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I am supposedly a tennis fan but it took a throwaway comment on a tennis blog for me to find out that Andy Murray had shingles back in February. Thanks, endless rounds of news coverage, professional tennis commentary, and tweets about tennis I've seen/heard since then. That kind of information is useful when one oh, is writing RPF about the personage in question.

It also makes me feel better about his generally appalling level of play this year, because the consensus seems to be that he made himself ill through overwork, overtraining, and stress, all of which is fixable (I've concluded that my six-week-long tussle with bronchitis that absolutely floored me for all of January 2016 was the cumulative effect of doing a full-time Masters for a year while working sixteen hours a week, then starting a new full-time job immediately after handing my dissertation in and working flat out until I inevitably keeled over three months later. I made it worse by pretending I wasn't ill and it briefly resurfaced two months later and the only thing that fixed it was taking some time to chill). Murray's played solid for the last three or four months of last year, trained solid for five weeks over Christmas, then made himself ill and tried to keep playing despite his body going WHAT ARE YOU DOING PUT DOWN THE RACQUET OR WE WILL CATCH SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOUR FINGERS FALL OFF.

Which is of course terribly frustrating and concerning for him, but works great for fic. Thanks for being an idiot, Muzz. Now maybe take a vacation.


Talking of writing, the thing I'm writing now (which is not the thing I am supposed to be writing, other than this blog post which I am extra not supposed to be writing instead of fic) is a bit strange, and sad, and I keep reading bits and wondering why I'm writing something that I find so disconcerting.

I was trying to write down a scene last night in bed and I kept falling asleep mid-sentence and waking myself up when my iPod hit me in the face, at which point I kept writing until I fell asleep again. In the end I had to summarise how the scene ended and give up. I don't even know if it's any good, or if I'm good enough to write it* but I want it written to get the disconcerting sadness out of my head and onto the paper- er, virtual paper.

* It's really hard on the internet to differentiate between honestly not feeling very good at something but believing the endless peppy tumblr posts about 'everyone feels like this! You're great!', and actually knowing something isn't very good. I wish I could win the lottery and go sit in a quiet empty house for six months to write without having to worry about going to work and being a functional human being and having to wear something that isn't pyjamas so I couldn't procrastinate out of just writing without it mattering, until I feel like I know what I'm doing.

Yesterday in work, the new interim manager told me that being smarter than ninety-five percent of the population was something I'd have to learn how to deal with and I immediately felt under incredible pressure to maintain my appearance of being smart at all times, because clearly I had somehow fooled him and apparently all the other managers into believing I was super capable. I do not understand how I give this impression when I spend some percentage of a work day playing Pokemon Go or, like today, wheat googling Serbian prison systems and Andy's Murray's medical conditions for fic. If that counts as super capable, what is everyone else doing?

I really should stop procrastinating by worrying about writing and just go write something.
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I'm supposed to be writing but instead I'm coughing with the Hideous Cold of Doom and trawling tumblr, so have a stolen-from-tumblr meme to get me back in the mood.

Rules: go to page 7 of your WIP*, skip to the 7th line, share 7 sentences, and tag 7 more writers to continue the challenge.

There's going to have to be a few mods, because I have at least three (four? five?) what might be classed as wips at the moment, and I don't think there's 7 writers left around LJ to challenge. So instead, have the seven-sentences-from-the-seventh-line of what I'm currently writing:

lines )

Things I have learned from this exercise; I run my sentences on way too long. Also, I have too many WiPs. These are only the ones I have typed and actually started, although the last one needs major rewrites so that won't be the seven sentences after the seventh forever. Still.

Life continues on. I've caught the Dreaded Lurgy this week but motored through it by going to work, which led to me sitting at my desk wrapped in my scarf like a blanket yesterday and croaking when anyone asked me a question. I'm feeling somewhat better tonight but I thought I was feeling better Wednesday night, and Thursday night, and then I felt like death from 4am Friday onwards, so I'm not getting my hopes up just yet.

Otherwise, everything is fine. New Job is still fine, although I have to organise an inspection for something I'm responsible for in March, and the previous job's incumbent left only scrappy notes on what she'd done towards the action plan for it, so that'll be fun. I keep thinking I should know everything because that's how everyone acts and then I realise I've only been doing the job for barely four months and I've got shit done in that time. It'll be fine. *touch wood*

In conclusion: still aten't ded, despite the best efforts of the common cold. I should be writing but I'm avoiding it. Nothing particularly exciting is going on right now. Except The Voice is back tonight so I get Ricky Wilson's face on the tellybox again for a bit, yay.

So, you know. As you were.

*I somehow completely missed that I was supposed to do this from page seven and not just the seventh line, and now I'm too lazy to redo it. So. Whatevs.
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Hahahaha 'post more often'. Yep. So, moving on!

Hello, I am not yet dead or giving up on LJ or- actually no, everything else is pretty much what you'd expect; work is boring yada yada, life continues much unchanged yada yada...well I suppose that's not technically true. There's been recent work dramallamas in the continuing saga of Why Must Everyone I Work With Be So Relentlessly Stupid and it all kicked off with an official complaint by another admin girl last Monday, but I've had phone conversations since (I was off Wednesday - Friday) that implies it's all sorted and we are in fact in good nick with the management who think we're doing a great job. I guess I'll see tomorrow. The whole stupidity has really crystalised the fact to me that I don't want to work for that place long-term even though I don't mind the job itself, because stupid dramallama stuff that should've been avoided with a little common sense happens all the time. It's reminded me that I need to actually focus on saving money towards an eventual Masters, preferably in Cardiff, so I can flee the place.

This resolution to save started most excellently well as I almost immediately went off on a three-day shopping trip to Cardiff. In justification it's been planned since April, I did actually desperately need new shoes/jeans, and it's like getting it all out of my system before I go cold turkey on spending, right?

(It made more sense when I was using it as an excuse to buy things, really.)

This building never fails to make me happy. <3

The trip was so lovely - I think I definitely needed just to get out of dodge for a few days because I'd been getting more and more stressed with everything at work and actually just leaving the county (and the country, given that I went back to Wales!) was good timing, and I felt better about life, the universe and everything just by the time I got to London Euston.

