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Birthdate:Oct 27

m e & d r e a m w i d t h / l i v e j o u r n a l

Twentythirty-something (when did that happen?), British, tennis fan with semi-frequent side-trips into all the shiny fandoms of the week that happen to saunter along. Have been Clo over on LJ for as long as I can remember but someone took that name before me over here (if that person-who-has-NEVER UPDATED SINCE 2009 comes looking, I'd be happy to take it off your hands anytime thanks). Was aomakutu here until I didn't post for a year and forgot my password, well done me. Starting over here since my paid account on LJ expired for pretty much the first time in a decade a while ago and I didn't feel any pressing need to renew it, given LJ's changes and policies over the years. Waiting to see if I can hold out another decade on DW. The jury is out.

Most of my life is an endless battle against procrastination but I am posting fic as Clo over on AO3 as I can force myself to stop playing Pokemon Go and write.

I'm also on Livejournal as Clo | my ancient fic over on Insanejournal | Imzy as Clo, for a backup

I'm on Twitter but it's locked or work-related. If I know you and you want in on those shenanigans, leave me a comment or something.


Header currently features Ben Whishaw and a background of stars from the Hubble telescope.

r u b r i c

f r i e n d i n g p o l i c y : I don't really have one - if you want to friend me feel free, no need to ask but please do introduce yourself so I can friend back if we have interests in common (all fic posted here will be left unlocked indefinitely).

f i c : I write, and talk, about RPS (real person slash) quite a lot. If that bothers you, my journals probably aren't your happy place.

i c o n s : I make most of my own icons (if it's not credited to someone else then it's mine). I'm always happy to share but please ask and credit when taking.

r e s o u r c e s : Many of the icons I make use PS brushes and textures from teh_indy, pekeana, soaked, iris_elegance, kissedpaper,divine_desire,, and

* * *

If you like what you see, feel free to introduce yourself. If not, feel free to hit the back button. The internet's a big place, bigger than ever these days; we can all find our own corner.

But I promise don't bite (often). ;)
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