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I really need to get back in the habit of doing this. I mean, I'm procrastinating from writing to do this but when did I ever post to LJ when I wasn't procrastinating from writing? (tip: I was always procrastinating from writing).

I mean, writing is going pretty well at the moment. For me, anyway; I've posted something within the last week which is a rare enough occurrence to rate as 'pretty well', and the thing I wrote when I had writer's block on the other thing is 2k plus and climbing, so I figure I'll get that done pretty soon before I work on the next chapter of before you come to evening. And I reread 10k of reaction-fic I wrote after Novak lost Wimbledon last year, which I'd relegated to my Dead Letter Box folder (for fic I have no intention of finishing) because I hated it and thought it was boring, but today I enjoyed it and was sad to hit the end of what I'd written, and frustrated. What were you thinking past self? I don't understand; you were on a roll. Quit quitting stuff.

I don't know if I'll finish it. Elements of it surfaced in the coming of the fall which I wrote a couple of months after, but all the set-up is done; the sticking point is that the scene I didn't write was The Scene That Was the Entire Point and Reason which are always the worst. But this one had snuggling. Maybe when Wimbledon rolls around again I'll be reinspired, or I'll post it undone over at [personal profile] clofic maybe, or maybe it'll be my writer's block fic for the next chapter of before. I guess [personal profile] clofic is going to be my work-in-progress dump over here, since all finished stuff is now going on AO3. If you want free snippets, or wips, or fic fanmixes or whatever, follow over there.

The other weird thought that occurred after rereading the Wimbledon Reject Fic; I've spent almost ten months now musing on The Fall of Novak Djokovic in one way or another, and I'm still no closer to having a grip on it or why I care. I've never liked Novak the way I like Roger, or Roddick or Muzz, not in the simple and uncomplicated way of wanting them to win everything they touch and being happy when they do. Novak's disingenuous and desperate for attention; I never quite believe him when he says the sky is blue and grass is green (like when he falls and hurts himself only to win the match, when he says he's injured, when he says he isn't, when he says he's fine when he's clearly losing weight, about to burst into genuine pained tears in the US Open final, when he falls and hits his head so hard in Qatar that Muzz came across the court to check on him), but I'm so used to resenting him for beating Roger and begging for attention and being gloriously untouchable, having him broken and off-colour is disconcerting. I know what I think happened after the French last year but Becker's gone and Jelena's pregnant again because we all know having a second kid when things are miserable is a surefire way to fix life's problems (except for all the ways it isn't) and Novak's still this weird echo of himself.

I don't like worrying about goddamn Novak Djokovic but apparently I am, anyway.

At least Roger is back on glorious GOAT form this year and is doing me a solid by skipping the clay season which I can never watch because it's on when I'm in work. Work is a whole 'nother kettle of fish (mostly not awful, but complicated).

The housing situation is at the opposite end of the extreme and is all kinds of ongoing disaster but I've procrastinated all my time away and anyway, there's not much I can say about it that isn't a complaint. Basically it's stressful and come June (our contract here ends July 3rd) I'm going to be a lot less chill about it than I am right now. Get back to me in a month.
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Roger just lost at Wimbledon so, in the traditions of the last twelve years, I'm sulking on LJ. Hurrah and yay and all that muchness.

(Roger, you had so many break points. You bloody sodding moron.)

Anyway, in addition to now getting entirely soused on Pimms because of idiot Swiss tennis players, I saw this on Twitter today about Russia's bugfuck crazy data laws affecting LJ and wondered sadly if it would be LJ's final straw. I mean, my flist is mostly a wasteland these days (not helped by my useless lack of posts) and I hang out mostly on Twitter (find me at @aomaakutu) but I don't want LJ to disappear entirely. It feels like it should stand forever as an archive to the early-ish days of fandom and online social networking and also, I have a lot of fic (all the old stuff of which is reposted over at Insanejournal, with apologies for how terrible it is) and nonsense and old conversations from over a decade of fandom sitting on here. I don't want that to disappear. AO3 is great and Twitter is great and tumblr is basically a disaster that hasn't got the sense to fall over under the weight of its own nonsense, and none of it does what LJ did. But if LJ does go, look me up on Twitter (@aomaakutu), or AO3 (clo) or Insanejournal (clofic) whatever. Maybe one day fandom will swing back around to blogging again. Then I can yell at people drunkenly about Roger being an idiot in more than 140 characters (which are nowhere near adequate to express my righteous indignation tbh).

