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Today I discovered the Bog of Eternal Stench, found a pretty cool hot pool that I'm pretty sure I've seen on a David Attenborough program sometime and threw myself off a very tall pole in one of the more terrifying things I've ever done (I missed the trapeze. I was annoyed. But not enough to want to do it again). A minute after that I threw myself off another, taller platform and swung around wildly in mid-air for a few minutes. I actually paid to do these things.

The swing was fun, after the initial drop during which I yowled like a particularly-upset cat. The pole was not fun. It was windy and the guy was yelling up "Just lift your left leg up and stand on top!" and I knew I was attached to ropes and I still did it faster than the two people before me but oh holy crap. I counted to three twice before I could make myself jump.

Why people go bungee jumping is beyond me. Seriously.

I'm now off to see Taupo for an hour or so because I'm only here overnight. It looks really pretty though, and unlike Rotorua I didn't dislike it on sight for no apparent reason. Which, considering the lake (which is apparently bigger than Singapore) is actually a volcano, is odd. Hm.

Anyway. Onwards!

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