Yes, I went to Cardiff via London. Yes, there was an excellent reason for this; I arranged the entire trip around going to the Hampstead Theatre to see Propeller (I may have mentioned them before. At length. In the previous post. I really like Propeller) perform their Twelfth Night again. I love the play so much, I couldn't bear the thought of not seeing it again and despite fretting the entire way down that I'd miss it (due to engineering works I had to catch a train to Manchester, wait an hour for my next train to London, then catch a couple of Tubes and find the theatre by 2:00pm) I got there in plenty of time. I did a post about it over in the Propeller comm, so I won't repeat myself but it was wonderful. In the interval I tweeted "My idea of heaven is sitting in a dark theatre and watching Propeller perform this play over and over", and I meant it. If it hadn't finished touring yesterday I'd say to go see it; as it is they're touring Midsummer Night's Dream/Comedy of Errors starting in November and everyone should go see at least one of them. I am. Multiple times. (No, I really am.)

Then, after catch-up sushi and mocking the Tie Rack workers at Paddington station with [ profile] kindoftrouble and A, it was a packed train and then Cardiff. I love Cardiff. I may have mentioned this before. And this time it was mid-week so the shops weren't too busy (apart from flocks of graduates in robes that bizarrely kept congregating everywhere), everywhere had great sales, the weather was hot but not humid at all, and everywhere I went people had Welsh accents (a girl standing behind me in Schuh exclaimed over a pair of Converse "Oh those are lush!"). It was lovely. I shopped all day Thursday, ate down at a packed Cardiff Bay full of people enjoying the sunshine and workmen turning Roald Dahl Plass into a beach, complete with helter-skelter.

It's going to be a beach for all of August, complete with sand, a water play area, and traditional seaside amusements. I wish I could go back to see it because I think it'll be amazing.

I also saw Pacific Rim on Thursday night which was so delightfully, uncompromisingly ridiculous that I loved every second of it. I think it demands a suspension of disbelief from the very first line and how much you enjoy it depends totally on how far you're willing to simply shrug and roll with it, but if you do it rewards you by being a lot of fun. Even if every time someone said 'jaegar', I couldn't stop myself mentally adding 'meister' onto the end.

Friday was more shopping, and gbk and then an endless six hour trip home which definitely increased my stress levels again but an entire weekend of dedication lounging has fixed that. I'm sad that I have to go back to work tomorrow and that I don't have any more time off until October, but Cardiff remains fabulous. I wish I could win the lottery so I could just buy my penthouse flat on the Bay and stay there.


Other Things:

- [ profile] jesse_kips is a rockstar and got us tickets to see Tom Hiddleston in Coriolanus after Christmas. I want to say how awesome this is but I don't think words that awesome have been invented yet. It's entirely possible one or both of us will end up with restraining orders against us but given the general insanity of Hiddleston's fans we'll probably just blend right in.

Incidentally, that'll make it five times that I've been to the theatre this year. That's pretty good. Next year I'm thinking that I'll aim to make it six.

- Andy Murray won Wimbledon! This made me utterly delighted, (especially since they can now stop repeating that awful interview from 2012 when he was crying too much to speak oh my god BBC seriously, STOP SHOWING IT). I wrote 5000 words of post-final Murray/Djokovic in a fit of inspiration that was killed by work stress and shopping. It's so close to being finished, I should actually just suck it up and do it. Argh.

- In general, writing is going- well, I don't want to say 'not well' but 'distinctly average'. Must try harder.

- The sun came out in Britain about two weeks ago and hasn't gone back in yet. Everyone enjoyed it for about a day and then old people started dropping like flies, doctors started screaming about skin cancer and all the salt marshes on my train ride to work have dried up. Dear Britain, the next person to complain about the rain will be taken out and shot, understood?

- Still haven't won the lottery, despite multiple attempts. Sigh.

- I promised to post about Peter and Alice, didn't I. That's not a question. I know I've failed, even though I have it all written down. It was fantastic and made me cry like a baby, and I think that may be as far as I get in forming coherent thoughts. Sorry. :(

- I had another point, and then I thought of Ben Whishaw and promptly forgot it. Er. It probably wasn't important.

- This is probably it for another two months but I do check LJ every day so if you do want to check I haven't fallen off the face of the planet, leave a comment & I will get it & reply. Keep posting. For all its failings, it makes me sad that LJ is slowly dying. I'll miss it if - when - it finally gives up the ghost (plus I've forgotten my Dreamwidth password again. Typical).
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So Twitter isn't working and I cannot share my every pointless whim with the entire world (or at least the unfortunate part of it that follows me). Curses!

And yet it made my open an LJ entry box which I've been meaning to do for about two four some months now. Maybe Twitter needs to break every day. For about an hour at 7pm GMT would usually work for me Twitter bird, thanks. I think the world would manage not to spontaneously combust with missing an hour of pointless celebrity death hoaxes every day.*

Sadly, this is not a proper entry. It's not a proper entry even though I have an epic Avengers Weekend DVD Marathon entry With [ profile] jesse_kips that I should've made about three weeks ago (with pictures!) entry sitting half-written in a private draft post, or a I Hate My Job So Much Because The Stupidity of People Makes Me Want To Smash All The Things entry sitting half-written in my head, or a Here Is Amazing Avengers Fic That You Must READ READ READ IMMEDIATELY Rec entry that is sort of in the vague planning stages of non-existence-procrastination. It's a Twitter Is Broken And I Had Five Minutes to Say I Aten't Ded Before I Wash My Hair in Time to Watch Robot Chicken Star Wars (On the SyFy Channel @ 9pm FYI) entry.

I aten't ded. I will post something - anything, dear god anything - soon. I'm still reading every day! I love you all. In a totally non-creepy non-zombie-brain-eating way, I promise.

Now go and read some amazing Avengers fic so I can wash my hair.**

*Disclaimer: I love Twitter but seriously people, y'all need to stop fake!killing celebrities. Coming back from the dead probably generates a lot of paperwork. Think of the trees!