Anyway! While LJ is still here and kicking, maybe I should actually use it for something? Idk, I hit a massive writer's block back in February and it took me forever to get over it so I started writing whatever got me writing anything again and it's left me with a bunch of weird WiPs, one of which is 30k and counting. As I'm a little drunk and a lot annoyed, how about some snippets of things that may, or may not, ever be finished? Why not? Snippets for everyone! (er, or everyone who likes tennis fic snippets since I have yet to find another fandom after twelve years. Never let it be said that I don't drag things out to the bitter end).

tennis fic wips snippets )

I wonder if I'll ever forget LJ html. Weird.

Because I'm me, the next thing I really want to write isn't any of these but I only have it outlined rather than written and it's in that weird stage of being thought-perfect before I have to try and wrestle it into words. I like it though. If I can keep writing despite being back in work on Monday, it might even get snippeted, or maybe it'll just get posted. I don't think it'll be that. Except, I always say that and 50k later it's still half finished.

I can't believe Roger lost. What an idiot.
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Um. So there was a Wimbledon final at the weekend which involved Roger Federer. And had Andy Roddick commentating - or in truth, talking non-stop for five days about how amazing Roger is and how great he is and how he only copes with being asked about 2009 because he has so much respect for Roger and even though it's been a million years since I wrote anything actually postable in tennis fic, I did a thing. Like, drink too much Pimms and bash angrily at my keyboard while Roger lost, and then spend two days spamming [ profile] kindoftrouble with emails going DOES THIS MAKE SENSE HOW CAN I MAKE MY DRUNKEN RAMBLINGS MAKE SENSE WHY DO I LOVE TENNIS PLAYERS WHEN THEY DO STUPID THINGS LIKE LOSING, ARGH.

In short, have fic. It's even go about 21% plot going on behind the PWP. Sort of. This is mostly the angry-that-he-lost bit; if I get the sequel, and the prequel, and the sequel-sequel done, there might be actual plot. Plus the other thing I'm about half-way through that isn't even in this series. Because apparently I'm writing tennis RPF again, god.

beautiful and drunk (singing softly to yourself)
- Andy Roddick/Roger Federer, explicit, 6093 words post-Wimbledon 2015 final, drunken hurt-comfort sex and Andy pining when he should know better.

I er, was about 50-80% Pimms at various times when I wrote it, so hopefully the editing-bashing means it at least vaguely makes sense.

Posting on AO3 is amazingly more nerve-wracking than here or the Pit of Voles. I'm going to go have a little sit down now.
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So I've talked about my odd dreams before. Giant butterflies, redesigned Londons, Philip Glenister shouting at politicians, faeries kidnapping people. I like my dreams. My subconscious puts effort into them, or at least into making them entertainingly random.

But. The last few days, I've sensed a theme. Friday night, I dreamed that Roger Federer had called a press conference to announce he wanted more points/money for winning matches against top ten players and the ensuing uproar.

Last night I dreamed I was at Wimbledon, which for some inexplicable reason seemed to have been transported in its entirety into the Australian outback, and while walking around backstage we bumped into John McEnroe who was shouting at someone else. (I don't know about what. Possibly that Wimbledon had just fallen through the Earth to the opposite side of the planet and they could not be serious about wanting to make it an Australian tournament from now on).

And just now I took a two hour nap, during which I dreamed that my neighbours had opened a Michelin starred restaurant in their house and Novak Djokovic had brought a coachload of friends (for some reason, this included some cowboys?) to try it out and I spent the whole time pressed to the window, wondering if could go and get him to sign every tennis-related thing I own. He saw me. He waved. But I still wussed out, probably because my subscious failed to provide a dream![profile] kindoftrouble to yell at me for not tackling him to the ground for a hug immediately.

