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To acknowledge the sudden flood of activity on my flist this morning, thought I'd join in the yay-LJ-used-to-be-this-busy-for-me joy with the fact that I saw David Tennant/Catherine Tate in Much Ado About Nothing last night and they were brilliant and funny and fabulous, and this morning I feel like I have a sad Tennant hangover with the sheer mournfulness of the knowledge that I won't get to see it again. If I could request a Groundhog Day scenario to happen over about three hours of last night, that'd be perfect thanks.

Some joyful rambling that may contain mild spoilers (nothing really production-related huge, mostly just YAY TENNANT/TATE and a few spoilers if you haven't read the play (heathens! READ THE PLAY! ;) No really, it's funny I swear. Anyway: )) )


In other news of my life, I'm currently (obviously) in London. On Thursday I was in Cumbria and on Tuesday I was in Edinburgh. This coming Tuesday I will be in Cardiff and on Wednesday, back in London. It's reached the point where I'm confused when I wake up in the mornings. It's nice to have Wimbledon and Cardiff and more Wimbledon to look forward to, especially knowing that after this week I go back to work for a week and then I'm back to being poor and unemployed which sucks but at least this week is Epic. And I have certainly enough to catch up writing-wise and books-and-DVDs-I've-bought-wise (Psych season five arrived before I left Cumbria WITH NO CUSTOMS CHARGES \o/) that July and August should still be made of fun and hopefully sooner rather than later I'll decide what I actually want to do with my life and someone will give me a job doing it.


In conclusion, go and read this delightful Erik/Charles fic that [ profile] rionaleonhart linked to the other day. It's done so well and is kind of heartbreaking and also kind of wonderful and made me smile. Mmmmm.
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In case anyone is wondering, I have not been away from LJ because I've been flooded out! The floods are the opposite end of Cumbria to where I live and when I texted parentals earlier they said it's fine, just wet.

This news also came as a relief to me as I've been in London since Tuesday and I idly turned on the news this morning to see Cumbria attempting to imitate Atlantis, which wasn't quite what I'd pictured when [ profile] kindoftrouble mentioned last night that there was some flooding. I tell you what, it's enough to make me want a house on top of a tall hill.

In news of London! I went to the WTF draw at the London Eye on Wednesday but left late and tube was delayed so I only saw them coming out of the pod and not going in. Spotted Murray, the Bryans and Petch though so it counted as a win. :) I hung around the Embankment (they're staying in the hotel over the Aquarium there) a bit this afternoon but didn't spot anyone. Admittedly I was distracted by the awesome Christmas market and German mini-pancakes but I feel this was a fair trade. German mini-pancakes with Nutella = om nom nom.

Vague plans to player-stalk at the O2 tomorrow; we'll see how that goes. I have a feeling I may ask Robin Soderling for a hug if we get the chance because his twitter is rather sweet and I've seen him twice at Wimbledon now so I'm practically an official fan. Naturally I'm gleeful over getting to see Roger on Sunday too. Twice in one year! Awesomesauce.

Hah hah tennis players are now on the tellybox! I totally wish I'd been able to stalk their photoshoot. Damn.

Of course they show an interview with Andy Murrsay. Please smile Murray. It doesn't bother me that you're an android in interviews but it would make it easier to defend you to people. BE HAPPY. YOU'RE ALMOST-BEST IN THE WORLD.

Anyway, that's pretty much all the news I have. NaNo is still going slowly, but at least going. Yay! Tennis players this weekend. Double yay!! I got lost finding Harrods yesterday!* McFail!

*I came out the wrong Tube exit. In front of me where Harrods usually is was Harvey Nichols. I went "!!!!! HARVEY NICHOLS HAS HOSTILE-TAKEOVERED HARRODS AND NO ONE HAS NOTICED. WHUT." Then I occurred to me I'd thought the exit didn't look right and I wandered back the other way to see Harrods just around the corner. Somewhat relieved that Harrods had not been turned into a Harvey Nichols. I decided Harrods is too supremely awesome to be hostile-takeovered.**

**Then it ate £25+ of my money without me expending any effort at all and I thought maybe it would've been better if it'd been hostile-takeovered by Pound Stretcher.
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I just pre-ordered Strange Fate. Is that tempting... well, fate? It's just that the estimated release is less than five months away now and I don't particularly care if it's an absolutely terrible book, if it's three pages long (though Smith's reports suggest something more along the lines of The Count of Monte Cristo-length epichood), if it kills off all my favourite characters... (it's okay, Keller is a survivor. I'm not worried *crosses fingers*) I've been waiting since high school for this book. I'm going to buy it the moment it gets officially published anyway. But given that I have been waiting so long I'm just a little concerned that my preorder will sit and sit and sit past next April, never to be fulfilled. This is a book I don't believe in the existence of until it's in my hand and I can lock myself in a room to finish it.

Maybe I'll let the preorder sit but if the date gets pushed back I'll take that as a sign and cancel it. Hm.


