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Watching two sets of Scrubs outtakes and then four of the Red Dwarf Smeg Ups one after the other messes with your head. Seriously. I flicked onto Top Gear after and spent ten minutes waiting for Clarkson to start laughing over screwing up. Even when I was telling myself it wasn't outtakes, my brain was still waiting for the catch.

Yeah, my life is totally busy right now. Um. Yes. Which is why I haven't caught up on 'net stuff yet. Really. *laze*

Catching the boat to Penarth tomorrow. If I wake up in time. Hm. Also, I went into Blue Banana today and was so intimidated by the sales people (they looked & dressed like I would look and dress if (a) I looked that good and (b) had enough money to buy the stylish gothy-type clothes and make-up) that I had to buy something, so I bought chrome nail varnish (the only thing I could afford in the damn shop. Though the shoes, oh the shoes. *heartbreak*) It makes me look like I've had my nails coated in silver. Think that scary claw-woman from X-men 2. Yeah. Only more silver.

Interestingly, it doesn't go with any of my remaining clean clothes and I don't have nail polish remover. Then again, the woman in front of me in the Thorntons queue today had bright blue fake nails that were a good two inches long. She couldn't pick up her change with them. So maybe I'll survive.

To round off, have (the full sizes of these are huge because I have no Photoshop here to resize them. You might want to stick to the mini versions.)

The dragon on top of some important-looking building next to the Natural History Museum (which is awesome). I think it could be the town hall maybe. I'm just always amused that they built a stone dragon nesting on top of such an important building. Gotta love the Welsh.

The Hub the water feature on the Bay. D'you think they're compensating for something?

They're setting something up on the Bay right now. It could be for the food and drink festival this weekend.

The Bay itself. Actually looking *sunny*. I'm sure there're shots in Torchwood that look like they're being filmed from that block of flats.

This is Chip. He's evil. No, really. (Okay, not really.) I call him 'Chipmeister' and he plots my downfall with silent cat rage. It's fun.

Tortie, who I call either 'Princess' because she acts like one or Jennyanydots because she is (Chip is Rum Tum Tugger and Disco is Mistoffelees. I've not been bored at all lately, honest.) There's no picture of Disco because, though cute, she doesn't photograph well. I think it's the all-black thing; she ends up looking like a blob of fur. It doesn't help that she's usually sleeping in a blob of fur either.

The hedgehog, Lord Hogsworth, rarely dignifies me with an appearance. I'll try to get a picture before I leave next Monday.

And now I'm totally going to bed. -_-

edit: Except, I stopped to watch the video of me and John Barrowman just posted by [ profile] dukedee (scroll down to the last one).

I'm torn between being amused and mortified that my first thought after meeting John Barrowman was "LIVEJOURNAL. MUST HAVE PROOF FOR LIVEJOURNAL." ^_^
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