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Given LJ's latest shenanigans, I've officially privated everything over there (all the entries and comments were already backed up here anyway), deleted all but a few boring or essential photographs from the LJ Scrapbook, and when [personal profile] clofic finishes importing here, I'll be deleting that from LJ. I don't really know what to do about my LJ memories. There's so many, and so many fic recs, but I'm so tired of backing stuff up.

Dude, I miss opening up my LJ flist in the morning and finding new fic. Emails from AO3 are well and good but there was something about stumbling across a new chapter three posts into your flist and reading it with LJ formatting and cut tags.

ANYWAY. Hopefully this was the final boot everyone needed to move to Dreamwidth and there'll be allll the fic. Or at least you know, activity over here.

I've had an LJ since 2002. This is so weird.
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Really gotta start working on posting regularly again, rather than meandering on Twitter for aimless hours. All the shenanigans LJ's pulled with the new TOS are finally giving me the impetus to boot it and move operations over here (or er, restart them over here since they've fallen off the Procrastination Cliff of late).

I don't know if I can bring myself to delete all the posts over there, even when they're backed up here; I certainly can't make myself delete the entire journal. For one, that's over a decade of my history. For two, I still use the Scrapbook because it's easier than sourcing image space anywhere else. Once LJ goes down for good (because let's face it; this kerfuffle is causing a final exodus that can't end well) then I guess I'll need to look into it but until then I'm thinking maybe I'll just private everything except a post directing traffic this way.

I guess I'll need to shift clofic over here as well. All the fic is backed up at Insanejournal (still don't think it's worth the editing it'd need for AO3) but I'd like to hang onto the comments. I should really get moving on that this weekend before LJ shut down the ability for external sites to import stuff which is what I saw predicted on one analysis of the new TOS.

As much as LJ's been the internet equivalent of a sad oldtimer dive bar for years now, I regret not owning any LJ merchandise from back in the day. This thing ran my life for eight-to-ten years; at the very least I'd like a hoodie. Hell, a keyring. I saw a Nirvana t-shirt in Topshop yesterday and for a minute it felt as if I was fourteen again. I wonder if retro LJ merchandise - or Frank the Goat merchandise to be Ultimate Hipster about it - will ever circle back to coolness? I hope so, especially if we can do it without giving actual Russia-owned-modern-LJ a penny for it.

So I don't know; maybe I'll be around more while I shift things over here, curse trying to set up a new DW for clofic, etc. In between those fun things, I'll be attempting to finish the latest fic I posted to AO3 because I thought it'd be a good idea to post another WiP as a motivational move. The jury is out on whether or not this was a spectacularly terrible idea yet, mostly because I had the first two and a half chapters written already so it hasn't become an issue yet (it will. I'm working on it though!).

It's the hooker!Andy Murray fic, because LJ may be circling the drain but some things never change. You can find the first two chapters over on AO3: before you come to evening, e, Murray/Djokovic AU, the one where Andy ended up a prostitute instead of a tennis player through a series of accidents and bad decisions, and Novak's mostly trying not to screw up his life.


Life stuff is also happening but it's of the tiresome, housing-is-stressful-and-I-have-not-yet-won-the-lottery-to-sort-it kind, so it can wait until I'm not half asleep and well past a sensible you're-in-work-tomorrow bedtime for someone who's trying to pretend to be an adult. It's fine; I'm not living in a box under the canal bridge yet so hopefully we can take that as an optimistic sign.
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I was just reading (read: procrastinating from writing) Versaphile's post about importing old fic to AO3:

I'm massively anti-deleting fanfic - I feel that once something has been released to run wild on the internet, you have no idea really who's read it or what impact that had on them, even if it's yours, even if it has your name on it; once it's posted, it should stay available somewhere forever. On the flipside, I've always been firmly set on not importing my old fic to AO3 because most of it I feel needs more editing than I'm happy doing, or was written when I still had no clue what I was doing other than bashing out words in a vague succession of sense, or is frankly (imho) terrible. All my old stuff is sitting around on [ profile] clofic or in a much neater indexed collection on Insanejournal and that's fine. It isn't as if I'm locking it in a drawer; if anyone wants it, my username is the same everywhere.

