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So Twitter isn't working and I cannot share my every pointless whim with the entire world (or at least the unfortunate part of it that follows me). Curses!

And yet it made my open an LJ entry box which I've been meaning to do for about two four some months now. Maybe Twitter needs to break every day. For about an hour at 7pm GMT would usually work for me Twitter bird, thanks. I think the world would manage not to spontaneously combust with missing an hour of pointless celebrity death hoaxes every day.*

Sadly, this is not a proper entry. It's not a proper entry even though I have an epic Avengers Weekend DVD Marathon entry With [ profile] jesse_kips that I should've made about three weeks ago (with pictures!) entry sitting half-written in a private draft post, or a I Hate My Job So Much Because The Stupidity of People Makes Me Want To Smash All The Things entry sitting half-written in my head, or a Here Is Amazing Avengers Fic That You Must READ READ READ IMMEDIATELY Rec entry that is sort of in the vague planning stages of non-existence-procrastination. It's a Twitter Is Broken And I Had Five Minutes to Say I Aten't Ded Before I Wash My Hair in Time to Watch Robot Chicken Star Wars (On the SyFy Channel @ 9pm FYI) entry.

I aten't ded. I will post something - anything, dear god anything - soon. I'm still reading every day! I love you all. In a totally non-creepy non-zombie-brain-eating way, I promise.

Now go and read some amazing Avengers fic so I can wash my hair.**

*Disclaimer: I love Twitter but seriously people, y'all need to stop fake!killing celebrities. Coming back from the dead probably generates a lot of paperwork. Think of the trees!

**Ahahahahaha in going to find the link, I accidentally closed the tab with this post in it. If not for LJ's save drafts feature, I'd be the one needing Back From the Dead paperwork because I wouldn't have posted again for six months (or until Twitter broke again) in frustration and y'all would have had it officially declared.

edit the thingy: Months of not posting and I still remember how to fuck up my html. It's like riding a bike, I swear.

edit the other thingy: Oh god I went back to fix a typo and it lost my edit and my extra tags and I CAN'T CONCENTRATE FOR MORE THAN 140 CHARACTERS NOW APPARENTLY WHAT. Epic fail, zombiefood brain.
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I've just noticed that [ profile] scoobydumblonde has gifted me a pair of dragons and my face went :D , which is pretty amazing for a Sunday night. <3 Thank you! :D

Secondly, I am not dead. I've been meaning to make an LJ post for- er, yes, not actually going to count the days because that's depressing but some time!

In that time I have: bought a blu-ray player; played an awful lot (around 45 hours so far apparently) of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, most of it spent flapping around Skyloft on my giant red bird BECAUSE I CAN; got a new job (but in the same hospital); left my old job (by walking across the road to a different building); spent far too much money; decided not to do Wimbledon this year as I can't afford it after spending all my money; bought a piano-sized keyboard; failed to play anything recognisable on piano-sized keyboard; watched a lot of Suits; read of a lot of fic (mostly Suits); saw a spectacular production of Henry V with [ profile] jesse_kips; read at least two fairly average books; watched the entire first season of Sabrina the Teenage Witch for the first time in years; thought a lot about how I should make an LJ post with all my Suits fic recs; started making this post, which will include at least one Suits rec.

That pretty much sums it up.


The Henry V production we went to was by the fabulous Propeller who I've seen do The Taming of the Shrew and Twelfth Night, and who have pretty much ruined Shakespeare done by anyone else for me forever. You can see a nifty trailer for their Henry V here and for The Winter's Tale production they're touring with it here. Their Winter's Tale even comes recommended by Stephen Fry! They're in New Zealand right now but they're touring the UK until August; I'm going to see Winter's Tale in London in July and honestly, if you even remotely like Shakespeare or theatre, go. Propeller are so amazing. I still mourn that they don't do DVDs so I'll never see their beautiful Twelfth Night again (see post title: the way Simon Scardifield delivered it was heartbreaking. Him not being in Henry this time was the only thing wrong with it.)

Did have the weird realisation halfway through Henry V that Dugald Bruce-Lockhart who plays Henry has been in all three of the Propeller productions I've seen (Petruccio in Shrew, Olivia in Twelfth), making him the only stage actor I've seen on three separate occasions.

When I confessed this, [ profile] jesse_kips accused me of stalking. Then I also confessed that I'd slashed him with Simon Scardifield after watching Shrew (they kissed on stage, the entire play is basically them having epic emotional battles since they were Petruccio and Katherine respectively, what was I supposed to do?)

And then I remembered I even had a LJ icon of Dugald (see: this post's icon) and gave up on anyone hope of arguing that I wasn't a stalker. In my defence it's been mostly incidental; he is in a rather fabulous Shakespeare company.

I'm in the front row when I go to see Winter's Tale. Er. Maybe I'll keep my head down.


