's just that my office computer faces a massive window so I've been staring at it all day. I went out to buy lunch and was soaked within thirty seconds, even with an umbrella.

Ennnnddd oofff the woooorrllldd. I haven't seen rain like this since... since the insanity of Lancaster's weather and even then it didn't last all day constantly like this.

...Patty Griffin just wailed "Strange how hard it rains now..." at me from my randomised playlist. Uh. Okay. Oddness. And now it's all gone really dark in the space of a minute. Wtf? I'm going to be so glad to get home today.

IN OTHER VERY IMPORTANT NEWS: I ordered my new laptop last night. Dell, purple cover, lots of shiny options because Dell are Terribly Evil and offer you lots of clicky buttons to upgrade and individual upgrades seem so cheap and all is shiny and happy and... and then you see the total and go o_O

But I'm happy, even though I spent more than I meant to. I have no idea how I'm supposed to fill 320GB of harddrive but it seemed like a good idea at the time. The only downside is that he may not arrive until September 24th. I could've cried.

It's seriously dark now. Really. O_O
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We've had batshit thunderstorms all night. It was really fun at first because I love thunderstorms and we don't get enough of them but three hours later and I can't watch QI because there's no satellite signal and I don't want to plug the laptop in so I'm running it off the battery which gives me maybe three minutes of 'net time. If I'm lucky.

Okay weather, we get that you are awesome. Could you maybe let me have the TV back now?

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I just got back from The Dark Knight. It didn't disappoint, not at all and I've been anticipating the awesome of this film for... years. Since I walked out the cinema after Begins. I love Batman so very, very much and TDK was pretty damn awesome. Except the music, which failed to register and after the beautiful score of Begins, that was the only let-down. Everything else, including and especially Heath Ledger, was brilliant.

But now it's gone 11pm, I've been out since 8:30 this morning, it's been a very hot day, I am going to take a shower. You have no idea how much I really want a shower. Dreaming of one for hours.
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I would just like to announce that IT'S SNOWING. I'm far too excited about this because I've had NO SNOW AT ALL this winter and it's really sucked.

So, even though it's well past 2am, have some pictures of snow!!! )

It'll be gone by morning no doubt but this is why staying up all night is totally worth it. :D Except I no longer have my snowman kissing icon and that is sad.

edit: And in addition to the snow, checking my email provided me with the shiny news that not only have our Dylan Moran tickets been printed and will arrive in the next two weeks (YAAAAAY!) but my Ghost in the Shell boxset sold on Amazon (I liked it but it didn't have huge rewatching potential for me, it's being repeated on the anime channel all the time and mainly, I need to make some money back after all I've spent recently), which pays just about for my Jareth figure. Also two different people favourited one of my old Bible!slash stories on on the same day. Which is... bizarre.

But the other things are full of YAY. :D Tickets! Money! Snow! Very shiny.
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Well the network adapter that point blank refuses to work on my desktop anymore? Works just fine on the laptop. Meaning it's not something I can yell at my brother at because he hasn't given me anything faulty.

Dammit. There is no logical reason why this shouldn't be working.

Woke up this morning to a world where everything, trees, grass, spiderwebs, had a thick coating of frost. It was so pretty that I stayed up, even though it was 7am (I fell asleep later though, so the world is in balance again.) to take pictures before it melted. I'll post some later if I get the internet fixed again, because it was only one step less than snow and did I mention pretty?

I have to go ring Chester University and yell at them for not paying me now. It's been like a month. I didn't stuff those freaking envelopes for free. -_-

edit: Yay! Hours and much shouting later, it's working again, or at least it is until I have to turn the computer off. Only downside is that I seem to have broken the internet on my laptop now. Sigh.
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When did it get so cold? I slept in my warm Lancaster hoodie last night, thinking it'd be a one-off but I'm cold enough to be seriously considering it tonight too. And I'm the person who's usually walking around in a t-shirt while everyone else wears multiple layers.

Today, I did nothing. Other than play with the flying car cheat on Vice City and decide that, as hilarious as it is for a while, the novelty wears off. Mostly. There's still the little bit of "It's like Back to the Future!" squee no matter how many times you crash and burn.

Barnbas has started to eat treats from my fingers with only a minor freak-out of "HANDHANDINCAGEOMGWHUT" first. Also, he unexpectedly ran up my jumper sleeve today and for a minute I had a hamster in my jumper without knowing exactly where he was. I managed to catch him without mishap in spite of my own minor freak-out of "HAMSTERHAMSTERINMYJUMPEROMGWHUT". Fairly pleased that we've made it through the first week without Casper eating him, him escaping, or me losing him. It's somewhat hilarious that the first of those is the least likely, given that Casper's terrified of Barnabas - who is, of course, something like a fiftieth of his size - and runs away whenever Barnabas is brought near him. Sometimes I wonder if he's really a cat at all.

Cold. Insanely, stupidly cold. It's wonderful compared to being too hot but I really need to start adjusting into wearing more layers.

edit: Meant to say: caught an hour or so of Withnail and I on C4 last night, because I'd been told to watch it and I spotted it scrolling the listings. Didn't make it all the way through to the end at 3:25am because I was knackered and the sign language person in the corner was getting in the way (seriously? I really wish you could turn them on and off like subtitles. Aren't they a form of subtitle, really? I'm sure the deaf people don't like having all their stuff shown at 3am; make the sign language person a turn on/turn off feature dring daytime TV and everyone's life would be easier) but I loved what I saw. I couldn't work out why I liked Paul McGann so much, until I twigged that, in that coat and with that hair, he reminds me of Neil Gaiman.
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Still here. Just been too hot and sleepy today to catch up or generally be present on LJ. And this is an official notice that I'm going to bunk off the rest of the night (now it's finally cooling down. Whoever ordered this weather for September should be fired) to work on something shiny. Will get back to you on how that goes.

But other than that, this is mainly to say I GOT SHINY PRESENTS (of the unexpected nature and therefore the best) THIS MORNING. So when shiny is finished it'll be duly dedicated to [ profile] kindoftrouble for being made of awesomeness. Thank you for the presents! Casper sniffed the gingerbead card and sneezed. It was very cute. ^___^

Shiny. Yes. The stack of job applications sitting on my desk can just sit there a little longer. ;)

(My Thoughts of That Match after shiny is done. It's all related anyway.)
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