But then- reading Versaphile talk about archiving fandom history and how important it is made me think that's irresponsible. Likewise the level of outrage I went through listening to a podcast discussing tennis slash last year, with a panel of four tennis ficcers who flat out stated that tennis slash "started around 2007 with Nadal/Federer" (hahahahaha I guess we all hallucinated all that Roddick/Federer fic that happened 2004-onwards, or that there was at least one person writing Roddick/Ferrero before that which no longer exists because the original tennis fic comm got deleted) implies that maybe fandom history is already getting fuzzy. Like all the teenies on tumblr who keep LOLing at oldtimers for including disclaimers on fic and then can't believe it when the oldtimers turn around and tell them The Epic Saga of Anne Rice's Lawyers.

So I don't know. Maybe I should see how much editing some of the longer things would need so I can post them with only moderate-to-crippling shame.


(Also, HEY, HEY I'M STILL HERE, HAI LJ. It's my fourteenth LJ anniversay on October 8th. Every year I say I should do something and every year I wake up in November and go "...ah shit, maybe next year.")
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So I've got as far as a very-hasty LJ layout fix (the colours will not last I suspect, but I came up with a really pretty idea for a header last week, didn't scribble it down and now haven't got a clue what it was, so this is it until it comes back to me) and this is not going to be a post of substance other than that but my work contract finished last Friday so I have no excuse not to catch y'all up soon. Other than, you know, my limitless procrastination.

I'm surprised by how much being an aimlessly unemployed bum isn't really fun anymore. Not getting up at 6am is nice, and being able to sleep for most of the last two days when I haven't exactly been feeling like a million bucks has been lovely but...I miss having the motivation to get up and do something. And I miss the money already, dear god do I miss the money. Weighing up my need for shoes and DVDs against the perils of my overdraft is about as fun as it was for my six months of being unemployed last year, which is to say not at all; I need to find something soon. But something not crap. At this point it'd be really nice to have a job that I need to actually engage my brain to do.

I'm going to go fall asleep watching the tennis now. It's 1:55am, I should really go to bed, but moving sounds like effort and it's very nice to have the tv all to myself. Even if I am chosing to enjoy that by falling asleep on the sofa. Mmmm.
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Something like two and a half hours later, my "quick" header change is done to the point where I at least don't dislike so much that I'll want to change it tomorrow, even if the Photoshopping is spectacularly lazy. I couldn't find anything to change it to for ages, other than knowing I wanted something new; went with Andrew-Lee Potts on, well, a whim. And because I really enjoyed him in SyFy's Alice last week and he's got a pretty face on him, which is always fun to look at everytime I load LJ.

Also, did I mention he was excellent in Alice? The plot was definitely sketchy at times - lots of times -but he and Caterina Scorsone (Alice) made it work. Some (not all but definitely some) of the CGI was pretty nifty too. Worth a watch! I'm side-eyeing the DVD on Amazon right now.


So, as you can see one is not yet dead*, despite my complete lack of LJing lately. I keep thinking of things to post about like new Who and my [ profile] kindoftrouble-inspired reaching-ridiculous-levels-now Psych obsession (yes, James Roday was totally a candidate for the header but I couldn't find pictures I liked and was too lazy to screencap) or the fact that my work contract has now been extended until the end of May (hurrah!)...only I mention them on Twitter and then forget. Twitter has done more to kill my LJ posting mojo than anything else and I apologise.

Not that I say anything really interesting on Twitter either! It's mostly cooing over whichever Psych ep I've been watching (recently) or talking about tennis (though not right now because it's clay season & I don't care) or LOLing at the royal wedding snark (yesterday). Stuff that's worth 140 characters but not an LJ post. Before Twitter, I probably would've made the LJ post regardless but now it all gets splurged over there and it may save LJ from my ramblings, but it stops me posting anything here either. Hhhmm. Maybe I should work on that.

Er. Anyway. I'm trying to get working on fic again after a whole month where I just haven't wanted to pick up a pen at all, and I owe [ profile] jesse_kips many, many words by tomorrow which will get done and maybe at some point I can get some minificlets posted here. Maybe. There's handwritten scribbles everywhere but I'm still mid-writing-funk and can't decide if they're worth typing up.

