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Really gotta start working on posting regularly again, rather than meandering on Twitter for aimless hours. All the shenanigans LJ's pulled with the new TOS are finally giving me the impetus to boot it and move operations over here (or er, restart them over here since they've fallen off the Procrastination Cliff of late).

I don't know if I can bring myself to delete all the posts over there, even when they're backed up here; I certainly can't make myself delete the entire journal. For one, that's over a decade of my history. For two, I still use the Scrapbook because it's easier than sourcing image space anywhere else. Once LJ goes down for good (because let's face it; this kerfuffle is causing a final exodus that can't end well) then I guess I'll need to look into it but until then I'm thinking maybe I'll just private everything except a post directing traffic this way.

I guess I'll need to shift clofic over here as well. All the fic is backed up at Insanejournal (still don't think it's worth the editing it'd need for AO3) but I'd like to hang onto the comments. I should really get moving on that this weekend before LJ shut down the ability for external sites to import stuff which is what I saw predicted on one analysis of the new TOS.

As much as LJ's been the internet equivalent of a sad oldtimer dive bar for years now, I regret not owning any LJ merchandise from back in the day. This thing ran my life for eight-to-ten years; at the very least I'd like a hoodie. Hell, a keyring. I saw a Nirvana t-shirt in Topshop yesterday and for a minute it felt as if I was fourteen again. I wonder if retro LJ merchandise - or Frank the Goat merchandise to be Ultimate Hipster about it - will ever circle back to coolness? I hope so, especially if we can do it without giving actual Russia-owned-modern-LJ a penny for it.

So I don't know; maybe I'll be around more while I shift things over here, curse trying to set up a new DW for clofic, etc. In between those fun things, I'll be attempting to finish the latest fic I posted to AO3 because I thought it'd be a good idea to post another WiP as a motivational move. The jury is out on whether or not this was a spectacularly terrible idea yet, mostly because I had the first two and a half chapters written already so it hasn't become an issue yet (it will. I'm working on it though!).

It's the hooker!Andy Murray fic, because LJ may be circling the drain but some things never change. You can find the first two chapters over on AO3: before you come to evening, e, Murray/Djokovic AU, the one where Andy ended up a prostitute instead of a tennis player through a series of accidents and bad decisions, and Novak's mostly trying not to screw up his life.


Life stuff is also happening but it's of the tiresome, housing-is-stressful-and-I-have-not-yet-won-the-lottery-to-sort-it kind, so it can wait until I'm not half asleep and well past a sensible you're-in-work-tomorrow bedtime for someone who's trying to pretend to be an adult. It's fine; I'm not living in a box under the canal bridge yet so hopefully we can take that as an optimistic sign.
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Because I realised I hadn't crossposted, and because it's lunchtime and I'm stuck in the super-quiet library at work, going to try this from my iPod. (Brace positions everyone; hopefully I won't break the Internet)

So I finished another fic! Two is coincidence; if I can make it three, that's a trend. We'll see. This one came about partly because I was mad at Novak getting so many walkovers at the US Open, and then during the final he basically broke all his toes (okay, he lost a toenail) and when he made this face ) just from TAKING HIS SOCK OFF, I felt guilty for being annoyed and hurt/comfort was the only appropriate response. (I only like Novak for about three minutes on the third Friday of every month with a blue moon; I have no idea why I can't stop writing this pairing. Roger needs to get back to the tour so business as usual can resume).


the coming of the fall, Novak Djokovic/Andy Murray, G, 7775 words.

Summary: 'Novak's summer started terribly. It didn't get any better after that. But summer's just a season and the only way to go is up.'

I'm pretty fond of this one, partly because I made myself go "awwww" at one point which is vaguely shameful when it's your own fic, and partly because getting to write Judy Murray into something was so fun. I'm inordinately fond of Judy Murray these days; she's funny, and sarcastic, and I don't think she'd hesitate to give anyone who deserved it a clip behind the ear. She might show up in a future thing too. If I can make that finishing-things trend pan out.

LJ feels like it's been a little busier lately which is lovely. I hope it continues (and that my bodged HTML in this post doesn't break the Internet after all).
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But at the moment I'm inordinately delighted with myself for finishing anything! (even if it's taken me months to get past starting new things to actually finishing one of them):

as we fly south - tennis rpf, Andy Murray/Novak Djokovic, rated E. Olympic bet fic, 7,688 words.

Andy’s wanted this forever, so long his earliest memories of it are blurred, foxed at the edges with the careful wear of age. He still can’t quite believe it’s been his this week, the right to drive Novak to the edge of coherence and watch him fall apart; it's as much a prize as any trophy, as the medal wrapped snug in its ribbon in his hoodie pocket.

