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I've just noticed that [ profile] scoobydumblonde has gifted me a pair of dragons and my face went :D , which is pretty amazing for a Sunday night. <3 Thank you! :D

Secondly, I am not dead. I've been meaning to make an LJ post for- er, yes, not actually going to count the days because that's depressing but some time!

In that time I have: bought a blu-ray player; played an awful lot (around 45 hours so far apparently) of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, most of it spent flapping around Skyloft on my giant red bird BECAUSE I CAN; got a new job (but in the same hospital); left my old job (by walking across the road to a different building); spent far too much money; decided not to do Wimbledon this year as I can't afford it after spending all my money; bought a piano-sized keyboard; failed to play anything recognisable on piano-sized keyboard; watched a lot of Suits; read of a lot of fic (mostly Suits); saw a spectacular production of Henry V with [ profile] jesse_kips; read at least two fairly average books; watched the entire first season of Sabrina the Teenage Witch for the first time in years; thought a lot about how I should make an LJ post with all my Suits fic recs; started making this post, which will include at least one Suits rec.

That pretty much sums it up.


The Henry V production we went to was by the fabulous Propeller who I've seen do The Taming of the Shrew and Twelfth Night, and who have pretty much ruined Shakespeare done by anyone else for me forever. You can see a nifty trailer for their Henry V here and for The Winter's Tale production they're touring with it here. Their Winter's Tale even comes recommended by Stephen Fry! They're in New Zealand right now but they're touring the UK until August; I'm going to see Winter's Tale in London in July and honestly, if you even remotely like Shakespeare or theatre, go. Propeller are so amazing. I still mourn that they don't do DVDs so I'll never see their beautiful Twelfth Night again (see post title: the way Simon Scardifield delivered it was heartbreaking. Him not being in Henry this time was the only thing wrong with it.)

Did have the weird realisation halfway through Henry V that Dugald Bruce-Lockhart who plays Henry has been in all three of the Propeller productions I've seen (Petruccio in Shrew, Olivia in Twelfth), making him the only stage actor I've seen on three separate occasions.

When I confessed this, [ profile] jesse_kips accused me of stalking. Then I also confessed that I'd slashed him with Simon Scardifield after watching Shrew (they kissed on stage, the entire play is basically them having epic emotional battles since they were Petruccio and Katherine respectively, what was I supposed to do?)

And then I remembered I even had a LJ icon of Dugald (see: this post's icon) and gave up on anyone hope of arguing that I wasn't a stalker. In my defence it's been mostly incidental; he is in a rather fabulous Shakespeare company.

I'm in the front row when I go to see Winter's Tale. Er. Maybe I'll keep my head down.


I started this an hour ago as an escape from tidying my wardrobe a brief update and there's still boxes all over my bed (woe), so wrapping it up with an incredible Suits/Avengers fic rec:

Sidekick by Closer, (who wrote the amazing Mike/Harvey Pizza verse.

Sidekick was written on the kinkmeme for the prompt 'Harvey Specter wasn't the rich renegade badass that plucked Mike from his potential life of crime. Tony Stark was.' It's well-thought out and hilarious and Mike's grandmother forces Tony to eat regular dinner and all the other Avengers show up (Mike teaches Thor yo mamma< jokes omg) and it's all so ridiculously in-character that it's almost unbelievable. Oh and if nothing else, SPIDER-MAN HAS A CAMEO. All of Closer's Suits fic is brilliant but I wouldn't be too sad to see her take time off to write more for Iron Man/The Avengers too because her Tony is amazing.

My one weird thing with it was that's Tony/Mike- and done awesomely - so even though Harvey shows up (as Tony's lawyer) it's obvs not going to have the same Mike/Harvey relationship. I felt a little sorry for Harvey missing out - Mike works for Iron Man; he's not missing out on anything - BUT I have just noticed that she's added a bunch of codas and there was the promise of a Harvey/Mike/Tony threesome so I'm just going to check that out.

Tidying? Pfft. Go read fic!
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To acknowledge the sudden flood of activity on my flist this morning, thought I'd join in the yay-LJ-used-to-be-this-busy-for-me joy with the fact that I saw David Tennant/Catherine Tate in Much Ado About Nothing last night and they were brilliant and funny and fabulous, and this morning I feel like I have a sad Tennant hangover with the sheer mournfulness of the knowledge that I won't get to see it again. If I could request a Groundhog Day scenario to happen over about three hours of last night, that'd be perfect thanks.