As someone who is actually going to be sitting and watching them, I'd like to throw my two cents into the ring and say I'd quite like Soderling to qualify for London. We watched him play Roger at Wimbledon... two years (?) ago and we decided because he was Robin, Roger should be Batman. It was extremely entertaining. Plus I'm rather fond of him. Get to the final Soderling! C'mon!


I'm compensating for a crap couple of days with chips from our local chippy and both Roger and Tim Minchin on the tellybox tonight. I watched a bit of Nadal in hope that the universe would pay me back some of the crappy karma and he'd lose, but that's so against the principle of karma that I probably deserved him winning anyway. Must be nicer. Yes. (Which doesn't mean I won't be cheering for the other guy (any guy) in London. I try to be nice but a saint I am not and definitely not when it comes to tennis loyalties).


Part of the crap two days is the news that when we took Casper for his vaccinations yesterday (a, uh, few months late but we were moving to technically a different country Wales ---> England when they were actually due) the vet said he needs his teeth cleaned and a tooth taken out. Google tells me that this is a fairly commonplace occurence with pet cats/dogs and I shouldn't be worrying about him.

This is Casper. I worry when he takes five minutes longer to come in from outside when you call him. Of course I'm worried. When he had an ulcer on the back of his throat and the vet said ominously that it could be something more serious and we had to leave him in overnight, I cried in the car all the way home. I am not rational when it comes to my cat.

And since he's not going in until December 1st, I will be worried for the next two weeks. Just to let you all know in case I come across more crazy than usual until December 3rd (December 2nd *I'm going to the dentist for two fillings. Yesterday was a bad day teethwise all round).


NaNo is going... badly, in terms of word count. In better news I am still in fact working on it which is better than previous years. I won't make 50,000 short of a miracle (three solid days writing while [ profile] kindoftrouble is at work in London? Hm) but at least I am actually writing. It's nice.


Yeah, I'm all out. Behold the interestinghood of my life recently; at least I've mostly embargoed my work-related ranting because I annoy myself with it. Thank smeg I'm going to London and Cardiff in the next two months or I'd veg into a completely boring couch potato who witters on about their cat all the time...

Wait. Uh. Yeah.
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Things I've just discovered that make me happy; I'm planning to go see Up when I head to Lancaster for my birthday next week and on checking the film times just now, apparently they're showing it in 3D as well as 2D. Hurrah! The tickets are more expensive than for 2D but they're Super Saver Tickets because it's on a weekday before 5pm so it actually works out the same price as a normal ticket.

Birthday happys. Awesome. :D [ profile] jesse_kips you're welcome to come with if you want. If not I shall be cheesecaking and coffeeing and shopping for some time before! ^_^ I could see you in Starbucks say... half one?


So yeah, I haven't posted for a bit. S'up with that? Nothing really, except my general apathy toward life in general right now. I'm not doing anything which is really ridiculous when you consider that I only worked two hours today and only four yesterday and four Monday. It's just that working across the middle of the day seems to eat time to do anything and I come home only to bum around because I'm tired from work. I'm actually annoying myself immensely but don't know what to do about it.

Signed up for NaNo again and I'm officially in training, by writing a hundred more words a day to hopefully get myself in the habit. On Monday my word target was 200 words and I hit 350+. Yesterday target 300 and I hit 330. Today is 400 and I've been sitting around for seven hours now without so much as typing a word. I even opened the damn fic I'm working on earlier only to close it and have a nap instead. I can't be doing this when my word count needs to be 1600+ a day instead of 400. I'm going to have to start as soon as I get home from work, not right before I go to sleep. Argh. But, I guess, I knew I'd be like this which is why I'm trying to get in the habit. I'm off to watch In Treatment with my laptop now and hopefully I'll hit 400 words before I have to drag myself off to bed because I have two days of getting up early and three hours to work Saturday. I couldn't say no to working Saturday because I'd already asked for my birthday off. Meh. -_- Working six days in a row sucks, even when when it's just for a few hours some days. I really don't think this ridiculous job is helping the apathy at all, but I suspect it'll be great for NaNo (if I actually use the spare time) to be only working a few hours a day Monday-Wednesday.

Plus with all the extra hours I'm thinking I may as well stick it until Christmas because it's enough money to pay back my 'rents and considering basically everything tripwise is paid for now (London, hotel for Cardiff, train tickets except the ones from London-Cardiff because it worked out much cheaper to have an extra night in London around the Cardiff weekend. Dear British Rail, you are stupid) I might even have money left over for Christmas presents. :D Which is good!

Less good is my inability to accomplish even the simplest thing, like fill in application forms. I really need to take NaNo seriously this year. Some sort of daily goal would be awesome right now.


I never talked about how much fun I had in Edinburgh, partly because I started a post and got too lazy to finish halfway through so in my mind I did talk about it, only I never posted, and partly because I had such an awful cold that week and I came home and sleep-walked through the next few days because walking all over Edinburgh is exhausting when you're only breathing at half-capacity.