...So that's pretty much what I've been doing since my last too-long-ago post? At least this one has writing instead of just pictures. I am around LJ still though; I read my flist every day and all my new fic recs still get added to my memories. So you know. I just need to work on the saying stuff regularly part. Which I will! And will say something interesting! Er. Or at least try (no promises). ^_^

*dear universe, no jinx intended, please move along.
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Slightly-less-hasty-than-intended bodge job of a new LJ layout, because it was really time to take the Christmas/New Year one down. Wish I had time for an icon overhaul but then I'd be going into work in PJs with unwashed hair and considering it's not my last week anymore (contract extension 'til March 31st ftw!), I should probably make an effort to appear at least vaguely presentable.

Also, hello LiveJournal. I am not ded. At some point I will finish memes and maybe post fic extracts and flail over the amazinghood of Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic apparently deciding they no longer want to hide their deep and touchy-feely love for each other. However, now I have to go and get ready for the amazing job that lets me go in half days twice a week and still pays me the same. Which I have until the end of March. Win.

(Of course, that's assuming I can get to work with the killer fog that's been outside all morning. If this was an episode of Doctor Who, I'd have been eaten by the fog monsters hours ago.*

* As much as I like to think I'd be the plucky local girl who works out how to defeat the fog monsters with a handheld fan and some de-mister, I rather suspect I'd be the foolish local girl who disappears and the Doctor gets indigantly rageful about, before forgetting about the instant he spots something shiny.

edit: I've just remembered that last night, I dreamed that I bought a Kindle. Er. Wishful thinking there subconscious?

(I also dreamed that I found a hidden library beneath a folding piece of floor in a house we were renting; it was like a whole secret apartment full of books I wanted to read and squishy seats and with the door bricked up. I think perhaps it was my subconscious crossing the line of wishful thinking, into full on delusions.

It was a really beautiful library.)
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Oh dear. Thought "I am completely disorganised for Christmas this year; I shall fix this beginning with a Christmas-themed LJ layout!" Then I spent an hour doing the layout (which is not what I pictured; the wrapping paper I scanned for it has bright silver horses but would they scan silver, would they hell) and ended feeling pleased with myself. So pleased that I rewarded myself with an hour nap since I only had about three hours sleep last night (I've rediscovered that I only really write well between 11:30pm and 4am, which is not conducive to getting up for work at 6am) until 10:15pm. Woke up at 10:44pm, went "Excellent! I have only slightly overslept and shall now do useful things!"

And promptly went back to sleep until 1am. You may be sensing a reason here as to why I'm not Christmas-organised at all.

So yes. So far I have sent no UK Christmas cards. This is a terrible situation and I plan to try to fix it, at least a little bit, tomorrow morning since I'm back to working half-days Tuesdays and Thursdays (yet I get paid for the whole day. Have I mentioned before that this job is marvellous?) and should have time, unless I stay up until 4am again. I actually fell asleep on my desk in work tody for a few minutes, so I really probably shouldn't.

Thankfully my immediate boss is all kinds of lovely and woke me up with Christmas chocolate cake and gingerbread. No, really. I am going to miss this job. Especially the money, since I seem incapable of saving; I really must save every extra penny between now and when I finish on Jan 7th to do...I don't know. Something. Not stalk the cute post boy around the hospital anymore, I suppose. D-: It's all I've done for about four months now! What will I do!

Except you know, he lives in my village. So that may prove handy.

So yes, life and such continues to happen to me. We had beautiful snow last week, enough that I took a day off work (oops, moneywise) and they're predicting more for Thursday/Friday which is marvellous, except I really can't miss any more days and will be dragging myself through the blizzards regardless. Then Saturday I have to venture into the manic last-minute shopping crowds to do my manic last-minute shopping. It's entirely possible that I won't make it out alive but I'm inclined not to trust Amazon at this date, especially with all the knock-on effect problems they've had from last week's snow.

Sigh. Remember the days when Christmas wasn't stressful? Yeah. That was good.