Some joyful rambling that may contain mild spoilers (nothing really production-related huge, mostly just YAY TENNANT/TATE and a few spoilers if you haven't read the play (heathens! READ THE PLAY! ;) No really, it's funny I swear. Anyway: )) )


In other news of my life, I'm currently (obviously) in London. On Thursday I was in Cumbria and on Tuesday I was in Edinburgh. This coming Tuesday I will be in Cardiff and on Wednesday, back in London. It's reached the point where I'm confused when I wake up in the mornings. It's nice to have Wimbledon and Cardiff and more Wimbledon to look forward to, especially knowing that after this week I go back to work for a week and then I'm back to being poor and unemployed which sucks but at least this week is Epic. And I have certainly enough to catch up writing-wise and books-and-DVDs-I've-bought-wise (Psych season five arrived before I left Cumbria WITH NO CUSTOMS CHARGES \o/) that July and August should still be made of fun and hopefully sooner rather than later I'll decide what I actually want to do with my life and someone will give me a job doing it.


In conclusion, go and read this delightful Erik/Charles fic that [ profile] rionaleonhart linked to the other day. It's done so well and is kind of heartbreaking and also kind of wonderful and made me smile. Mmmmm.
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I was filled with glee last night when I discovered that [ profile] rageprufrock was writing Merlin fic, because Merlin fic that I know will be good before I even start it is like gold. So, have some recs:

Starting with the delightful WiP AU that is Drastically Redefining Protocol (that's part one; part two is here. It's cracking me up with the whole MODERN BRITISH ROYALTY angle which is so oddly, hilariously, insanely well-done and Merlin-the-exhausted-med-student may be my new favourite thing with the moments of heartbreak interspersed with his fangirlish love of the crown prince and oh, I am obsessively checking for part three even though part two was only posted this morning. So much love.

And if WiPs put you off (they usually do me but [ profile] rageprufrock and Merlin, there was just no way to resist it) try August. Sweet like thick honey, a softer, lazier look at Merlin and Arthur than the show has time to give us, with a wonderful Arthur-voice and jokes about what Merlin's mother will do when she finds out her son was despoiled in tree. This is going to be one of my happy fics that I reread to cheer myself up on bad days. It really is.

Since this appears to be a post of recs, Now For Something Entirely Different when I recommend the sheer insane genius that is [ profile] athousandwinds' fic of... well, a snippet of fic arising from Ben Jonson and Shakespeare solve crimes; Marlowe haunts them and gives snarky commentary! which is staggeringly hilarious when put into fic. It made my hellish day yesterday so much better. Go read and marvel (and beg her to write more).


In less exciting News of Real Lifeness, it is the work's Christmas party tomorrow. I am expecting- well, I don't really know what I'm expecting except that I'm looking at it with more trepidation than anticipation. And then there's our Leaving For the Lake District party on Saturday. I expect I'll be quite relieved come Sunday when I can sit in my PJs and watch Top Gear safe in the knowledge that it's all over.

I do love my dress for the party tomorrow though. As much as it makes breathing a little bit more of an issue than it should really be, it is a fantastic dress. So that's a plus.
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Parents just texted me *from America* to say good luck for tomorrow. Which has only made me more nervous. Crap.

On the plus side, reading about sodomy. I'm still mentally childish enough to be amused by that counting as academic work.

Oh god. I don't *know* anything.
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Holy crap. I've *seen* Twelfth Night. I even paid attention all the way through. So how, just exactly *how* did I manage to miss the fact that, when read, the language is insanely complicated?

I miss Othello. It didn' take anything to understand. Iago, git. Desdemona, sweet and innocent. Twelfth Night, *so* not that simple. Woe is me.

edit I do love Aguecheek's line "I was adored once too" though. In the Propeller production Simon (icon, though that's him as Puck) said it with this forlorn wistfulness and if there'd been nothing else, I would've loved the character for that. You could hear the sigh of "aaawww" all around the theatre.
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:) Sometimes parents do come through for you after all.

Finished Othello. 2 hours ago. Should really start 12th Night now (woe). It never ends (until friday).
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K just suggested going to Crows on Friday, to celebrate (or mourn, if I don't finish Othello tonight) the end of uni. What with that and Hot Fuzz showing sat & sun on campus (I may go both nights. Um. Ssssshh. Not crazy) looks like my final weekend of official studenthood should be filled with awesome.

If I manage Shakespeare. Still on act 3 of Othello. Yeah. Computer's going off again.

(Crows & Hot Fuzz! Eeeeeee!)
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Cleopatra should not be this boring. Argh. Stupid presentation. Stupid English. Stupid having-to-do-a-pre-1600-fucking-course.

