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Oh my god, my brother has a touchscreen Sony Vaio which I am typing this from right now and I want one so much. SO MUCH.

Also, currently surrounded by five dogs all trying to see what I'm typing. It's hard to see even a touchscreen with Pippen's face in front of it. Yes, I love you too please stop licking my face.

In conclusion, MY BROTHER'S MENAGERIE IS INSANE. But he has the world's most amazing laptop aaahhh.
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I've also finally sucked up the learning curve and used AO3's terms for ratings instead of that used by the movie industry, even though my mind still wants to think of ratings in letters. Change is good, but it ain't easy.

This post brought to you by Ben Whishaw's ridiculous happy face, <3


gadget, trinket, doodad, device by scioscribe, teen&^, Bond/Q. If Bond wants a shoehorn that can also pick locks, it's Q's job to give it to him. (Well, actually it's not, but for some reason he keeps getting talked into it anyway. Also, he's been making a genuinely excessive number of things that explode.) High kudos and with good reason - sharp, dryly funny, with bonus Eve/Q snark and discussions of unnecessary explosions. Lovely Q-voice.

just a number in your mind by skylights, explicit, Bond/Q. Bond is a dark silhouette against the window, leaning against the glass. Q inexplicably feels something inside him shift, subtle yet axis-tipping in its enormity. A collection of scenes strung together by Q considering Bond, littered with intriguing hints at the wider expanses of their relationship (I love the story hinted at with the New Orleans reference). As optimistic as this pairing can be and written with a deft touch.*

* breathe in like you mean it by skylights, explicit, Bond/Q, what happened in New Orleans. warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Rape/Non-Con, don't skip the tags. (just discovered this on a quick trawl of AO3 to make sure I'd caught all my intended recs; I flailed a lot, because I love hurt/comfort but there's no comfort yet (though she promises it at the end) so you might want to hold off reading until it's there.)

a pox on all your machines by scioscribe, teen&^, Bond/Q. The one where Q controls the universe with technology and Bond is trying to avoid complications (like falling for the voice in his head). Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. I was on this as soon as I saw the title because it just cries out awesome, but both make_a_move and jesse_kips had also texted me with within hours saying READ THIS IT IS AWESOME. It really is.

The World We View by melfice, mature, Bond/Q. "If you were a woman he would want you."/He hopes that, if he were a woman, he might have better taste. Really interesting look at a Q that's not confident in who he is at all, who has a sarcastic front he's built up that lets him exist but never quite fit, until Bond comes along and ignores all the ways he's tried to define himself. This Q fits pretty close to my reading of Q in the film, someone so very clever but still unsure of themselves in a physical way, and it's nice to read their relationship presented as positively affirming.

our bodies thrown together in time by nobirdstofly, explicit, Bond/Q, Q pulls the t-shirt over his head, somehow managing to make an even better wreck of his hair. Q shrugs, and Bond does not memorize the way his collarbone shifts under his thin skin. “Endothermic efficiency,” is all Q offers. Skyfall fandom is hitting tropes faster than I can count but I was ridiculously delighted to find my favourite 'sharing body heat' trope so quickly and done so well. Plays again on Q's physical fragility without underestimating his lethalness and is very careful to draw it so that it's not Bond taking advantage. Yes it's been done countless times before but this is up there with the best of the trope, definitely.

Face It All Together by GiGi_Sinclair, general, established Bond/Q. Just a little scene set well after the events of Skyfall but dealing wih the fallout. A little bleak, a little sweet, a touch of humour, very well-written.

Velocity by Saucery, mature, Bond/Q. Q goes undercover. Bond goes mad. Or, the one where Bond requests back-up during a mission and they send Q in dressed like a hooker. Hilarious, hot, amazing; I just wish there was a sequel.

Fear of Falling (For You) by flitterflutterfly, mature, Bond/Q, It is not a novel concept to Q, fear. But, he thinks, perhaps he doesn’t understand it half as well as Bond. A close look at their relationship, and the way it moves around things said or unsaid, the questions asked and the things worked out. Her Q is uncertain and young, afraid to hold onto Bond but holding on anyway, shaping himself to Bond's eccentricities without noticing that Bond's doing the same for him. Sometimes wanders into vagueness but gets extra kudos for being the only fic I've read so far to acknowledge that Bond's past may make him uncomfortable with being tied up.

after summer after summer by raven_aorla, mature, Bond/Q. Skyfall/The Tempest crossover. Q is really Ariel - the ethereal spirit, not the mermaid, thank you very much. And M, sorceress, has sealed him to 007’s service and protection until such time 007 chooses to set him free. The problem is this would require explaining the situation to James Bond first. Look, either you're the type of person who boggles at that summary and then clicks anyway because Shakespeare yay, or you're the type of person who pulls a face and moves on. I boggled and clicked, and didn't regret a second of it. (Also, now I'm kicking myself for not watching The Tempest movie with Ben Whishaw as Ariel when Sky had it on constant repeat for a month. My life, a constant tale of just-missing Ben Whishaw movies; thank the deity of your choice for dvds).

Classic by whiskyandoldspice (Itsirtou), explicit, Bond/Q, just a brief snippet of car sex. Hot, lovely. 'nuff said.

the sheer lack of professionalism by scioscribe, general, Bond/Q. Q rolled his eyes. “Oh, there are just bloody wheels within wheels to it, aren’t there, this kidnapping business? Really, you should give it up. You’re not cut out for it. Think about it, your first time out, and you pinch a national intelligence treasure and ask his MI6 boyfriend for ransom. It isn’t very promising, is it?” Q gets kidnapped and isn't afraid to give his kidnappers some constructive criticism. Not a shred of angst in it; this is pure genius hilarity, peaking with the reveal of the ransom demand. scioscribe definitely seems to be on a roll with this pairing, given that she's the only one recced more than once on this list and every one of those recs get a 'must read'.

it was dark when i found you on livejournal | on AO3 by whimsicalimages, teen&^, Bond/Q. Bond stares at him. There are two men tied up against the wall and four more lying on the floor, bleeding and hogtied with duct tape.“I ran out of rope after the first two,” Q admits. In which Q is a badass, Moneypenny is a badass, and Bond gets into staring contests with Q's pet snake (not a euphemism). Or as I described it in my bookmarks, 'the one where Q and Bond keep rescuing each other'. Found this on my LJ flist at 3am and read it under the covers on my iPod because I read the first bit and then couldn't stop.