I realised halfway through it that the last Olympic fic I wrote was a. twelve years ago and b. also a bet fic. I don't even know how to feel about the fact that I'm an ancient fan girl rewriting the same tropes. 'Proud' is an option. So is 'mortified'.


But in 'moving on' steps, I created an Imzy! After a brief panic that someone would've taken 'Clo' already (looking at you, Dreamwidth) I got it and it's fine, nobody panic. I have no idea what I'm doing over there but I have a few free invites if anyone wants one.

I'm located at I guess? I'm still not entirely sure how this community mlarky works but it's an interesting interface that's both tumblr and Livejournal combined, and there's comments (hurrah!) so this could be the next step? I'm interested to see where it goes.
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Roger just lost at Wimbledon so, in the traditions of the last twelve years, I'm sulking on LJ. Hurrah and yay and all that muchness.

(Roger, you had so many break points. You bloody sodding moron.)

Anyway, in addition to now getting entirely soused on Pimms because of idiot Swiss tennis players, I saw this on Twitter today about Russia's bugfuck crazy data laws affecting LJ and wondered sadly if it would be LJ's final straw. I mean, my flist is mostly a wasteland these days (not helped by my useless lack of posts) and I hang out mostly on Twitter (find me at @aomaakutu) but I don't want LJ to disappear entirely. It feels like it should stand forever as an archive to the early-ish days of fandom and online social networking and also, I have a lot of fic (all the old stuff of which is reposted over at Insanejournal, with apologies for how terrible it is) and nonsense and old conversations from over a decade of fandom sitting on here. I don't want that to disappear. AO3 is great and Twitter is great and tumblr is basically a disaster that hasn't got the sense to fall over under the weight of its own nonsense, and none of it does what LJ did. But if LJ does go, look me up on Twitter (@aomaakutu), or AO3 (clo) or Insanejournal (clofic) whatever. Maybe one day fandom will swing back around to blogging again. Then I can yell at people drunkenly about Roger being an idiot in more than 140 characters (which are nowhere near adequate to express my righteous indignation tbh).

Anyway! While LJ is still here and kicking, maybe I should actually use it for something? Idk, I hit a massive writer's block back in February and it took me forever to get over it so I started writing whatever got me writing anything again and it's left me with a bunch of weird WiPs, one of which is 30k and counting. As I'm a little drunk and a lot annoyed, how about some snippets of things that may, or may not, ever be finished? Why not? Snippets for everyone! (er, or everyone who likes tennis fic snippets since I have yet to find another fandom after twelve years. Never let it be said that I don't drag things out to the bitter end).

tennis fic wips snippets )

I wonder if I'll ever forget LJ html. Weird.

Because I'm me, the next thing I really want to write isn't any of these but I only have it outlined rather than written and it's in that weird stage of being thought-perfect before I have to try and wrestle it into words. I like it though. If I can keep writing despite being back in work on Monday, it might even get snippeted, or maybe it'll just get posted. I don't think it'll be that. Except, I always say that and 50k later it's still half finished.

I can't believe Roger lost. What an idiot.
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I'm supposed to be writing but instead I'm coughing with the Hideous Cold of Doom and trawling tumblr, so have a stolen-from-tumblr meme to get me back in the mood.

Rules: go to page 7 of your WIP*, skip to the 7th line, share 7 sentences, and tag 7 more writers to continue the challenge.

There's going to have to be a few mods, because I have at least three (four? five?) what might be classed as wips at the moment, and I don't think there's 7 writers left around LJ to challenge. So instead, have the seven-sentences-from-the-seventh-line of what I'm currently writing:

lines )

Things I have learned from this exercise; I run my sentences on way too long. Also, I have too many WiPs. These are only the ones I have typed and actually started, although the last one needs major rewrites so that won't be the seven sentences after the seventh forever. Still.

Life continues on. I've caught the Dreaded Lurgy this week but motored through it by going to work, which led to me sitting at my desk wrapped in my scarf like a blanket yesterday and croaking when anyone asked me a question. I'm feeling somewhat better tonight but I thought I was feeling better Wednesday night, and Thursday night, and then I felt like death from 4am Friday onwards, so I'm not getting my hopes up just yet.