**Ahahahahaha in going to find the link, I accidentally closed the tab with this post in it. If not for LJ's save drafts feature, I'd be the one needing Back From the Dead paperwork because I wouldn't have posted again for six months (or until Twitter broke again) in frustration and y'all would have had it officially declared.

edit the thingy: Months of not posting and I still remember how to fuck up my html. It's like riding a bike, I swear.

edit the other thingy: Oh god I went back to fix a typo and it lost my edit and my extra tags and I CAN'T CONCENTRATE FOR MORE THAN 140 CHARACTERS NOW APPARENTLY WHAT. Epic fail, zombiefood brain.
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Yeah okay so I was kind of ambivalent towards the whole idea of Suits at first (despite /report insisting repeatedly that it was amazing and slashy and ridiculous and MUST BE WATCHED) but I caught the first episode on Dave the other night and, almost by accident, found myself on the right channel just in time for the second episode yesterday. And I've since spent two nights reading Suits fic and alright, I'm sitting here wondering how I'll wait six days for episode three. It really is kind of amazing and ridiculous and MUST BE WATCHED. Seriously, I bet Dave's repeating it a lot. Go catch up.

It's also super super slashy. I'm linking anything good I find on LJ under my 'Fic Recs: Suits' tag in my Memories but this one was on AO3 and I just had to:

Grande Soy Triple Dirty Chai by friskaz, Mike/Harvey AU along a believable-almost hypothesis of 'Mike became a barista instead of a fake!lawyer and he's the only one who makes Harvey's coffee exactly right', except there's baseball and pie and messages scribbled on coffee cups, and a whole lot of beautiful flirting over 38301 words. It's like sinking into your sofa under a fluffy blanket comfort-fic.

Plus it has 248 kudos which may actually be the most kudos I have ever seen a fic garner on AO3. If my word's not enough, trust the masses on this one.


I actually have to go to bed now (should've been there an hour ago but hey, fic called). Stupidly stressful day today and tomorrow looks set to be similar, but it's looking like I pretty much have a agreed job offer there for the next year. Different department but that could be a good thing. Honestly, right now? I will take a guarantee for fulltime work for twelve months over a lot of things; suddenly a trip to Venice for my birthday in October doesn't seem like such a ridiculous notion.

Anyway, bed. Tomorrow should bring my shiny new copy of the Stargate: Atlantis fic anthology that I put together. Expect more pictures.
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It's slightly breezy here in Cumbria right now. As in, the trees are only bending almost to the ground and not actually touching, and we're still considering heading out to go shoe shopping. Hah Katia! Takes more than that to intimidate almost-local Cumbrians!

(Er, don't take that as a challenge. As this precision drawn met office graphic ) shows, Cumbria is 99% out of the amber alert area (and considering north west England starts from the top of Cumbria southwards, including the entire NW in the QUITE LIKELY TO DIE category instead of SLIGHTLY LESS POTENTIAL FOR DEATH yellow area seems harsh, but waving a red flag at winds left over from a hurricane is probably a bad life plan).

Outside my window, the other side of the estuary has disappeared into the grey mist and the tide's right up to the prom, with the wind stirring up white-caps that look tiny from up here. I'm wondering if it's worth stopping for a photo op before heading onto shops or if I'd be blown off the prom and into the sea. Hhmm.


In wider news of my life, I'm getting closer to actually starting this new job that the HR guy's been delaying for weeks through sheer incompetence. I was heading into Lancaster on Friday to catch Fright Night again and the woman I'll be working for called me for a meeting, so I dropped in. She seems nice, and the job is all organising and hunting out files and appointments and absolutely minimal interaction with actual people, which is my sort of job. It's supposed to run for at least four months and probably longer so once I get started and settle in, that's the rest of this year sorted at least; I'm not sure about next year but I'm thinking maybe I should save seriously to do a Masters after all. I could go to Lancaster fom home but I've always wanted to do a Masters in Cardiff and oh, I don't know. I need to save the money first. I'm going back tomorrow again to meet the girl who's going to teach me how to do the job, so one thing at a time.

Re. Fright Night, I went to the cinema after the meeting expecting to find it showing at 1:15pm, only to find they'd changed the times the day before and now it's only showing at 22:00 (my last train back home leaves like 11ish, so anything after 9pm is useless to me).

I was surprised because it's only been out for a week. Sure, the cinema I saw it in wasn't anything like full but it wasn't just me in there either and it was the middle of the day on a Tuesday when the kids were back in school so it wasn't a terrible headcount. I'm pretty disappointed if it's not doing well enough to keep on at sensible times for more than a week but then, Lancaster's Vue has a habit of showing things very, very briefly (they have like seven screens split over two floors, so I have no clue why they do it). I'm waiting for the time changes this Thursday and hoping they show it at least once more that I can get to; otherwise Kendal arts centre cinema is showing the 3D version in a couple of weeks, so I'll try to get there. I really did want to see it again, argh.

I also checked out the posters in HMV in search of the Tennant-as-Peter Vincent one. They had a whole bunch of naked girls, a good choice of Captain Jacks, some funny cartoons and a couple of Harry Potters. Nothing else. -_- I have no idea where else I might pick up the Tennant poster, sigh. Even the internet is proving unhelpful.
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So I've got as far as a very-hasty LJ layout fix (the colours will not last I suspect, but I came up with a really pretty idea for a header last week, didn't scribble it down and now haven't got a clue what it was, so this is it until it comes back to me) and this is not going to be a post of substance other than that but my work contract finished last Friday so I have no excuse not to catch y'all up soon. Other than, you know, my limitless procrastination.

I'm surprised by how much being an aimlessly unemployed bum isn't really fun anymore. Not getting up at 6am is nice, and being able to sleep for most of the last two days when I haven't exactly been feeling like a million bucks has been lovely but...I miss having the motivation to get up and do something. And I miss the money already, dear god do I miss the money. Weighing up my need for shoes and DVDs against the perils of my overdraft is about as fun as it was for my six months of being unemployed last year, which is to say not at all; I need to find something soon. But something not crap. At this point it'd be really nice to have a job that I need to actually engage my brain to do.

I'm going to go fall asleep watching the tennis now. It's 1:55am, I should really go to bed, but moving sounds like effort and it's very nice to have the tv all to myself. Even if I am chosing to enjoy that by falling asleep on the sofa. Mmmm.
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To acknowledge the sudden flood of activity on my flist this morning, thought I'd join in the yay-LJ-used-to-be-this-busy-for-me joy with the fact that I saw David Tennant/Catherine Tate in Much Ado About Nothing last night and they were brilliant and funny and fabulous, and this morning I feel like I have a sad Tennant hangover with the sheer mournfulness of the knowledge that I won't get to see it again. If I could request a Groundhog Day scenario to happen over about three hours of last night, that'd be perfect thanks.