But I did have fun! Once I got there that is; I got to the train station early on the Saturday morning only to discover my train to Lancaster where I'd connect up to Edinburgh was cancelled, possibly due to the appalling amount of fog ) although I still can't see why fog would affect the trains enough to be cancelled. The parental drove me the forty minutes to Lancaster though and, thanks to having a half-hour wait between connections, I even had time to go get a Starbucks before my train. Did occur to me that that was the second thing to go wrong (first was my hotel being overbooked) and I spent the rest of the weekend in fear of the Third Thing (because these things happen in threes right?) but it was all fine. My hotel fears were baseless; the hotel I'd been moved to was very nice and I had an exec room which was decorated much nicer than the eye-scouring blue the website showed the basic rooms in. It was the wrong end of Prince's Street for everything I wanted (and Prince's Street is an epically long goddamn street) but I found the venue just fine and I found Grassmarket which was as full of cool shops as I remember it (the really cool sci-fi/fantasy bookshop had a plushy Cthulhu. I did not buy it but I really really wanted to).

I'd forgotten how staggeringly pretty Edinburgh is. All I could think walking around is that if they chose to film a fantasy film there and claim it was any sort of fantasy city? No CGI required. It's all turrets and arched windows and elaborate carvings, especially around the Royal Mile. I wish I'd had a day to just chill and wander a bit slower but it was still fun. I do like Edinburgh. Don't know if I've spent enough time there to officially love it but it's certainly right up there with Cardiff and Sydney on the 'cities I like to spend time bumming around just for the sake of being there' short-list.

I also managed one other thing I wanted to do while I was there, which was to go check out the Scott Monument ) in Prince's Street Gardens just because DAAS* did one of their Big Gig shows from there and I wanted to get a picture of it today. It was only later that I realised they might've done their show from the other side but from what I can remember (I haven't got around to checking on the DVD) it was definitely the side away from the road. It was a bit odd seeing something DAAS-related in such a decidedly UK setting. It kind of made me miss Australia more.

And then I got a bit more of Australia-in-the-UK with, of course, the entire reason I went; Tim Minchin who was brilliant. I had a spectacular view ) if you can tell from my appalling phone camera pictures, slightly to the side but almost as close as the front row and no one in front of me because I was in the front row of the balcony. The amazing seat totally made up for the ridiculous sore throat I had from walking around all day with a cold, because I didn't have to cheer too loud to make up for being right at the back. ^_^ He really is fantastic live. Canvas Bags got such an epic cheer so clearly the whole place was mostly full of previous Minchin-ers and although he didn't encore with Not Perfect, he did White Wine in the Sun which is enough to make me think I'll be buying the whole show off iTunes when I've got a bit more money. I'm jealous of [ profile] mayakitten for getting to see him now, because I'd love to go again. *wistful* If I'd been in London this weekend I would've gone to the ones he's doing at Hammersmith (though I'm not totally missing those because uh, I was regretting not buying a signed DVD so [ profile] kindoftrouble offered to try to get me one from Hammersmith, even though she isn't going to the show. So I'm kind of there in spirit! :D And also owe my soul to [ profile] kindoftrouble. Again. I could do with several hundred souls by now).

But on his next tour, I am so there. And so dragging along everyone else in sight because as fun as he was when I was by myself, it'd be even better with a bunch of people.

So kinda sad that's over but still to come this year: Roger Federer, Andy Roddick (as confirmed this week, yay!) and John Barrowman2 so I haven't exactly got a boring lead-up to Xmas. :DDDD


It's actually gone 11pm now and I still haven't written anything or moved off my bed. Right. Yes. In Treatment (which is already losing my interest on the third week but I like the girl on Wednesdays so I'm quite happy for tonight) and writing and I really need to start DVDing some of the Top Gear off the Sky box. After all, we should be getting a new series soon. I need the space. :D

You've been reading This Is Clo's Life. Hopefully I won't leave it over a week between posts next time so the next post won't need to be so epically long and rambling.


*Speaking of DAAS, I know why I'm not getting GNW uploads to Mininova; the person was using Demonoid to get them and it's down. I'm hoping when Demonoid goes back up, I'll be able to catch up. Really really hoping. I'm missing my weekly dose of McDermott something terrible. :( Damn you Demonoid.
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Okay, so there was new Good News Week on this week? Dear Channel Ten, I want a full goddamn podcast this time. No more fourteen and ten minute nonsense! I don't care if you make me pay $2.99 per episode or what-the-hell-ever. I JUST WANTS A WHOLE EPISODE. DAMN YOUS.

We didn't get the Melbourne Comedy Festival one as a podcast either. It's probably on Youtube in bits but it's not the same. Just because we're in Britain doesn't mean we don't want to watch GNW Channel Ten! 'm just saying. And tomorrow I have 750 more buckets to security tag so believe me, you do not want to piss me off further this week or we'll see how many irritating complaint emails I can cram into the hours between 5:30pm and midnight. Hint: IT WILL BE MANY.


