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Woke up this morning to the news that Roger got married. While it's cute and kind of hilarious how he managed to do it so under the radar (I haven't found a single picture of it yet which considering he's Roger Federer is pretty impressive), suddenly living in a world where Roger's married was a bit like stepping into a cold shower that you thought was hot. You just don't see it coming. The universe really needs to provide advance warning when it's about to shatter the OTP you've cuddled close for almost five years. At least Andy's faffed ridiculously and publicly around for a while with his sounds-like-a-McDonalds-meal Brooklyn.

But. Congratulations Roger! Well done for convincing me so throughly that you were only waiting to retire before you came out, and also for marrying Mirka who is very sweet and cute and probably looked lovely in the dress that there're no public pictures of (not that I'm bitter. Just, there is never enough pictures of Roger in a suit).

Now stop thinking about marriage and babies and get back to playing tennis again because I would really like you to win the French and Wimbledon this year understand? Good. Also, take a golden Easter Egg for the shitstorm that probably broke in every single sports media office across the world when you announced on your website that you'd got married without telling any members of the press, you sneaky bastard. I'm actually kind of proud of you. :D

In Australia News, today we went to the Old Bus Depot Markets which was wonderful and made me wish I had endless money because there were silk scarves and beautiful pictures and jewellery and oh, one day I will go back when I'm rich. Then we went to Borders which looks exactly the same here as it does in the UK except the books are twice as expensive and I had to remind myself I still have two and a half books still to read (I picked up Archer's Goon by Diana Wynne Jones secondhand at the Market and I haven't even started Un Lun Dun yet). Yesterday we did the National Museum which was fabulous, even when there was a fire alarm and we went down to the doors only to find they were locked. Which seems dubious evacuation policy but did give us the opportunity to discuss the best ways of sliding down the very shiny floor we were sitting on to wait. Mattresses, I think was the conclusion.

Tomorrow I'm to be introduced to Koko Black (I went to the one in Melbourne's Royal Arcade but only had tea and was more concerned with being on time to meet [ profile] chickybee32 so I wasn't actually paying attention). I've been told it is one of the greatest experiences ever, so it should be fun if I make it out without overdosing on chocolate. Mmmmm. So far I'm enjoying Canberra very much, although I doubt I'd enjoy it without [ profile] mayakitten because I would've got entirely lost days ago and probably eaten by cockatoos of which there're many. I love that my Aussie flisters are looking after me in Australia. You're all very awesome. *loves*

AND. Because they finally uploaded,

The National Museum

Old Bus Depot Market

Me with a random sheep statue in Canberra (there is much random artwork around Canberra but I think I like the random sheep best)

We couldn't find any Easter Eggs for the last two days (wtf Australia it's still Easter!) but [ profile] mayakitten bought us chocolate Bilbys (Bilbies?) and now I feel happily Australian (and full of chocolate)

So happy Easter everyone! Hope you all had as good a day as I did. :D Eat lots of chocolate!

(Also [ profile] chickybee32, you've infected me with Bam!fever. I keep looking at the Viva La Bam DVDs and wanting. You're so very evil, damn you!)
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