Some joyful rambling that may contain mild spoilers (nothing really production-related huge, mostly just YAY TENNANT/TATE and a few spoilers if you haven't read the play (heathens! READ THE PLAY! ;) No really, it's funny I swear. Anyway: )) )


In other news of my life, I'm currently (obviously) in London. On Thursday I was in Cumbria and on Tuesday I was in Edinburgh. This coming Tuesday I will be in Cardiff and on Wednesday, back in London. It's reached the point where I'm confused when I wake up in the mornings. It's nice to have Wimbledon and Cardiff and more Wimbledon to look forward to, especially knowing that after this week I go back to work for a week and then I'm back to being poor and unemployed which sucks but at least this week is Epic. And I have certainly enough to catch up writing-wise and books-and-DVDs-I've-bought-wise (Psych season five arrived before I left Cumbria WITH NO CUSTOMS CHARGES \o/) that July and August should still be made of fun and hopefully sooner rather than later I'll decide what I actually want to do with my life and someone will give me a job doing it.


In conclusion, go and read this delightful Erik/Charles fic that [ profile] rionaleonhart linked to the other day. It's done so well and is kind of heartbreaking and also kind of wonderful and made me smile. Mmmmm.
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So recently - maybe? - I've got into Ice Road Truckers. I half-heartedly watched for about two series in the last couple of years but then I caught the first episode of series four on Channel 5 a couple of months back and it sort of turned into a 'thing to do every Friday', tune into IRT. Then after the last episode I was wandering on Amazon and, somehow, a week later the DVDs of series three dropped through my door. *cough*

(I may have ordered series four last Tuesday. Even though I've just watched it all, what.)

And it's ridiculously overdramatised (oh the lies. This whole 'only three months to get all the loads along the ice road!" schtick? Apparently complete bullshit; it's an all-year-round road, except in the summer it's just dirt), and half the truckers make me alternate between facepalming and wanting to hit them with a stick for being such idiots, and the voice-over guy on series three is so irritating I actually want to punch him in the mouth but dear god I can't stop watching. I love massive American big rigs. Like love them. There's something about the way they look, with the massive grills and the million wheels and, I don't know, I can't even drive (another story: no money, not essential right now, will get around to it) but for years I've had this weird flaily fondness for massive eighteen wheelers. And snow is my favourite weather. So, the only surprising thing about my obsession with this show is that it took me so long.

Also I ship Lisa Kelly/Jack Jessee with all the gleeful flailing of a fangirl who knows they're being completely irrational and doesn't care. Because hello, fangirl thy middle name is (usually) irrationality. They're adorable together and minor things like married to other people and realism matters not in the face a delightful 'ship. They're good friends! And they convoy together! And she facepalms at him for getting fined because he lost the emergency handbook even after she lent him an extra copy! Seriously, they're all kinds of awesome even in the face of Almost-Certain Icy Death and I'd happily watch Ice Road Truckers: The Jack and Lisa Show. With a side note of Carey Hall because his prankwar with Jack in series three is brilliant.

Unfortunately, Jack isn't going to be in series five. I don't know why (there's rumours around the forums but the forums for this show are filled with grade A batshit and are frankly terrifying, so I don't believe a single word typed in them) but it's disappointing to the point where I may end up skipping it or maybe fastforwarding through just to watch Lisa being a badass. Think they may regret it if it was their decision because I've seen a lot of mournful comments crying "NO JACK??", or maybe he just got tired of being filmed all the time. I know if I was used to having my truck cab all to myself for a decade, having a guy sticking a camera in your face after fifteen hours of driving would get old real quick.

But anyway, that's what I've been up to lately. Er. Originally this was going to be a post of one line about Ice Road Truckers and then the rest of it was going to mention how my job has been extended to a probably-final end date of June 30th (not entirely helpful when I'm away/busy for most of June anyway) and also be the post-I-have-yet-to-make-about-Rome-complete-with-pictures. I even opened Photoshop ready for picture re-sizing.

Er. So maybe I'll do that tomorrow?

I need an Ice Road Trucker icon. Maybe I'll screencap tomorrow when I get home from my Lancaster meet-up with [ profile] jesse_kips. :D
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Here be spoilers for Primeval ep 5.1 )


In real life news: today in work I was typing comments on a colonoscopy referral while two different people talked at me and I was so distracted that I instead of "changed by Dr Davies" I typed "changed by Doctor Who".

Thankfully I reread it immediately and went "...Wait. I see what I did there!" and changed it before I saved the thing, though I'm sure it would've been amusing for the next person to look that patient up. When I confessed to the nurse who was talking to me she laughed and laughed, and then went away to tell Dr Davies.

He has yet to tell me his opinion on being confused with a Timelord but I'm pretty sure he'd find it hilarious (and then reflect mournfully that even if he was a really cool Timelord, they'd just get him to do time science as an unpaid extra).


There has been no news on the job front. It makes me sad, so much so that I ordered Ice Road Truckers season four today to keep myself from thinking about it. It's comforting to look at my potential future jobs and know that, no matter what, they most likely won't involve jacknifing on an ice road over a snowy cliff. So you know, it's not so bad.


They haven't taken any money off me for Olympics tickets yet. I am so far undecided about how this makes me feel (paying for Olympics tickets means spending money I'd really like to spend on a new iPod or a Kindle, or just putting into my moving-out-of-my-parents' fund. But, Olympics. So I don't know).

I bet they take the money out tomorrow now that I've said this. Damn them.


This makes two not-meme-related updates in under a week. If I keep this up, you might be able to say that I'm actually keeping an LJ again. Shock.
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This is a slightly useless post to be making when I still have to talk about visiting Rome and bits and pieces of random ficlets I keep meaning to post and epic squee over Gaiman's Doctor Who that I should be flailing all over everyone before I get too distracted by other shiny things, but since I'm still only about halfway along my vast to-do list for today (and it's now 10pm and I have work tomorrow, oh dear), have this delightful Ben Mansfield interview instead (no spoilers for Primeval series five WHICH BY THE WAY STARTS ON TUESDAY OH MY GOD I AM TOO EXCITED TO FORM WORDS ABOUT THIS but minor spoilers if you haven't seen series four yet (...why on earth would you not have seen it yet? Watch repeat it all the time and the dvds are out! Go and watch this ridiculously delightful show, I command it!). But anyway:

Few potentially spoilery thoughts on Becker in series five )

I need Captain Pretty icons. My only Primeval one is pretty drastically out of date.