So. Tennis players. I never dream about tennis players, at least nowhere near as often as I'd expect to considering it's my only obsession other than Casper to last longer than five years. Dear brain, what are you trying to say? Should I rob a bank and use my ill-gotten gains to become a professional tennis player stalker? You're seriously recomending that as a sensible life direction?

...Sounds good to me. ;-)


In other news! I have set up Dreamwidth crossposting. In theory, this will make my Dreamwidth account more interesting but it'll probably mostly change nothing at all. I do have a couple of Dreamwidth codes available if anyone wants one? First come, first served basis. Leave me your email in a comment if you want one (I just typed 'if you want me'. *blinks* Idek what kind of Freudian slip that is).

You can also read/comment on this entry here .
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So this morning I dragged myself into awakeness around 8:20am and tried to work out why the BBC was showing a repeat of Murray vs Isner instead of Roger's live match. It was only when I checked the AO site that I realised the evening matches started at half eight our time instead (they used to start at 7pm Australia time didn't they? Or not?) and I had to sit in bed and stare blankly at the internet to keep myself awake until the BBC interative coverage started and I could put it on. At which point I snuggled down in bed and spent about an hour attempting to watch tennis while mostly asleep. Thankfully Roger wasn't doing anything horribly stupid but I wouldn't say I actually watched most of the first two sets.

And then I fell asleep completely and woke up to Roger being asked by Jim Courier what he remembers about his first match with Lleyton and Roger admitting they were a. fourteen and b. he cheated. Essentially. Oh Roger you rebel you.

Possibly if I want to watch Murray tomorrow - and I do; I need to yell at the TV in hope of him winning - I should make it downstairs to the sofa. Yeah.

Not that falling asleep was a total loss; I had a bizarre dream that the Roger vs Lleyton match was taking place in my back garden in Wales which needless to say isn't big enough for a tennis court, never mind the entire Rod Laver Arena but by some TARDIS logic they'd fitted it in. I was watching and half-meandering around to be nosy and I found the showers and was amused that Roger had a massive bottle of custom-made shampoo. I was annoyed that I got chased out the showers by security before I found out how it smelled so I could be accurate in fic. Then after Roger won he had a hideously ugly suit to put on before he could talk to Courier; it was a black jacket covered in multi-coloured splashes of paint, a bright purple silk shirt and an orange tie. No trousers so I'm assuming he was going to wear it with his shorts. I told him it was so bad, it actually crossed the so-bad-it's-awesome line and he seemed somewhat offended; i was probably custom-made for him by the Prada elves or something. Then I offered Mirka a cup of tea because she was standing in my kitchen looking lost.

I don't know what's up with my subconscious sometimes. I won't even go into the part where we had to move to a concert hall for the next match (I assume they'd realised with some horror that they were playing in someone's tiny garden) and all the old WWE wrestlers (including Hornswoggle. Oh dear brain, really?) were there and they explained to me why tennis and wrestling were secretly the same thing. Sadly it was such thrilling reasoning that I can't remember it. Oh well.

I should watch tennis before falling asleep more often. Maybe next time I'll get to find out what flavour shampoo Roger uses.


On the downside, I've slept in again today and I meant to get up and apply for jobs and be a productive members of society. It's a little worrying how little I've done for two weeks. Okay, a lot worrying. All-night and all-morning tennis hasn't helped but... really. I need to be motivated and soon.
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So about... two and a half hours ago, I thought "I shall fic! But first I shall nap for half an hour to kill my random headache" (this never works but I'm like Barnabas trying to dig holes in the plastic bottom of his wheel; it never works and yet I keep forgetting I unsuccessfully tried the same thing yesterday). And this time, maybe because I was thinking about the fic I should be writing or to punish me for hitting 'off' instead of 'snooze' on my alarm, my brain decided to give me a random nightmare. But with completely random unscary tennis players! I know. What.