Clockwork Soldiers by manic_intent, explicit, Bond/Q. If Q was ever asked how he had made it to such a key position within MI6 at his relatively youthful age, he would have called it twenty-per-cent sheer brain power, fifty-per-cent luck and the rest a thorough understanding of bureaucratic politics and human nature. Reccing this for the amazing snark and the fun of Bond bugging Q for another car more than the BDSM - I struggle to imagine Bond as someone who would enjoy being tied up given the sheer amount of negative connotations it has to have for him, but this is done well enough for me to rec even though it's not my thing. There is a second part to the series, Cold Passions but that one kind of makes me want to punch Q in the face so recced only if you like your Q with a side helping of cruel.

Not Your Usual by aglassfullofhappiness (Cedes), teen&^, Bond/Q, Q keeps typing, even as blood seeps into his cardigan and his fingers shake against the keys.. The tags for this are it's okay no one dies, and everyone is a badass which pretty much sums it up. I love this, for all that it's short; both Bond and Q feel very in-character and I love the last couple of lines.

from pawn to king by macabre, general, Bond/Q. What Bond learns first from Q is that he'll never win another chess match again. I've bookmarked this as "instead of talking about their feels, Bond and Q play chess". Nice look at how Bond/Q might realise how the other feels, despite both of them being trained to lie. With bonus Moneypenny.


I feel like there might be a couple that I've missed but my phone is out of battery so I can't check he various rec messages make_a_move and jesse_kips, and the Skyfall section on AO3 is finally too large to double-check easily.

I'm still waiting on that long fic that's going to be the fic, you know, the one you rec first and without thinking whenever anyone says "So what should I read in Skyfall?" but given that the movie only came out less than a month ago and we're already almost at two hundred fics on AO3, I'm pretty (hopefully) confident it'll show up by Christmas.

I will do an actual post that isn't recs soon. Though I think recs are actually more work. Hmm.
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It seemed like a marvellous idea to have Ben Whishaw's face to look at every time I opened my journal. Keep catching myself staring at it instead of doing anything useful. May have been an error of judgement.

While I'm on the topic, may as well post some of the collected Skyfall Bond/Q (known delightfully as 00Q on tumblr) fic links I've been collecting since I fell face-first into Skyfall fandom two weeks ago. There's not a lot around right now aside from a few wonderful exceptions but I'm hoping it'll kick off now the film is out in the U.S..

Until then:

Shoot to Thrill by alittlebitontuesdays, NC-17 00Q. PWP but done deliciously well, utilising the teaching-how-to-shoot trope that never gets old. Hot and lovely and so in character, and I hope she writes more.

Towers by couldbeaspaceraider, Q is nearly positive he falls in love on a tuesday. Bond/Q, spoiler-free for the movie. Falls into the unfortunate habit of song-ficcing that Skyfall fandom seems to have picked up and run with, but in this it works like poetry with the writing style and is, frankly, exactly the right choice. Very sweet.

quietly into the night by skylights, One look and James knows, everything else is broken. Established relationship Bond/Q that looks at how people deal with grief when their entire life has to be a secret, even from the person they love. Heartbreakingly logicial, heartbreakingly lovely, (no canon character death and spoilerfree for the movie.)

minutes slipping by (but with you, they feel like hours) by fell_from_grace, nc-17 Bond/Q, Bond/various male others, Sometimes, James will receive a folder along with tense looks and bated breath. Sometimes, he's expected to say no, to refuse to sleep with a man just for a mission. But every time, he says yes.. This isn't a happy fic, especially for me who prefers happy endings, but the way it's handled, with James so broken and desperate and Q listening, always listening, is excellent and runs with the What makes you think it's my first time? comment in a way I wouldn't have expected. Wonderfully done, but I hope she writes the happier ending she mentions in the note at the end.

the perks of constancy by superpol, "You should have sex with other people," Q says once. Bond/Q sort of with the asexual idea brought into play again*, though handled a little awkwardly but this fic has jokes that hit the mark perfectly, a sparse writing style that races along without ever quite tripping itself up and a casual ease with creating a relationship around the actual job these characters do for a living. It says a lot that there's some silly spelling mistakes but instead of hitting back like I usually do, I'd read the next line and think "Oh no, that'd good enough to rec". Very fun to read, if unproof-read.

Habitual Prologue by plingo_kat, Bond/Q, delightful PWP with bonus sarcasm. Short, hot, delicious.

You may have my number, you can take my name by lc2l, G-rated gen and yet I'm still reccing it with all my shippery little heart, so it must be something special. Q's POV following the aftermath of the movie, sweet and heartbreaking and all about how to keep yourself when you become a letter instead of a name. Slightly - lovely - crossover so pays to have seen Captain America too but it's not essential to the fic as a whole.

so you were never a saint by paperclipbitch, teen-rated gen that has Q/Eve bffness, the Great British Bake-off as a running theme and Bond lurking in the background in a wonderfully-underplayed plot. Part of me wishes it had gone the way of Bond/Q because the author works them so wonderfully together as the beginning of something like friends that I'm sure this could've been an amazing full-on pairing fic, but seeing asexuality used in a way that works perfectly well with canon turns this into something even more interesting than the standard wham-bam-thank-you-relationship fic. It's funny and a little bit sad and little bit more optimistic.

And her Q is fantastic and doesn't take shit from self-service checkouts because he's Q. Hell yes.


This is everything I have bookmarked to rec right now, though I suspect I may have missed a couple more that are worth the read. It's worth checking the Skyfall tag on AO3 regularly right now as new stuff is going up every day

I need a Bond/Q icon. Must look into that.


* Confused as to where this idea that Q is asexual has come from; I've stumbled across it a few times now. He flirts very easily with Bond in the movie, for all that I could see some of that being an act (his moments of panic are sweet in their reveal of his sudden vulnerableness, one of my favourite parts of the entire movie) but I didn't see any clue that might lead to a general acceptance of Q as asexual - Ben Whishaw himself seems to be fumbling around his preferences from the couple of articles I've read, but that's something else entirely. It works, but it feels like just one interpretation to me so I was a bit perplexed to see it crop up again.

Thankfully no one has yet gone down the "asexual Q until he meets the healing powers of Bond's cock" route but I'm sure it'll show up presently because this is the fandom that has surprise!death-ficced me at least five times now. Suspect it needs to get big enough to get itself some fandom etiquette sooner rather than later.
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Struggling to customize my DW layout - again. Argh. It was never this complicated on LJ.