In other news, work doesn't suck so much. Yes it's tedious and repetitive but there are no customers. I didn't realise 'til now just what a big part customers played in my Issues with my last job; plus everyone is nicer in this place, in that I don't get told I'm weird for liking Top Gear and they actually know interesting things like that iPhones don't work around here and where I should go if I want to go horse-riding. So apart from my GNW problems, life is not so bad.

BUT. It will be in a few days because people on Twitter are already going on about the Edinburgh Fringe. I want to go so badly and just don't have any money, not to mention accomodation's going to be non-existent. Why don't I know anyone in Edinburgh? WHY? Neil Gaiman and Wil Anderson are going to be there, plus all the International Book Festival goodness. I hate everyone who's going and leaving me here. Bah. *sulks* I'm thinking next year I should plan to go for at least a week of it. How far in advance would I need to book the hostel do you think? Hm.

I just idly checked what Tim Minchin is up to and realised he's actually performing on my birthday. But in Northampton which even though I don't know where it is (it was featured in Kinky Boots wasn't it?) I definitely cannot get to because it's like five hours on the train. And I rather suspect the London one on the 24th will be sold out, because it's London. Maybe Birmingham... There're seats left in Birmingham but I couldn't get back that late, so I'd have to stay over on top of the £40 train ticket (the Tim Minchin ticket is only £17.50. How dumb is that, that my train ticket is more than double the price of what I'd be going to see?) Mmmmmmexpensive. And Manchester which is easier to get to for me is pretty much sold out of all the good seats. Maybe I'll take a raincheck. *gloom*

(I'm not checking out Edinburgh for October 10th. I'm really not. I can't afford it dammit, even though it's cheaper for me to get to Edinburgh than London. Ack, I hate not being rich.)


Actually while I'm thinking of train tickets, [ profile] kindoftrouble when am I coming down for in November? And did you know that there's another Top Gear Live show going on in November too? However, the cheapest tickets seem to be £42. I can't decide if that's too ridiculous or not but given that I'm probably skipping anything birthdayish in October this year... I don't know. It could be the wrong end of November anyway, in which case maybe not.


Anything else... nope, I'm all out of complaints. Except, my pay for last week showed up in my bank account today. Haaaaaaappppyyyyyyyy. More of that in the next month please! I could so totally cope with a fulltime job at this place.

Okay, now I'm really out of anything to pointlessly ramble about. Laters y'all. :-)
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Okay, I'm off to meet [ profile] jesse_kips for muffins, to buy a sleeping bag, and then to Wimbledon to join the queue. Suspect I won't be back again today and maybe not until tomorrow night so have fun with the internets! Those of you with my mobile number, feel free to text me today's tennis results (esp. Roger) as otherwise I may pine for lack of tennis news. :)

To Wimbledon (but firstly; to muffins!)
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I've just waited all day for a shower because [ profile] kindoftrouble's iPhone was getting delivered today and I knew the second I stepped in the shower, they'd be at the door trying to deliver it. I've been listening for the very-definitely-noticeable doorbell (it plays a loud tune. There are trumpets. The first time I heard it I thought it was an oddly modern fire alarm; it is not missable) all day and since they tried to deliver it yesterday around 3:15, from 3pm onwardsI specifically didn't leave the lounge. I'm sitting almost next to the doorbell speaker.

Nothing. At 4:02pm, I decide to run downstairs to see if they've tried to deliver it earlier and I missed it.

Apparently they called at 4pm. They'll try again tomorrow.



No love (seriously; what the fuck? If I'd run down two minutes earlier I would've caught you putting the card through the door. Should I be psychic now?)

Seriously. TRY HARDER.



On the plus side I did finish The Demon's Lexicon today (I only bought it yesterday because I finished Knife, which was supposed to last me the entire trip, during my three hours in Lancaster) and enjoyed it muchly. Couple of times on the way through I went "...I'm not entirely sure what you did there" but the ending was sweet as. I'd much rather have a book with a few minor wobbles on the way through and a kick-ass ending than the other way around, because it's so much more satisfying. It was excellent. Go forth and buy!

Knife was pretty good too. The main guy-love-interest was called Paul and I was amused at the universe because I bought this book to read before my Paul McDermott obsession but didn't get around to picking it up until I needed a new book for the train ride. I think I can probably count on one hand the books I've read with a major character called Paul. (Though no, the Bible does not count. Probably. It might not actually make that much difference to the tally).

The only thing now is that I need another book for the trip home. Damn. Suspect a trip to Forbidden Planet may be in order (isn't it always when I'm in London?) Except this time I am allowed to buy one book only. Take note.

Okay, well since, apparently, either delivery people fail at doorbells or I'm now experiencing doorbell-specific deafness, I'm going for a shower. And to think up a way to tell [ profile] kindoftrouble that she has to wait for her shiny new iPhone. Uh. Hopefully she won't have her vengeance by letting Derren Brown use me as a mind control guinea pig tonight (hurrah! Derren Brown!)


Before I go, one more thing; Dear Wimbledon, when you're showing Andy Roddick's match DO NOT SHOW ME A CLOSE-UP OF AN ANKLE BEING WORKED ON WHEN I'VE BEEN TOO BUSYING BLOGGING TO KNOW THAT IT'S NOT ANDY. That was a horrible horrible moment until you panned back. Don't do it again, kthnx.

