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So Twitter isn't working and I cannot share my every pointless whim with the entire world (or at least the unfortunate part of it that follows me). Curses!

And yet it made my open an LJ entry box which I've been meaning to do for about two four some months now. Maybe Twitter needs to break every day. For about an hour at 7pm GMT would usually work for me Twitter bird, thanks. I think the world would manage not to spontaneously combust with missing an hour of pointless celebrity death hoaxes every day.*

Sadly, this is not a proper entry. It's not a proper entry even though I have an epic Avengers Weekend DVD Marathon entry With [ profile] jesse_kips that I should've made about three weeks ago (with pictures!) entry sitting half-written in a private draft post, or a I Hate My Job So Much Because The Stupidity of People Makes Me Want To Smash All The Things entry sitting half-written in my head, or a Here Is Amazing Avengers Fic That You Must READ READ READ IMMEDIATELY Rec entry that is sort of in the vague planning stages of non-existence-procrastination. It's a Twitter Is Broken And I Had Five Minutes to Say I Aten't Ded Before I Wash My Hair in Time to Watch Robot Chicken Star Wars (On the SyFy Channel @ 9pm FYI) entry.

I aten't ded. I will post something - anything, dear god anything - soon. I'm still reading every day! I love you all. In a totally non-creepy non-zombie-brain-eating way, I promise.

Now go and read some amazing Avengers fic so I can wash my hair.**

*Disclaimer: I love Twitter but seriously people, y'all need to stop fake!killing celebrities. Coming back from the dead probably generates a lot of paperwork. Think of the trees!

**Ahahahahaha in going to find the link, I accidentally closed the tab with this post in it. If not for LJ's save drafts feature, I'd be the one needing Back From the Dead paperwork because I wouldn't have posted again for six months (or until Twitter broke again) in frustration and y'all would have had it officially declared.

edit the thingy: Months of not posting and I still remember how to fuck up my html. It's like riding a bike, I swear.

edit the other thingy: Oh god I went back to fix a typo and it lost my edit and my extra tags and I CAN'T CONCENTRATE FOR MORE THAN 140 CHARACTERS NOW APPARENTLY WHAT. Epic fail, zombiefood brain.
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I wish I hadn't found Priscilla Ahn's 'A Good Day' because it was playing over the scene between Carlton and his ex-wife on Psych. It's such a beautiful song and perfect for warm spring mornings. And every time I listen to it I can't help remembering that scene and Carlton's face, and it's heartbreaking.

(My playlist following it up with Adele's Someone Like You doesn't help either. It's a beautiful sunny morning iTunes! WHY DO YOU HATE IT SO.)

In conclusion: watch Psych! Even if it very occasionally drops the comedy to be deeply emotionally scarring (and oh god, it's all the worse for being unexpected; Im so glad I didn't watch the first four seasons of this show week-by-week because I've might've helplessly flailed myself through a wall or something.)

There is something I am very late to be doing right now and I'm making this post instead of doing it. Er. I should go finish it before [ profile] jesse_kips makes me into a Psych-esque murder case).
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It's called "When I want to say something that I cannot condense into 140 characters for one Tweet, I must put it in an LJ post or not bother to say it."

This may lead to a lot of random posts. Sorry.

So anyway, I've been playing a lot of Chess Titans in the last few days. I took my laptop to work with me on Friday* because even though I had to be at work, not many other people did and I suspected I wouldn't have much work to actually do; as it turned out I had even less work than that. I mostly spent seven hours watching Psych eps and when I finished them, playing laptop chess and sucking at it spectacularly (I tried to play Lemmings but there is nothing less compatible than playing Lemmings and pretending you're actually doing work). I've been trying to get better at it over the last few days because I was never brilliant at chess but I could at least win a game occasionally; in three days, my best result against the computer has been a draw. The computer is nasty; it always sees what move you're setting up and it never makes errors and it is always, always five or six moves ahead (oh and it can't hear you when you call it a bastard. Which I do. Frequently. I'm not a great loser).

And, after three days of on-and-off-solid chess, I was taking a brief chess-break just now to skim tumblr and went "Ooooo, a link to where that awesome picture is from!" And I moved the mouse and hovered...

...and went "Wait, is this really what I want to spend my next move on? It could be the wrong link! Think about this more carefully dammit-!"

And then I remembered that on the internet, you don't only get one click and then have to wait for someone else to pick a link to load. Clicking a dumb link doesn't mean you lose your Queen or screw up your carefully-plotted battle plan or involve any other repercussions than perhaps a few seconds waste of your time.

It genuinely took me a second of panicked thought to recall that the internet does not work on the rules of chess.

You know, maybe it's time I switched to Mahjong.


* yes, I worked Friday. There were no buses running thanks to the bank holiday and I had to get a lift with the Post Boy at the hospital, who has to be at work for about 6:45am and we live about thirty minutes fast driving from where I work, so I had to get up at 5am. Dear William and Kate, next time get married on a Saturday.

(, maybe I didn't think that sentiment through.)


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