In news of real life, it's very possible that this is my last full week in my current job. I'm trying not to think about it because this job has been both a. very well paid, b. easy and c. full of lovely co-workers. It's not the most intellectually challenging job in the world but it's comfortable and often interesting, and I really don't mind going into work in the morning. I'm very unlikely to ever have a job this easy and yet well-paid again. I'll miss everyone there terribly when it's over.

And I'm really not looking forward to being back on the job market again because I have no idea where to go from here. At all.
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It's called "When I want to say something that I cannot condense into 140 characters for one Tweet, I must put it in an LJ post or not bother to say it."

This may lead to a lot of random posts. Sorry.

So anyway, I've been playing a lot of Chess Titans in the last few days. I took my laptop to work with me on Friday* because even though I had to be at work, not many other people did and I suspected I wouldn't have much work to actually do; as it turned out I had even less work than that. I mostly spent seven hours watching Psych eps and when I finished them, playing laptop chess and sucking at it spectacularly (I tried to play Lemmings but there is nothing less compatible than playing Lemmings and pretending you're actually doing work). I've been trying to get better at it over the last few days because I was never brilliant at chess but I could at least win a game occasionally; in three days, my best result against the computer has been a draw. The computer is nasty; it always sees what move you're setting up and it never makes errors and it is always, always five or six moves ahead (oh and it can't hear you when you call it a bastard. Which I do. Frequently. I'm not a great loser).

And, after three days of on-and-off-solid chess, I was taking a brief chess-break just now to skim tumblr and went "Ooooo, a link to where that awesome picture is from!" And I moved the mouse and hovered...

...and went "Wait, is this really what I want to spend my next move on? It could be the wrong link! Think about this more carefully dammit-!"

And then I remembered that on the internet, you don't only get one click and then have to wait for someone else to pick a link to load. Clicking a dumb link doesn't mean you lose your Queen or screw up your carefully-plotted battle plan or involve any other repercussions than perhaps a few seconds waste of your time.

It genuinely took me a second of panicked thought to recall that the internet does not work on the rules of chess.

You know, maybe it's time I switched to Mahjong.


* yes, I worked Friday. There were no buses running thanks to the bank holiday and I had to get a lift with the Post Boy at the hospital, who has to be at work for about 6:45am and we live about thirty minutes fast driving from where I work, so I had to get up at 5am. Dear William and Kate, next time get married on a Saturday.

(, maybe I didn't think that sentiment through.)
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Slightly-less-hasty-than-intended bodge job of a new LJ layout, because it was really time to take the Christmas/New Year one down. Wish I had time for an icon overhaul but then I'd be going into work in PJs with unwashed hair and considering it's not my last week anymore (contract extension 'til March 31st ftw!), I should probably make an effort to appear at least vaguely presentable.

Also, hello LiveJournal. I am not ded. At some point I will finish memes and maybe post fic extracts and flail over the amazinghood of Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic apparently deciding they no longer want to hide their deep and touchy-feely love for each other. However, now I have to go and get ready for the amazing job that lets me go in half days twice a week and still pays me the same. Which I have until the end of March. Win.

(Of course, that's assuming I can get to work with the killer fog that's been outside all morning. If this was an episode of Doctor Who, I'd have been eaten by the fog monsters hours ago.*

* As much as I like to think I'd be the plucky local girl who works out how to defeat the fog monsters with a handheld fan and some de-mister, I rather suspect I'd be the foolish local girl who disappears and the Doctor gets indigantly rageful about, before forgetting about the instant he spots something shiny.

edit: I've just remembered that last night, I dreamed that I bought a Kindle. Er. Wishful thinking there subconscious?

(I also dreamed that I found a hidden library beneath a folding piece of floor in a house we were renting; it was like a whole secret apartment full of books I wanted to read and squishy seats and with the door bricked up. I think perhaps it was my subconscious crossing the line of wishful thinking, into full on delusions.

It was a really beautiful library.)
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I was going to wait to do this until next month, when [ profile] kindoftrouble finished, to save flists from being all song memes but I need something to make me post again and I feel like posting more to enjoy my Christmas LJ layout while I can have it, so. Plus if I wait until January, I'll have forgotten it and never do it anyway. It doesn't really matter if it runs over half a month and half another. Maybe we can create a new month. Decanuary: like February 29th, it only exists once every four years or whenever it's convenient!

Yes. Anyway.

a music meme (snagged from [ profile] kindoftrouble*.

December 14th: 01 - your favorite song

I thought this was going to be terribly hard to pick, then I went on iTunes to see which my most played song was and it was this. Which actually is pretty much as close to a favourite song I could have (years of listening to it later, it's still always on my iPod, I enjoy it every time and still think it's a beautiful song, both music and lyrics).

I originally heard this on a Stargate SG-1 Jack/Daniel fanvid by butterfly (it's a stunning vid, well worth the dl if you haven't seen it). There is a Sarah Fimm-only version which is a little bit more sparse, with a bit more of an edge to it and I like that one too, but not as much as I like the mix version.

the meme list )

*I totally just typed that @kindoftrouble. Bloody Twitter.


In other news, as of today I am the proud owner of a mug with this Softer World strip on, courtesy of (I agonised for a while over which Softer World to chose and in the end went with this because it always makes me smile and this was only kind of a test-order anyway, to see how it came out). It looks wonderful and I rather want an entire set of Softer World mugs now, only at £8 a mug they are pushing my limit of "worth it", no matter how cool.

That said, they have a Facebook group on which they post discount offers and the P&P is free in the UK. The print quality is superb and the writing is perfectly readable. Suspect I will be ordering more in future, with custom Softer Worlds on especially since the strips are the exact right size to wrap-around.

I feel a proper Andy/Roger Softer World mug is essential in my life. Now just to get the right strip for it.

(They also do custom rhinestone t-shirt designs. I'm not even going to contemplate some sort of tennis slash logo in sparkly rhinestones to wear to Wimbledon next year.

Mostly because it's too tempting.

Also, I think my other idea of I'm rooting for Roger Federer, while hilarious to me personally, may cause some serious double-take damage to all the Australians in the queue.)