I started this an hour ago as an escape from tidying my wardrobe a brief update and there's still boxes all over my bed (woe), so wrapping it up with an incredible Suits/Avengers fic rec:

Sidekick by Closer, (who wrote the amazing Mike/Harvey Pizza verse.

Sidekick was written on the kinkmeme for the prompt 'Harvey Specter wasn't the rich renegade badass that plucked Mike from his potential life of crime. Tony Stark was.' It's well-thought out and hilarious and Mike's grandmother forces Tony to eat regular dinner and all the other Avengers show up (Mike teaches Thor yo mamma< jokes omg) and it's all so ridiculously in-character that it's almost unbelievable. Oh and if nothing else, SPIDER-MAN HAS A CAMEO. All of Closer's Suits fic is brilliant but I wouldn't be too sad to see her take time off to write more for Iron Man/The Avengers too because her Tony is amazing.

My one weird thing with it was that's Tony/Mike- and done awesomely - so even though Harvey shows up (as Tony's lawyer) it's obvs not going to have the same Mike/Harvey relationship. I felt a little sorry for Harvey missing out - Mike works for Iron Man; he's not missing out on anything - BUT I have just noticed that she's added a bunch of codas and there was the promise of a Harvey/Mike/Tony threesome so I'm just going to check that out.

Tidying? Pfft. Go read fic!
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Yeah okay so I was kind of ambivalent towards the whole idea of Suits at first (despite /report insisting repeatedly that it was amazing and slashy and ridiculous and MUST BE WATCHED) but I caught the first episode on Dave the other night and, almost by accident, found myself on the right channel just in time for the second episode yesterday. And I've since spent two nights reading Suits fic and alright, I'm sitting here wondering how I'll wait six days for episode three. It really is kind of amazing and ridiculous and MUST BE WATCHED. Seriously, I bet Dave's repeating it a lot. Go catch up.

It's also super super slashy. I'm linking anything good I find on LJ under my 'Fic Recs: Suits' tag in my Memories but this one was on AO3 and I just had to:

Grande Soy Triple Dirty Chai by friskaz, Mike/Harvey AU along a believable-almost hypothesis of 'Mike became a barista instead of a fake!lawyer and he's the only one who makes Harvey's coffee exactly right', except there's baseball and pie and messages scribbled on coffee cups, and a whole lot of beautiful flirting over 38301 words. It's like sinking into your sofa under a fluffy blanket comfort-fic.

Plus it has 248 kudos which may actually be the most kudos I have ever seen a fic garner on AO3. If my word's not enough, trust the masses on this one.


I actually have to go to bed now (should've been there an hour ago but hey, fic called). Stupidly stressful day today and tomorrow looks set to be similar, but it's looking like I pretty much have a agreed job offer there for the next year. Different department but that could be a good thing. Honestly, right now? I will take a guarantee for fulltime work for twelve months over a lot of things; suddenly a trip to Venice for my birthday in October doesn't seem like such a ridiculous notion.

Anyway, bed. Tomorrow should bring my shiny new copy of the Stargate: Atlantis fic anthology that I put together. Expect more pictures.
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I'm only about halfway through this fic (god I hope there's links to a million multiple parts when I reach the end) but I laughed so hard in the first three paragraphs that I accidentally whacked my forehead on the keyboard when I bent over, and by paragraph six or so I announced to my empty room "This is too good not to enjoy properly! Fetch a coffee!" and now I'm at the bit in the parlour and I have to rec this immediately because it's been so utterly brilliant this far that I'll be too heartbroken to rec if the second half is horrific and that'd be terrible waste when the first half is hysterical:

Mrs Belchly and The Sloe Gin Massacre by [ profile] junkshop_disco, R, Merlin RPS, Eoin/Rupert and Colin/Bradley, with a summary of 'Bradley suggests a boys’ weekend, and much to Colin’s dismay the hotel is not amongst Trip Advisor’s top-rated. When a painting takes a fancy to them Rupert turns to gin, while Eoin has to rely on his horror movie experience to get through it. Will any of them make it out alive?' but it's so beyond good right now that I'd suggest just ignoring all other factors and reading it. The first half is pretty light on the slash and pretty high on the hilarity.

I love Halloween fic. I really do. :D

eta: Okay, maaaaaaaaybe hold off the "oh so hilarious!" fic until I reach the end because suddenly it's venturing into actual horror movie territory. Or just read up to the bit in the parlour.

eta: Scratch that, it is actually that amazing. I promise, everything will be fine and breathing will be an optional extra after laughing. Totally not un-reccing.
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This isn't really finished - I got lazy after all the Gwaine/Merlin rec coding, so there's minimal Arthur/Merlin - but you can find a few more things under the Fic Recs: Merlin tag in my memories.