Also, hello. So this is new.

edit the first: All I want to do is add a header image to this layout. That shouldn't be hard. But it appears impossible.


edit the second: Done, apart from the gap at the top which appears impossible to get rid of? Also, setting up LJ cross-posting but I need dinner and I'm planning to watch Perfume because apparently Ben Whishaw has been the Next Big Thing in acting for quite some time but I'd never heard of him before Skyfall because I don't know, the universe thought I didn't need to know he existed or something.

Bad form universe.

Weird to be doing this again. Yeah.
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Bye Andy Roddick. Thank you for being 50% of the reason I started watching tennis, and for giving me- well, a lot more than just tennis.

Have a great retirement. Sleep in. Walk the dog.

Don't forget us.

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So Twitter isn't working and I cannot share my every pointless whim with the entire world (or at least the unfortunate part of it that follows me). Curses!

And yet it made my open an LJ entry box which I've been meaning to do for about two four some months now. Maybe Twitter needs to break every day. For about an hour at 7pm GMT would usually work for me Twitter bird, thanks. I think the world would manage not to spontaneously combust with missing an hour of pointless celebrity death hoaxes every day.*

Sadly, this is not a proper entry. It's not a proper entry even though I have an epic Avengers Weekend DVD Marathon entry With [ profile] jesse_kips that I should've made about three weeks ago (with pictures!) entry sitting half-written in a private draft post, or a I Hate My Job So Much Because The Stupidity of People Makes Me Want To Smash All The Things entry sitting half-written in my head, or a Here Is Amazing Avengers Fic That You Must READ READ READ IMMEDIATELY Rec entry that is sort of in the vague planning stages of non-existence-procrastination. It's a Twitter Is Broken And I Had Five Minutes to Say I Aten't Ded Before I Wash My Hair in Time to Watch Robot Chicken Star Wars (On the SyFy Channel @ 9pm FYI) entry.

I aten't ded. I will post something - anything, dear god anything - soon. I'm still reading every day! I love you all. In a totally non-creepy non-zombie-brain-eating way, I promise.

Now go and read some amazing Avengers fic so I can wash my hair.**

*Disclaimer: I love Twitter but seriously people, y'all need to stop fake!killing celebrities. Coming back from the dead probably generates a lot of paperwork. Think of the trees!

**Ahahahahaha in going to find the link, I accidentally closed the tab with this post in it. If not for LJ's save drafts feature, I'd be the one needing Back From the Dead paperwork because I wouldn't have posted again for six months (or until Twitter broke again) in frustration and y'all would have had it officially declared.

edit the thingy: Months of not posting and I still remember how to fuck up my html. It's like riding a bike, I swear.

edit the other thingy: Oh god I went back to fix a typo and it lost my edit and my extra tags and I CAN'T CONCENTRATE FOR MORE THAN 140 CHARACTERS NOW APPARENTLY WHAT. Epic fail, zombiefood brain.
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I've just noticed that [ profile] scoobydumblonde has gifted me a pair of dragons and my face went :D , which is pretty amazing for a Sunday night. <3 Thank you! :D

Secondly, I am not dead. I've been meaning to make an LJ post for- er, yes, not actually going to count the days because that's depressing but some time!

In that time I have: bought a blu-ray player; played an awful lot (around 45 hours so far apparently) of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, most of it spent flapping around Skyloft on my giant red bird BECAUSE I CAN; got a new job (but in the same hospital); left my old job (by walking across the road to a different building); spent far too much money; decided not to do Wimbledon this year as I can't afford it after spending all my money; bought a piano-sized keyboard; failed to play anything recognisable on piano-sized keyboard; watched a lot of Suits; read of a lot of fic (mostly Suits); saw a spectacular production of Henry V with [ profile] jesse_kips; read at least two fairly average books; watched the entire first season of Sabrina the Teenage Witch for the first time in years; thought a lot about how I should make an LJ post with all my Suits fic recs; started making this post, which will include at least one Suits rec.

That pretty much sums it up.


The Henry V production we went to was by the fabulous Propeller who I've seen do The Taming of the Shrew and Twelfth Night, and who have pretty much ruined Shakespeare done by anyone else for me forever. You can see a nifty trailer for their Henry V here and for The Winter's Tale production they're touring with it here. Their Winter's Tale even comes recommended by Stephen Fry! They're in New Zealand right now but they're touring the UK until August; I'm going to see Winter's Tale in London in July and honestly, if you even remotely like Shakespeare or theatre, go. Propeller are so amazing. I still mourn that they don't do DVDs so I'll never see their beautiful Twelfth Night again (see post title: the way Simon Scardifield delivered it was heartbreaking. Him not being in Henry this time was the only thing wrong with it.)

Did have the weird realisation halfway through Henry V that Dugald Bruce-Lockhart who plays Henry has been in all three of the Propeller productions I've seen (Petruccio in Shrew, Olivia in Twelfth), making him the only stage actor I've seen on three separate occasions.

When I confessed this, [ profile] jesse_kips accused me of stalking. Then I also confessed that I'd slashed him with Simon Scardifield after watching Shrew (they kissed on stage, the entire play is basically them having epic emotional battles since they were Petruccio and Katherine respectively, what was I supposed to do?)

And then I remembered I even had a LJ icon of Dugald (see: this post's icon) and gave up on anyone hope of arguing that I wasn't a stalker. In my defence it's been mostly incidental; he is in a rather fabulous Shakespeare company.

I'm in the front row when I go to see Winter's Tale. Er. Maybe I'll keep my head down.


I started this an hour ago as an escape from tidying my wardrobe a brief update and there's still boxes all over my bed (woe), so wrapping it up with an incredible Suits/Avengers fic rec:

Sidekick by Closer, (who wrote the amazing Mike/Harvey Pizza verse.

Sidekick was written on the kinkmeme for the prompt 'Harvey Specter wasn't the rich renegade badass that plucked Mike from his potential life of crime. Tony Stark was.' It's well-thought out and hilarious and Mike's grandmother forces Tony to eat regular dinner and all the other Avengers show up (Mike teaches Thor yo mamma< jokes omg) and it's all so ridiculously in-character that it's almost unbelievable. Oh and if nothing else, SPIDER-MAN HAS A CAMEO. All of Closer's Suits fic is brilliant but I wouldn't be too sad to see her take time off to write more for Iron Man/The Avengers too because her Tony is amazing.