Otherwise, everything is fine. New Job is still fine, although I have to organise an inspection for something I'm responsible for in March, and the previous job's incumbent left only scrappy notes on what she'd done towards the action plan for it, so that'll be fun. I keep thinking I should know everything because that's how everyone acts and then I realise I've only been doing the job for barely four months and I've got shit done in that time. It'll be fine. *touch wood*

In conclusion: still aten't ded, despite the best efforts of the common cold. I should be writing but I'm avoiding it. Nothing particularly exciting is going on right now. Except The Voice is back tonight so I get Ricky Wilson's face on the tellybox again for a bit, yay.

So, you know. As you were.

*I somehow completely missed that I was supposed to do this from page seven and not just the seventh line, and now I'm too lazy to redo it. So. Whatevs.
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you and me (we are one and the same) - Tennis RPF, Andy Murray/Novak Djokovic, rated M. Vampire AU. 8,275 words.

“I am fine,” Novak says immediately, as if he isn't obviously being held upright by the wall alone, as if he doesn't look like he just got served up as dinner for a pack of wolves. His voice still rasps a little. “Andy, it is okay. I need just a moment and I will leave, it is not so bad as it looks.”

It takes a second for Andy to find his voice, a second more to breathe through the rising edge of panic he'd tried so hard to leave behind in Australia. “It looks pretty bad,” he says and has to pause to swallow when his tone pitches too far into shrill. “What the hell happened?”

Or, the one where Novak is a vampire and Andy should really know better by now.


Yes, I finished the vampire!Novak fic I started about five years ago because it's not as if I have plenty of other things to write right now. Oh wait, no. Scratch that. Reverse it.

Wow, LJ is running really slow for me right now; typing is taking a good five seconds or so to catch up. Unless those million updates Windows installed have done something which would be pretty annoying.

Life continues to be fair, y'all. Not won the lottery yet but soldiering on. About to embark on a serious Lie to Me marathon so, I'll let you know how that goes.
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I did it again, ya'll.

whiskey sour - loss as an art form 0.2, tennis rpf, Andy Roddick/Roger Federer, explicit, 16,032 words. The morning after the night before, and all the uncomfortable consequences.

This one was so hard to get though, so I'm relieved I wrote the damn thing and now I can go write something less consequence-filled for a while.
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Um. So there was a Wimbledon final at the weekend which involved Roger Federer. And had Andy Roddick commentating - or in truth, talking non-stop for five days about how amazing Roger is and how great he is and how he only copes with being asked about 2009 because he has so much respect for Roger and even though it's been a million years since I wrote anything actually postable in tennis fic, I did a thing. Like, drink too much Pimms and bash angrily at my keyboard while Roger lost, and then spend two days spamming [ profile] kindoftrouble with emails going DOES THIS MAKE SENSE HOW CAN I MAKE MY DRUNKEN RAMBLINGS MAKE SENSE WHY DO I LOVE TENNIS PLAYERS WHEN THEY DO STUPID THINGS LIKE LOSING, ARGH.

In short, have fic. It's even go about 21% plot going on behind the PWP. Sort of. This is mostly the angry-that-he-lost bit; if I get the sequel, and the prequel, and the sequel-sequel done, there might be actual plot. Plus the other thing I'm about half-way through that isn't even in this series. Because apparently I'm writing tennis RPF again, god.

beautiful and drunk (singing softly to yourself)
- Andy Roddick/Roger Federer, explicit, 6093 words post-Wimbledon 2015 final, drunken hurt-comfort sex and Andy pining when he should know better.

I er, was about 50-80% Pimms at various times when I wrote it, so hopefully the editing-bashing means it at least vaguely makes sense.

Posting on AO3 is amazingly more nerve-wracking than here or the Pit of Voles. I'm going to go have a little sit down now.
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This post was originally going to be a Merry Christmas and then Happy New Year and then that New Year meme that does the rounds every December/January...

...and then I thought it'd got a bit past all that and I'd talk about getting fanfiction printed into bound books instead. (And then I left this post sitting half-written for about two weeks and I'm finally posting it in a rush just to get the damn thing off my to-do list.)

So on New Years Eve I was being somewhat sad and stuck at home with family + guests and, as I seem to end up doing quite often around Christmas and NYE for reasons of a nostalgic nature, I was idly re-reading some of the fanfiction that I've loved almost longer than any other fic: BagEnders. (For those of you yet to encounter the wonders of BagEnders, it essentially follows the premise of 'Let's make the original Fellowship from Lord of the Rings immortal, assume they've all lived through history, and stick them together in a three-bedroom house in the year 2000, with all the ensuing psychological, social and lack-of-personal-space issues you'd expect from being several millenia old and still having to live with Gandalf. It's rough and typo-filled and ridiculous, and still one of the best things I've ever read on the internet). It was written way back in internet terms - around 2001 - and it's been gradually disappearing from the internet over the years; the website crashed back in 2004ish and some stuff got put back up, but only the first series is really accessible on there these days. Various efforts have been made to save it but there's a general feeling that one day in the not-to-distant-future, it's going to vanish.