They are predicting lots of snow for us from Thursday. Am torn: want snow but desperately need Saturday to finish Xmas shopping, get my hair cut and hopefully see Voyage of the Dawn Treader which I've looked forward to for well over a year now. To do that, I need trains to be running. I also really can't afford to miss more work, although it's not such a big deal whichever train/bus/hot air balloon I catch to get me there as I get paid the same even if I'm just in work for an hour or a day. So...I'd like snow? But not so much that all the trains stop running.

Well, look at that. The meme did make me post after all. Hhhmmm.
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Oh dear. Thought "I am completely disorganised for Christmas this year; I shall fix this beginning with a Christmas-themed LJ layout!" Then I spent an hour doing the layout (which is not what I pictured; the wrapping paper I scanned for it has bright silver horses but would they scan silver, would they hell) and ended feeling pleased with myself. So pleased that I rewarded myself with an hour nap since I only had about three hours sleep last night (I've rediscovered that I only really write well between 11:30pm and 4am, which is not conducive to getting up for work at 6am) until 10:15pm. Woke up at 10:44pm, went "Excellent! I have only slightly overslept and shall now do useful things!"

And promptly went back to sleep until 1am. You may be sensing a reason here as to why I'm not Christmas-organised at all.

So yes. So far I have sent no UK Christmas cards. This is a terrible situation and I plan to try to fix it, at least a little bit, tomorrow morning since I'm back to working half-days Tuesdays and Thursdays (yet I get paid for the whole day. Have I mentioned before that this job is marvellous?) and should have time, unless I stay up until 4am again. I actually fell asleep on my desk in work tody for a few minutes, so I really probably shouldn't.

Thankfully my immediate boss is all kinds of lovely and woke me up with Christmas chocolate cake and gingerbread. No, really. I am going to miss this job. Especially the money, since I seem incapable of saving; I really must save every extra penny between now and when I finish on Jan 7th to do...I don't know. Something. Not stalk the cute post boy around the hospital anymore, I suppose. D-: It's all I've done for about four months now! What will I do!

Except you know, he lives in my village. So that may prove handy.

So yes, life and such continues to happen to me. We had beautiful snow last week, enough that I took a day off work (oops, moneywise) and they're predicting more for Thursday/Friday which is marvellous, except I really can't miss any more days and will be dragging myself through the blizzards regardless. Then Saturday I have to venture into the manic last-minute shopping crowds to do my manic last-minute shopping. It's entirely possible that I won't make it out alive but I'm inclined not to trust Amazon at this date, especially with all the knock-on effect problems they've had from last week's snow.

Sigh. Remember the days when Christmas wasn't stressful? Yeah. That was good.

That said, I just found the Top Gear Christmas Special teaser on Youtube and frankly, I think it will make up for every single instant of stress...IN THE WORLD. (There are two episodes. TWO. I THOUGHT THERE WAS ONLY ONE. :DDDDD) HERE:

And the Doctor Who special is looking great. And I still have all my Christmas movies to watch. And I'm about four days behind on my advent calendar, so I'm going to do something about that before I sleep.

Hello Christmas. Maybe you're not so bad after all (now please let that cold snowy weather hang around until the 25th again this year please. Let it snow!)
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Oh LJ, I do apologise! Every night I get home from work, promising my laptop that I'll make the epic catch-up LJ post and every night something distracts me (of late, Merlin fic, Inception fic and playing on my shiny new WiiFit. Which is brilliant. <3)

I keep intending to flail over the imminent arrival of new Primeval (JANUARY 1ST IN CASE YOU DON'T FOLLOW BEN MILLER ON TWITTER (@bennylicious; he knows astrophysics, math and comedy, and once snogged Rob Brydon on Qi. There is nothing not to love!) and how my temp job which overpays me to do an easy job alongside lovely people keeps getting extended another couple of weeks. Or rant about how our Sky is broken and my parents live in this land of Special Crazy where they think if they ignore it long enough, it'll fix itself without them paying for the engineer and in the meantime my pointing out that I will pay for it because £65 is cheaper than buying the DVDs for Stargate Universe, Castle, Bones and Eureka which is just some of what I'm currently missing on an infrequent or (in SGU & Bones' case) every-week-frequent basis, only my dad has to call them because they won't talk to me and they just mumble incoherently about principles of paying for things while I shout at a pixelated screen. (A lot.)

But instead, I am going to bed. I leave you with a (youtube for now, sorry) link to a song that I can't stop listening to: Boy and Bear's 'Fall At Your Feet' cover and three of my recent Life in Cumbria pictures which I'm afraid are being to all look the same )

I also have the complete version of my latest [ profile] thegameison_sh entry to post but I just need to run the editing fingers over it and add the last paragraph. Somehow this little thing has taken me almost two weeks and is still not done. Hmm.

Do not mention NaNo to me. I'm hoping for a mid-month turnaround in my motivation. That is all.

Anyway, yes. Consider this a placeholder post to let y'all know that I still exist and there's a proper post brewing! Um. Somewhere. How are y'all anyway? Hope everyone is still shiny. I do read my flist every day, promise.

To conclude, on my longer-than-usual-thanks-to-traffic trip home from work today, I was pondering what I'd do if I was the Queen and came up with two things:

1. The Royal Presence would be announced on all state occasions (and perhaps shopping trips and at breakfast) with trumpets. The trumpets would play the Red Dwarf opening tune. The beginning of this rather lovely version of the theme tune is a perfect example.

2. There would be balls. (As in parties, not...well. The other kind. Although there could be those balls too: I'd need a catchphrase other than "Off with his head!")

Anyway, there'd be parties to which I and a select few controlled the guest list. Fabulous people would be invited and anyone mentioning X Factor would be shot immediately. There'd be Masquerades. And Bond-themed parties. And epic Nintendo Wii parties. Possibly there would be parties designed by Elton John for the fabulous lulz.

And I'd force everyone to play drinking games and because I'd be Queen, they'd have to go along with it and all sing the See The Little Goblin song when I told them. I feel this is an excellent plan.

(Yes, I have entirely too many nice dresses and I never have anywhere to wear them. Possibly I'm slightly bitter about this.)


Now I really am going to bed on this promise of a real post soon. Hopefully. Good intentions and all that.
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In a fit of crankiness and sleep deprivation, redesigned my journal again (the purple was only meant to be temporary anyway). Still can't get the stripes the right colour but I'm so used to them after staring at them for three hours that it looks terrible without them now. Plus some of the colours still aren't right but three hours of code-wrangling and Photoshopping has done nothing to improve my mood.