My one weird thing with it was that's Tony/Mike- and done awesomely - so even though Harvey shows up (as Tony's lawyer) it's obvs not going to have the same Mike/Harvey relationship. I felt a little sorry for Harvey missing out - Mike works for Iron Man; he's not missing out on anything - BUT I have just noticed that she's added a bunch of codas and there was the promise of a Harvey/Mike/Tony threesome so I'm just going to check that out.

Tidying? Pfft. Go read fic!
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Yeah okay so I was kind of ambivalent towards the whole idea of Suits at first (despite /report insisting repeatedly that it was amazing and slashy and ridiculous and MUST BE WATCHED) but I caught the first episode on Dave the other night and, almost by accident, found myself on the right channel just in time for the second episode yesterday. And I've since spent two nights reading Suits fic and alright, I'm sitting here wondering how I'll wait six days for episode three. It really is kind of amazing and ridiculous and MUST BE WATCHED. Seriously, I bet Dave's repeating it a lot. Go catch up.

It's also super super slashy. I'm linking anything good I find on LJ under my 'Fic Recs: Suits' tag in my Memories but this one was on AO3 and I just had to:

Grande Soy Triple Dirty Chai by friskaz, Mike/Harvey AU along a believable-almost hypothesis of 'Mike became a barista instead of a fake!lawyer and he's the only one who makes Harvey's coffee exactly right', except there's baseball and pie and messages scribbled on coffee cups, and a whole lot of beautiful flirting over 38301 words. It's like sinking into your sofa under a fluffy blanket comfort-fic.

Plus it has 248 kudos which may actually be the most kudos I have ever seen a fic garner on AO3. If my word's not enough, trust the masses on this one.


I actually have to go to bed now (should've been there an hour ago but hey, fic called). Stupidly stressful day today and tomorrow looks set to be similar, but it's looking like I pretty much have a agreed job offer there for the next year. Different department but that could be a good thing. Honestly, right now? I will take a guarantee for fulltime work for twelve months over a lot of things; suddenly a trip to Venice for my birthday in October doesn't seem like such a ridiculous notion.

Anyway, bed. Tomorrow should bring my shiny new copy of the Stargate: Atlantis fic anthology that I put together. Expect more pictures.
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This post was originally going to be a Merry Christmas and then Happy New Year and then that New Year meme that does the rounds every December/January...

...and then I thought it'd got a bit past all that and I'd talk about getting fanfiction printed into bound books instead. (And then I left this post sitting half-written for about two weeks and I'm finally posting it in a rush just to get the damn thing off my to-do list.)

So on New Years Eve I was being somewhat sad and stuck at home with family + guests and, as I seem to end up doing quite often around Christmas and NYE for reasons of a nostalgic nature, I was idly re-reading some of the fanfiction that I've loved almost longer than any other fic: BagEnders. (For those of you yet to encounter the wonders of BagEnders, it essentially follows the premise of 'Let's make the original Fellowship from Lord of the Rings immortal, assume they've all lived through history, and stick them together in a three-bedroom house in the year 2000, with all the ensuing psychological, social and lack-of-personal-space issues you'd expect from being several millenia old and still having to live with Gandalf. It's rough and typo-filled and ridiculous, and still one of the best things I've ever read on the internet). It was written way back in internet terms - around 2001 - and it's been gradually disappearing from the internet over the years; the website crashed back in 2004ish and some stuff got put back up, but only the first series is really accessible on there these days. Various efforts have been made to save it but there's a general feeling that one day in the not-to-distant-future, it's going to vanish.

With some widespread Googling and much c&ping, I collected the last few chapters on series III on NYE, and sat back with a glow of contentment. Now it'll be mine forever! I'll always have BagEnders!

Until a snide little thought said, my computer breaks. Until they're no longer on the internet and replaceable. Then what?

Side-track: when I went backpacking around Australia a few years ago, I invaded the house of [ profile] chickybee32, a long-term (maybe my longest actually!) internet friend. We met a long long time ago because of an epic-length fic she'd written called Bitter Wine and, while I was staying with her, she showed me a paperback book - Bitter Wine, neatly formatted and printed into an actual bound paperback by another mutual friend as a present. It was fic! In a book! With chapters and actual pages and collected stories in the same 'verse at the back!

In short? It was super cool. Fic in an actual book format. I can't be alone in thinking that's pretty nifty.

Ever since I've sort of hovered around the vague idea of getting my favourite fics printed into books because honestly, I re-read all the time. I read new books constantly too but if I'm cleaning my teeth or stirring the pasta or just want something to occupy my brain for half an hour without having to process anything beyond letters on a page, I pick up old books. I open them to random pages, I re-read paragraphs and lines or entire chapters, in pieces and snatched minutes. I've re-read my entire Tamora Pierce collection dozens of times and constantly have at least one of them on the go; I'm currently heading towards the end of Squire for the umpteenth time, after reading odd paragraphs while cleaning my teeth for two weeks.

I would love to do this with fic, but. It is tricky impossible to do this with a laptop. For a while I clung to the idea of getting a Kindle and filling it full of fic but that's hardly a safe thing to have near a running tap in the bathroom and I quickly realised it wouldn't be any sort of assurance of safety for much-loved fic in the long run; a Kindle is, basically, just a mini-computer and we all know what computers do in the end - break. Usually at the most inconvenient moments ie, when you've lost your backup/s.

So I'd been sitting on this idea of fic-books for a long time, without really ever getting around to researching it. I thought it'd be expensive, maybe, or there'd be copyright issues if the company noticed what they were printing (not that I'd have any intention of selling fic-books to anyone other than myself because hey, no and also not mine to sell and did I mention no? - but it kind of bugged me. So, I'd left it.

But with the thought of BagEnders graually vanishing, and it being the start of a shiny new year and also fic-books would be really really cool, I Googled for printing services. First option up was and, after browing for a few reviews on the service, I thought it looked promising. I spent about a day trying to format my BagEnders chapters into something approaching consistent - Lulu asks for .pdf files with all fonts embedded etc. which is super-easy to do with OpenOffice (on Writer, just go File -> Export as .pdf and hit save. Lulu has a step-by-step gide, although you may have to open an account with the site to read it - accounts are free and easy though!) but it's way more important for a book to be consistently formatted than a collection of chapters posted on separate webpages - chapter titles had to stand out, Author Notes to be italicised, footnotes etc.