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I need to start using my actual-name email address for buying stuff online. Calling customer support for things and verifying that your email address is indeed "cloudymagic at suchandsuch" never fails to make me feel about thirteen and ridiculous.

On a different note, it would be nice to call customer support for something one day and get someone with a British accent. It really would. The guy on the phone just now repeated my trainline reference back twice to me and aside from the fact he did the fox-lima-alfa bollocks instead of just saying the letters - newsflash people, IF *I* SAY THE LETTERS THEN KNOW THAT REPEATING IT AS WORDS MAKES MY LIFE MUCH HARDER KTHNX - his accent made it much trickier.

He reconfirmed my details twice and seemed a little confused too, so I hope I'll actually be able to pick my tickets up on Friday or I won't have a return ticket from London and will have to stay there forever.

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Of course I'm not really expecting to wake up tomorrow morning to anything like a proper covering because this is me and it'll no doubt be raining by 2am (okay, 4am according to BBC's 24 hr forecast) but still. Pretty. It almost makes up for my envy of the south getting YET MORE SNOW in this supposed 'Winter Storm' happened tomorrow night/Tuesday morning. I was actually contemplating getting on a train to [ profile] kindoftrouble's tomorrow morning because, dude. Dear South, stop hogging the snow wealth!

Not that I'm bitter. Nope.



Is it just me or is this self-portrait of Derren Brown just missing the little devil horns? I wish I had the spare £50 to buy a print of it, I really do. *wistful* Oh to be rich.
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Just checking prices at and if I travel down to London on the Monday before and come back on the Friday after New Year, I can do the whole trip for under £14. That's insanely awesome and probably the cheapest I've got tickets to London for, ever. Okay so add the £20 I'll need to spend on a new railcard before then but that pays for itself.

That's going with a change at Crewe each way and buying singles instead of a return... the cheapest of which was £41. I love thetrainline for reminding me to try buying singles. Yay! So I will be buying train tickets when I get home. I thought they'd have shot the prices up for New Year but apparently it's gone the other way.

All the more money to spend in the Forbidden Planet sale. :DDD And then I'll have something definite to look forward to, because right now there's just six weeks of woeful boredom until Christmas with more woeful boredom after. This might actually get me through to January with my sanity - relatively - intact.

Only now I've exhausted possibilities for wasting time via internetage and have to actually go do work. Sigh. I just want to go home and curl up in bed with The Graveyard Book. Which is even more fun than I was expecting and has my name on a gravestone drawn by Neil Gaiman in the front, which I still have almost as much glee over as my double-signed Good Omens. Which made it back intact to my bookshelf by the way, though I didn't stop stressing until it was safely tucked back into the space it left when I packed it almost two weeks ago. Totally worth dragging a hardback book around London with me.

Mmmmm. Bed and books. Only another four and a half hours to go and I am so there.
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Still not dead. Not quite. My brain feels at least partway there this morning.

A day late but nevertheless: yay Obama! I actually rolled off the air mattress in [ profile] kindoftrouble's at 7:16am to check the results after a terrible dream that McCain won by twenty votes. Thankfully my utter lack of psychic ability was proven once again. Hurrah! Take a cookie America. The freshly baked kind with chocolate chips and possibly even marshmallows.

I'm not looking forward to work on Monday. Admittedly I have two more days in London and then a weekend in Lancaster, though I'm not looking forward to having to change at Manchester Piccadilly with the ridiculous amount of stuff I have to carry... but that's kind of my fault for buying too many things. And I would go back to Forbidden Planet a second time. [ profile] kindoftrouble reminded me that when I come to London for New year, Forbidden Planet will be having its January sale. My bank account cried.

January sales in FP!! *flails madly*

I'm going in search of more coffee now. 'scuse me.
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I told Terry Pratchett that Neil told me to tell him to watch out for the weasels.

He said 'Next time you see him, tell him don't forget Sydney Harbour Bridge'.

...WITHOUT ANY EXPLANATION. And I'm not likely to see Neil Gaiman tomorrow or next week or any time soon at all so I may never know. This is annoying. So I'll email him via The Blog and hope he takes pity on my flailing desperation to know because what??

Also, I now have a beautiful copy of Good Omens signed by both the Gaiman and the Pratchett. It is officially my most prized possession. Only, now it has to make it from London to Lancaster and then to North Wales intact. Cue massive paranoia until Sunday night when it is back on my bookshelf.

On a related note, I shouldn't be allowed into Forbidden Planet. It makes my bank account cry. But on the plus side I have a Donna action figure now! It's shiny-awesome. And totally worth bankrupting myself for.

I should really start my NaNo. Yeah. Sometime.

