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An irritated thought of Doctor Who (one specific spoiler for tonight) )

Oh dear. That got rather long for a rant about one rather small issue. It does annoy me beyond words when the 'Who writers get lazy though because goddammit, they're writing for a BBC flagship show with decades of history, possibly one of the best writing jobs in television, and then they don't try. ARGH.

Also, I didn't really like tonight's episode overall. Pretty sure there were plot holes large enough to sink the Titanic in, even if I was being climbed over by two Yorkshire Terriers for most of the episode and it was hard to keep track. Sigh, Who. Why is it that you have to follow every good episode with a ridiculous one?


In real-life news, this has been a particularly stressful week and I'm very glad it's over. Suffice to say I was coming home on the train on Thursday trying not to cry and Googling "running away to Borneo to live with monkeys' on my phone as an actual feasible life plan. I hope next week is better.
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It's slightly breezy here in Cumbria right now. As in, the trees are only bending almost to the ground and not actually touching, and we're still considering heading out to go shoe shopping. Hah Katia! Takes more than that to intimidate almost-local Cumbrians!

(Er, don't take that as a challenge. As this precision drawn met office graphic ) shows, Cumbria is 99% out of the amber alert area (and considering north west England starts from the top of Cumbria southwards, including the entire NW in the QUITE LIKELY TO DIE category instead of SLIGHTLY LESS POTENTIAL FOR DEATH yellow area seems harsh, but waving a red flag at winds left over from a hurricane is probably a bad life plan).

Outside my window, the other side of the estuary has disappeared into the grey mist and the tide's right up to the prom, with the wind stirring up white-caps that look tiny from up here. I'm wondering if it's worth stopping for a photo op before heading onto shops or if I'd be blown off the prom and into the sea. Hhmm.


In wider news of my life, I'm getting closer to actually starting this new job that the HR guy's been delaying for weeks through sheer incompetence. I was heading into Lancaster on Friday to catch Fright Night again and the woman I'll be working for called me for a meeting, so I dropped in. She seems nice, and the job is all organising and hunting out files and appointments and absolutely minimal interaction with actual people, which is my sort of job. It's supposed to run for at least four months and probably longer so once I get started and settle in, that's the rest of this year sorted at least; I'm not sure about next year but I'm thinking maybe I should save seriously to do a Masters after all. I could go to Lancaster fom home but I've always wanted to do a Masters in Cardiff and oh, I don't know. I need to save the money first. I'm going back tomorrow again to meet the girl who's going to teach me how to do the job, so one thing at a time.

Re. Fright Night, I went to the cinema after the meeting expecting to find it showing at 1:15pm, only to find they'd changed the times the day before and now it's only showing at 22:00 (my last train back home leaves like 11ish, so anything after 9pm is useless to me).

I was surprised because it's only been out for a week. Sure, the cinema I saw it in wasn't anything like full but it wasn't just me in there either and it was the middle of the day on a Tuesday when the kids were back in school so it wasn't a terrible headcount. I'm pretty disappointed if it's not doing well enough to keep on at sensible times for more than a week but then, Lancaster's Vue has a habit of showing things very, very briefly (they have like seven screens split over two floors, so I have no clue why they do it). I'm waiting for the time changes this Thursday and hoping they show it at least once more that I can get to; otherwise Kendal arts centre cinema is showing the 3D version in a couple of weeks, so I'll try to get there. I really did want to see it again, argh.

I also checked out the posters in HMV in search of the Tennant-as-Peter Vincent one. They had a whole bunch of naked girls, a good choice of Captain Jacks, some funny cartoons and a couple of Harry Potters. Nothing else. -_- I have no idea where else I might pick up the Tennant poster, sigh. Even the internet is proving unhelpful.
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Just a heads-up to UK-based peeps; I just got a phone call from someone with an almost-incomprehensible foreign accent claiming to be from 'Windows'. He asked if I had a computer with a Windows system and then informed me of some bullshit about them having the information of my computer and seeing some malicious software downloads, could I go to my start option?