Towards the end I was sick of staring at the thing and I figured I'd save what I had - which was almost a completely-formatted version of series I and II complete with all the comic strips originally drawn for the fic by Calima that are still available on the website - and upload it to Lulu just to see. I wasn't intending to print it yet - I still wasn't sure it was a great idea - but I wanted to test the Lulu process and so, I hit publish and followed the steps and I'd designed a cover to fit the A5 format using another one of Calima's illustrations and-

-and yeah, I got to the final step and it was there looking at me in all it's shiny temptingness - and I clicked publish.

(Aside: Lulu claims that you are "publishing" these books and will go some way to make it seem official, offering you the option of an ISBN and prcntages of sales etc., but during the creating process they offer you three options: publish outright and make available to buy, complete with ISBN; publish privately for only you to view/purchase; and another option that I've forgotten and probably isn't that important since the other two are the ones we want. For fic-books, I'm pretty sure the option will always be "PUBLISH JUST FOR ME" because you get royalties or some such if other people buy something you've 'published' and even if it's your own fic, that's getting into pretty sketchy territory legally. I can't stop you doing it, but I recommend you don't. Seriously. Don't.)

So I'd published the damn thing, formatting errors and all, and when it took me to the private-to-me book page after, I ordered a copy. With series I and II included plus illustrations (I didn't think I could fit III into Lulu's 740-page limit), it came to 612 pages for an A5 paperback which cost £10.34, plus £2.99 p&p. If you order multiple items - as far as I've tested anyway - p&p goes up by £1 per item; there may be a limit on this or there may not. For 612 pages though, I figured that was pretty good.

Three days later, it arrived (image heavy) )

A few days after BagEnders arrived, I got twitchy with the knowledge that I could create fic books. This time I wanted to test things I'd learned from BagEnders (smaller font size, margin sizes etc.) but I didn't want to spend another entire day formatting, so I looked for a fic that was already formatted pretty perfectly and that would c&p as such. Plus, it had to be something I'd re-read enough to justify the money, and long enough to justify the book. With all that in mind I went for The Student Prince, a modern-day Merlin AU by FayJay. I re-read it fairly regularly, it's a proper book-length at 147,000 words, plus it wasn't too NC-17-rated (I'm still not entirely comfortable sending anything too dubious off to some company somewhere to print because hey, they might not read anything they're sent but then again, they have to check the printing and such; I didn't want to risk them banning me before I've even got started) and it had the nice bonus of, on the surface, looking like just another King Arthur story that anyone could've written without reference to the TV show. Formatting was mostly a simple matter of c&p, making sure the chapters started on a new page, and finding a cover design. Published it all up, ordered - £8.51 + £2.99 p&p; it came in at 525 pages of US trade paperback size, which is larger in surface area than A5 so they probably charge by page count instead - and ordered. In the same thee-day turnaround, it was dispatched and arrived.

The Student Prince by Fay Jay )

So, that's and fic books. I like Lulu a lot; the step-by-step process is easy, and the print inside the book is sharp and perfect. Even the comic strips have printed beautifully. Aside from a few hiccups like the cover type and margin size - which I guess is why they recommend you order proof copies of everything you 'publish' - I have no issues with the two books. I love them and I'm going to keep them for a long time; I've already formatted several other of my favourite fics into .pdf files waiting to be printed, along with an anthology of all my favourite Stargate: Atlantis fic because it all seems to be around the novella-length instead of novel. Someday in the future I'll have a bookcase full of my favourite fic, bound and shiny and free from the threat of computer malfunctions.


Other stuff is happening. Today I went to a wonderfully unexpected old-fashioned Penny Arcade in Southport; I lovedlovedloved the third episode of Sherlock; Silent Witness is hopefully going to be on again next month which I'm super-excited about; I'm still working at the hospital a a temp, although I'm feeling like that may not last too much longer; I've read many wonderful non-fic books; I'm going with [ profile] jesse_kips to see the marvellous Propeller perform Henry V in February and I can't wait.

But all that will be another post, because I should've been in bed an hour ago. :)

eta: Oh dear god that was an epic amount of html!fail to fix. NOW I AM GOING TO BED.
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So thanks to tennis and house guests, I just got around to watching this week's Merlin.

More mood spoilers than plot specific. Sort of. It might be quite plot spoilery actually )

I can't believe I watched that just before going to sleep and now I have to sleep and go to work in a terrible mood. It was an incredibly stupid idea; don't watch that episode just before sleep.

Or you know, at all.

eta: Pretty much every comment on the SFX review of the ep goes on about how "brilliant!!" that episode was (although actually reading on further, there are a few that echo the way I feel). So, some people liked it. (I still don't).
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When I was about eleven, I decided that I wanted to be a writer. I handwrote a seven-page story about me and my friends finding a kitten called Smudge in the local church; it took about three nights after school and I was as proud of it as if I'd written a seven-hundred-page novel. After that I went through the usual learning-how-to-write-while-being-a-crazy-teenager process; I wrote stories based on books I'd read, I wrote stories about my friends, I created ridiculous female characters who Obi-Wan Kenobi and Legolas immediately fell in love with (and I'll never stop being glad that I learned what a Mary-Sue was before those had a chance to make it onto the shiny new thing called the Internet).

But in and around those things, I read. I read everything. I worked through the children's/teen section of my local library and picked up books at school, stole books that my brother had for birthdays and scavenged anything literary around the house that looked like I might possibly be able to read. And one night - I don't know if I'd run out of books at the library but I know I was searching for anything to read - I went to the pile of sci-fi/fantasy novels that my mother collected haphazardly and went over them with sticky book-wanting fingers. Based on nothing more than a liking for the cover art, I picked out The White Dragon and took it downstairs to the sofa where I promptly got the side-eye from my mother who was sitting across the room.

"Why are you reading that?" she asked.

I shrugged and said, "It looked interesting."

She hmmmed a bit. "It's probably not the best place to get into the series. You should start with the first book."

I shrugged again and said "I like the look of this one," already several pages in, and she left it.

It's never really occurred to me before but there are very few authors or book series that I can clearly remember picking up for the first time. Tamora Pierce (Alanna: the First Adventure at a high school book fair, the kind that had metal boxes that opened outwards into shelves of books), Neil Gaiman (American Gods from Waterstone's in Cardiff, just before a long train journey home that I entirely spent reading). Jasper Fforde (The Eyre Affair, when he came to do a talk at my university). And, earlier than any of those, Anne McCaffrey's The White Dragon.