With some widespread Googling and much c&ping, I collected the last few chapters on series III on NYE, and sat back with a glow of contentment. Now it'll be mine forever! I'll always have BagEnders!

Until a snide little thought said, my computer breaks. Until they're no longer on the internet and replaceable. Then what?

Side-track: when I went backpacking around Australia a few years ago, I invaded the house of [ profile] chickybee32, a long-term (maybe my longest actually!) internet friend. We met a long long time ago because of an epic-length fic she'd written called Bitter Wine and, while I was staying with her, she showed me a paperback book - Bitter Wine, neatly formatted and printed into an actual bound paperback by another mutual friend as a present. It was fic! In a book! With chapters and actual pages and collected stories in the same 'verse at the back!

In short? It was super cool. Fic in an actual book format. I can't be alone in thinking that's pretty nifty.

Ever since I've sort of hovered around the vague idea of getting my favourite fics printed into books because honestly, I re-read all the time. I read new books constantly too but if I'm cleaning my teeth or stirring the pasta or just want something to occupy my brain for half an hour without having to process anything beyond letters on a page, I pick up old books. I open them to random pages, I re-read paragraphs and lines or entire chapters, in pieces and snatched minutes. I've re-read my entire Tamora Pierce collection dozens of times and constantly have at least one of them on the go; I'm currently heading towards the end of Squire for the umpteenth time, after reading odd paragraphs while cleaning my teeth for two weeks.

I would love to do this with fic, but. It is tricky impossible to do this with a laptop. For a while I clung to the idea of getting a Kindle and filling it full of fic but that's hardly a safe thing to have near a running tap in the bathroom and I quickly realised it wouldn't be any sort of assurance of safety for much-loved fic in the long run; a Kindle is, basically, just a mini-computer and we all know what computers do in the end - break. Usually at the most inconvenient moments ie, when you've lost your backup/s.

So I'd been sitting on this idea of fic-books for a long time, without really ever getting around to researching it. I thought it'd be expensive, maybe, or there'd be copyright issues if the company noticed what they were printing (not that I'd have any intention of selling fic-books to anyone other than myself because hey, no and also not mine to sell and did I mention no? - but it kind of bugged me. So, I'd left it.

But with the thought of BagEnders graually vanishing, and it being the start of a shiny new year and also fic-books would be really really cool, I Googled for printing services. First option up was and, after browing for a few reviews on the service, I thought it looked promising. I spent about a day trying to format my BagEnders chapters into something approaching consistent - Lulu asks for .pdf files with all fonts embedded etc. which is super-easy to do with OpenOffice (on Writer, just go File -> Export as .pdf and hit save. Lulu has a step-by-step gide, although you may have to open an account with the site to read it - accounts are free and easy though!) but it's way more important for a book to be consistently formatted than a collection of chapters posted on separate webpages - chapter titles had to stand out, Author Notes to be italicised, footnotes etc.

Towards the end I was sick of staring at the thing and I figured I'd save what I had - which was almost a completely-formatted version of series I and II complete with all the comic strips originally drawn for the fic by Calima that are still available on the website - and upload it to Lulu just to see. I wasn't intending to print it yet - I still wasn't sure it was a great idea - but I wanted to test the Lulu process and so, I hit publish and followed the steps and I'd designed a cover to fit the A5 format using another one of Calima's illustrations and-

-and yeah, I got to the final step and it was there looking at me in all it's shiny temptingness - and I clicked publish.

(Aside: Lulu claims that you are "publishing" these books and will go some way to make it seem official, offering you the option of an ISBN and prcntages of sales etc., but during the creating process they offer you three options: publish outright and make available to buy, complete with ISBN; publish privately for only you to view/purchase; and another option that I've forgotten and probably isn't that important since the other two are the ones we want. For fic-books, I'm pretty sure the option will always be "PUBLISH JUST FOR ME" because you get royalties or some such if other people buy something you've 'published' and even if it's your own fic, that's getting into pretty sketchy territory legally. I can't stop you doing it, but I recommend you don't. Seriously. Don't.)

So I'd published the damn thing, formatting errors and all, and when it took me to the private-to-me book page after, I ordered a copy. With series I and II included plus illustrations (I didn't think I could fit III into Lulu's 740-page limit), it came to 612 pages for an A5 paperback which cost £10.34, plus £2.99 p&p. If you order multiple items - as far as I've tested anyway - p&p goes up by £1 per item; there may be a limit on this or there may not. For 612 pages though, I figured that was pretty good.

