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Oh my god, my brother has a touchscreen Sony Vaio which I am typing this from right now and I want one so much. SO MUCH.

Also, currently surrounded by five dogs all trying to see what I'm typing. It's hard to see even a touchscreen with Pippen's face in front of it. Yes, I love you too please stop licking my face.

In conclusion, MY BROTHER'S MENAGERIE IS INSANE. But he has the world's most amazing laptop aaahhh.
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eta: Should've said, these memes stolen from [ profile] kindoftrouble and others!

a. Type your answer to each of the questions into Flickr Search.
b. Using only the first page, pick an image*.
c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd’s mosaic maker.

1. What is your first name? Helen 2. What is your favorite food? Chinese 3. What high school did you go to? The Maelor School, Penley 4. What is your favorite colour? Purple 5. Who is your celebrity crush? Roger Federer 6. Favorite drink? Coffee 7. Your favorite place? Cardiff 8. Favorite dessert? Cupcakes 9. What you want to be when you grow up? Satisfied 10. Where do you want to be right now? Here. 11. Favorite word? serendipity 12. What do you love most in life? Books 13. Who do you love most in life? My friends (and my cat) 14. One word to describe you Hopeful 15. Your greatest dream To be a writer 16. Your favorite childhood story Peter Pan


Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.

Titles are usually the last thing I give fics so most of these are basically descriptive/random/inexplicable but not that interesting )


Life continues to be fine. I continue to spend too much money that I should be saving, fail at writing motivation (and indeed motivation for anything), watch too much TV and go to Pets At Home once a week to spend fifteen minutes talking to the rats and thinking wistfully what I'd name them if I knew I'd be in any place to look after them forhowevermanyyears. Sigh. I did almost adopt a dwarf hamster named Milo today but I have no idea where my hamster cage is.

(I may yet look for it and go back. He was adorable and his last owner didn't want him. Sadface for tiny unwanted hamsters.)

...That's pretty much it. I'm not so much with the interesting right now. Oh [ profile] jesse_kips! I'm planning to head to Manchester in the evening of Tuesday March 1st to see Jasper Fforde talk in Waterstone's (assuming I can still get a ticket! I need to call them). Don't know if you could make it but Jasper's awesome (I can't remember if I recced you his books? You totally should read them; it's like crime and literature and humour and you will love them) and worth going to see if you can make it. I'll be getting in about 5:30pm anyway, so let me know if it's doable for a meet-up. :D

...Yeah, that's pretty much it. As you were, y'all.
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Have fan. Life is complete.

In addition BBC is promising thunderstorms Wednesday and Thursday, though if they're lying again then I will have to hurt them. Constantly they taunt me with the promise of snarly, pretty natureness and then I get nothing. It's bad enough they promised it was cooling down from Thursday when it's so *not* (29 tomorrow and Thursday, 26 Friday, 22 Saturday. I can't believe I'm *looking forward* to 22 degrees).

Want to know how bad it is? There's a pathetic little bird in our garden we think has heat exhaustion. I'm twenty-one in October and this is the first bird ever I've seen with *heat exhaustion*. We're British; we don't do the whole nice weather thing.

Okay, have to go rescue said bird from the cat. *blinks*

edit: Bird got chased into the kitchen by Casper where parentals managed to catch him and lock Casper outside. We've put the bird in a shoebox with water and food in the garage to see if he recovers when he's not being eaten by cats. *sighs* I can't imagine what this house would be like with more animals. One extremely lazy cat manages to cause enough chaos all by himself.
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Tiiiiirrrred. Tennis is exhausting, especially when actually getting the ball over the net is a challenge. I was getting okay at serving by the end though; we played a set of doubles and I actually won my service games. :) Only I foolishly assumed 9-11am was too early to get sunburnt and my shoulders are now a pretty shade of pink which is irritating, given that I've been trying so hard to be careful until now. Alas.

Still had some good exercise and realised that I definitely need a new tennis racquet, which on my list of Important Things right after a new fish tank for poor Rizzo, Gonzo and Kermit. I almost got one today but the pet shop lady ummed and aahhed over it being big enough for two fantails. *eye roll* Lady, it was plenty big enough. She was only trying to convince us to get the twice as expensive one which I can't afford right now anyway, so it'll have to wait. Poor Muppets. Though for a loach, Kermit is surprisingly useless at cleaning away the green from the tank front. Dumb fish.

I hearted much over the rats too. They really are the most beautiful rodents out there and we *wants* them, we does. I still have woe that I didn't get those two last November; my parents would've come round to the idea. I won't be able to get any for years now. *wistful* The Muppets are going to be enough trouble.

Hot. >_< Need a shower before I investigate the waffles I snuck into the basket in Sainsburys. Think we might have ice cream to go with them. Mmmm. Ice cream.

Shutupit'stoohot. I deserve treat-food. ;-)


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