...Sydney Harbour Bridge. Dear Neil and Pterry, what?
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Like [ profile] kindoftrouble said, we're not dead but have just been watching lots of QAF (I wasn't expecting to love the American version as much as the British but I do) and not really anything like hard work, which means I shouldn't feel as knackered as I do today. I could've stayed sleeping longer this morning but I haven't started my NaNo yet and I need to walk the ten minutes to Tesco (oh London you are ridiculously convenient, sometimes) before around half three when I'm heading to Covent Garden.

Why Covent Garden? Well Forbidden Planet is there. And, at the Neil Gaiman talk & signing on Friday, the girl in the queue behind us (we got to know everyone pretty well over the two hours we were standing there; thankfully they were awesome) told me that Pterry was signing sometime this week at Forbidden Planet. Which I thought was probably a mistake and it'd be after I left or next year or somewhere else, because as I was packing my hardback copy of Good Omens to bring for Neil to sign, I thought sadly that I'd never get Terry to sign it too because I'd never even seen him do a signing, nevermind one I could get to and there'd probably be less signings in future from him. So I thought I'd check the Interwebs and it'd be wrong because seriously? There's coincidence and then just plain weird.

But no. Terry Pratchett, Forbidden Planet London, Monday 3rd at 5:30pm. I still don't quite believe it and won't until I get there and see him, complete with awesome hat and all. It's for The Colour of Magic DVD so I'll have to buy that which I wasn't planning on (I don't like Rincewind and I don't particularly like David Jason, so it's a no-win situation for me) but the price is so worth it to get a Good Omens signed by both of them. I'll never let it out of my sight again. I'm trying to talk myself out of picking up The Bromeliad in hopes he'll sign that too because it's my other favourite Pterry thing, but I already own it at home and so cannot justify it. Probably. And then I would have too many things to get signed anyway because I'm taking [ profile] kindoftrouble's Good Omens too and I don't know if she'll get there in time after work, so... cannot buy another book. Really. Especially one I already own.

Also, I was told about Pterry literally a minute before we reached the front of the queue for Neil and I was still bubbling about it when I went up (he looked knackered but was still taking the time to write personal messages and doodles in everyone's books, bless him) so when he asked how I was, I was all "Yay! You! Pterry next week! Double yay!" And he said right, well if you're seeing Terry I'll write 'Burn this book!" in Good Omens to see if he writes the punchline and also, tell him to 'Watch out for the weasels'.

So I now have a message from Neil Gaiman to pass on to Terry Pratchett. Even though I have no idea what it means but I'm going to ask Terry when I tell him, because weasels? What? I'll let you know.

But yes. In short, life is awesome and I still have another week off; a week that includes DVDs, Terry Pratchett, te British Museum, maybe the British Library which Ive always meant to go see, Lancaster, Crows, fireworks... awesomeness. I still can't believe Gaiman&Pratchett chose the week I was in London and had Good Omens with me to do signings only three days apart. Honestly, stuff like this happens when I'm in London. It's the City of Bizarre Coincidence.

I should stop watching To Buy or Not to Buy and go get dressed. Really. Any minute now.
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TP works (so far anyway). I started playing the moment I walked through the door, until ninety minutes later my mother pointed out that I should go get changed and let her watch some TV, immediately. Ten minutes of the ninety were spent chasing That Damn Cat (while my mother watched and made unhelpful remarks on how she hadn't realised games involved so much running in circles) before I finally got back in the habit and worked out what was going on. The Wii controls started out odd, became incredibly frustrating while trying to fish and then, all at once, felt like the best idea ever in the history of pixels gathered together to make shiny puzzles. I'm really going to love this game.

Also, Epona actually looks like a real horse now. You can rename her. This was another thing I got very excited about while the woman made soothing noises and backed away quickly. But. Seriously. Awesome.

My 'rents are away next week, so no arguments over the TV being used for Wii instead of telly. :DD


Something else I got excited about today: Fanlore, a wiki for fandom and fan communities. Not only is it interesting but it's fun to think of what it's going to be in a year, two or five, and that this is the first tentative beginning when lots of links still lead to blank articles and recent changes is expanding by the second rather than day. I know there's other places out there that list these things or dictionary-ise them but nothing has ever caught my attention to be worth more than one or two idle checks when I need a word explaining. A fanish Wikipedia is fantastic, though considering how much time I spend on Wikipedia already perhaps my boss wouldn't agree.


My October/November of Awesome that starts on the 25th in Cardiff (or arguably in Manchester on the 18th) and was supposed to end coming home from London on November 7th, has become even more awesome in the last few days. Not only is [ profile] threegoldfish randomly going to the same Neil Gaiman signing as us but I happened to log onto Facebook for the first time in ages to find a message from Tim, saying everyone's meeting for the fireworks in Lancaster on November 8th and did I want to come?

And you know, it's actually a lot easier to get to Lancaster from London than it is from North Wales (even though we're two hours by fast train closer. Go figure). So now I'm leaving London on the 8th (at 9am but my ticket did only cost £11.55 as opposed to £45, which I'm willing to lose sleep for though I'll probably owe [ profile] kindoftrouble some Krispy Kremes or something for it) of November to go to Lancaster, see everyone, see the rather fabulous annual fireworks by the castle and then stay the night in Crows, my absolute favourite restaurant\hotel anywhere.