Three days later, it arrived (image heavy) )

A few days after BagEnders arrived, I got twitchy with the knowledge that I could create fic books. This time I wanted to test things I'd learned from BagEnders (smaller font size, margin sizes etc.) but I didn't want to spend another entire day formatting, so I looked for a fic that was already formatted pretty perfectly and that would c&p as such. Plus, it had to be something I'd re-read enough to justify the money, and long enough to justify the book. With all that in mind I went for The Student Prince, a modern-day Merlin AU by FayJay. I re-read it fairly regularly, it's a proper book-length at 147,000 words, plus it wasn't too NC-17-rated (I'm still not entirely comfortable sending anything too dubious off to some company somewhere to print because hey, they might not read anything they're sent but then again, they have to check the printing and such; I didn't want to risk them banning me before I've even got started) and it had the nice bonus of, on the surface, looking like just another King Arthur story that anyone could've written without reference to the TV show. Formatting was mostly a simple matter of c&p, making sure the chapters started on a new page, and finding a cover design. Published it all up, ordered - £8.51 + £2.99 p&p; it came in at 525 pages of US trade paperback size, which is larger in surface area than A5 so they probably charge by page count instead - and ordered. In the same thee-day turnaround, it was dispatched and arrived.

The Student Prince by Fay Jay )

So, that's and fic books. I like Lulu a lot; the step-by-step process is easy, and the print inside the book is sharp and perfect. Even the comic strips have printed beautifully. Aside from a few hiccups like the cover type and margin size - which I guess is why they recommend you order proof copies of everything you 'publish' - I have no issues with the two books. I love them and I'm going to keep them for a long time; I've already formatted several other of my favourite fics into .pdf files waiting to be printed, along with an anthology of all my favourite Stargate: Atlantis fic because it all seems to be around the novella-length instead of novel. Someday in the future I'll have a bookcase full of my favourite fic, bound and shiny and free from the threat of computer malfunctions.


Other stuff is happening. Today I went to a wonderfully unexpected old-fashioned Penny Arcade in Southport; I lovedlovedloved the third episode of Sherlock; Silent Witness is hopefully going to be on again next month which I'm super-excited about; I'm still working at the hospital a a temp, although I'm feeling like that may not last too much longer; I've read many wonderful non-fic books; I'm going with [ profile] jesse_kips to see the marvellous Propeller perform Henry V in February and I can't wait.

But all that will be another post, because I should've been in bed an hour ago. :)

eta: Oh dear god that was an epic amount of html!fail to fix. NOW I AM GOING TO BED.
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It's been torrential rain all day. Mist is now drifting in to hide the trees across from my window and I'm finding things to do in a lazy non-productive way. Like remaking Softer Worlds and in particular this one-

-which reminded me of a fic I started writing back at the glorious start of the year when Murray and Novak seemed determined to publicly out themselves as a couple, where Novak's a vampire (and a tennis player) and Murray was still his best friend (until he wasn't). It was going to be loosely-tied together scenes from The Life of Novak Djokovic, Vampire, until Murray wouldn't go away and I realised his side of the scenario would be more interesting anyway.

I like the idea of Novak as a vampire and how it works with things like his pickiness with food, the way he had trouble with heat for a long time and of course Murray would know, because a twelve-year old vampire!Novak would never be able to keep something like that secret.

I never finished (are you surprised?) - honestly I never even finished the first scene, or the second where Murray found a baby vampire Novak crying the locker rooms of a tournament they played when they were twelve because he was too young to deal well with sunlight - but I still liked the very beginning and since it's a lazy rainy Saturday, I fixed a few of the more awkward sentences in what I had written and thought I'd post it. It's 2317 words by OpenOffice's word count but they've always been more optimistic than accurate for me.

Don't expect this to ever be finished, or potentially to even get more scenes (although I've always wanted to write the Australia one referenced in this, because Novak looked terrible in that 2010 match against Tsonga and there's so much to do with that) but because I'm bored and it's raining and maybe posting something will actually make me write something, anything:

the one with the vampire's ex-best friend, implied djokovic/murray, pg for blood, this part bite-free )


In other news re. my last post I caved and bought The Quiet War (the book that Gardens of the Sun follows on from. A few pages in and Sri Hong-Owen (not yet a lady captain) has shown up in the background but I'm hopful that she's going to be more major very soon.

Interestingly, the other books by Paul McAuley list in the front of this one is in the proper order, with Gardens of the Sun last after The Quiet War. I don't even know what goes on in your heads Gollancz.