I quickly realised my mother was right and it was a terrible place to begin the series, but I finished the book, liked it, was intrigued. When careful perusal of the book list in the front revealed that Dragonflight was the recommended place to start - and an irritated rummage through the McCaffrey books we owned proved that it wasn't among them - I bought it. Immediately when I finished, I was delighted to discover Dragonquest on our bookshelf and my school library had Dragonsinger, while the local library had The Crystal Singer and I found Freedom's Landing forgotten in a cupboard and slowly, over a few years, I worked my way through the Talent and Ship series' and argued with a schoolfriend over whether McCaffrey stole the title for Power Play from a Sweet Valley High book or vice versa (no, seriously).

When it came time to pick somewhere we wanted to go for work experience, I knew exactly what I wanted to do; I wanted to spend time with a writer. I sat down and, in wobbly teenage writing on my best paper with a horse's head on the corner, I wrote to Anne McCaffrey to ask if I could gatecrash her house for a week so she could teach me everything I needed to know to write fabulous dragon books.

Of course it was a ridiculous request. Looking back, I can't believe I actually sincerely and utterly believed I'd get a "Yes! Come to Ireland immediately!" response back by return post but I did. I posted it and waited a couple of days alternating between panic - what if it got lost? how was I even supposed to get to Ireland, from Wales? Swim? - and excitement, and back to panic etc. For a few days and then a few more, nothing.

And then maybe a week later, two at most, I got a letter back. Typed on paper headed 'DRAGONHOLD-UNDERHILL', it said - very politely - that she didn't think my family would like me to go running away to Ireland to live with a complete stranger, regardless if she was old enough to be my grandmother. But, it said, where you live isn't such a small town and a newspaper or a bookshop would be invaluable work experience for an aspiring writer. And read she said, read everything - "so you know what has been said as well as how it has been said."

It concluded "Good luck" and was hand-signed, in blue biro.

I know this after all this time, because that letter is in my hand right now.

I'm so glad that I'm a massive hoarder who never throws anything away; my only regret is that it's not dated, although I could pretty easily work out which year I went for work experience (in the end, at a newspaper. It was invaluable; it taught me that I never want to be a newsaper journalist). I was disappointed by the 'no' but at the same time, I had a letter from an author. The name on the front of the book was a person, sitting in front of a computer screen somewhere under a hill in Ireland and taking the time to reply to a teenage fangirl (the letter in no way reads like it was typed by an assistant and then merely signed; I believed then and I believe now she typed every word herself). Authors existed, as people.

In the years after that I discovered the internet. Some time in those years, I found out that the internet had a generally low opinion of Anne McCaffrey. She'd said some silly things, her books had issues. She hated fanfiction. Being a McCaffrey fan was something you 'grew out of'. More and more, I left her books on the shelf while I re-read Pierce and Jacques and Wynne Jones. I picked up The Crystal Singer again last year and was surprised that I found Killashandra irritating and stuck-up. 'Grown out of it' I thought, and packed all my McCaffrey in stacked layers on the bookshelf out in the hallway while books I re-read and loved more stayed in my room.

And then on Tuesday, after a lovely day of tennis at the O2, I turned on my netbook for a quick check of Twitter and was surprised to see 'Anne McCaffrey' trending. Because she'd died, aged 85.

I was sad; it's been a rough year already with losing Diana Wynne Jones, but I wasn't really sure how I felt. I'd grown out of McCaffrey a long time ago. Hadn't I? She said those dumb things, she wasn't really something you named among your loves as a serious adult fantasy fan.

But in the last day or so, I've read a lot of tributes. Everyone says the same: she was wonderful. 'She made me believe in female heroes', 'in girl characters not backing down from a fight', 'in dragons'. And I started to think about the number of comments I've read over the years along the lines of "I started with the Dragons of Pern books when I was a teenager" and you know, I realised there's been a lot.

A lot of people in fandom today have an Anne McCaffrey story. I bet even more people outside of fandom do. No matter what she said or believed throughout a career that spanned decades and won pretty much every fantasy award going, there are countless people out there in the world who can say "I started loving dragons/fantasy/female heroes/etc when I first read Anne McCaffrey at age x."

I think that counts for a lot more than anything else.

RIP Anne. I bet your queen dragon in the afterlife is amazing.

(I'm re-reading The Crystal Singer again and you know what? Killashandra is irritable and arrogant... and she doesn't take shit from anyone.

I remember why I love her, now.)
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A thought on Gwaine and Merlin (spoilers for tonight's Merlin ep )


Just so this entry wasn't oh-god-she's-rambling-about-that-bloody-wizard-show-again, I did this meme what I stole from [ profile] kindoftrouble and [ profile] mayakitten:

You can learn a lot about someone by the music they listen to. Hit shuffle on your iPod or mp3 player and write down the first 20 songs. No cheating or skipping songs that are shameful. That is the fun!

1. Someone Like You - Adele (Radio 1 live version)
2. Center of the Universe - Built to Spill
3. About Today - The National
4. For the Reunion - Nobuo Uematsu (instrumental)
5. In The Aeroplane Over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel
6. Lovina - Maria Kalaniemi & Aldargaz (instrumental)
7. Letters From the Sky - Civil Twilight
8. Heard It Through The Grapevine - DAAS (live)
9. Secretariat - Jeffrey Foucault
10. Saturday - Chris Garneau
11. Something's Gotta Give - Kane
12. Bleed American - Jimmy Eat World
13. New Song - Terra Naomi
14. Dancing in the Moonlight - Toploader
15. Starlight - Muse
16. Africa - Toto
17. Honey - The Hush Sound
18. Pop Music of the Future - Say Hi To Your Mom
19. All the Umbrellas in London - The Magnetic Fields
20. If I Wrote You - Dar Williams

Considering I have all my random Halloween music on my iPod shuffle, that could've gone a lot worse.

