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Yeah, so I disappear for four months and my Dreamwidth reading page (FRIENDS LIST. That is never going to stop being odd because I was on LJ for decade and just like, what is this thing called progress idek) ends up full of links to Person of Interest fic. I'm not watching Person of Interest because I failed out after the second episode and about fifteen episodes later make_a_move told me it was insanely good and I should watch it but by then I was so far behind that catching up seemed exhausting. (See also: Ripper Street and The Following. I have them both on my Sky+ but unlike this time last year when I mainlined four episodes of Gilmore Girls a night, marathoning anything lately just seems like an effort. I don't even know how watching TV can be an effort after making it through four+ seasons of Farscape but there you go). I'll probably end up buying it on bluray in about four years when the fandom's dead and everyone's moved onto the next shiny. See: the complete collection of Battlestar Galactica I bought the other week.

So hey, I'm not actually dead or become a nun or developed amnesia; I am still here! Every day I check LJ and sadface at the lack of updates, conveniently forgetting that I've been putting off making a post since New Year. Twitter has really not helped me increase my productivity at all; every thought I have can get instantly shared with the poentially-interested (often not) masses of the internet without requiring much in the way of time or effort and that's it, the incentive to actually write it down is gone. Probably to truly make myself write and blog and catch up on tv, I should delete my Twitter. It'd certainly make me post here more.

I love my Twitter. I can't bring myself to do it.

While I'm on the Twitter topic, if you check out @CloWatch and @JessWatches, me and jesse_kips do a thing most Fridays where we do a synchronised rewatch of a film and tweet about it in real time, and we're hopefully not completely tedious while we do it. :) I keep meaning to find a way to copy the Tweets over to here in one post - there was a thing that did that wasn't there? Automatically? - because I keep wanting to read back and if there's one thing Twitter sucks for, it's reading back old Tweets. We did all the Die Hards (including 5 which cut for ending spoiler )). Think we're doing Avengers this Friday because the answer to 'how many times have you rewatched Avengers?' is never ever 'too many times'. :D

Movies are mostly what I've done since my last post (watched, not made because hahaha imagine being that productive). Life of Pi - not as good as the book but was never going to be, still wonderful - The Hobbit - had its moments but far too many of them were wtf ones - Warm Bodies - surprisingly charming and funny, totally worth watching! - Les Miserables - Anne Hathway was amazing, Hugh Jackman made me cry, Russell Crowe made everyone cry for completely the opposite reason, generally enjoyable. Tomorrow I'm hopefully going to see Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters because there is absolutely no reason not to see a movie with that title AND Jeremy Renner's face, and Oz next week. We're not even discussing the fact that Iron Man 3 is out in April because it's still too far away to get truly excited about yet, but only just.

April's a pretty exciting month actually - jesse_kips and I have tickets to see Propeller, my favourite theatre group ever, do Taming of the Shrew and Twelfth Night on the same day. I've seen them do Shrew and Twelfth before but it was different actors and it blew my mind anyway so even if it was exactly the same performance down to the last word I'd still be excited. Nobody does Shakespeare like Propeller; even my dad liked their performance of Twelfth. It's going to be a day of English grad fabulousness beyond words.

And then, THEN, I had a moment of utter insanity in work when my colleague was buying his Beyonce tickets (don't even ask) and I paid £87 for a ticket to see Ben Whishaw and Judy Dench perform Peter and Alice in London on April 23rd. I'd been coveting it for a while but just getting to London is expensive in these railcard-less days, nevermind staying over but... Ben Whishaw and Judy Dench in a play about the real life Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland; if someone had designed a play for me, they couldn't have come up with something more utterly perfect as a concept than that. You can read more about it here and there's still tickets available, especially if you can get to the theatre at 10:30am and do the raffle for a £10 ticket (I did it for Much Ado About Nothing in 2011 and sat in the third row. It's an amazing idea).

It still doesn't feel quite real that I'm actually going but I am and just, oh my god. Even if I don't manage another blog post until then, that'll definitely get one. Probably just composed of the word SQUEE c&p over and over. (Dear Universe, please don't let either of them be ill. Please?)

Aaaaaaaand now it's 10:37pm and this has officially taken me over three hours and an episode of Arrow (oh show, show, you ridiculous show with Felicity the Genius Tech Girl who ROCKS, probably because she's the only one who isn't emotionally damaged IN THE ENTIRE CITY where it's set, seriously). I have work tomorrow and while it's pretty calm in my office with my co-worker on leave this week, it also means double the work. Alas. Still, it's paying for my tickets to Plays of Awesome and apparently every major movie that's coming out in 2013 so I guess I can suck it up.

In conclusion: let's all post more so I can stop sadfacing at my LJ every day, and I'll try to stick to that advice too. Hopefully.


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