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But at the moment I'm inordinately delighted with myself for finishing anything! (even if it's taken me months to get past starting new things to actually finishing one of them):

as we fly south - tennis rpf, Andy Murray/Novak Djokovic, rated E. Olympic bet fic, 7,688 words.

Andy’s wanted this forever, so long his earliest memories of it are blurred, foxed at the edges with the careful wear of age. He still can’t quite believe it’s been his this week, the right to drive Novak to the edge of coherence and watch him fall apart; it's as much a prize as any trophy, as the medal wrapped snug in its ribbon in his hoodie pocket.

I realised halfway through it that the last Olympic fic I wrote was a. twelve years ago and b. also a bet fic. I don't even know how to feel about the fact that I'm an ancient fan girl rewriting the same tropes. 'Proud' is an option. So is 'mortified'.


But in 'moving on' steps, I created an Imzy! After a brief panic that someone would've taken 'Clo' already (looking at you, Dreamwidth) I got it and it's fine, nobody panic. I have no idea what I'm doing over there but I have a few free invites if anyone wants one.

I'm located at I guess? I'm still not entirely sure how this community mlarky works but it's an interesting interface that's both tumblr and Livejournal combined, and there's comments (hurrah!) so this could be the next step? I'm interested to see where it goes.
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Roger just lost at Wimbledon so, in the traditions of the last twelve years, I'm sulking on LJ. Hurrah and yay and all that muchness.

(Roger, you had so many break points. You bloody sodding moron.)

Anyway, in addition to now getting entirely soused on Pimms because of idiot Swiss tennis players, I saw this on Twitter today about Russia's bugfuck crazy data laws affecting LJ and wondered sadly if it would be LJ's final straw. I mean, my flist is mostly a wasteland these days (not helped by my useless lack of posts) and I hang out mostly on Twitter (find me at @aomaakutu) but I don't want LJ to disappear entirely. It feels like it should stand forever as an archive to the early-ish days of fandom and online social networking and also, I have a lot of fic (all the old stuff of which is reposted over at Insanejournal, with apologies for how terrible it is) and nonsense and old conversations from over a decade of fandom sitting on here. I don't want that to disappear. AO3 is great and Twitter is great and tumblr is basically a disaster that hasn't got the sense to fall over under the weight of its own nonsense, and none of it does what LJ did. But if LJ does go, look me up on Twitter (@aomaakutu), or AO3 (clo) or Insanejournal (clofic) whatever. Maybe one day fandom will swing back around to blogging again. Then I can yell at people drunkenly about Roger being an idiot in more than 140 characters (which are nowhere near adequate to express my righteous indignation tbh).

Anyway! While LJ is still here and kicking, maybe I should actually use it for something? Idk, I hit a massive writer's block back in February and it took me forever to get over it so I started writing whatever got me writing anything again and it's left me with a bunch of weird WiPs, one of which is 30k and counting. As I'm a little drunk and a lot annoyed, how about some snippets of things that may, or may not, ever be finished? Why not? Snippets for everyone! (er, or everyone who likes tennis fic snippets since I have yet to find another fandom after twelve years. Never let it be said that I don't drag things out to the bitter end).

tennis fic wips snippets )

I wonder if I'll ever forget LJ html. Weird.

Because I'm me, the next thing I really want to write isn't any of these but I only have it outlined rather than written and it's in that weird stage of being thought-perfect before I have to try and wrestle it into words. I like it though. If I can keep writing despite being back in work on Monday, it might even get snippeted, or maybe it'll just get posted. I don't think it'll be that. Except, I always say that and 50k later it's still half finished.

I can't believe Roger lost. What an idiot.
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you and me (we are one and the same) - Tennis RPF, Andy Murray/Novak Djokovic, rated M. Vampire AU. 8,275 words.

“I am fine,” Novak says immediately, as if he isn't obviously being held upright by the wall alone, as if he doesn't look like he just got served up as dinner for a pack of wolves. His voice still rasps a little. “Andy, it is okay. I need just a moment and I will leave, it is not so bad as it looks.”

It takes a second for Andy to find his voice, a second more to breathe through the rising edge of panic he'd tried so hard to leave behind in Australia. “It looks pretty bad,” he says and has to pause to swallow when his tone pitches too far into shrill. “What the hell happened?”

Or, the one where Novak is a vampire and Andy should really know better by now.


Yes, I finished the vampire!Novak fic I started about five years ago because it's not as if I have plenty of other things to write right now. Oh wait, no. Scratch that. Reverse it.

Wow, LJ is running really slow for me right now; typing is taking a good five seconds or so to catch up. Unless those million updates Windows installed have done something which would be pretty annoying.

Life continues to be fair, y'all. Not won the lottery yet but soldiering on. About to embark on a serious Lie to Me marathon so, I'll let you know how that goes.
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I did it again, ya'll.

whiskey sour - loss as an art form 0.2, tennis rpf, Andy Roddick/Roger Federer, explicit, 16,032 words. The morning after the night before, and all the uncomfortable consequences.

This one was so hard to get though, so I'm relieved I wrote the damn thing and now I can go write something less consequence-filled for a while.
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Now I have your attention, GOOD MORNING FLIST! :D (thought I'd better get it in before it actually hits afternoon here.)

I haven't been wasting my morning going through all the tennis slash to put together a rec post. Noooooo, I wouldn't do such a thing when I have an insane amount of other things to be doing. Really. Except yeah, I kind of would. There's so much though; it's going to take me a week to go through it all, even with [ profile] tennisslash's helpful memories and tags. I guess I'll just have to struggle on through the oh-so-difficult re-reading of the most excellent fic out there. It'll be a trial but I'll do my best survive it. *mock theatrics*
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Before I go back to the fic I'm supposed to be writing to stop [ profile] lossi killing me and out of curiosity, did anyone ever find out what happened to [ profile] house_haven? I was going through old fic earlier and it reminded me how much I enjoyed some of hers.

AND. Why does no one write Federer/Murray anymore? *grumbles* ;)
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