These links vary between LJ, A03 and individual websites; authors have been linked wherever possible. Pairings include: Arthur/Merlin, Arthur/Merlin/Gwaine, Merlin/Gwaine, Merlin/Gwaine/Lancelot, Lancelot/Gwaine and Gwaine/Leon, plus various background pairings such as Arthur/Gwen, Gwen Lancelot etc.

click for recs (it got slightly over-long )
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I'm slowly assembling together all my meandering Merlin readings from the last few weeks into a proper rec post, but it's shamefully heavy on the Merlin/Arthur and Merlin/Gwaine (especially Merlin/Gwaine) , with a forlorn scattering of other pairings. Anyone have any good Merlin recs to share involving Lancelot, Leon, Gwen, Morgana, general knightly chaos etc etc? I love rec posts - they're so wonderfully useful - so the more fic links I can assemble into one place, the better.

Also I'd personally really love to find some good fics involving more Lancelot and Leon (or the knights as a group, or anything with well-plotted Morgana to balance the evil pantomime villain the show seems to be making her into, since trawling even A03 takes time and I've spent about two weeks just hop-skipping between Merlin/Gwaine fic).

In the course of working on this rec post and reading a whole lot of fic today, I gave myself two Merlin/Gwaine fic ideas that amused me and that I'd love to write just so I'd get to read them because one deals with something that's slightly bugged me in the two episodes of series four so far, and another one is just something I would really, really love to read if done well.

Sadly, this is me so I hold out no great hope of actually ever finishing anything. There's another eleven episodes of Merlin to come for inspiration though (despite NaNo falling so-helpfully smack in the middle). Never say never.


For my actual rec, I'm not reccing a fic at all but rather a podcast: if you haven't been listening to /report (or 'slash report') by [ profile] rageprufrock and [ profile] mklutz (along with other fandom guests every so often) and you're involved with fandom at all, I heartily recommend a catch-up listening session. I've been downloading the new reports as they post on Sunday nights to listen to on my train ride on Monday morning, and it's like having fangirls travelling to work with me, laughing and joking and discussing major - and plenty less-major-but-interesting - issues in fandom. It feels almost like having a Fandom radio show to tune into; it is, naturally, limited in the number of shows and things they can cover each time but so far they've hit on Hawaii 5-0, Suits, Castle, Fringe, The Good Wife, Bones, The Mentalist, NCIS, The Avengers, the Delicious debacle, Nick Fury's bitches, kinks in fandom, briefly - so far - Merlin and a whole crapload of other stuff too. It's interesting and funny and informative, and it's great to see them developing it into something better week-by-week.

Yes, the show discussions involve spoilers but because they section it carefully and announce what they're about to discuss, it's perfectly possible to fast-forward past the show you don't want spoilers for and listen to the rest (I should know; I've been doing it for Fringe). It's really awesome. I hope they keep going and developing it and involving more people, because it's great to hear from across fandom and about things you wouldn't necessarily hear otherwise, or just to listen to fangirls having a really great time discussing things we love.

They also have a Twitter where they provide links to anything they rec in the podcast or update about the recording process, or post funny cut snippets. You can also subscribe to their RSS feed or download the podcast via iTunes (which I haven't done because I'm too lazy to update my iTunes but it seems to be working fine).


I should really do something more useful than going back to read yet more Merlin fic now. Mmmmmm. Really. Really really.

...or not.
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Whoever came up with the concept of the kinkmeme was an unquestionable genius. Not only do they provide delicious fic but every so often you find the sentence "Bonus points for including a motorcycle!" in an otherwise innocuous prompt and after I'm done laughing, I'm reminded of just how much I love the internet.

In short, here is a Fright Night kinkmeme post. A fairish bit of fic across all pairings so far, some of it good, some of it average, a lot of it not finished but it's still active at five pages of comments and counting. I wish there were more fills for the Charley/Peter-form-a-kick-ass-vampire-hunting-team prompts though*.

Is it bad form to prompt for actor-RPF on a movie kinkmeme? There's no mention of it in the rules. Mmmm.

*I would watch that movie. Dear god, would I watch that movie. Someone call Hollywood!
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I have two fics I should be working on, six train tickets to price/buy, two lots of cupcakes to bake, a proper LJ post to make, S1 of Fringe to finally start watching, two betas and a crit comment to do, 1000 words of original writing to get done and posted before tonight and I really need to spend some quality time on the WiiFit today. Oh and I'm watching a S3 Primeval marathon that made me want to reread Connor/Becker fic, so I've had this open in a tab for about an hour.