In fact, it's meant that I didn't get done any of the typing-up-of-various-owed-fic I fully intended to do tonight and I have my [ profile] thegameison_sh entry still all over the place and to be finished by Sunday, only S wants me to sleep over Saturday night to catch up and I love catch-ups, I do, but I'm also surviving on a week of sleeping only five hours a night and was so looking forward to a weekend of my own bed. And then I have an insanely busy week and more work after that and parents are being parents and oh, the world just needs to chill the fuck out before I crack and start yelling at invisible people who aren't really there.

I'm fine. Really. I just need a holiday, because getting up at 5:45am every day when my job doesn't start until 8:30am (or 9am in my office) is really, really, really getting old, regardless of how much money it saves if I catch a lift instead of the train and especially when I don't have quite enough work to fill my time even if I got there at 9am. Money is money yes, but sleep is sleep and sleep deprivation is a form of torture you know. Self-inflicted and all.

Tomorrow I am planning some serious retail therapy because it's been a long week and god dammit, I'm losing sleep to earn the money so I'm going to damn well spend it. FatFace, you better have all the things I want or someone is going to get attacked with a clothes hanger.

And if one damn person (read:parents) comments on how much I spend, I will not be held responsible for my actions. Just because I'm attempting to replace my entire wardrobe with things I don't-completely-hate, it does not make me a shallow person. I can read Shakespeare and still enjoy looking pretty. And anyone else who implies otherwise to me is going to get my entire shoe collection thrown at them.

My shoe collection is now considerable. This is not an idle threat.

Just so this post isn't an entire rant of frustration at Life, the Universe and Everything, have something I overheard in work a few days ago to remind me and everyone that Life Can Always Be Worse:

Nurse 1: Awwww. Do you want to go get cleaned up?
Nurse 2: Yes, I wasn't expecting her to vomit just then.

Really. My life could be worse.

On which note, I'm going to go and sulk in front of the TV because I'm so sleep deprived now, a little more won't matter. Hopefully tomorrow I will manage a post of actual substance. Hah hah hah.
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My paid account expired and since I'm not sure if I want to give Livejournal any more of my money at this point, I let it. Then I remembered how many pictures I had linked from Scrapbook and cursed a lot when I realised my now-vanished journal header was nowhere to be found on my computer. So, cue a very quick "find&replace" some colours in the CSS and a thrown-together header in Photoshop.

I suspect I will get fed up of the background. Very soon. I always figure I'll try one and then two days later I'm attacking the HTML with a hammer to get rid of it. In this case I think it's the wrong colour anyway but I'm so fed up of Photoshop and colours and oh, I'll just leave it.

For people who aren't on my Twitter: other than LJ fixing up today, I spent far too many hours in Photoshop making something I'd wanted to make for seven months and never got around to doing; you remember the WTF photoshoots of the eight of them standing awkwardly by a red bus and the eight of them standing awkwardly on the steps but mostly, that marvellously odd one of them all posing in front of a fireplace in their suits and looking rather like a mafia gang?

full size under the cut )

Yeah. I made the Wanted poster. It was begging for it. You know, quietly enough for me to put it off for six months.

Today does rather illustrate my life of late, or rather, of the last few months. I keep applying for jobs (probably less than I should be but still, enough for me to really be hating writing cover letters by now) and getting turned down or worse, not hearing anything. But! Someone who saw me on Jobsite just called to offer me 3-4 weeks temp work of data-entry at a local hospital, which sounds utterly tedious but is paying £7.50ph. I'm absolutely willing to do something mindnumbing for four weeks for £7.50ph. And at least then if I get interviews I can say "Look! I have temped! Not just sat on my ass for months!" (which is basically what I have done. Except I went to Wimbledon! I should actually do a Wimbledon post sometime. Not today; I'm trying to finish Jasper Fforde's Shades of Grey because my Read My Own Height 2010 is going depressingly slowly.)

So, here's a post. Hopefully tomorrow or the day after or sometime, there will be another post. I'm getting most of my hair chopped off on Tuesday because I'm sick of it taking half an hour to dry with a hairdryer, so that might be worth a post. Also, I should set up Dreamwidth crossposting. Sometime soon.

This is my life and it's not interesting right now. Tune back in next week when things will have changed! Or not but you know, I live in hope.
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I've seen the ad for New 'Who The Waters of Mars three times now and it gets MORE BUGFUCK CREEPY EVERY TIME. I think it may actually be a cue for hiding-behind-the-sofa once again because, sheesh. Even the trailer gives me the heebie-jeebies. Thankfully there's brand new Top Gear on the same night to chill me out after. :D

Speaking of Top Gear, [ profile] kindoftrouble bought me a wind-up version of Hamster's Dampervan as part of my birthday present. Last night I decided it was long past time for it to have a ceremonious launching and filled the bath with water. Only about six inches, so that the inevitable sinkage wouldn't involve me getting soaked to the shoulder fishing it out.

And the results were... )

As you can see, my life is filled with business! I'm trying to write NaNo and mostly failing due to my laziness combined with overtime at work (first time ever I have to do overtime and it's the first week in November. NOT. AMUSED. UNIVERSE. Working tomorrow for the sixth day in a row and it's just... give me a break. Seriously). Don't expect posts to increase much over November though because as much of a pain in the ass as NaNo is, I'm still writing a bit a day and working my up to it takes hours of flaffing around uselessly. Procrastination takes time and hard work! It'd be easier just to write the damn NaNo but try telling that to my brain. Sigh.
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Things I've just discovered that make me happy; I'm planning to go see Up when I head to Lancaster for my birthday next week and on checking the film times just now, apparently they're showing it in 3D as well as 2D. Hurrah! The tickets are more expensive than for 2D but they're Super Saver Tickets because it's on a weekday before 5pm so it actually works out the same price as a normal ticket.

Birthday happys. Awesome. :D [ profile] jesse_kips you're welcome to come with if you want. If not I shall be cheesecaking and coffeeing and shopping for some time before! ^_^ I could see you in Starbucks say... half one?