If you're interested... )

So analyse that Freudians. I don't even know, other than I suspect the tennis players were thrown in because I went to sleep thinking about tennis. I don't know why Djokovic was lovely but also the creepy monster. So confused.

And as much as I'm happy not to be stuck in a house with lights that won't turn on (I hate that; nothing creeps me out more except things lurking in the dark which is probably related), I never got Roger Federer's autograph. Dammit!
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Roger Federer completes his ridiculously fanficesque career when Mirka has twin girls. Thanks for announcing it WHILE I WAS SLEEPING damn you Roger. ;-) I'd still be sleeping if [ profile] make_a_move hadn't texted me to let me know and I fled immediately to the internet to look for names. I'm not thinking too much about what kind of sad person that makes me. TWINS, DUDES.

I've already had the "Charlene? Seriously? Um. Maybe it'll grow on us..." conversation with [ profile] make_a_move but her second name is Riva which is a small slip of pronounciation away from River, so clearly she's going to be a super-genius super-psychic assassin and can beat the crap out of anyone who questions her first name. Myla Rose is incredibly pretty, even if it does sound like it belongs in a Doctor Who fic. :) Maybe she'll be the thirteenth Doctor's companion.

All in all, very well done for not naming either of them Federica, Roger. Or Albus Severus. Now go buy Mirka something very shiny for sitting through that Wimbledon final with twins. Like, epically shiny.

Now I have to get dressed and call people and go buy cupcake ingredients and in no way spend my time on the internets giggling about this. Sigh. This is when it'd be nice to be a tennis journalist.
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In the name of ignoring my life right now, I think I'm going to spend the next few days obsessively checking for new baby updates, just because I can and because it's more fun than sulking about everything. Hurrah for excellent timing Baby Fed! Poor Mirka though; she already looked horribly uncomfortable at Wimbledon and it's been weeks. Makes me glad I'm sticking with pets instead of kids.

As much as it's going to be Baby Fed forever and ever (and subsequent ones shall be Baby Fed the Second, Baby Fed the Third etc.), for what it's worth my money's on a girl and if the rumour of Robin wasn't true (hey it works for girl or boy) I'd guess maybe... Emilie? As much as a Swiss baby name site just cracked me up by giving 'Federica' as an actual Swiss name I highly doubt they'd name it Federica Federer. Um. At least I hope not.

(If they do I may have to disown Roger and become a die-hard Mardy fan because that's just bad.)

There're some really pretty Swiss names. Apparently Chiara is Swiss? I thought it was Irish. Hm. Atalie is pretty, though it kind of sounds like you're saying Natalie wrong. Claudia. Eva. Liana just made me think of Top Gear and now I'm laughing again. Maria or any of the derivatives would be cause to burst into The Sound of Music songs every time the TV shows him, Mirka or The Spawn. I'm not ruling out Martina either. If it is a boy and Robin was just a rumour, they should call him Remy instead and I can refer to it as Gambit. Or Xavier, because that name never gets old!

(I'm glad I don't want kids; one day I'd have to explain to them why they had such a silly name and showing someone a cartoon/comic book/film and going "LOOK ISN'T THIS CHARACTER AWESOME?' will probably go down badly. Unless I'd brought them up properly and they were a geek, of course.)

edit: Just before I go to bed like I should've done an hour ago, I'd just like to point out that Wikipedia SOURCE OF ALL INTERWEB KNOWLEDGE says the most popular baby boy name among German speakers is: TIM (you might have to scroll down a bit but it's there) followed by NOAH (oh the Wimbledon rain/flood jokes to be had with that!) Girl's name; first is Lena followed by Sara. Not that I think Roger will go with popular opinion but I would loooooove him to name a boy Tim because the sheer batshit of the British press would be hilarious. And also it'd be a lot more random (therefore funnier) than Rafael or even Andy.