I have many, many things I should be doing before Doctor Who later. I must not read all evening instead. Really.

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eta: Should've said, these memes stolen from [ profile] kindoftrouble and others!

a. Type your answer to each of the questions into Flickr Search.
b. Using only the first page, pick an image*.
c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd’s mosaic maker.

1. What is your first name? Helen 2. What is your favorite food? Chinese 3. What high school did you go to? The Maelor School, Penley 4. What is your favorite colour? Purple 5. Who is your celebrity crush? Roger Federer 6. Favorite drink? Coffee 7. Your favorite place? Cardiff 8. Favorite dessert? Cupcakes 9. What you want to be when you grow up? Satisfied 10. Where do you want to be right now? Here. 11. Favorite word? serendipity 12. What do you love most in life? Books 13. Who do you love most in life? My friends (and my cat) 14. One word to describe you Hopeful 15. Your greatest dream To be a writer 16. Your favorite childhood story Peter Pan


Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.

Titles are usually the last thing I give fics so most of these are basically descriptive/random/inexplicable but not that interesting )


Life continues to be fine. I continue to spend too much money that I should be saving, fail at writing motivation (and indeed motivation for anything), watch too much TV and go to Pets At Home once a week to spend fifteen minutes talking to the rats and thinking wistfully what I'd name them if I knew I'd be in any place to look after them forhowevermanyyears. Sigh. I did almost adopt a dwarf hamster named Milo today but I have no idea where my hamster cage is.

(I may yet look for it and go back. He was adorable and his last owner didn't want him. Sadface for tiny unwanted hamsters.)

...That's pretty much it. I'm not so much with the interesting right now. Oh [ profile] jesse_kips! I'm planning to head to Manchester in the evening of Tuesday March 1st to see Jasper Fforde talk in Waterstone's (assuming I can still get a ticket! I need to call them). Don't know if you could make it but Jasper's awesome (I can't remember if I recced you his books? You totally should read them; it's like crime and literature and humour and you will love them) and worth going to see if you can make it. I'll be getting in about 5:30pm anyway, so let me know if it's doable for a meet-up. :D

...Yeah, that's pretty much it. As you were, y'all.
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Title: Super, Thanks For Asking (1/6)
Author: aomakutu(DW)/Clo(LJ)
Rating: PG (future parts may be rated higher)
Pairing/Characters: (eventually) Roger Federer/Novak Djokovic, Robin Söderling/Juan Martin Del Potro, Roger Federer/Mirka Vavrinec, implied past Roger Federer/Andy Roddick. All the singles players from the 2009 World Tour Finals, plus some doubles players, some coaches and some RL girlfriends.
Word Count (this part): 20,292

Summary: Making the World Tour Finals doesn't make you a superhero. Except when it does.

follow the fake!cut for the fic, disclaimers and author's notes

(a.n. please don't die of shock at me posting fic. Or actually, posting at all. Those four horsemen outside your window are out for a perfectly innocent trek and I don't have a flying pig in my icon. Ahem.)
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...have a meme gacked from [ profile] scoobydumblonde.

Post a sentence/paragraph/snippet from every wip of your own that you can find. No explanations allowed, just the excerpt.

This is only stuff I've worked on in the last couple of months. And no, I'm not even kidding. )

Some of these might even get finished. One day.
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How do you know you've been reading Stargate: Atlantis fic for too long? When you spot a Eureka fic with a title like Transdimensional Equilibrium and actually SQUEAK with joy.

SQUEAK. I am not kidding. Jesus. I've always been pretty bad at coming up with titles, so I've never particularly held bad ones against anyone else but... clearly I have a thing for the long pretty words. Wow.

I haven't even read the damn fic yet, so this isn't a rec. But hopefully with that title it will be, soon.

(I have yet to move off the sofa to shower or get dressed today. On the other hand I've read lots of delicious Eureka slash and I'm enjoying the beautiful day through the window. It's lovely. :D

I need Eureka icons.)
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I do not understand why so many people write fic where the Doug Anthony Allstars shoot, stab or otherwise murder each other and then - usually - angst about it for a while. There seems to be a - somewhat worrying to say the least - proportion of such fics, given how little DAAS fic there is overall. I can't remember coming across so many in any fandom before, even the ones with multiple archives and millions of teenies.

It's uh, a little scary. And slightly makes me want to write a fic where they shoot, stab and otherwise murder each other apparently in earnest... then the last paragraph revals it was a prank and they get up and drink tea. Paul would complain about there being fake blood in his mug and Tim would tie Richard's legs to his chair with the fake entrails.