... Bored with Shakespeare presentation. In case you couldn't tell.

edit: Why is it that when I have time to waste and want LJ to be busy, nothing happens but when I'm supposed to be paying attention and working hard, everyone starts leaving funny comments and posting lots? You're all evil. Distract-y evil tempting people.
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I'm not even through the first act of Antony and Cleopatra yet. Jesus. I love this period of history and I love these crazy, megalomaniac, sex-obssessed, awesome people, only Shakespeare is making them into the most boring people ever to exist. Really. Antony's a git and Cleo's like all the most annoying BNFs and idiots in fandom and fic rolled into one. Any line now, someone's going to buy her a laptop. It's driving me nuts.

No love Shakespeare. No love at all.

To soothe my misery, someone rec me good Daniel/Vala Stargate fic? Please? I have a craving brought on by this stunning piece of NC-17 hotness.

It's reminded me I should be reading outside the box again. Which probably includes Shakespeare too and dammit, I really have to read this play. Hasn't anyone got a fun fic AU of it I can read instead? There's got to be one out there.

If not, hm. Gap in the market.
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I love Neil Gaiman. He can make even Shakespeare, after days of endless reading, seem fun.

However, haven't started planning yet. Um. Did I mention that I wasn't planning to sleep tonight anyway?

edit: God. I'm not even writing the essay yet and I'm bored. Planning's hugely annoying because I have all these ideas while reading, scribble them across various pages and post-its and books, only to have to hunt them all down again to form the plan. You'd think that after two years and multiple essays, I'd have learnt what a dumb idea it is but no.

On the plus side, I've decided to open and finish with Neil Gaiman quotations. To make myself feel better, if nothing else.

And I'm already tired. >_< Oh dear. HELLO FAILING.
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... Bored. Was meant to be onto the brainstorming part of essay planning now but I haven't even come close to finishing the reading. Thinking I'll read the section onShrew in my current oh-so-fascinating book and then one, maybe two or three (if they're short) sections from another on Midsummer because really, I am so not qualified to write this essay right now. Got a kind of general idea and maybe a couple of sentences here and there but I don't have enough critics or their opinions or my own opinions, really. I know I wrote a Middlemarch essya with less planning and survived but, as mind-numbingly awful as it was, Middlemarch is still one novel and essays on novels are easy. Shakespeare... not so much.

Also, for the record, I hate New Historicism, Feminism, psychoanalysis, Marxism, all the isms and theories. Really. They're hugely, horribly irritating to work with and around when you haven't left yourself enough time to really read up on them enough to understand how they relate to Shakespeare.

Yes, this is mainly my rant on "why I am stupid for not starting proper research sooner". Expect many over the next... *counts* thirty six hours or so. God, less than two days.

It helped that when I went to read in the library yesterday, some past student who'd sat in the little wooden booth where I was had Biroed "I'M GOING TO FAIL. HELP." on one side of it. I know how you feel mysterious stranger, I really do.

Someone had also written "BORED? PLAY BOREDOM TENNIS" and underneath had written "RIGHT --->" and a short space to the left, "<---- LEFT", the aim clearly being to let your eyes flick back and too, like watching tennis.

I didn't realise until a minute later that I was actually doing it. It's surprisingly addictive.

Ngh. Essays. And I have a 9:30am seminar in the morning too. >_<

edit: I like A, really I do but she likes to come and talk to me for ages all the time. Which, when I was just getting into a good mindset for reading only to spend an hour chatting about inconsequential things instead is.... so very frustrating. >_< Argh. It may be time to ressurect the Do Not Disturb post-it.
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I gave Miko my 201 and Middlemarch essays to look at, to give her some idea of the little stock phrases and words they like to see and she just told me that she was amazed that she hadn't found a single mistake in the 201 4,000-words madness (though, I know for a fact that there are but anyway). Which makes me feel a lot better about this Shakespeare essay, given that I wrote of 201 in my journal "Have less than 24 hours to write 4,000 words. and "One sixteenth of my degree failed in a neat package of caffiene high and sleep deprival.", only to get the best mark I've had for an essay since coming to uni.

Of course, I'd spent a week reading for it before I started but I didn't -- and still don't, to be honest -- understand Structuralism. Shakespeare at least I can conjure up some semblence of knowledge -- though I was pissed when my beautiful realisation that A Midsummer Night's Dream, like Hustle, breaks the fourth wall at the end -- only to find someone's already said it on Wikipedia. Which means no matter how cleverly I say it, tutor'll think I snagged it from there.

Life? So not fair.

And before you yell at me for being on LJ, this is my lunch break. Actually, it's my I-fell-asleep-over-iambic-pentameter-notes-and-I'm-trying-to-wake-up-again break but it's all the same.
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It's very, very grey today, unusually so even for Lancaster. It never quite brightened up fully and now it's edging toward twilight again. Totally bizarre.

Finished Shrew. Contemplating trip to library to check for more resource books since I only have three and a half, plus Sandman #3. Mmm. Can I really be arsed walking?

