Apr. 9th, 2017

clo_again: (monkton - where are we going)
Given LJ's latest shenanigans, I've officially privated everything over there (all the entries and comments were already backed up here anyway), deleted all but a few boring or essential photographs from the LJ Scrapbook, and when [personal profile] clofic finishes importing here, I'll be deleting that from LJ. I don't really know what to do about my LJ memories. There's so many, and so many fic recs, but I'm so tired of backing stuff up.

Dude, I miss opening up my LJ flist in the morning and finding new fic. Emails from AO3 are well and good but there was something about stumbling across a new chapter three posts into your flist and reading it with LJ formatting and cut tags.

ANYWAY. Hopefully this was the final boot everyone needed to move to Dreamwidth and there'll be allll the fic. Or at least you know, activity over here.

I've had an LJ since 2002. This is so weird.

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