clo_again: (Pigs Might Fly)
I'm afraid I've got terribly addicted to Pokemon Go, even though my Windows phone tried to protect me by being too rubbish to install it. Instead it's on my iPod which needs a wifi connection to play and, occasionally at weekends when I can borrow it, my mother's phone. So far I've resisted dropping £120 on a new phone JUST TO PLAY POKEMON GO. (I've still made it to level fifteen and caught 51 Pokemon. This either proves there's a flaw in the game's 'you must walk around to catch stuff' directive, or that where I work was incredibly foolish to install free unlimited wifi).

Today I finally saw a Pikachu silhouette when I was wandering around the local park. While walking around trying to find it, in an incredibly weird meta moment, a kid holding an actual oversized Pikachu plush ran past me.

It's possible I was hallucinating. I probably need to stop playing this game.


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