Then again, can I really be arsed to deal with the consequences of failing this essay? *sighs* Looks like I'm going to have to walk.

edit: Library site is refusing to load which is not, in any way, encouraging. Think I'll write it off until tomorrow.

edit: Library site loaded and found a couple of books that aren't on loan -- my bastardly fellow English students, taking them all over Christmas. Ggggrrr -- that look useful but still puting off until tomorrow. Because. Well. Grey.

You know, I put the Um Bongo song into my shuffled playlist to make myself laugh every time it comes on unexpectedly. About a hundred times of unexpectedness later, I'm still laughing.

And kind of craving Um Bongo. Now that's marketing.
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Just under halfway through Taming of the Shrew and wow, it's worse to read than Midsummer. I actually went and sat in the kitchen to stop the internets distracting me, read solid for a good couple of hours (minus a few flatmate interruptions) and still wasn't getting anywhere fast. Have I mentioned this essay has to be written by Tuesday night? *Finished* by then? And I haven't even started critical reading or a plan or research...

Doooooooooooooooooom, doooooooooooooooooom. Bury me somewhere pretty 'k?

Trying to persuade myself that watching Ten Things I Hate About You is not an adequate substitute for actually reading the text. Failing in that. Seriously failing. Though you know... *checks* no, my copy is at least watchable, ignoring a little fuzz. Curses. I'm meant to be working!

In other Tales of Procrastination, was skipping through my program from when we went to see Shrew a couple of months back and the biography on my favourite actor (*points to icon*) from it mentioned a series called Broken News. Investigation of and IMDb proved it not only fantastically cheap but also starring Indira Varma who I've taken a fondness to. So I bought it. Yes, because I need more distractions.

Hopefully it won't get here until next Tuesday/Wednesday and will be my reward for finishing my essay on time. Finishing. The. Essay. On. Time. Clo. Make a note of that.
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Two-thirds of the way through Midsummer Night's... and am slowly falling asleep. It's not that I don't like it; I love the batshit crazy of this play and that the fairies lover's tiff caused ancient!global warming (it so did) and even the disturbing image of Ally McBeal Helena wanting to be a spaniel but... god, the speeches go on forever.

Need tea to get through this. Lots and lots of tea.
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Generic instability in Shakespeare's plays. Thoughts? It's that or 'to what extent... imitations intended to deceive, can, paradoxically, reveal the truth'.

I love third year. Really. Not.

edit: Actually... on reflection, I'm quite fond of the counterfeit one. But with a term of plays involving Midsummer Night's Dream and Taming of the Shrew and Merchant of Venice, I'm not so sure that everyone won't be doing it. Which, though it may be an easier question, makes it a harder essay because the tutor'll have seen it all before.

Decisions. Argh.

The other essay questions for fionaandlossi )
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And the 'rents just calling me now made me realise something; when you bring up your current obsession with even them (disregarding that it was dad who got me into Hustle and I thought I'd pass on the lack-of-Mickey woe), you probably need a reality check. So. I am well aware I've been a little like -- ...a lot like -- a kid in a candy store with Hustle this last week and if I made you want to give me a good kick up the arse for being obsessively fickle, apologies.

That said, I love how this icon turned out. Lovelovelove it.

Acts of Shakespeare plays read today so far: 0. Watch this space.
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Sitting here planning a trip to Newbury next bloody *June* to see two plays that I'll already have seen by then anyway? Sometimes I wonder about me, I really do. Even though Shakespeare and guys in dresses and it would be kind of fun to see a matinee and then go back for the evening.

Not. Crazy. Sssssh.

Anyway, that all depends on me actually making it that far, which depends on me not failing this year, which I absolutely will fail unless I get some motivation. Starting with going to bed right now since I'm somehow going into town at 8:50am tomorrow morning.

You know the not crazy thing? Yeah. Ignore that.
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... [ profile] claireweasley who said "Post some Shakespeare! Whee!"

Sonnets CXXX

My mistress' eyes are nothing like the sun;
Coral is far more red than her lips' red:
If snow be white, why then her breasts are dun;
If hairs be wires, black wires grow on her head.
I have seen roses damask'd, red and white,
But no such roses see I in her cheeks;
And in some perfumes is there more delight
Than in the breath that from my mistress reeks.
I love to hear her speak, yet well I know
That music hath a far more pleasing sound.
I grant I never saw a goddess go:
My mistress, when she walks, treads on the ground.
And yet, by heaven, I think my love as rare
As any she belied with false compare.

And, because it's so pretty;

"... To die, to sleep-
To sleep - perchance to dream. Ay, there's the rub.
For in that sleep of death what dreams may come..."

-- Hamlet

In the words of [ profile] claireweasley, if you want to do the meme? Post some Shakespeare. :)
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