So yeah, I haven't posted for a bit. S'up with that? Nothing really, except my general apathy toward life in general right now. I'm not doing anything which is really ridiculous when you consider that I only worked two hours today and only four yesterday and four Monday. It's just that working across the middle of the day seems to eat time to do anything and I come home only to bum around because I'm tired from work. I'm actually annoying myself immensely but don't know what to do about it.

Signed up for NaNo again and I'm officially in training, by writing a hundred more words a day to hopefully get myself in the habit. On Monday my word target was 200 words and I hit 350+. Yesterday target 300 and I hit 330. Today is 400 and I've been sitting around for seven hours now without so much as typing a word. I even opened the damn fic I'm working on earlier only to close it and have a nap instead. I can't be doing this when my word count needs to be 1600+ a day instead of 400. I'm going to have to start as soon as I get home from work, not right before I go to sleep. Argh. But, I guess, I knew I'd be like this which is why I'm trying to get in the habit. I'm off to watch In Treatment with my laptop now and hopefully I'll hit 400 words before I have to drag myself off to bed because I have two days of getting up early and three hours to work Saturday. I couldn't say no to working Saturday because I'd already asked for my birthday off. Meh. -_- Working six days in a row sucks, even when when it's just for a few hours some days. I really don't think this ridiculous job is helping the apathy at all, but I suspect it'll be great for NaNo (if I actually use the spare time) to be only working a few hours a day Monday-Wednesday.

Plus with all the extra hours I'm thinking I may as well stick it until Christmas because it's enough money to pay back my 'rents and considering basically everything tripwise is paid for now (London, hotel for Cardiff, train tickets except the ones from London-Cardiff because it worked out much cheaper to have an extra night in London around the Cardiff weekend. Dear British Rail, you are stupid) I might even have money left over for Christmas presents. :D Which is good!

Less good is my inability to accomplish even the simplest thing, like fill in application forms. I really need to take NaNo seriously this year. Some sort of daily goal would be awesome right now.


I never talked about how much fun I had in Edinburgh, partly because I started a post and got too lazy to finish halfway through so in my mind I did talk about it, only I never posted, and partly because I had such an awful cold that week and I came home and sleep-walked through the next few days because walking all over Edinburgh is exhausting when you're only breathing at half-capacity.

But I did have fun! Once I got there that is; I got to the train station early on the Saturday morning only to discover my train to Lancaster where I'd connect up to Edinburgh was cancelled, possibly due to the appalling amount of fog ) although I still can't see why fog would affect the trains enough to be cancelled. The parental drove me the forty minutes to Lancaster though and, thanks to having a half-hour wait between connections, I even had time to go get a Starbucks before my train. Did occur to me that that was the second thing to go wrong (first was my hotel being overbooked) and I spent the rest of the weekend in fear of the Third Thing (because these things happen in threes right?) but it was all fine. My hotel fears were baseless; the hotel I'd been moved to was very nice and I had an exec room which was decorated much nicer than the eye-scouring blue the website showed the basic rooms in. It was the wrong end of Prince's Street for everything I wanted (and Prince's Street is an epically long goddamn street) but I found the venue just fine and I found Grassmarket which was as full of cool shops as I remember it (the really cool sci-fi/fantasy bookshop had a plushy Cthulhu. I did not buy it but I really really wanted to).

I'd forgotten how staggeringly pretty Edinburgh is. All I could think walking around is that if they chose to film a fantasy film there and claim it was any sort of fantasy city? No CGI required. It's all turrets and arched windows and elaborate carvings, especially around the Royal Mile. I wish I'd had a day to just chill and wander a bit slower but it was still fun. I do like Edinburgh. Don't know if I've spent enough time there to officially love it but it's certainly right up there with Cardiff and Sydney on the 'cities I like to spend time bumming around just for the sake of being there' short-list.

I also managed one other thing I wanted to do while I was there, which was to go check out the Scott Monument ) in Prince's Street Gardens just because DAAS* did one of their Big Gig shows from there and I wanted to get a picture of it today. It was only later that I realised they might've done their show from the other side but from what I can remember (I haven't got around to checking on the DVD) it was definitely the side away from the road. It was a bit odd seeing something DAAS-related in such a decidedly UK setting. It kind of made me miss Australia more.

And then I got a bit more of Australia-in-the-UK with, of course, the entire reason I went; Tim Minchin who was brilliant. I had a spectacular view ) if you can tell from my appalling phone camera pictures, slightly to the side but almost as close as the front row and no one in front of me because I was in the front row of the balcony. The amazing seat totally made up for the ridiculous sore throat I had from walking around all day with a cold, because I didn't have to cheer too loud to make up for being right at the back. ^_^ He really is fantastic live. Canvas Bags got such an epic cheer so clearly the whole place was mostly full of previous Minchin-ers and although he didn't encore with Not Perfect, he did White Wine in the Sun which is enough to make me think I'll be buying the whole show off iTunes when I've got a bit more money. I'm jealous of [ profile] mayakitten for getting to see him now, because I'd love to go again. *wistful* If I'd been in London this weekend I would've gone to the ones he's doing at Hammersmith (though I'm not totally missing those because uh, I was regretting not buying a signed DVD so [ profile] kindoftrouble offered to try to get me one from Hammersmith, even though she isn't going to the show. So I'm kind of there in spirit! :D And also owe my soul to [ profile] kindoftrouble. Again. I could do with several hundred souls by now).

But on his next tour, I am so there. And so dragging along everyone else in sight because as fun as he was when I was by myself, it'd be even better with a bunch of people.

So kinda sad that's over but still to come this year: Roger Federer, Andy Roddick (as confirmed this week, yay!) and John Barrowman2 so I haven't exactly got a boring lead-up to Xmas. :DDDD


It's actually gone 11pm now and I still haven't written anything or moved off my bed. Right. Yes. In Treatment (which is already losing my interest on the third week but I like the girl on Wednesdays so I'm quite happy for tonight) and writing and I really need to start DVDing some of the Top Gear off the Sky box. After all, we should be getting a new series soon. I need the space. :D

You've been reading This Is Clo's Life. Hopefully I won't leave it over a week between posts next time so the next post won't need to be so epically long and rambling.


*Speaking of DAAS, I know why I'm not getting GNW uploads to Mininova; the person was using Demonoid to get them and it's down. I'm hoping when Demonoid goes back up, I'll be able to catch up. Really really hoping. I'm missing my weekly dose of McDermott something terrible. :( Damn you Demonoid.
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