And on that note since no more baby news seems to be forthcoming, I'm off to bed. Here's to me being less of a miserable sod tomorrow (Baby Fed would help, Mirka. You know, you probably... actually you probably don't have anything else on your mind right now. But just a suggestion anyway!)
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Oh my god. How is this match in five sets? I DIDN'T EVEN DREAM OF FIVE SETS. Kind of wishing I hadn't recorded the HD coverage now because it's going to take up so much room on the box and our DVD recorder still isn't working. That should probably be my mission this week; work out what cable we need to make it work and DVD this match. Because no way am I not keeping a copy of this.

I still don't actually know who I want to win. I keep vacillating. Argh. On a selfish note though, I almost think it'd be poetic for Andy to win considering my first ever real tennis match was the 04 final when he looked like he was winning and didn't.

I don't think Roger Federer would take that as a good reason for losing though. If he'd won last year I would totally be on Andy's side but as it is... I don't know. Neither of them deserve to lose this match.

(I'm glad it's been this good though. I didn't dare hope it would be this good. This icon says it all.)
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My father greeted me as I came down the stairs this morning with:

Him: Oh! The final's been cancelled.
Me: No it hasn't.
Him: It has. Federer's wife's gone into labour so he's pulled out.
Me: No he hasn't.
Him: He has. *to my mother* You saw it on the news didn't you?
Her: ...Yes?
Him: See?
Me: ...Yeah, considering my phone hasn't exploded with text messages, I'm going to go with that being a lie. Nice try.
Him: *shrugs*

And then I double-checked Google news as soon as my laptop was on. Sometimes I hate my parents.

I did come across this brief article on the odds on Baby Federer names which seems to me rather silly (and is of course in the Mirror, so it's to be expected). Ace?! There're people in the world who genuinely think Roger Federer would name any of his spawn 'Ace' (admittedly, with those odds...)?

On the flip side, I'm not that fond of 'Robert' and quite frankly if he names it Rafael I will forever refer to it as the (Ninja) Turtle in outrage.

'Heidi' made me laugh though. Firstly because of course people name their children after their country's classic literature; this is why Britain is full of Elizabeths, Janes and Fitzwilliams and secondly because my grandmother had a Yorkshire Terrier when I was growing up named Heidi. Then again, Tim Minchin has just named his son Caspar... maybe it's the beginning of a trend.

But my money's on none of those. I have confidence in Roger coming up with something as utterly ridiculous and yet utterly perfect as his Wimbledon outfits. And you know, Mirka may make the occasional bad decision with a dress but she's far too sensible to let him saddle the kid with anything awful. I hope. If I didn't have an inexplicable whim that it's going to be a girl, I'd quite like him to call it Fred. Has tennis pretensions but also, Fred's just a name that needs some more love.

It has absolutely nothing to do with me wanting to giggle every time I say 'Fred Federer'. Nope.


I'm wondering if I can make it up and down the hill behind the house before the tennis coverage starts. Popular opinion says no. I'm not so sure. I'm also not so sure if I can be bothered. Hm.
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I take it all back. I love you Andy Roddick. Really fucking love you.

I don't know how I'll get through tomorrow while I wait for Sunday. I really don't. This match-up is the reason I got into tennis. This day five years ago I was sitting back in Wales going "You know, I quite like these tennis guys. I should watch that final on Sunday; it'll be good."

I don't even care who wins. Don't even. I'm so happy. :DDDD
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AND. AND. I only got around to actually finishing the last post so I could post this vid of Roger Federer getting chased by a crazy fan during the final and ask WHY WAS THIS NOT MENTIONED? I get the "Yay he won!", I totally do, glee but seriously, one of you who actually watched it couldn't have added a p.s. SOME CRAZY DUDE TRIED TO ATTACK ROGER WITH A FLAG LOL!

But since no one did, I'm doing it now. Seriously. What. The. Hell.