One day I will actually make a proper RL post again. Hhmm.
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One more Merlin-related thing (hey, NaNo starts on Tuesday; I have to get all this urge to internet!stalk Eoin Macken and Rupert Young out of my system by midnight tomorrow); on an idle 'oh look, press stuff that Eoin and Rupert did together!' watching of a Youtube vid, I was half-watching the montage of Merlin clips at the start of this interview here and at about 11 seconds into the vid cutting this in case you're super-avoiding ANY potential Merlin spoilers )

You may now return to whatever useful thing you were doing before reading this, and I'll try to stop watching the same three seconds of film over and over so I can actually watch the interview. Oh internets. How did people find such joy before you existed?
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I'm only about halfway through this fic (god I hope there's links to a million multiple parts when I reach the end) but I laughed so hard in the first three paragraphs that I accidentally whacked my forehead on the keyboard when I bent over, and by paragraph six or so I announced to my empty room "This is too good not to enjoy properly! Fetch a coffee!" and now I'm at the bit in the parlour and I have to rec this immediately because it's been so utterly brilliant this far that I'll be too heartbroken to rec if the second half is horrific and that'd be terrible waste when the first half is hysterical:

Mrs Belchly and The Sloe Gin Massacre by [ profile] junkshop_disco, R, Merlin RPS, Eoin/Rupert and Colin/Bradley, with a summary of 'Bradley suggests a boys’ weekend, and much to Colin’s dismay the hotel is not amongst Trip Advisor’s top-rated. When a painting takes a fancy to them Rupert turns to gin, while Eoin has to rely on his horror movie experience to get through it. Will any of them make it out alive?' but it's so beyond good right now that I'd suggest just ignoring all other factors and reading it. The first half is pretty light on the slash and pretty high on the hilarity.

I love Halloween fic. I really do. :D

eta: Okay, maaaaaaaaybe hold off the "oh so hilarious!" fic until I reach the end because suddenly it's venturing into actual horror movie territory. Or just read up to the bit in the parlour.

eta: Scratch that, it is actually that amazing. I promise, everything will be fine and breathing will be an optional extra after laughing. Totally not un-reccing.
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Oh dear, why has LJ made my default font when typing an entry into the posting box, so terrible? Didn't it used to be Verdana or Arial or something you know, that didn't hurt your eyes to read? My browser default font is still Verdana. This is most perplexing and I do not approve. I'm typing on the Rich text option just to make the font readable but I know from experience that I tend to forget and put my own HTML tags in and that confuses it terribly. Hhmm.

What I was originally going to say before LJ perplexed me so: did anyone else find Merlin somewhat pointless tonight? I was really looking forward to it and it started so interestingly with the pre-credits opening, only to fall into boredom. I spent most of the second half reflecting on how much my foot itched and it was frustrating that Casper was sitting on me so I couldn't reach to scratch it, which I suspect indicates the extent to which I was gripped by what was happening onscreen. I can't even be bothered to put a cut in because I have nothing really pressing to say about it that deserves spoiler-cutting. Just, oh Arthur. You are not this much of a prat anymore. Why do they keep feeling the need to hit the reset button every series and wipe out all the common sense you've spent the previous series learning?

I also spent much of the episode protesting that they were pronouncing 'Caerleon' wrong, because I've always pronounced it 'Cai-ar-lee-un' as in 'Caerdydd' (Cardiff in Welsh, which I've always heard pronounced as 'Cai-ar-dyth' as in the second pronounciation here) but a swift Google after it ended proved me wrong: according to this, it is actually pronounced Car-lee-un', similar to how Merlin had it (although Bradley James seemed to insist on saying it "Carleeon" or "Care-leeon" depending how much of a hurry he was in). I like it when Merlin proves that it's smarter than I've given it credit for, though it doesn't happen often.

The weekly shout-out to the slash-fans is getting a bit bizarre at this point though. Once or twice, fine. Every week, a bit odd. Seriously. We get it; y'all read the internets. Could you read the bits of the internets that want more of the knights please? Though at least they got lines this week. Oh wait, I realised something I need to spoiler-cut )


What else did I mean to mention (99.9% of my posts seem to be Merlin-related recently; I'm nothing if not obsessive). It was my birthday this last week for which I took two days off from work to have a four day weekend but I spent the day being stalked by a bad mood brought on by idiotic Parcelforce (this is a polite request to all of you: please, never use Parcelforce. They steal and lie and overcharge you, and generally need to be wiped from existence) and not getting a kitten and argh, I don't know. I like to do things on my birthday, go to new places or fun places or exciting places, but this year with work and general lack of money and the parental working on the day, I sat around at home feeling old and sorry for myself. It was a terrible plan. So, next year I'm going to have to do something pretty spectacular to make up for it I think.

But on Friday me and the parental went to Glasgow, somewhere I've heard many good things about re. shopping but I've never got around to going before. The shopping is most certainly excellent and we got lost in the five-floors of Debenhams and I mourned over the beautiful Desigual shop where I couldn't afford anything (£49 for a scarf!) and I braved the busy horror of Primark to stock up on long-sleeved tops which I desperately needed and generally, a good time was had. Not as good as if I'd actually got the kitten I wanted for my birthday but I finally found a pair of boots I liked enough to buy after looking for about five months. Minor victories! I spent a little more money than I should've but I got paid slightly more than I expected and I had birthday money and oh, it's only money. At some point I'll have enough of it to stop worrying about shopping overspends.

In conclusion have a picture of the Duke of Wellington with a traffic cone on his head (and some other things) )


I am going back to Tamora Pierce's Mastiff now. It's very good but there's something about it that's making me wonder if she's going to kill off characters I love before the end. Just a feeling. (I hope I'm wrong.)
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So I have Feelings about tonight's Merlin but they mostly take the form of incoherent squeaking sounds of mingled distress and joy, which is rather hard to type up (I liked it. I think. I'm not sure 'like' is the word for "Bradley James' sad!acting is making me want to leave the room so I don't have to watch the heartbreak anymore". It was certainly good, though I think it deserved to be a double parter really).

So instead of my Conflicted Feelings, have two most excellent Merlin-related things to watch!

First, Colin Morgan, Katie McGrath and Eoin Macken (WHO HAS CUT OFF HIS GWAINE HAIR, WHAT. THIS BRINGS MY DISAPPROVAL) were on the RTE Late Late Show yesterday (that's a link because I'm too tired to work out how to embed that vid. I hope it's watchable everywhere. They show up at about 1:11 in; the vid just let me to skip to that point wihout buffering which was...nice). Colin has an adorable cold-voice and Katie is stunning (I love her top so much) while talking about her massive crush on Han Solo, and they jointly mock Eoin for his modelling and ask THE MOST HILARIOUS QUESTION ABOUT ACTION LOL WHAT (I'm watching it as I type this, with pauses to flail madly at the air in joy that the internet exists to bring me these things. Stick around after the Merlin bit too because Tim Minchin sings a special RTE song! \o/ Clearly a GENIUS put together the line-up for this show.)