That said, I just found the Top Gear Christmas Special teaser on Youtube and frankly, I think it will make up for every single instant of stress...IN THE WORLD. (There are two episodes. TWO. I THOUGHT THERE WAS ONLY ONE. :DDDDD) HERE:

And the Doctor Who special is looking great. And I still have all my Christmas movies to watch. And I'm about four days behind on my advent calendar, so I'm going to do something about that before I sleep.

Hello Christmas. Maybe you're not so bad after all (now please let that cold snowy weather hang around until the 25th again this year please. Let it snow!)
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Oh LJ, I do apologise! Every night I get home from work, promising my laptop that I'll make the epic catch-up LJ post and every night something distracts me (of late, Merlin fic, Inception fic and playing on my shiny new WiiFit. Which is brilliant. <3)

I keep intending to flail over the imminent arrival of new Primeval (JANUARY 1ST IN CASE YOU DON'T FOLLOW BEN MILLER ON TWITTER (@bennylicious; he knows astrophysics, math and comedy, and once snogged Rob Brydon on Qi. There is nothing not to love!) and how my temp job which overpays me to do an easy job alongside lovely people keeps getting extended another couple of weeks. Or rant about how our Sky is broken and my parents live in this land of Special Crazy where they think if they ignore it long enough, it'll fix itself without them paying for the engineer and in the meantime my pointing out that I will pay for it because £65 is cheaper than buying the DVDs for Stargate Universe, Castle, Bones and Eureka which is just some of what I'm currently missing on an infrequent or (in SGU & Bones' case) every-week-frequent basis, only my dad has to call them because they won't talk to me and they just mumble incoherently about principles of paying for things while I shout at a pixelated screen. (A lot.)

But instead, I am going to bed. I leave you with a (youtube for now, sorry) link to a song that I can't stop listening to: Boy and Bear's 'Fall At Your Feet' cover and three of my recent Life in Cumbria pictures which I'm afraid are being to all look the same )

I also have the complete version of my latest [ profile] thegameison_sh entry to post but I just need to run the editing fingers over it and add the last paragraph. Somehow this little thing has taken me almost two weeks and is still not done. Hmm.

Do not mention NaNo to me. I'm hoping for a mid-month turnaround in my motivation. That is all.

Anyway, yes. Consider this a placeholder post to let y'all know that I still exist and there's a proper post brewing! Um. Somewhere. How are y'all anyway? Hope everyone is still shiny. I do read my flist every day, promise.

To conclude, on my longer-than-usual-thanks-to-traffic trip home from work today, I was pondering what I'd do if I was the Queen and came up with two things:

1. The Royal Presence would be announced on all state occasions (and perhaps shopping trips and at breakfast) with trumpets. The trumpets would play the Red Dwarf opening tune. The beginning of this rather lovely version of the theme tune is a perfect example.

2. There would be balls. (As in parties, not...well. The other kind. Although there could be those balls too: I'd need a catchphrase other than "Off with his head!")

Anyway, there'd be parties to which I and a select few controlled the guest list. Fabulous people would be invited and anyone mentioning X Factor would be shot immediately. There'd be Masquerades. And Bond-themed parties. And epic Nintendo Wii parties. Possibly there would be parties designed by Elton John for the fabulous lulz.

And I'd force everyone to play drinking games and because I'd be Queen, they'd have to go along with it and all sing the See The Little Goblin song when I told them. I feel this is an excellent plan.

(Yes, I have entirely too many nice dresses and I never have anywhere to wear them. Possibly I'm slightly bitter about this.)


Now I really am going to bed on this promise of a real post soon. Hopefully. Good intentions and all that.
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So apparently you can link LJ comments to Facebook and Twitter now?

Do not do this to my journal. Do not link this journal to Facebook - less Twitter because anyone from here who wants to be on my Twitter can be and vice versa but Facebook - in any way. Facebook is where I add people from high school that I don't like because it's easier just to add everyone. It's where I add people who don't know about slash and would react very badly to it, because it's Facebook and I don't particularly care because it's not where I spend my time. I just have it so the few non-fandom people from high school/college/uni that I like have some way to get in touch with me.

I do not want any links between this journal and Facebook, please. At all. Ever.

Thank you.