But instead I'm reading this. Because it's rather spectacularly awesome.

eta: Try here for a much more convenient link to the whole thing. I love kinkmemes a lot but god the whole comment-structure thing is annoying.
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This is not that post. As my Twitflisters will know (and probably wish they knew less about by now), I got hit by stupendously bad toothache on Tuesday and have spent the last three/four days crying into my pillow, calling my dentist with crazed demands and abusing non-prescription painkillers. BUT. A day and half after my dentist appointment when he informed me it was very infected and he'd try a root canal instead of just yanking it out, I can actually sit in front of the laptop for more than ten minutes without having to run for ice/hot water bottles/warm milk/toothpaste/painkillers so I figured I should actually do a post to cover a few things I'd been meaning to LJ about.

First! Yes, I have done more Softer World remakes. I was bored and in toothache!pain; it was a great distraction. So, a few tennis and a few Johnny Weir/Stéphane Lambiel SW remakes...


more )


Second! A few (very) random figure skating recs:

The Surface of the Sea by [ profile] neery, Johnny/Stéphane merman AU, PG.

Okay. I know; I read the words 'merman AU' and when I stopped laughing I scrolled onto the next post. Then I remembered that I was bored and had nothing better to do, and considered that 17,000 words was a bit long for a terribly written crack bunny. I scrolled back and clicked.

Oh my god. Oh my god. This is a crazy idea that shouldn't have worked seriously and yet, somehow, it works brilliantly. Stéphane's natural crazy translates wonderfully to seeing the world from the slightly-skewed perspective of a merman and her Johnny's the best blend of excited-snarky-sweet.

But it really works on the detail; it's told from Stéphane-the-merman's perspective instead of the much easier Johnny-the-human-meeting-a-merman perspective and while it's a choice that could've gone horribly wrong, it's clear [ profile] neery's actually thought about how a merman would think, specifically a Stéphane-merman (his joy on being introduced to sequins is both adorable and hilarious) and just how little they'd know about people. The fish scene is absolutely wonderful, all the better because Stéphane's confusion is as understandable as Johnny's horrified reaction. I love that Stéphane's insistence that merpeople aren't fish, they're the people and how that's kept up throughout. Little things, that make this totally not crack and make it an actual fic.

And it just gets better, even with a few bits where technicalities are glossed over (one of the few things that bugged me is the complete lack of of a mention for Stéphane not having a passport or any documentation to prove he exists, so travelling anywhere would involve shady underground dealings that would prove complicated and perhaps impossible. But I get why it's been left out; this is not that fic. I would love to see that fic but I love the fic that this is too and really, it doesn't need it).

Just- don't pass this over at the mere mention of merman AU wtf, like I almost did. It's so much better than you're imagining and the bits that are meant to be funny are hilarious and the bits that are serious are beautiful and just occasionally heartbreaking an oh my god, this is a lesson to me not to write off a fic based on the summary. Read it. And learn how that insanely silly idea you think would never work can be made into a brilliant fic.


From the kinkmeme, Johnny is an Idiot aka How I Made ZebraSwan Canon by Paris Childers by anon (I hope they deanon sometime so I can worship appropriately)

This is the complete opposite of the merman fic (though funnily, it does briefly reference said fic! I has a theme!) in that it has a perfectly sensible (if hilariously written) prompt of basically 'Johnny loves Stéphane, whines about it, annoys Paris' and the anon who filled it chose to run with that as a fic written exactly as if Paris himself was writing it on the kinkmeme. Only, I don't think real!Paris could be this spectacularly funny; I suspect very FEW people could possibly be this funny and still write so brilliantly in tone and character the whole way through.

It's so hilariously fannishly-aware that it does border on crack, I think, but it is fantastically comically written and deserves every single adoring comment it's received so far and then some. I swear that you will laugh* like a cray cray person. I'm on my fourth re-read and I'm still cracking up.

*caveat This may be a fic best enjoyed with some exposure to the figure skating fandom, (specifically, I suspect, the [ profile] ontd_skating branch of humour) because some of the humour is almost in-jokes and might lose newcomers in wtf. It also probably helps to have some idea who Paris is and what he's like, though you can probably guess most of that from the first paragraph.

Also, 'Paris' does not like Evan. It's not a big part of the fic, just a few lines but in case there are any Evan-lovers out there you have been warned.

Oddly, I am mostly ambivalent about real!life Evan but I dislike any sort of Johnny/Evan fic pairing with a hatred bordering on the excessive so I laughed. A lot.


I have other kinkmeme stuff I'd like to rec - I can't memory comments and there's pieces of stuff everywhere now with the new kinkmeme comm so it's getting tricky to follow things - but that's a whole separate post. I will say that the Summer Camp councillors AU, contin here and the Viking AU which starts here, continues here and then here are the two fills-in-progress that are absolutely worth catching up on. Both are updated regularly enough that I'm fairly sure they'll be finished, the Summer Camp one more so than the Vikings but there's still enough brilliance there to be worth reading. Everything else Johnny/Stéphane is still being tracked on this most excellent list.

