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Roger just lost at Wimbledon so, in the traditions of the last twelve years, I'm sulking on LJ. Hurrah and yay and all that muchness.

(Roger, you had so many break points. You bloody sodding moron.)

Anyway, in addition to now getting entirely soused on Pimms because of idiot Swiss tennis players, I saw this on Twitter today about Russia's bugfuck crazy data laws affecting LJ and wondered sadly if it would be LJ's final straw. I mean, my flist is mostly a wasteland these days (not helped by my useless lack of posts) and I hang out mostly on Twitter (find me at @aomaakutu) but I don't want LJ to disappear entirely. It feels like it should stand forever as an archive to the early-ish days of fandom and online social networking and also, I have a lot of fic (all the old stuff of which is reposted over at Insanejournal, with apologies for how terrible it is) and nonsense and old conversations from over a decade of fandom sitting on here. I don't want that to disappear. AO3 is great and Twitter is great and tumblr is basically a disaster that hasn't got the sense to fall over under the weight of its own nonsense, and none of it does what LJ did. But if LJ does go, look me up on Twitter (@aomaakutu), or AO3 (clo) or Insanejournal (clofic) whatever. Maybe one day fandom will swing back around to blogging again. Then I can yell at people drunkenly about Roger being an idiot in more than 140 characters (which are nowhere near adequate to express my righteous indignation tbh).

Anyway! While LJ is still here and kicking, maybe I should actually use it for something? Idk, I hit a massive writer's block back in February and it took me forever to get over it so I started writing whatever got me writing anything again and it's left me with a bunch of weird WiPs, one of which is 30k and counting. As I'm a little drunk and a lot annoyed, how about some snippets of things that may, or may not, ever be finished? Why not? Snippets for everyone! (er, or everyone who likes tennis fic snippets since I have yet to find another fandom after twelve years. Never let it be said that I don't drag things out to the bitter end).

tennis fic wips snippets )

I wonder if I'll ever forget LJ html. Weird.

Because I'm me, the next thing I really want to write isn't any of these but I only have it outlined rather than written and it's in that weird stage of being thought-perfect before I have to try and wrestle it into words. I like it though. If I can keep writing despite being back in work on Monday, it might even get snippeted, or maybe it'll just get posted. I don't think it'll be that. Except, I always say that and 50k later it's still half finished.

I can't believe Roger lost. What an idiot.
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I was filled with glee last night when I discovered that [ profile] rageprufrock was writing Merlin fic, because Merlin fic that I know will be good before I even start it is like gold. So, have some recs:

Starting with the delightful WiP AU that is Drastically Redefining Protocol (that's part one; part two is here. It's cracking me up with the whole MODERN BRITISH ROYALTY angle which is so oddly, hilariously, insanely well-done and Merlin-the-exhausted-med-student may be my new favourite thing with the moments of heartbreak interspersed with his fangirlish love of the crown prince and oh, I am obsessively checking for part three even though part two was only posted this morning. So much love.

And if WiPs put you off (they usually do me but [ profile] rageprufrock and Merlin, there was just no way to resist it) try August. Sweet like thick honey, a softer, lazier look at Merlin and Arthur than the show has time to give us, with a wonderful Arthur-voice and jokes about what Merlin's mother will do when she finds out her son was despoiled in tree. This is going to be one of my happy fics that I reread to cheer myself up on bad days. It really is.

Since this appears to be a post of recs, Now For Something Entirely Different when I recommend the sheer insane genius that is [ profile] athousandwinds' fic of... well, a snippet of fic arising from Ben Jonson and Shakespeare solve crimes; Marlowe haunts them and gives snarky commentary! which is staggeringly hilarious when put into fic. It made my hellish day yesterday so much better. Go read and marvel (and beg her to write more).


In less exciting News of Real Lifeness, it is the work's Christmas party tomorrow. I am expecting- well, I don't really know what I'm expecting except that I'm looking at it with more trepidation than anticipation. And then there's our Leaving For the Lake District party on Saturday. I expect I'll be quite relieved come Sunday when I can sit in my PJs and watch Top Gear safe in the knowledge that it's all over.

I do love my dress for the party tomorrow though. As much as it makes breathing a little bit more of an issue than it should really be, it is a fantastic dress. So that's a plus.


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