(Way to go be a twat again Livejournal.)
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So I've talked about my odd dreams before. Giant butterflies, redesigned Londons, Philip Glenister shouting at politicians, faeries kidnapping people. I like my dreams. My subconscious puts effort into them, or at least into making them entertainingly random.

But. The last few days, I've sensed a theme. Friday night, I dreamed that Roger Federer had called a press conference to announce he wanted more points/money for winning matches against top ten players and the ensuing uproar.

Last night I dreamed I was at Wimbledon, which for some inexplicable reason seemed to have been transported in its entirety into the Australian outback, and while walking around backstage we bumped into John McEnroe who was shouting at someone else. (I don't know about what. Possibly that Wimbledon had just fallen through the Earth to the opposite side of the planet and they could not be serious about wanting to make it an Australian tournament from now on).

And just now I took a two hour nap, during which I dreamed that my neighbours had opened a Michelin starred restaurant in their house and Novak Djokovic had brought a coachload of friends (for some reason, this included some cowboys?) to try it out and I spent the whole time pressed to the window, wondering if could go and get him to sign every tennis-related thing I own. He saw me. He waved. But I still wussed out, probably because my subscious failed to provide a dream![profile] kindoftrouble to yell at me for not tackling him to the ground for a hug immediately.

So. Tennis players. I never dream about tennis players, at least nowhere near as often as I'd expect to considering it's my only obsession other than Casper to last longer than five years. Dear brain, what are you trying to say? Should I rob a bank and use my ill-gotten gains to become a professional tennis player stalker? You're seriously recomending that as a sensible life direction?

...Sounds good to me. ;-)


In other news! I have set up Dreamwidth crossposting. In theory, this will make my Dreamwidth account more interesting but it'll probably mostly change nothing at all. I do have a couple of Dreamwidth codes available if anyone wants one? First come, first served basis. Leave me your email in a comment if you want one (I just typed 'if you want me'. *blinks* Idek what kind of Freudian slip that is).

You can also read/comment on this entry here .
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My paid account expired and since I'm not sure if I want to give Livejournal any more of my money at this point, I let it. Then I remembered how many pictures I had linked from Scrapbook and cursed a lot when I realised my now-vanished journal header was nowhere to be found on my computer. So, cue a very quick "find&replace" some colours in the CSS and a thrown-together header in Photoshop.

I suspect I will get fed up of the background. Very soon. I always figure I'll try one and then two days later I'm attacking the HTML with a hammer to get rid of it. In this case I think it's the wrong colour anyway but I'm so fed up of Photoshop and colours and oh, I'll just leave it.

For people who aren't on my Twitter: other than LJ fixing up today, I spent far too many hours in Photoshop making something I'd wanted to make for seven months and never got around to doing; you remember the WTF photoshoots of the eight of them standing awkwardly by a red bus and the eight of them standing awkwardly on the steps but mostly, that marvellously odd one of them all posing in front of a fireplace in their suits and looking rather like a mafia gang?

full size under the cut )

Yeah. I made the Wanted poster. It was begging for it. You know, quietly enough for me to put it off for six months.

Today does rather illustrate my life of late, or rather, of the last few months. I keep applying for jobs (probably less than I should be but still, enough for me to really be hating writing cover letters by now) and getting turned down or worse, not hearing anything. But! Someone who saw me on Jobsite just called to offer me 3-4 weeks temp work of data-entry at a local hospital, which sounds utterly tedious but is paying £7.50ph. I'm absolutely willing to do something mindnumbing for four weeks for £7.50ph. And at least then if I get interviews I can say "Look! I have temped! Not just sat on my ass for months!" (which is basically what I have done. Except I went to Wimbledon! I should actually do a Wimbledon post sometime. Not today; I'm trying to finish Jasper Fforde's Shades of Grey because my Read My Own Height 2010 is going depressingly slowly.)

So, here's a post. Hopefully tomorrow or the day after or sometime, there will be another post. I'm getting most of my hair chopped off on Tuesday because I'm sick of it taking half an hour to dry with a hairdryer, so that might be worth a post. Also, I should set up Dreamwidth crossposting. Sometime soon.