Eoin also (guiltily) lets slip that he and Rupert (Sir Leon) get to have a proper fight at some point which I can't quite form words of coherence over; I adore Leon and he still slightly gets lumped with the 'expendable' knights despite being there the longest and he needs more action. Especially with other pretty knights. ESPECIALLY. I can't wait for this episode (oh Merlin, why are Saturdays so far apart?)

Second thing to watch is the Gay Times shoot/interview with Rupert (Leon), Tom (Percival) and Eoin, which cuts between them prancing about being shirtless and giggly and exceedingly pretty and the three of them answering questions together in a hilarious bantering testosterone-filled way, with much mockage and Rupert trying to be sensible and Eoin not trying to be sensible at all and just, awesome. Also, I actually have the embed code for it yay!

(I have a shameful confession: after watching this interview, I walked into WH Smith's the next day with every intention of buying the Gay Times magazine. I made it as far as the magazine section, as the right shelf, and I was eyeing the cover admiringly - it dawned on me it was on the top shelf with the porn and I honestly could not bring myself to reach up there and take it to the till. I AM SO ASHAMED OF MY LACK OF COURAGE. AND CARING WHAT IMPRESSION I MAKE ON A CASHIER WHO WON'T EVEN REMEMBER ME. Fail, self. I've had knowing looks from male cashiers while buying chocolate and ibruprofen, which was actually a dumb move since he obviously suspected I was PMSing and should've been wary of being punched in the nose. I went to see the first Pokemon movie when I was in high school and we got laughed at by the ticket guy! Nothing should be embarrassing after that. But apparently, this is. Sigh.

I'm meeting [ profile] jesse_kips for what should, it has just occurred to me, be a special joint-birthday dinner in a week so I may drag her along for moral support if the magazine is still there. Dammit, I will own my own shirtless!Knights of Camelot.)


And so this isn't just another yet-more-Merlin rambling in an LJ post-post, have some pictures from a walk over the fell today (I had a lot of fun finding interesting mushrooms, most of which I'm sure are massively poisonous but pretty! )

In conclusion: I am very tired now and wishing it wasn't already Sunday. Work is somewhat stressful right now (you have no idea. No, really) and I could do with a three day weekend. Someone, please sort that for me, thanks.

Alternatively, change the two numbers I got on the lottery ticket I hopefully bought today into seven and let me never have to get up to work a Monday morning ever again. This would also be lovely.
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This isn't really finished - I got lazy after all the Gwaine/Merlin rec coding, so there's minimal Arthur/Merlin - but you can find a few more things under the Fic Recs: Merlin tag in my memories.

These links vary between LJ, A03 and individual websites; authors have been linked wherever possible. Pairings include: Arthur/Merlin, Arthur/Merlin/Gwaine, Merlin/Gwaine, Merlin/Gwaine/Lancelot, Lancelot/Gwaine and Gwaine/Leon, plus various background pairings such as Arthur/Gwen, Gwen Lancelot etc.

click for recs (it got slightly over-long )
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A probably-AU thought/fairystory/wtfisthis on the ending of Merlin 4.02 - SPOILERS. AGAIN. YES, I KNOW; BROKEN RECORD ETC )


There, brain. Now stop thinking about it.
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I'm slowly assembling together all my meandering Merlin readings from the last few weeks into a proper rec post, but it's shamefully heavy on the Merlin/Arthur and Merlin/Gwaine (especially Merlin/Gwaine) , with a forlorn scattering of other pairings. Anyone have any good Merlin recs to share involving Lancelot, Leon, Gwen, Morgana, general knightly chaos etc etc? I love rec posts - they're so wonderfully useful - so the more fic links I can assemble into one place, the better.

Also I'd personally really love to find some good fics involving more Lancelot and Leon (or the knights as a group, or anything with well-plotted Morgana to balance the evil pantomime villain the show seems to be making her into, since trawling even A03 takes time and I've spent about two weeks just hop-skipping between Merlin/Gwaine fic).

In the course of working on this rec post and reading a whole lot of fic today, I gave myself two Merlin/Gwaine fic ideas that amused me and that I'd love to write just so I'd get to read them because one deals with something that's slightly bugged me in the two episodes of series four so far, and another one is just something I would really, really love to read if done well.

Sadly, this is me so I hold out no great hope of actually ever finishing anything. There's another eleven episodes of Merlin to come for inspiration though (despite NaNo falling so-helpfully smack in the middle). Never say never.


For my actual rec, I'm not reccing a fic at all but rather a podcast: if you haven't been listening to /report (or 'slash report') by [ profile] rageprufrock and [ profile] mklutz (along with other fandom guests every so often) and you're involved with fandom at all, I heartily recommend a catch-up listening session. I've been downloading the new reports as they post on Sunday nights to listen to on my train ride on Monday morning, and it's like having fangirls travelling to work with me, laughing and joking and discussing major - and plenty less-major-but-interesting - issues in fandom. It feels almost like having a Fandom radio show to tune into; it is, naturally, limited in the number of shows and things they can cover each time but so far they've hit on Hawaii 5-0, Suits, Castle, Fringe, The Good Wife, Bones, The Mentalist, NCIS, The Avengers, the Delicious debacle, Nick Fury's bitches, kinks in fandom, briefly - so far - Merlin and a whole crapload of other stuff too. It's interesting and funny and informative, and it's great to see them developing it into something better week-by-week.

Yes, the show discussions involve spoilers but because they section it carefully and announce what they're about to discuss, it's perfectly possible to fast-forward past the show you don't want spoilers for and listen to the rest (I should know; I've been doing it for Fringe). It's really awesome. I hope they keep going and developing it and involving more people, because it's great to hear from across fandom and about things you wouldn't necessarily hear otherwise, or just to listen to fangirls having a really great time discussing things we love.

They also have a Twitter where they provide links to anything they rec in the podcast or update about the recording process, or post funny cut snippets. You can also subscribe to their RSS feed or download the podcast via iTunes (which I haven't done because I'm too lazy to update my iTunes but it seems to be working fine).


I should really do something more useful than going back to read yet more Merlin fic now. Mmmmmm. Really. Really really.

...or not.
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All in all, how bloody good was that episode? Wow. Just wow, Merlin.


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