Oct. 4th, 2013

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Hello! I am still around and still reading! Unfortunately I'm cursed with the timesuck that is known as Having A Mindless Job to Earn Money So I Can Have A Life, which incidentally means I have no life. I'm not quite sure how humanity has worked out this equation, other than humanity is bloody stupid quite a lot of the time. I think we need to return this real life thing as faulty and get a refund.

Anyway, I would love to make this a proper LJ post - and planned to - but it's not 11:28pm and I have to be asleep in the next twenty or so minutes because I get up at 6:30am (seriously, faulty) so I can't talk about how much I loved Rush which I saw on Tuesday, or how excited I am that two of my favourite Propeller actors are in their tour of Midsummer Night's Dream/Comedy of Errors next year, or how I feel about the Agents of SHIELDpilot ('flawed but fun') or Tamora Pierce's new book Battle Magic ('fun but flawed'). Because I am here with glorious purpose! Namely, [livejournal.com profile] make_a_move asked for Harvey/Mike (Suits) recs.

We haven't had season 3 of Suits over here yet, but I've recently been rewatching my favourite episodes from season 2 and my god, this show is amazing when it really hits the right note. I'm not so fond of the second half of s2 but the first ten episodes were great. So, I have LOTS OF RECS.

The major ones are linked over on my AO3 account (no, there's no fic of mine there yet because I don't like any of my old fic enough to transfer it there; maybe someday there'll be new fic and then it'll be there) under Bookmarks. Of those I particularly recommend:

Here at the end of all things by tattooedsiren, post-apocalypse AU, rated: explicit, a really amazing look at Harvey and Mike's relationship dropped into the background of the world essentially ending, and their coping strategies and slow admittance of their mutual co-dependence on each other. A little bit depressing - there's non-explicit implied death of major characters, violence and everything you'd expect from humanity at the end of the world, but the handling of the Harvey/Mike is just beautiful.

5U175 by Closer, rated: explicit, the required fandom AU where everything is canon except Harvey is a major BNF and Mike stumbles into him in fandom with neither of them knowing their real identities, and frankly the entire thing is a succession of fandom in-jokes but they're fucking spectacular fandom in-jokes so the entire thing works brilliantly.

After reading that, you should go and read everything else Closer has written too, particularly Imprimateur (soulmates or 'imprints' exist and are recognised by law, Harvey and Mike imprint on each other without realising, fucking spectacular world-building) and the Pizza verse (Mike is Harvey's genius pizza delivery boy because he never became Harvey's associate, trust me this may be one of the best fic series I've ever read for the movie quotes alone and the way it handles giving the same events from Mike, Harvey's and Donna's POVs).

And a couple not linked on my AO3 because I'm too lazy to bookmark everything:

Trust Graded on a Curve by BlackEyedGirl, rated: T, Harvey fumbling awkwardly through the responsibilities of having an associate because he's a bit emotionally stunted sometimes and Mike trying not to disappoint him.

Excerpts From The Gospel of Harvey Specter, edited by Michael "Forever Awesome" Ross, 2011, 1st Ed. by RC_McLachlan, rated: t, and just all kinds of fabulous really.


I thought I had more than that, huh. Think I've fallen behind on any new stuff given that we're half a season behind now, so any recs from s2 onwards are much appreciated! (I've already spoiled myself so have at it; the fun of Suits is watching the characters interact, not the plots) .

Then to top off all that slash, go listen to the commentary on one of the s1 episodes (I can't remember which one - maybe the finale or the pilot?) where Gabriel Macht and Patrick Adams discuss the slash. It's weird. It's kind of awesome.

I wanted to end this with the screencap of someone tweeting Patrick with "When are Harvey and Mike gonna sleep together?" and his reply of "According to the internet, they already are" but I've been through like forty pages of fucking tumblr and I can't find it, so you'll just have to believe me that it exists.

(It does. It's awesome. Even if the way this cast consistently break all fandom fourth walls and dance on them occasionally makes me feel vaguely uncomfortable because you just know that they are actually reading everything).

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