This is my life and it's not interesting right now. Tune back in next week when things will have changed! Or not but you know, I live in hope.
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Instead of doing anything in the slightest bit useful tonight, I redesigned my LJ. Partly because I was bored of the old header and the blue, and partly because I couldn't resist the combination of Johnny Weir's awesome hat and the last line of the 'what she was wearing' poem.

Still not sure the colours are right but eh, it's 3am. They're close enough for me to go to bed.

This is the first time in about three years that I've had a person-centric header instead of scenery, because I got tired back then of going off people-headers so quickly. Now I'm bored of scenery! Figures. We'll see how long it takes me to get bored of Mr Weir's fabulous hat. ^_^

Bed. Bedbedbed. Ridiculously tired considering I've had an extraordinarily lazy Saturday. It follows aa very busy week though. Which I should LJ about.

Tomorrow. After sleep.

eta: FUCK and of course it's only NOW I spot the error in the italics on the header. Sigh. Oh well, it's not a major thing; just enough to bug me.
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Today is my seventh anniversary on LJ. I feel this occasion merits at least a celebratory post revolving around the number seven. Hence, welcome to a post ALL ABOUT THE NUMBER SEVEN! (there's lots of pictures behind the cuts, sorry)

* * *

One of my favourite facts including the number seven: Rome was built on seven hills.

* * *

Seven of my favourite songs )

* * *

There were Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. I would most like to have visited The Statue of Zeus at Olympia, because I really love the Greek gods.

* * *

Seven headers my LJ has had over the years )

* * *

The British fifty pence coin has 7 sides.

* * *

Seven Fic Recs (multi-fandom and probably obvious, but there's a reason some fics are recced all the time; they're *just that good*) )

* * *

In The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, the main quest involves awakening the seven sages of seven elements to banish evil from the land of Hyrule. Further, the number of years separating the child and adult stages of the game is seven.

* * *

My seven favourite LJ icons of mine )

* * *

I should post this now, because I only have twenty minutes of my anniversary left and I was supposed to watch Lie to Me and In Treatment and write before I go to bed to sleep off the cold I'm getting. I did want to do more things of seven but alas, for time. Maybe tomorrow I'll do a part two. Or not, if I actually want to get anything done.

Hope it was worth it though. I certainly had fun doing it. Now to see how much of the HTML I've screwed up...wait. WAIT. I DIDN'T SCREW UP ANYTHING. DUDE. Maybe I have learned something in seven years!
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A few days early for my seven year anniversary but new LJ layout is up. I had my old one for two years; I know because it was a picture I took before I left university and I made it out of Lancaster nostalgia.

Now Lancaster's just down the road and I have Australia-New Zealand nostalgia instead. It seemed time for a change. :)

I'm too damn tired to pick a quote now and I've just remembered I've got milk warming up downstairs ready for hot chocolate. Better go rescue that then.
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I just saw a "you are about to view content that is not suitable yadda yadda" warning. Is this because I deliberately let my paid account expire (and intend to keep it that way, thanks for nothing owned-by-Russia-and-crazy-persons-LJ)? Or was I just ignoring them on [ profile] tennisslash before?

I will not be amused if I have to see them all the time. Though it will not make my renew my paid ccount; rather it'll just make me spend more time on IJ. Take note LiveJournal. Be less annoying or I shall be less here.

Also,why y'all go and post when I have less time to read my flist? Like, to the hour I stop having time. Suspect conspiracy. Damn yous. ;-)

I have to stop spending so much money in London. This does not look likely. Australia looks very far away. Woe.

Also also, I have to decide which six icons I absolutely have to have, as LJ has picked some that I never use. Bah. Failsworth.

This summary of my life brought to you from A's flat and a keyboard with only half the letters visible. This taken into account, I'm poudr fo teh raedablyti fo thsi psto.

...Little things. ^_^
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Well I made it safe to London and am currently sitting in the Flat of Awesome, which is indeed the Flat of Awesome. It really makes me want to move out. *wistful* I could totally find a flat like this in Cardiff.