And now it is almost 1:30am, my tooth is starting to ache and tomorrow brings my aunt and uncle to stay which means I need to be awake early enough to tidy my room. I doubt they'll even look in there but my mother's been twitching like a fly on crack all day so it has to be done if I'm to avoid her OCD cleanliness wrath. Sigh.

I will actually catch up with old comments and such this weekend, now that life is calmer and I'm not convinced I'm about to die of toothache or a Neurofen overdose. I'll also make a proper RL post at some point. ILLUSTRATED WITH PICTURES. Be excited! ;-) Or not.
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Outtakes by [ profile] the_spin, Johnny/Stèphane, rated R and a hug-warning ("It’s 90% hugging, anyway").

It's- it's probably the Johnny/Stèphane fic I've most been waiting for, their relationship andnot-relationship and friendship fitted (with some tweaks) around canon events and beyond. It's written brilliantly from Johnny's POV but her Stèphane is the exact mix of hyperactive and charming and slightly-awkward that he needs to be with appearances by all the other skaters who need to be there done with a casual ease that as a newbie to the fandom I envy because fuck it, I spent six years learning the intricacies of tennis and I still find it tricky to do background characters this well. I can't even really explain why this fic is so fabulous in words, it- it just is. This is up there with probably the three top Johnny/Stèphane fics I've yet come across and if it came down to it, I'd probably be leaning heavily towards naming this my favourite. It's brilliant.

I re-read two-thirds of it trying to pick on section to quote and settled on this because even though it's later on, it's more middle than end and it kind of shows why so much of this fic is wonderful (although I changed my mind about three times before I picked this one because a lot of quoted sections could do that):

By the end of the week Tara is about ready to propose to Stéphane, which is kind of pissing Johnny off because sometimes it’s a little grating how everyone fawns all over him. Johnny’s doing his make-up for the show as she scrolls through her email, and he kind of snaps the third time she mentions how fantastic he is.

“He’s not fantastic, he’s selfish and annoying.” Tara rolls her eyes at him, so he just shouts, “Stéphane, I’m telling Tara you’re selfish and annoying!”

“Thank you!” Stéphane calls from around the corner, and that was actually a bad idea because now Stéphane is going to come bother him forever and he’ll never get his hair done on time. Sure enough, he appears ten seconds later and presses himself against Johnny’s back, wraps his arms around his waist and cuddles up with no regard for how badly he’s screwing up the eyeshadow application process.

“Don’t be mad at me. I’m sorry for taking the costume you wanted.”

“You’re really not.”

“All right,” he says unrepentantly, and grins at Johnny in the mirror. “I am not. I’m very happy I am faster and craftier than you.”

Johnny makes a face at him in the mirror, and Stéphane takes the opportunity to press a spitty, smacking kiss against the back of his ear.

“Ugh, you’re disgusting,” and Johnny tries to kick him but Stéphane dodges away.

“Am I forgiven?” he calls once he safely rounds the wall back into the main locker room.

“Never!” but when he turns back to finish his eyes, Johnny realizes he’s smiling.

I am not kidding when I say this fic is everything I want from fic and stumbling across fics like it is the reason I keep reading fanfiction. The only downside is that now I don't know if I can keep reading stuff that doesn't measure up (although to be fair most of my heading-fast-toward-crazy-length recs list measures up fairly well because this fandom is ridiculously good at the fic thing on the whole).

Oh, this totally made my morning. And now afternoon. I should probably stop fawning and head to get dressed now, if I can drag myself away from a third re-read. ^_^
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On A Winter's Night by [ profile] jocondite, Johnny/Stéphane Cinderella AU. Walks the fine line of crack but it's so well-written and so brilliantly funny that it works. My face looked exactly like :D the entire way through, except for the times I burst into actual laughter. Which was a lot.

Excerpt of WIN:
Johnny was so focused on his wrongs he didn't notice the clear, hard light that began to touch the winter garden, turning the frost into something lambent and alive. When he looked up, he was still blinded by tears, and the light was a painful blur that finally resolved itself into a very cross-looking woman when he blinked.

She stood looming over him, splendid in white fox fur and staring down at him disapprovingly, her thin red mouth turned down at the corners. "You are strong man!" she snapped. "No sulk! You will go to the ball."


black and white except the city light by [ profile] battleofhydaspe, Johnny/Stéphane, PG-13 that feels like a NC-17 until you look back at the end and realise nothing happened. Yet. Johnny and Stéphane dancing in a club and sharing shots. I could taste the tequila (I need to buy tequila, dammit).

Excerpt of WIN:
Stéphane dips his fingertips in his glass, then runs them over the inside of Johnny’s elbow and pours salt over it. His fingertips fit against Johnny’s knuckles like puzzle pieces slotted into place when he brings Johnny’s hand up to his mouth. He still needs to lean down, and Johnny watches the top of his head while Stéphane licks the salt off of his skin. He’s warm and a little tingly, and Stéphane maybe lingers a little longer than is strictly necessary to complete the task.

