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We're almost to 2017 everyone! Hang in there!

In the meantime, Merry Christmas/Blessed Yule and Io Saturnalia/happy holidays etc etc. I've spent most of mine attempting to write Rogue One fic without putting too many feet wrong in the thousands of years of history that is the SW universe. It's something that's involved much shouting at Wookieepedia, but also muttering fervent thanks to all the fans who have anticipated questions such as 'Do spaceships in Star Wars run on fuel?' and have kindly written entire essays describing what kinds of fuel, where it's made, who makes it, and who invented it in the first place.

It's really rather impressive. I don't think our actual history is documented this well.

As another note, there's been plenty of stirrings lately about LJ moving their servers to Russia and what this might mean. On top of that, I've seen comments and entries about people having technical issues (such as including links in posts, viewing their friends page etc) and I hit a few myself with the app refusing to load for a few days, the featured posts not loading etc.

All of it adds up to something of a worry that one day soon in a galaxy not so far away, LJ might wink out and that'll be it.

I do have backups - I know where else to find most of you (those who're still here) in the case of catastrophic LJ collapse - but the InsaneJournal I'd backed my posts up to a few years ago was deleted for inactivity and I've rambled occasionally since then anyway, so I've backed everything up on Dreamwidth (clo_again, since some damn person created Clo over on DW in 2009 and has NEVER UPDATED. No, I'm never going to quit being bitter about this).

So just fyi - in the case of the LJ apocalypse or just the general apocalypse given the way the world is going, you'll be able to find me here DW at clo_again, or from my profile here to other social media/AO3, for as long as the lights stay on.

I don't really know what to do with LJ - people are deleting/purging because hey, Russia, but this is a lot of history and I don't know if that's an overreaction. I'm more concerned about the fic, but that's all backed up over on Insanejournal anyway.

I'm so ready for 2016 to be over, y'all. It's been a hell of a year.
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Finally caught the River Lune in Lancaster just right on my train journey out. I've been trying half-heartedly for ages and kept getting the angle wrong. Or it was raining, because it's the North and it does that a lot.

But not lately, because it stayed clear long enough for me to catch the sunset over the wetlands just right too:


Have nothing much else to say that wouldn't just be procrastinating over the many other things I'm supposed to be doing. Feeling guilty about my lack of fic productivity lately; I may do that meme later, the one where you post fic-in-progress snippets, to remind myself of the many, many things I should be working on.

But right now, instead, I'm going to watch tonight's Merlin. Which has been rather delightfully excellent this series! Any have any good, recent fic recs for it? I feel somewhat out of the Merlin loop, what with Sherlock and tennis and Inception fics demanding my time (reading Inception fic. Not writing. I have no clue how you'd even begin to wrap your brain around the intricacies of writing fic for that film, yet there is such marvellous fic being written for it. Internet, truly you make up for your plethora of crazy with a generous smattering of genius <3).

I still can't decide if this Dreamwidth cross-posting thing is working for me. It's certainly not helping me post more. Hhhhmm.

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