Seriously internets, quit it. It freaks me out. And without getting into my warnings argument again, this doesn't seem to be a fandom that warns for anything, including violence and character death. It's bizarre.


STEPPING AWAY FROM TOPICS OF DEATH AND VIOLENCE, today was an excellent day in work! We'd finished all the buckets so I sat at my table and packed soap, wrapped soap and folded soap into postcard pyramids all day, with the staggeringly professional and heartbreakingly excellent podcast of speranza's Written by the Victors on my iPod. I carried it on my laptop all over Australia and never got around to listening to it which is almost criminal (it would've been a wonderful way to kill five and a half hours of the flight dammit) but it was perfect today since I didn't really need to pay attention to soap-packing past the first couple. I have an hour left and could just read it but the podcast is beautiful. It has a cast and music and really, anyone who says fanfic isn't any good has not heard this. It's freaking profesional.

It did, however, provide me with the unique experience of having NC-17 slash playing through my earphones while I smiled at a nun. Fanfic; warping your soul in fun and different ways since the birth of the internet!

I had something else to go here but it's taken me almost two hours since I started this post and it's still not finished, so I think it'll have to wait until tomorrow.

Also, I got paid today. :DDDDD Appppprrrooooooooooooooval.


WAIT. Pre-post edit. Mock the Week just started and Adam Hills is on it. I was happy about this since if Australia taught me nothing else, it taught me Australian comedians = teh awesome. So, there was this:

Me: Adam Hills! Yay!
Mother: Who?
Me: Adam Hills. He's Australian and awesome. Also he makes jokes about his fake foot.
Mother: He has a fake foot?
Me: Yes.
Mother: ...Maybe it got bitten off by a crocodile.
Mw: ...Sometimes I wish I wasn't related to your brain cells.

Seriously, parents. What.
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Oh how I've missed you internet (seriously; how do people run their lives without internet? Train times, film times, the news, the weather; how does anyone function without it all there, all the time? I mainly played a lot of Sims 2 and lived in a bubble for two weeks). The internet probably missed me less, especially considering I've done a grand total of diddly squat since I was last sitting on a sofa with my laptop open to LJ.

Well okay, I've moved a couple of hundred miles north, unpacked everything I own from boxes, bags and suitcases and crammed it into a smaller space than before, fangirled over Derren Brown a lot with [ profile] make_a_move, whined a lot about our COMPLETE LACK OF SNOW HERE *is not bitter, really*, avoiding my parents as much as possible, watched a tennis match, ignored a tennis match, thought about a tennis match some more until it made me want to write fic... then went away and wrote an entirely different fic.

Because. You see. I got a couple of extra bookcases out of the move, which meant I got enough space to have out books I hadn't seen in years. Most of my Tamora Pierce collection was out already but Kel was at the back of the cupboard, along with the one Daine book I owned (I'd read everything but from the library, years ago). In London at New Year I bought a new set of the Immortals quartet from Forbidden Planet and then, when I was thinking how nice it'd be to see all my TP books out together for the first time ever (they take up pretty much an entire shelf of the bookcase), it occurred to me that I only owned the first two Alanna books. Which was kind of annoying. So I bought The Woman Who Rides Like A Man and Lioness Rampant before I lost my 'net, so aside from unpacking in my almost-three weeks away from LJ's procrastination, I re-read my way through Tortall backwards, from Kel to Daine to Alanna.

And then, having read Alanna in full for the first time since the first time, years and years ago - I realised a lot of things about the final book really bugged me. I didn't like Roger in my first reading of those books. I really really hated him (Roger Federer appearing on my TV as I type that is not comforting universe). On my second reading of the latter two I found that rather than hating him, I was hating not seeing his side of the story. Yeah so he's crazy but with reason and, despite the monumental stupidity of the other characters in letting him wander freely through the pages to wreak chaos, and despite similar monumental stupidity from his own minions, he's actually a pretty successful bad guy despite-or-because-of that insanity.

This is turning into that 'meta on Roger, Duke of Conté' that I'm not going to do right now because it's about time I actually read a different book. Instead, have the fic that came from venting my frustration over the total lack of exploration into Roger's side of the story during Lioness Rampant. As a side note I, uh. Realise only a few of you on my flist will have any idea what I'm rambling about but that's no excuse considering the innate awesome of Tamora Pierce and how you should all go immediately to Amazon to buy her entire library. Go, quick. Actually read the first thing I've actually written in I think over a year first, then go.