Stéphane knocks back the shot, bites into the lemon and Johnny laughs when he shakes himself out.

“Your turn,” Stéphane says, offering up his body with a wide sweep of his hand.


Other recs can be found in my memories, as usual. That's nothing like all the Johnny/Stéphane out there (I am rather picky) but I'm hunting the good stuff down one by one. I'm wondering if I'll get bored before I collect the set but not yet. ;-)

One last note: there is a Winter Olympics Kink Meme going on and the Johnny/Stéphane fills are being kept track of here. I can't memory individual ones because I can't work out how to memory comment threads and not the entire post, but I especially recommend this one for being delicious and beautifully written in an unusual way and definitely worth a read.

Crap, I'm missing Bones! Laters.
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Uh. Contrary to how my posting habits may make it seem of late, I am not in fact ded. I'm not even particularly busy with life stuff, being unemployed and something of a bum right now. I am however, relying far too much on Twitter to flail and yell and talk when I should be doing said things on LiveJournal. Um. Sorry.

I will remedy this! I have posts planned! Of books reviews and life stuff and My Thoughts on yaoi on recent TV. But right now I'm buggering off to watch Grey's Anatomy and Harry II the laptop is staying upstairs because I've been staring at the screen all day trying to write a dazzling cover letter and if I look at it any longer, I fear my eyeballs might start bleeding.

...That was probably TMI. Sorry.

Until I manage to make a post with actual substance, have what I spent the other part of today doing to amuse yourselves: adding a few good Stéphane Lambiel/Johnny Weir fic recs to my memories. Om nom figure skating slash... and I just barely restrained myself from making a terrible 'icy pole' related-joke there. I knew Australia would warp my mind in unexpected ways.

Okay. Off again. Watch this space for something with actual content soon.

eta: I want a fricking Icy Pole now. Dammit!
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Wow. Just- wow and ouch and fuck it, I didn't need another reason to want to hug Crowley ever, not least because he'd probably turn me into something mildly unpleasant if I tried. But yeah, if he was standing in my room right now there'd be clinging (followed swiftly by mild unpleasantness) brought on by this particular fic:

The Sacred and the Profane by afrai.

Good Omens rewritten with a small what-if that when you think it through might make no difference or a whole lot of difference. Like it does here. Wow. Spectacular logic and a style that is freakishly close to the original while somehow managing a tone that's full of heartbreak and darkness and yet with too many hilarious lines to be depressing. I'm particularly fond of: "YOU, said Death gravely, ARE SO FUCKED."

Because it's true but it also cracked me up.

Go! Read!. Though not in public. There's slash but not graphic. Violence that's slightly graphic. But it's more that you'll probably cry (I did) and then need several minutes to mull it all over at the end.

Then when you've finished mulling, read this drabble-sequel:Death is no parenthesis. It helps. I think.

Still broken. Possibly I need a stiff drink.
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So, earlier today I was idly skimming my flist when I hit on a rec from [ profile] rionaleonhart. Even though it was in-progress, it had the summary A massively multifandom accidental epic following Sam Tyler (Life On Mars) and Jack Harkness (Doctor Who and Torchwood)on their misadventures, as they explore the galaxy, almost destroy some worlds, and barely save others which sounds pretty awesome if it could be made to work so, expecting something funny and lighthearted and not just a little cracky, I thought I'd check it out.

About four and a half hours later I looked up to realise the afternoon was over, at some point I'd relocated to my room to stop my mother talking to me while I was trying to read, my hand was over my mouth to stop myself making gleeful sounds out loud and I hadn't even read all of it. It is- awesome. Beyond words. The concept that sounds vaguely ridiculous? Isn't. Everyone's so in character, they go through crap, they fight, they crack jokes, they break time, get extremely drunk in bars much more authentically alien than 'Who or Torchwood manages to show and somehow Jack and Sam makes a really, really excellent team (regardless of how many timelines/planets/univeres they manage to break because that's by accident. Mostly). It hits so many fandoms, some of which I haven't even come across yet because I'm still reading; the FFVIII parts made me especially gleeful though. So:

Damaged People by [ profile] draegonhawke. That's a link to the index of parts arranged into various characters' timelines (I started with Sam's because it's at the top but I suspect the sort-of-order here might be better). It's got its own community where the parts are posted at [ profile] damageverse. I'm so excited by that long list of parts to-be-written because that hopefully means we'll be getting new bits and pieces and fics in the 'verse for a long while yet. It's one thing I'd say read, even if you don't like WiPs because it's so fun to read and each part/interlude works pretty well in itself.