He clearly wanted me to go through some steps and (I suspect; I called him on his bullshit before he could say) download and install some software that would very certainly not help my computer or that'd probably have involved demands for credit card info. When I asked how he got the phone number, he said it'd been registered when I bought the computer and when I pointed out we'd moved several times since then and there should be no way Windows could connect this particular phone number to my computer, he waffled about some registered number and how they 'had the computer information'. We went around in circles for a couple of minutes while I tried to trip him up (I insisted that if they could track my computer to this phone number via my copy of Windows, they should know what make and model of computer this copy of Windows was registered to, and then we spent at least a minute engaged in a fruitless argument about how 'Windows Vista' was not the 'make and model' but rather the 'operating system'. And then I realised I was explaining to a supposed 'computer expert' what the difference between 'hardware' and 'software' is and no, anti-virus software desn't "only protect the hardware of my computer,not the software' because er, HOW DOES THAT EVEN WORK WHAT; SINCE WHEN DO COMPUTER VIRUSES MAKE YOUR LAPTOP BURST INTO RL FLAMES?) until I decided I wasn't going to get him to admit he was a crank and the conversation was really not a productive use of my time.

I told him that there was nothing wrong with my computer and not to call again; he had the cheek to say "We'll call again later" after that (I said "NO DO NOT CALL" because I had visions of my mother picking up and panicking). Weirdly, my internet cut off for about ten minutes afterward but I rather think that's a coincidence.

So, just a heads up to UK peeps; I suspect everyone reading this has more than enough computer-smarts to not give these idiots any infor but they're obviously making calls, so maybe you want to warn less tech-savvy family members etc. to not believe any such calls (unless of course you've actually called Microsoft to request support, in which case the Microsoft caller should know your specific support ID and deets like your full name. They'll also probably know the difference between a laptop model and an operating system. Well, probably; it is Microsoft. ;-) )

And to add some much-needed hilarity to this entry, have a Youtube link for what happens when the same sort of crank call gets made to an Australian with a sense of humour and time on his hands.
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I'm trying hard to be cheerful this week. Sometimes I'm getting there; sometimes I feel like hitting things with a stick. Think I'm getting to the part of being unemployed where it's not really fun anymore and the parents are getting the point where they really start nagging, and I've had a busy few weeks so I'm tired and oh, I don't know. The relentlessly depressing news this week isn't helping either. I wish someone in the know, somewhere, would let me get a sneak peak at my Life Plan so I know what to do next.

But! Until that happens, I'm mostly sleeping more than I need to and trying to catch up on some of my reading; since I'm currently trying to read The Iron King by Julie Kagawa, those two things are overlapping a bit. I'm trying to enjoy it but the main character keeps doing incredibly dumb things like chasing will'o the wisps in the middle of the night and I'm left going "YOU STUPID WOMAN HAVE YOU NEVER READ ANYTHING EVER?" Things like saying "thank you" to a faery being incredibly ill-advised are treated like revelations which er, no. There's a thousand YA books set in and around the supernatural/Faery out there right now; unless this is the very first one you read (unlikely, considering book 2 in the trilogy is marketed with a massive sticker on the front saying 'THE NEXT TWILIGHT!') none of it is surprising.

I'm wondering if I should bother finishing it, considering that I have no intention of picking up the next two books in the trilogy, and also I picked up The Lies of Locke Lamora secondhand yesterday, which is a book I've been desperate to read for ages (Robin Hood-esque hero who steals from the rich and uh, keeps it? Perhaps in a roguish and occasionally noble way? Yes please!) But I really don't like not-finishing books. Hhm. Maybe I'll make a hot chocolate and motor on through in hope that it gets better.

On a book-tangent, I found an absolutely brilliant secondhand bookshop in Morecambe today! It was a maze of ceiling-high shelves all packed with books, with bits of ceiling falling onto the floor in places and wooden ramps up and down levels and an owner with a Border Terrier that he was getting to do trcks for treats. It was amazing, like something someone would make up in a slightly eccentric novel and not like a real place at all, only it was. And the science fiction section had so many books (I picked up Dune, which I'm ashamed to admit that I've never read). Morecambe itself wasn't really anything to write home about but I'd go back for this bookshop. I wish it was in Lancaster where I go all the time, though I suspect then I'd soon be needing more bookcases. Which I don't have room for. Woe.

...That turned into rather longer of book-related thoughts than I expected. Related: would you say that reading all seven of the Harry Potter books makes you a "real fan"? I rather thought it just made me an average person, but yesterday the-post-boy-from-the-hospital-job seemed surprised that I'd read them all. I mean, it's Harry Potter; it's not as if I said I'd read all of Dickens or anything (which I haven't. The dude was paid by the word and it shows).

I guess I was just surprised he thought it surprising; maybe it's just from being in and around fandom so long but I was sort of assuming that it was more weird not to have read them.