It is indeed the first thing I've written in over a year. It's the first thing I've actually finished in longer than I care to remember. So, judge away but I finished something. Clearly to be a writer all I have to do is quit my job.


(link goes to my fic IJ)

Title: To Kill A King
Rating: G
Fandom/Pairing: Song of the Lioness quartet, specifically toward the end of Lioness Rampant. Implied Roger/Thom, implied Roger/Jonathan if you squint (don’t judge me; even Alanna says “I know you love him” in Hands of the Goddess).
Word Count: 2,903
Summary: An early morning summons to Jonathan’s room could spell ruin for Roger’s plan.


I really want to go to bed now but the lure of shiny new internets is strong. Mmmm.

edit: I hhmmm over sleep and the internet delivers; there's piercefic community. Cue me not getting anymuch sleep tonight then. Good thing I have chocolate.
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Some time ago, so long that I don't actually have the energy to go back and find the original post, I asked people to name one of my fics and I would write them a drabble or a ficlet that followed it. Some of you did and, being me, I made a note of what to write, started writing and uh. Never got anywhere. Only I kind of did with the first one but I wanted to finish all of them before posting it and now it's like a year or more (two years?) later and I've finally reposted all the old stuff to IJ, and I figure, making you wait two years times five for all of them isn't really fair. So have the only finished one which was [ profile] tasheila's, a request for a follow-up to In His Absence. It's not long; part of me hates the In His Absence universe because it's heartbreaking every time I touch it, but it's something.

Coda to In His Absence, 617 words, a moment between Andy and Mardy a year or maybe two after the end of In His Absence. Posted over on my IJ fic journal, as any future fic will be though I'll also link to it from here.

I think [ profile] kindoftrouble's was next. I'll see you with it in 2010...
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Have discovered Paula Cole. Bought the CD for Where Have All the Cowboys Gone and discovered the Dawson's Creek theme song, which I always loved even though I never really watched the show, is on there too. I love it.

I'm so glad it's the weekend. I promise to catch up on everything sometime in the next day or so.

I kind of want to make a Roger soundtrack, only it doesn't know whether it wants to be a Roger soundtrack or a fic soundtrack yet but it's been stewing at the back of my mind for a while and it's about time it decided. Although I do have the pretty much complete Andy/Roger one just waiting for final tweaks and fic in the liner notes, since that was the whole point of it in the first place.

I'm off to finally finish transferring all my old fic onto my fic journal over here at InsaneJournal now, so no, it's not a sudden flood of new stuff. Though I wish the internet worked on my desktop, because my laptop's been on for half an hour and already the fan is running full blast to stop it overheating. Goddammit I wish my stupid brother hadn't just abandoned us to our utterly crappy internet that doesn't work on half the computers in the house. And also, I really need a new laptop. I was thinking the end of the summer but I don't know if I can wait that long. I suppose it's all the same if I spend the money then or now. Ack. Though, this one has lasted four years without any major breakdowns and that's pretty amazing.

Maybe I'll call my brother later and ask him what good laptops he can get me discount on right now, just to compare them to what I liked on the Dell website. And no, I do not need to spend more just to get a pretty pattern on the lid dammit. I really don't.
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Shifting all my tennis slash over to IJ is turning into such a chore. Sometime long ago, it seemed like such a good idea. O_O Organise the scattered fic! Get a proper tag system in place! Not have to ask people to friend to see the locked stuff!

Yeah. In future, consider why you've never bothered to consolidate and tag properly before; it's a huge pain in the ass. I've been at it all night and so far this index and everything in it with an * is what I've got posted there. I'm going to be here 'til October at this rate.

That said, I've got a proper system for tracking what I've shifted and what I haven't now, a proper collection of tags and a new appreciation for how much I dislike some of my old fic. Seriously, ugh. But at least when it's all done I can stick a link up to it from [ profile] clofic and I won't have to keep checking for friending requests.

And Tweak just exclaimed "Ridiculously romantic!" as I was posting one of my sappier fics. It's the kind of thing that makes you love IJ.
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Tennis slashers who got a postcard, here's the post (finally) to post your lines of fic and reassemble them by the card numbers. if you don't want to do it then of course you don't have to; in a week I'll fill in the gaps from my copy of the ficlet, though it differs slightly from what I wrote on the cards. The last two lines never got sent so, to start y'all off:

It's the way you love him more than you love winning. It's everything.


I know I'm behind on comments but I have seminar work to do early in the morning and I'm so tired, my head if practically on the keyboard. I promise catch-up tomorrow but now I'm going to bed. >_< Yoga and builders drilling walls at obscenely early times (for me) = no awakeness at all.
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