Seriously, this is worth the time of your life to read and review, because it isn't getting nearly the love it deserves. Go. Fangirl the wonderful. Pass it on.
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My boss gave us each a bottle of wine today (this totally has relevance to the title, I promise). Eight months that I've worked there and she doesn't know that I hate wine, which is somewhat depressing but pretty much what I've come to expect... but that's another story. Anyway, it made me wonder if my boss in Waterstone's gave us any Christmas/thank you presents that I'd forgotten; I went back to my January LJ entries to check (she didn't) and instead found a link to [ profile] ninjasnano and a six-part Torchwood fic. It was locked just to me so clearly I'd found it one day, either by rec or fic trawling, I don't know and stuck it there to remind myself to go read it when I had time. The post was just the link, no explanation. And I must've forgotten to go back to it, because as far as I can remember (I'm usually pretty good when it comes to fic, even if it's just insignificant details that stick in my head) I never read it.

And that sucks, because it's fantastic. Bitter but really fantastic.

Kingdom of Air by [ profile] lookninjas (link to final post with all previous links; start with the prologue obv.), a Ianto-POV fic set around the end of series three of Doctor Who. The Torchwood team got a throwaway line on the show I think, in the grand tradition of 'Who's handwavey-dismissal of everything they can't be bothered to explain but this, this is what happened or might've happened or should've. And it's amazingly well written and researched in the way that makes words like crampons and places in Nepal seem natural rather than dropped in for effect, while Ianto looks after everyone and I remember why I really should read more Torchwood fic because done well, this show can be awesome.

I really really loved this as backstory for what the TW team went through while Jack was off being pointless in Doctor Who (to the point where I printed the second half out to read on the bus on the way home and was so engrossed that I would've missed my stop if my mother hadn't called me). I wish it hadn't taken me almost a year to go back to it.


Today one of the supervisors at work called me a liar. A liar or lazy or just incompetent, or all three; it was implied but blatently so. I didn't tell him where to go jump under a bus because really, they are so not worth the time or effort. However, if he happens to call me on my last day in just over a month... I make no promises.

Bah. Asshole. I do my lousy job properly, thanks very much.
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I was filled with glee last night when I discovered that [ profile] rageprufrock was writing Merlin fic, because Merlin fic that I know will be good before I even start it is like gold. So, have some recs:

Starting with the delightful WiP AU that is Drastically Redefining Protocol (that's part one; part two is here. It's cracking me up with the whole MODERN BRITISH ROYALTY angle which is so oddly, hilariously, insanely well-done and Merlin-the-exhausted-med-student may be my new favourite thing with the moments of heartbreak interspersed with his fangirlish love of the crown prince and oh, I am obsessively checking for part three even though part two was only posted this morning. So much love.

And if WiPs put you off (they usually do me but [ profile] rageprufrock and Merlin, there was just no way to resist it) try August. Sweet like thick honey, a softer, lazier look at Merlin and Arthur than the show has time to give us, with a wonderful Arthur-voice and jokes about what Merlin's mother will do when she finds out her son was despoiled in tree. This is going to be one of my happy fics that I reread to cheer myself up on bad days. It really is.

Since this appears to be a post of recs, Now For Something Entirely Different when I recommend the sheer insane genius that is [ profile] athousandwinds' fic of... well, a snippet of fic arising from Ben Jonson and Shakespeare solve crimes; Marlowe haunts them and gives snarky commentary! which is staggeringly hilarious when put into fic. It made my hellish day yesterday so much better. Go read and marvel (and beg her to write more).


In less exciting News of Real Lifeness, it is the work's Christmas party tomorrow. I am expecting- well, I don't really know what I'm expecting except that I'm looking at it with more trepidation than anticipation. And then there's our Leaving For the Lake District party on Saturday. I expect I'll be quite relieved come Sunday when I can sit in my PJs and watch Top Gear safe in the knowledge that it's all over.

I do love my dress for the party tomorrow though. As much as it makes breathing a little bit more of an issue than it should really be, it is a fantastic dress. So that's a plus.
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While searching the podfic archive (I love it; have I mentioned that before? I really do) for some in-work entertainment to get me through the day, I spotted that there was a Merlin category and went scrambling to download the solo podfic for it. When I listened to it in work with my headphones on, it was hard not to grin like an idiot the whole way through because it's lovely. I really wish it was longer than seven minutes.

So, go download it here: Whims by [ profile] entangled_now, read by [ profile] winkingstar (who has the most beautiful voice for reading aloud). Hinted Merlin/Arthur, with fantastic in-character voices and a lovely little plot bunny. I dare you to listen and not find yourself grinning idiotically by halfway through, though I wish there was more.