Speaking of the post boy, he dragged me a 'small walk' around Rydal Water (a 'small' lake near Grasmere) yesterday evening. Over two hours later, I was limping back to the car thinking wistfully of the bottle of water I hadn't bothered to pack. Never be friends with anyone who runs half-marathons as a holiday; you'll either become super!fit very quickly, or die halfway up a mountain somewhere.

That said, it was very pretty )

I mentioned that I'd like to see Wastwater at some point and he jumped on the idea of making it a daytrip. I'm packing water next time. And suncream, and food, and blister plasters, and maybe several careful hints about how, you know, I'm all for hiking in moderate doses but I have no intention of making it a lifestyle.


Concluding notes: [ profile] scoobydumblonde, I have a post started with the answers to your meme questions but I keep getting stuck on the first one. I'm working on it.

[ profile] jesse_kips, I bought tinned pineapple today ready for a second (and hopefully more successful) attempt at pineapple cupcakes. :DDDD Did you want me to have them nom-ready when you arrive or should we take time out from the Psych marathon to make them?

Everyone else...keep smiling. Hopefully next week will be better.
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In search of my ancient VHS full of Hardy Boyz matches, I just searched nearly all the boxes in my room. Among other things, I found:

> pencil cases of assorted coloured pencils and pens x3
> multi-cd case (empty)
> notebooks (blank) x 14
> chalk (white and purple)
> crayons from Pizza Hut
> Disney World pin badges
> Converse laces (purple and turquoise)
> paper (assorted blank, lined, black, coloured, tracing, squared, labels, A3/A4/A5)
> all my old diaries (about 15 of them in varying states of falling apart/covered in Leo DiCaprio stickers/doodles)
> a VHS of WWF: Survivor Series 2001
> action figures (Wesley, Ten, Donna, the Master, Jack, Rose and a bonus mini TARDIS)
> a black porcelain Dalek egg cup
> a teatowel with the hand-drawn faces of my schoolmates and myself, from 1993
> packs of playing card (Wimbledon, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Wales, M&Ms)
> another blank notebook
> a massive photo, carefully rolled up in a special box, of my entire high school & teaching staff circa 2000, stiffly posed on a stand in the playground
> a digital alarm clock (broken)
> empty wallets x5
> a Japanese purse made from pink, red and gold patterned kimono material, still in the box
> mini indoor sparklers
> a magnetic chess set
> a lump of melted green glass
> a two shilling coin minted in 1956
> a tin with a design of Egyptian cats, full of useless foreign currency
> Halloween streamers
> cinnamon TicTacs
> shells
> cinnamon flavoured mints from Germany
> Wimbledon wristbands (not the queue kind, the playing-tennis kind)
> a paper crane
> napkins printed with a House of Commons logo
> Tarot cards
> a blue and red patterned coin purse from Turkey
> a photo of a random German's Labrador in Slovenia
> a picture of Lita's Green Man tattoo cut out from a magazine
> sequins
> one of the pair of my very first earrings
> mini laughing Buddhas x5

Here are pictures of some of it on my desk (not all; I couldn't face repacking all those boxes afterward) )

Things I did not find:

> my VHS of Hardy Boyz matches.

It must be in the undercroft beneath the house. -_- So tomorrow, more boxes! Only these ones may have spiders in them.

Possibly the lesson I should take away from this is: occasionally in your life, throw stuff away. Or just don't pick it up. You will probably not need that box of Pizza Hut crayons to save the world at any point in your life.* You can leave it on the table. Five packs of playing cards is probably enough; stop buying them. Those ancient cinnamon Tic Tacs? Throw them away.

Except I won't. That's what boxes were invented for.

* If I ever have to save the world by diagramming my plan to defeat the invading AI/zombies/aliens for everyone around me and it's raining** so the only way to do it is with something waxy and waterproof, I promise to retract this statement.

**More than likely if the Apocalypse is happening in the English Lake District.
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Me: What're you watching?
Mum: Law and Order.
Me: Oh, is Jamie Bamber still in it?!
Mum: Which one's he?
Me: Er. The pretty one?
Mum: *thinks* Oh, yes he is!

That's either a compliment to Jamie Bamber or an insult to the rest of the cast.


I've really struggled to love the world today. My bad mood hung around through coffee, and reading the excellent Full Moon City, and rearranging my room to make it beautifully tidy and actually liveable. On the plus side, hopefully I'll wake up tomorrow in a better mood and my room will already be beautiful and liveable and I'll know where everything I own actually is.