However, the flist threw up two things of interest despite my absence ;) today, firstly this interview with Terry Pratchett which is lovely but has totally freaked me out with that note about fillings, considering that my mouth has more fillings than teeth now. I really need to get a job so I can invest in none-brain-destroying dentistry. o_O

And the other was this charming interview from Anton Nosik, a higher-up at SUP. Which really sums up the attitude I've been feeling from LJ lately and when my paid account expires for the final time in a few days, I will be shifting base operations over to IJ. I'm not deleting anything; I'll be around here and posting odd things and comments and such, but all LJ's done in the last year is piss me off, whereas all IJ and Squeaky have done is impress me. I should really stop faffing and do something about it. I feel like LJ is pointing and laughing at us now, and damned if I'll stick around to support any service that treats paying customers like that, more than I have to. More people are migrating to IJ it seems now and if LJ carries on the way it is, I'm sure there'll be even more. I'd rather get comfortable over there now because I want to, before LJ does something that means I really have to.

In the meantime I am in London and [ profile] kindoftrouble has left me keys and pointed toward the museums and Harrods, so I should be going. Things to see, expensive shops to visit, money to spend - but not too much, since we're not hitting Forbidden Planet until the weekend. ^_^ I might need to take out a loan.
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I've managed to gleefully avoid Valentine's Day this year, apart from opening the MSN site to find it an eye-smarting and freaktastic shade of red. And tomorrow I might go shopping and pick up all the discount chocolate crazy people spent fabulous amounts on before today. *smug*

I think I didn't let the idiocy of this Hallmark cash cow get to me this year, because all my flist kept posting to say "You are my lovely Valentines flisters!" It's true and I mean that without any of the forced-to-express-soppy-sentiments-because-of-the-day feeling. All you crazy, wonderful people posting about tennis and movies and meta and things I only care about because y'all love them so much, you make my life more fun by existing. The world is a better place because of your awesome selves. Go forth and buy yourselves discount candy!

And in place of actual flowers for everyone, have my current favourite Poets of the Fall song, aptly titled Roses.
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Well that's it. No more paid LJ time for me. I completely forgot today was the last day until I went to read my comments and wondered why it switched to the default LJ style instead of mine. And Scrapbook! That's what I'll really miss; all that space and no limits on size. *wistful* Back to the evils of Photobucket, unless there's anywhere else people recommend? I don't really want anything more than somewhere to post the odd pic and LJ - now IJ - headers really.

Otherwise - though I just wtfed at the icons they've left active, because a couple of them are ones I never use - I suspect I'll deal. And possibly move base operations more to IJ in the coming months. I've already started reposting my fic there, because I hate asking people to friend my fic LJ to read it; it pisses me off to jump through hoops for fic and I feel bad making others do it.

In other news: I'm so glad they upped Ianto's sense of humour this series of Torchwood. So far it's Ianto for the win, *all the time*. Even Gwen didn't annoy me this week. They've hit the next level and it's awesome. Yay! Awesome!Torchwood! :D
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Dear LJ,

I really don't appreciate you automatically changing my settings so my flist appears as a bunch of LJ-cuts. I really, really don't appreciate you making me jump through hoops to discover what I need to do to fix it and I really, really, really don't appreciate you forcing me to put my birth year in so I can view my own sodding flist properly.

You fail at life LJ. You do. And when my paid account expires in January, I'm going to be looking at that move to IJ as more than just a passing whim. It's more a case of me needing to be talked out of it at this point, because you're really pissing me off.

It's a good thing I got paid today; it put me in a good mood and I don't mind being forced to faff with my LJ settings so much. I just wish they'd stop adding all these unnecessary roadblocks when all I want is to carry on using LJ as normal.

But I did get paid today and I got the second series of BSG AND I had a good day AND I think I've pretty much convinced the mother to cook goose for Christmas dinner instead of turkey, so it's good news all round, mostly. Less good news is that I have two days left to work before my day off and it's the kids' Christmas party tomorrow which means lots of screaming and having to turn sensible customers away from the kids' section for an hour tomorrow. Sigh. But more Battlestar. Yay!
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Got bored of the pastel blue. Only, I'm not sure completely the opposite direction was the way to go.

Eh. Now if I can just put more things in my sidebar...

edit: Just realised both this, my Journalfen and my IJ headers use only pictures I took myself. Huh. Neat.
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