The original text version (which led me to think; is there anyone in fandom who writes specifically for podfic? Are there podficcers like there are slashers or fanvidders? Hm) is here but I was sad to see it hit my annoyance-buttons with the overload of one-line paragraphing that really isn't necessary and as the podfic proves by eliminating that particular problem, can spoil an otherwise perfectly lovely fic. Just listen to the podfic over a few times instead.

If you want more podfic, I also recommend [ profile] rageprufrock's Cartography by Touch (Atlantis, John and a whole lot of beautiful writing around an uncomfortable subject) and [ profile] synecdochic's Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left to Lose (do I even need to say what this is about anymore? Is there anyone who hasn't read it? And if there is, go immediately. Read or listen) just because I really don't need a reason to rec something (again) that is that damn awesome.

And now I'm going to bed. I will actually answer comments tomorrow, and sort my Christmas card post. I promise.
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Surface by [ profile] seperis, PG Ten/Rose with spoilers through Journey's End. Short but poetic and beautiful and fixes a lot of the things I found wrong with Rose's ending was handled or rather, makes them okay.

I know I would happily rec everything [ profile] seperis has written ever, but this really is beautiful and it's 'Who fic by her which makes me inordinately happy. Go, marvel at the pretty.


Eleven minutes now. C'mon. Or maybe I can leave in five...
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I've spent today on and off, trawling Google for good Daniel/Jack recs which, to be honest, didn't take me much past the second page because it's a pairing with a longer history than some, maybe most. No idea what set me off on SG-1 again because it's been nothing but Atlantis repeats on TV for forever but a whim or randomly sparking neurons or something kept me at it all day, through some great post-apocalypse Sam/Daniel/Jack and a few old favourites like Shalott's beautiful Reveille until, just now, I hit this:

The Cost of a Used Spaceship by Marie Blackpool. Oddly gen Jack/Daniel, Daniel's pov through a talk with the replica!Jack from so many seasons ago I'd almost forgotten them. It's a subtle, quiet fic that eases you on through Daniel's thoughts until you're realising right about the time he does that you're left grieving for someone who isn't even dead; one of the things I love most about AU and parallel worlds is the deaths of familiar-but-AU characters and how can you grieve for someone you saw die when they, your version, is still standing right next to you? And it's one of the rare fics out there that does just enough to leave you hopeful rather than confident but still happy it ended there because another word would've been one too much.

And I cried. Would've done even if I didn't miss this pairing more than I care to admit often and any day now I'm going to remember how much I still love this show when I have the spare cash lying around to start buying it on DVD.


Now for a cheap 'n cheerful meme, since [ profile] lillyv tagged me. :)

Rules are easy, just post 10 things that recently made you happy! Tag 10 people to post this meme on their LJs.

the 'wow this turned out long' cut )

There should've been 'good fic' on that list somewhere. Though maybe that goes without saying by now.

edit: And I forgot to tag people but I've lost track of who Lilly tagged and who's around, so I tag everyone! Which means, do it if you feel like it. :)
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Me: Haha, Maria Sharapova is in Djokovic's box.
Mother: Who?
Me: You know. Blond. Sparkly. Won Wimbledon a while back.
Mother: Oh, the lesbian.
Me: ...
Me: ...
Me: What?
Mother: Isn't she the lesbian?
Me: In which universe have you been watching tennis?!

This is where someone points out to me that Sharapova came out last week and my mother knows more about tennis than me (hahaha. ...No, really. Don't ruin my life like that). I was mainly laughing at Sharapova being in Djokovic's box because we'll get to write an article next April Fools titled "RODDICK/DJOKOVIC FIGHT DUEL FOR SHARAPOVA'S HAND". In y'know, marriage or the girlfriendy sense, not the we-would-like-to-keep-your-hand-in-a-jar-yes-Captain-Jack-I-am-looking-at-you sense.

Hello the web. Am not dead; it's just been the two days out of the month where I'm allowed to indulge my female right to just sleep, eat and bitch. Have decided chocolate is better than painkillers. Think I might enlist [ profile] rainy_roz as resident scientist of our group of twenty-somethings to do the necessary research and market chocolate painkillers with me. Billions of pounds in waiting right there.

Also, my mother finally agreed to let me buy rats. Score! Only I can't find a suitable cage. Unscore. All my dole lazy asshole money this week is going on an external hard drive anyway. The search for a rat cage of no-more-than-75cm-in-length will continue.

In conclusion: go read [ profile] kindoftrouble's latest Andy/Roger fic. Because it's very, very pretty and you should. There is not enough tennis fic this good out there.

Bed. Tomorrow, sign on, buy phone credit (why I've pretty much not replied to texts for weeks), sit in the library to write while waiting for lift home, LJ comments. And then maybe Run, Fatboy, Run depending on what the Hollywellians are doing. So. Around to play catch-up sometime tomorrow.

I want my Roger icons back. Have none. Am bad tennis fan. Woe.


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