(That security guard does an awesome tackle though. Or a spear, if you watch WWE. Makes up for the rest of the guards being too full of doughnuts to actually do their job).
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I'm going home tomorrow (but I don't get home until the day after! Fun times!). *sadface* It's close enough for me to check the weather for when I land on Friday (it's barely 15 degrees over the next few days; I was expecting at least up to the twenties from what I've been hearing about crazy weather back there wtf?) and my 'rentals want my flight details and you know, I have less than no money left so it's good I'm going, and yes I know I've been complaining about hostels and repacking my backpack for the forty millionth time but... that was when I wasn't two days from going home. There's still stuff I haven't bought! There's still stuff I haven't done! Except the Rod Lave arena tour which we're planning to do Thursday as one of my Last Day Things so I can giggle at the locker rooms and spend too much in the little shop (I don't know if they have a little shop but I'm guessing they do. If backpacking has taught me anything, it's that everywhere will have a little shop).

[ profile] irradiatedsoup we're planning on heading in for the tennis centre tour at 1pm, then do the acquarium after (the tennis tour should finish around 2:15-2:30pm) so you can come do the tennis tour with us or just the acquarium or whatever. :) I have my phone but don't have any credit left, so let me know on the interwebs tonight or just text me where you are tomorrow and we'll come find you.

And that'll be it.Which is weird but you know, home will be nice. And I'm only there a week before I head to Newcastle & London anyway, so it's not like I'll have time to get bored. It's just oh, Australia. Why do you have to be so far away?

But anyway right now I have some time to kill so have That Icon Meme, gacked from [ profile] kindoftrouble:
icon meme! )

If you want me to pick some of your icons, you might be waiting until Saturday because tomorrow night I'm spending almost twenty-four hours travelling and then at least eight sleeping that off. I won't have forgotten! It's taken me five days to finish this post though. Um. Maybe make that Sunday.

Later I have to pack for the last time. Mmmm, that cannot be over soon enough.
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Roger ♥
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I was just checking to see when the tennis was starting and it occurred to me that I really should record this (I mean, hopefully this is going to be something that I want to see) but my parents aren't home (it cost me my last £1 of phone credit to find that out, ARGH). [ profile] kindoftrouble are you recording it?
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Woke up this morning to the news that Roger got married. While it's cute and kind of hilarious how he managed to do it so under the radar (I haven't found a single picture of it yet which considering he's Roger Federer is pretty impressive), suddenly living in a world where Roger's married was a bit like stepping into a cold shower that you thought was hot. You just don't see it coming. The universe really needs to provide advance warning when it's about to shatter the OTP you've cuddled close for almost five years. At least Andy's faffed ridiculously and publicly around for a while with his sounds-like-a-McDonalds-meal Brooklyn.

But. Congratulations Roger! Well done for convincing me so throughly that you were only waiting to retire before you came out, and also for marrying Mirka who is very sweet and cute and probably looked lovely in the dress that there're no public pictures of (not that I'm bitter. Just, there is never enough pictures of Roger in a suit).

Now stop thinking about marriage and babies and get back to playing tennis again because I would really like you to win the French and Wimbledon this year understand? Good. Also, take a golden Easter Egg for the shitstorm that probably broke in every single sports media office across the world when you announced on your website that you'd got married without telling any members of the press, you sneaky bastard. I'm actually kind of proud of you. :D

In Australia News, today we went to the Old Bus Depot Markets which was wonderful and made me wish I had endless money because there were silk scarves and beautiful pictures and jewellery and oh, one day I will go back when I'm rich. Then we went to Borders which looks exactly the same here as it does in the UK except the books are twice as expensive and I had to remind myself I still have two and a half books still to read (I picked up Archer's Goon by Diana Wynne Jones secondhand at the Market and I haven't even started Un Lun Dun yet). Yesterday we did the National Museum which was fabulous, even when there was a fire alarm and we went down to the doors only to find they were locked. Which seems dubious evacuation policy but did give us the opportunity to discuss the best ways of sliding down the very shiny floor we were sitting on to wait. Mattresses, I think was the conclusion.