(Except not that last one, because my storage method is 'cram everything into a box!', so finding anything in my room is a Russian Roulette of boxes. Or maybe more like a babushka doll, with ever decreasing boxes and never anything useful inside. It looks pretty; I have many pretty boxes. It's just not very practical.)


This icon has utterly no relevance to this post, especially not the sentiment but it was new and pretty and has Philipp Petzschner getting glomptackled by Jürgen Melzer when they won Wimbledon last year. Here is the most delightful video of it. If they won Wimbledon every day, every day would indeed be a good day.
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So I've got as far as a very-hasty LJ layout fix (the colours will not last I suspect, but I came up with a really pretty idea for a header last week, didn't scribble it down and now haven't got a clue what it was, so this is it until it comes back to me) and this is not going to be a post of substance other than that but my work contract finished last Friday so I have no excuse not to catch y'all up soon. Other than, you know, my limitless procrastination.

I'm surprised by how much being an aimlessly unemployed bum isn't really fun anymore. Not getting up at 6am is nice, and being able to sleep for most of the last two days when I haven't exactly been feeling like a million bucks has been lovely but...I miss having the motivation to get up and do something. And I miss the money already, dear god do I miss the money. Weighing up my need for shoes and DVDs against the perils of my overdraft is about as fun as it was for my six months of being unemployed last year, which is to say not at all; I need to find something soon. But something not crap. At this point it'd be really nice to have a job that I need to actually engage my brain to do.

I'm going to go fall asleep watching the tennis now. It's 1:55am, I should really go to bed, but moving sounds like effort and it's very nice to have the tv all to myself. Even if I am chosing to enjoy that by falling asleep on the sofa. Mmmm.
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To acknowledge the sudden flood of activity on my flist this morning, thought I'd join in the yay-LJ-used-to-be-this-busy-for-me joy with the fact that I saw David Tennant/Catherine Tate in Much Ado About Nothing last night and they were brilliant and funny and fabulous, and this morning I feel like I have a sad Tennant hangover with the sheer mournfulness of the knowledge that I won't get to see it again. If I could request a Groundhog Day scenario to happen over about three hours of last night, that'd be perfect thanks.

Some joyful rambling that may contain mild spoilers (nothing really production-related huge, mostly just YAY TENNANT/TATE and a few spoilers if you haven't read the play (heathens! READ THE PLAY! ;) No really, it's funny I swear. Anyway: )) )


In other news of my life, I'm currently (obviously) in London. On Thursday I was in Cumbria and on Tuesday I was in Edinburgh. This coming Tuesday I will be in Cardiff and on Wednesday, back in London. It's reached the point where I'm confused when I wake up in the mornings. It's nice to have Wimbledon and Cardiff and more Wimbledon to look forward to, especially knowing that after this week I go back to work for a week and then I'm back to being poor and unemployed which sucks but at least this week is Epic. And I have certainly enough to catch up writing-wise and books-and-DVDs-I've-bought-wise (Psych season five arrived before I left Cumbria WITH NO CUSTOMS CHARGES \o/) that July and August should still be made of fun and hopefully sooner rather than later I'll decide what I actually want to do with my life and someone will give me a job doing it.


In conclusion, go and read this delightful Erik/Charles fic that [ profile] rionaleonhart linked to the other day. It's done so well and is kind of heartbreaking and also kind of wonderful and made me smile. Mmmmm.
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So recently - maybe? - I've got into Ice Road Truckers. I half-heartedly watched for about two series in the last couple of years but then I caught the first episode of series four on Channel 5 a couple of months back and it sort of turned into a 'thing to do every Friday', tune into IRT. Then after the last episode I was wandering on Amazon and, somehow, a week later the DVDs of series three dropped through my door. *cough*

(I may have ordered series four last Tuesday. Even though I've just watched it all, what.)

And it's ridiculously overdramatised (oh the lies. This whole 'only three months to get all the loads along the ice road!" schtick? Apparently complete bullshit; it's an all-year-round road, except in the summer it's just dirt), and half the truckers make me alternate between facepalming and wanting to hit them with a stick for being such idiots, and the voice-over guy on series three is so irritating I actually want to punch him in the mouth but dear god I can't stop watching. I love massive American big rigs. Like love them. There's something about the way they look, with the massive grills and the million wheels and, I don't know, I can't even drive (another story: no money, not essential right now, will get around to it) but for years I've had this weird flaily fondness for massive eighteen wheelers. And snow is my favourite weather. So, the only surprising thing about my obsession with this show is that it took me so long.