This means over three weeks I'll be hitting Manchester, seeing Dylan Moran, Chester Zoo, Cardiff, my birthday, London, [ profile] kindoftrouble and associated insane awesome, Neil Gaiman, Lancaster, seeing university people I haven't seen in over a year, fantastic fireworks, Crows, home. And altogether my train tickets add up to... just over £50. Call it £60 with the minibus home from after Manchester (note to self: book that in advance).

I'm a little worried actually. I'm afraid of jinxing it but... that's a lot of potential awesome. Can the universe handle that much awesome all at once? o_O


I want a nap but if I sleep now I will sleep until morning. Sigh for only being two days into the week.
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Things I Forgot To Mention About Wimbledon:

> So we saw Marat playing Djokovic right. And I've never really watched Djokovic play before. I've just read the bad press and knew that Roger (hilariously) hates him and it was enough.

But. He's frigging bendy. And he plays some pretty tennis. And, no matter how much he will always remind me of a chimpanzee - did I mention the bendy? - I found myself kind of, well, thinking "Okay so he's an asshole but he might be an asshole I could like."

So I'm not saying I like Novak Djokovic. Don't expect me to be cheering for him to beat Roger and Andy and Mardy or actually, pretty much anyone (with my the usual exceptions) anytime soon but-

I might just take an interest. Yeah.

> We also saw - again playing Marat - Fabio Fognini, who I fell immediately in love with. This did not stop us deciding that his last name sounded like a kind of mushroom and therefore dubbing him, forever, Mushroom Boy. But I did adore him and his passionate Italianness. I must remember to look out for him in future.

> We meant to try Bluetooth while on court, to see if the players had their phones on in their bags. We forgot. Very sad. It probably wouldn't have worked anyway.

> The two old ladies sat next to us on Centre Court told me it was annoying that we were taking lots of pictures. And then proceeded to chat, constantly, about various topics INCLUDING "what pills [their friend] Margery was on". And they kept rustling sweet papers. After the cute Australian guy who sat next to us on Court One, I was unamused. Good thing Roger's pretty hair was only a few away and sufficiently distracted me.

> Unrelated to Wimbledon but Londoncentric; Krispy Kreme doughnuts are The Ultimate Doughnut. And I forgot to buy many to bring back with me. Dammit.

> Did I mention that we laughed a lot and sang "Cardigan Man!" about Roger? I did. I think I also mentioned that it's possible he heard us but I didn't think to mention that probably all the photographers and stewards heard us too, which makes it VERY INTERESTING (and *hilarious*) that he was directly referred to as "Cardigan Man" in the day seven preview. Did we start something? I don't know. I'd like to think so. ^_^

> Having to come home after four days made me realise how stupid I'd been not to take the two weeks off. In all future years, I'll be taking Wimbledon's fortnight off. Forever.
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Dear Andy,


No love at all for the rest of Wimbledon,


I knew I should've buried my lucky socks surreptitiously on Centre Court, since they did such wonders for Marat. Goddammit. And they got Roger through in straight sets, no matter how much I yelled "C'mon Robin!" because I really wanted another set of Roger ([ profile] kindoftrouble thought I was weird cheering against my favourite player. My adoration of Roger has many conditions and is... complicated. But it can be summed up in: I am always happy when he wins.)

In other news, am home despite the bastards at Crewe cancelling my train when we were all freaking sitting on it and making me wait an extra half hour. I hate them so much, even though it was kinda my fault for missing my direct train from London. But mainly, they cancelled my train and are utter bastards and I hate them. Yes. Also I'm home from three glorious days of Wimbledon and another of Doctor Who exhibition and Paperchase and general awesomeness apart from a certain American... and I have to work tomorrow. Work five days a week without another break until October in fact. It really sucks.

But the pictures [ profile] kindoftrouble and I - mainly [ profile] kindoftrouble though - took over the three days? Are beautiful. I loved our amazing seats so much. I'm actually considering paying for my LJ again, just so I have the Scrapbook to upload the shiniest of mine to without resizing them. LJ hasn't done anything really really stupid for a while and I get paid tomorrow... I'm still just a little wary of LJ. I don't know; I'll think about it tomorrow. If I don't do that I'll upload them to Photobucket or something.

I'm off to sink into a bath now. I'm actually tired enough to be dizzy, which is another reason I hated them for cancelling my train. I wish it was tomorrow night already and I had time to sleep. But... shiny Roger pictures make up for a lot. He is so pretty. Really. No matter how much I cheer for the other guy out of sympathy, Roger Federer in all his spectacularly ridiculous idiocy, with his monogrammed belt and clothes and personal chef flown in specially... he is awesome. He is my awesome, adorable, badly dressed, over-monogrammed, beautiful ponce. (I really need my 'poncey Roger' icon back for this post. Again, tomorrow.) I am so happy that I've seen him and he was just a few feet away and I did not embarrass myself too much, except for singing 'Cardigan Man!' to the Batman theme tune loud enough that it's entirely possible he heard us. But. He'd never recognise me again, so it's fine. You know, it's not like it put him off the match. :D

I'm sad I have to wait another year to be at Wimbledon again. There is nothing else like it. It's wonderful.
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Just spending most of our days at Wimbledon. We were in the front row on Court One for Andy and Mardy yesterday, thanks to the two amazing guys (dear them, if you ever read this, I will marry you for totally making our Wimbledon) who swapped our Centre Court tickets for theirs, but that is a long story of awesome beginning with an Innocent smoothie and I have no time to tell it now, because we'll have to go get ready for more Wimbledon. Especially as today we get Roger, sitting right in front of us, and I may flail myself into falling off my chair on national television.