Tomorrow I'm to be introduced to Koko Black (I went to the one in Melbourne's Royal Arcade but only had tea and was more concerned with being on time to meet [ profile] chickybee32 so I wasn't actually paying attention). I've been told it is one of the greatest experiences ever, so it should be fun if I make it out without overdosing on chocolate. Mmmmm. So far I'm enjoying Canberra very much, although I doubt I'd enjoy it without [ profile] mayakitten because I would've got entirely lost days ago and probably eaten by cockatoos of which there're many. I love that my Aussie flisters are looking after me in Australia. You're all very awesome. *loves*

AND. Because they finally uploaded, have a few pictures! Had a rethink on just posting them because they were really stupidly big, so just click the links )

So happy Easter everyone! Hope you all had as good a day as I did. :D Eat lots of chocolate!

(Also [ profile] chickybee32, you've infected me with Bam!fever. I keep looking at the Viva La Bam DVDs and wanting. You're so very evil, damn you!)
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I have to quote the general response on tennisslash and go HOLY SHIT.

Both [ profile] make_a_move and [ profile] kindoftrouble texted me LITERALLY SECONDS APART going omgwtfhaveyouseenthis?!, which I hadn't because I've spent the last three hours on The Sims 2. Which reminds me; I have an Andy/Roger couple on there and I'll probably amuse myself by having them adopt later. Or make a Mirka and get Roger to have an affair. THERE ARE ENDLESS HOURS OF ENTERTAINMENT TO BE HAD.

But seriously? I've never been more floored by a piece of tennis news. I would've bet my signed copy of Good Omens this wouldn't happen for at least another two or three years until Roger's career was winding down [a few losses don't mean it's winding down, he's still number two and was in the last three...four... several Slam finals, so shut up] and that it's now... does this mean Mirka won't be at Wimbledon? 'Summer' would suggest that's likely, because a hasty Google says 36 weeks is the absolute cut-off date on flying while pregnant and it's apparently 27 weeks without a doctor's note. I can't imagine Roger risking anything just for the sake of having her at courtside, so my money's on her skipping Wimbledon. (Roger if you skip Wimbledon to have a baby so I don't get to see you after paying £72 for a ticket, I'll... well I'll understand but I'll be really pissed. You could've got a cat! Or a dog; you could've hit tennis balls for it and it would've brought them back for you to hit again! It would've been amazing practise! By the time you've trained your kid to do that, you'll be retired, not to mention that you'll get no sleep for months and it's hard to play good tennis after no sleep for months. Or a monkey! You could've trained a monkey to go and rearrange Nadal's water bottles to freak him out; it would've been hilarious. But no, that just wasn't enough!)

...Okay, I am actually kidding. My well-documented feelings on the newborns of our species aside, I'm very happy for him. Just confused, because I really didn't think I'd be saying congratulations for another few years Roger, and if you quit tennis to have children before I get to see you play some more in person, I will actually be mad. I'm all for you breeding up the rogerus federus subspecies of humanity that can all play amazing tennis with their eyes closed but you still have those records to beat. Don't think that spawning lets you off the hook.

I guess I have to stop telling my parents that I fully expect him to come out when he retires now huh? Wow.

(If anyone feels like doing for the tennis fandom what A Farm in Iowa did for SGA? I would totally approve. Only you know, with a fictional kid because after that it gets a little weird.)

(Also, anyone taking bets on girl/boy/non-humanoid lifeform?)
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Dear Andy,

GODDAMMIT. Do you know how many times I've seen you play Roger this year? None. I even set it to record and everything.

Not amused Andy. Not at all. Ass.

(And- get better in time for Kooyong. Nearly all my favourite pictures of you and Roger are from there. I don't care if you have to wrap yourself in bubblewrap between now and then, be there.)*

A little bit of love because I'm sure your ankle hurts like a bitch right now,


*I miss the days when tennis players did as they were told.

...wait, when was that again?
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edit: My dad just texted me "How did muggles do against noddy?"

And I didn't even have to think about what he meant. Sigh.

EDIT: Today is so awesome, it needs TINY DUCKS IN A TEACUP.

I melted. A lot. So. Cute.
clo_again: (Spaced - omgyay!)

I need a Roger "YAY!" icon for this moment. I really do. :D ROGER. OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALLIST. :DDDDDDD
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