And Spamalot was fantastic last night, and Monday was awesome and tomorrow there is the Doctor Who exhibition. I am sad this is my last day of Wimbledon but at the same time this has been a trip of such unbelievable awesome (we *randomly* picked the two guys with front row seats to ask to switch and they did?) that maybe I shouldn't push my luck. I don't know if the awesome could hold out for the whole two weeks.

And Roger today. I might actually die of glee. If you see the girl in the blue hat behind the umpire fall off her chair, write me a pretty epitaph totally blaming Roger. ^_^
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So I came home from work to to find WIMBLEDON TICKETS. Suddenly this is a Happy Wednesday!

Also don't quote me on this because I have constant paranoia when it comes to being optimistic about seats but- I think we're just to one side of the net in the front row. Entrance D, Row A.This is where D is in the Wimbledon seating plan. And A is the first row. Usually. Right? I won't believe it until we're sitting there. But at the very least we have good seats, even if they aren't front-row-awesome. Which they might be. The only downside is that the Umpire might be in the way and they'll have their backs to us when sitting down but equally they'll be *that close* and many many excellent photo ops in the course of walking to-away from the chairs. And maybe, I don't know. We could sneak out during games and turn the chairs to face us instead of the court and hope they don't notice. They're focusing on their tennis; it's entirely plausible. Ahem.

Please please please, whatever deity out there that I haven't offended yet, make it not rain on June 25th. Please. And please make Roger be on Centre Court. On that day. I'm aware I'm putting conditions in this now but I'll do anything! Okay, nearly anything. Some things. Like, I won't sacrifice a goat but I could be persuaded to sacrifice say, a wasp. Violently, with a newspaper next time one flies into my room. Then everybody wins.

Wimbledon! Wimbledon Wimbledon! *flails* The only downside about the whole trip is that I bought my train tickets yesterday, finally, and for some reason every train down Saturday had three changes and most of them took almost five hours. Which is just stupid when Sunday's trains had one change and took three hours, so I'm going Sunday but that's a day less of having crazy London fun. *sadness* Stupid British rail network. I'm not leaving until almost 4pm Thursday though, so there's four days and Sunday night. Which I'm hoping will have Top Gear. Yay!

Less than a month to go. Dammit. GO QUICKLY.

edit: Of course all this depends on me remembering to pack the tickets to take with me. I command you all - not just [ profile] kindoftrouble, all of you! if you have any love for my sanity or your own, since I will complain on LJ and IJ at great length for months if I get to Wimbledon and my Centre Court tickets are back in Wales - for the love of smeg, remind me to pack the freaking tickets. June 21st please. Comment, poke me, text me, send me pigeon post, just remind me. Please. I've been known to come back to Wales from university with my wallet and all my cards still in Lancaster. I will almost certainly need reminding and even if I don't, it'll be nice to know I have back-up memories working for me. ^_^
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I just saw a "you are about to view content that is not suitable yadda yadda" warning. Is this because I deliberately let my paid account expire (and intend to keep it that way, thanks for nothing owned-by-Russia-and-crazy-persons-LJ)? Or was I just ignoring them on [ profile] tennisslash before?

I will not be amused if I have to see them all the time. Though it will not make my renew my paid ccount; rather it'll just make me spend more time on IJ. Take note LiveJournal. Be less annoying or I shall be less here.

Also,why y'all go and post when I have less time to read my flist? Like, to the hour I stop having time. Suspect conspiracy. Damn yous. ;-)

I have to stop spending so much money in London. This does not look likely. Australia looks very far away. Woe.

Also also, I have to decide which six icons I absolutely have to have, as LJ has picked some that I never use. Bah. Failsworth.

This summary of my life brought to you from A's flat and a keyboard with only half the letters visible. This taken into account, I'm poudr fo teh raedablyti fo thsi psto.

...Little things. ^_^
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I'm dragging myself from posting-laziness to say dude, go Mardy. As much as I like Roger, Mardy has a get-out-of-jail-free card when it comes to beating him, since Mardy doesn't win nearly as often as he should. Just make sure you win the whole thing Fish.

It's Easter Sunday and nowhere is open and half or most or all of the Underground is closed, so we're having a Queer As Folk marathon. And later making Cream Egg/Marshmallow cake. This is an excellent Easter Sunday plan. Mmmmm. Lazy and cake.
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