Also I ship Lisa Kelly/Jack Jessee with all the gleeful flailing of a fangirl who knows they're being completely irrational and doesn't care. Because hello, fangirl thy middle name is (usually) irrationality. They're adorable together and minor things like married to other people and realism matters not in the face a delightful 'ship. They're good friends! And they convoy together! And she facepalms at him for getting fined because he lost the emergency handbook even after she lent him an extra copy! Seriously, they're all kinds of awesome even in the face of Almost-Certain Icy Death and I'd happily watch Ice Road Truckers: The Jack and Lisa Show. With a side note of Carey Hall because his prankwar with Jack in series three is brilliant.

Unfortunately, Jack isn't going to be in series five. I don't know why (there's rumours around the forums but the forums for this show are filled with grade A batshit and are frankly terrifying, so I don't believe a single word typed in them) but it's disappointing to the point where I may end up skipping it or maybe fastforwarding through just to watch Lisa being a badass. Think they may regret it if it was their decision because I've seen a lot of mournful comments crying "NO JACK??", or maybe he just got tired of being filmed all the time. I know if I was used to having my truck cab all to myself for a decade, having a guy sticking a camera in your face after fifteen hours of driving would get old real quick.

But anyway, that's what I've been up to lately. Er. Originally this was going to be a post of one line about Ice Road Truckers and then the rest of it was going to mention how my job has been extended to a probably-final end date of June 30th (not entirely helpful when I'm away/busy for most of June anyway) and also be the post-I-have-yet-to-make-about-Rome-complete-with-pictures. I even opened Photoshop ready for picture re-sizing.

Er. So maybe I'll do that tomorrow?

I need an Ice Road Trucker icon. Maybe I'll screencap tomorrow when I get home from my Lancaster meet-up with [ profile] jesse_kips. :D
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Here be spoilers for Primeval ep 5.1 )


In real life news: today in work I was typing comments on a colonoscopy referral while two different people talked at me and I was so distracted that I instead of "changed by Dr Davies" I typed "changed by Doctor Who".

Thankfully I reread it immediately and went "...Wait. I see what I did there!" and changed it before I saved the thing, though I'm sure it would've been amusing for the next person to look that patient up. When I confessed to the nurse who was talking to me she laughed and laughed, and then went away to tell Dr Davies.

He has yet to tell me his opinion on being confused with a Timelord but I'm pretty sure he'd find it hilarious (and then reflect mournfully that even if he was a really cool Timelord, they'd just get him to do time science as an unpaid extra).


There has been no news on the job front. It makes me sad, so much so that I ordered Ice Road Truckers season four today to keep myself from thinking about it. It's comforting to look at my potential future jobs and know that, no matter what, they most likely won't involve jacknifing on an ice road over a snowy cliff. So you know, it's not so bad.


They haven't taken any money off me for Olympics tickets yet. I am so far undecided about how this makes me feel (paying for Olympics tickets means spending money I'd really like to spend on a new iPod or a Kindle, or just putting into my moving-out-of-my-parents' fund. But, Olympics. So I don't know).

I bet they take the money out tomorrow now that I've said this. Damn them.


This makes two not-meme-related updates in under a week. If I keep this up, you might be able to say that I'm actually keeping an LJ again. Shock.
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This is a slightly useless post to be making when I still have to talk about visiting Rome and bits and pieces of random ficlets I keep meaning to post and epic squee over Gaiman's Doctor Who that I should be flailing all over everyone before I get too distracted by other shiny things, but since I'm still only about halfway along my vast to-do list for today (and it's now 10pm and I have work tomorrow, oh dear), have this delightful Ben Mansfield interview instead (no spoilers for Primeval series five WHICH BY THE WAY STARTS ON TUESDAY OH MY GOD I AM TOO EXCITED TO FORM WORDS ABOUT THIS but minor spoilers if you haven't seen series four yet (...why on earth would you not have seen it yet? Watch repeat it all the time and the dvds are out! Go and watch this ridiculously delightful show, I command it!). But anyway:

Few potentially spoilery thoughts on Becker in series five )

I need Captain Pretty icons. My only Primeval one is pretty drastically out of date.


In news of real life, it's very possible that this is my last full week in my current job. I'm trying not to think about it because this job has been both a. very well paid, b. easy and c. full of lovely co-workers. It's not the most intellectually challenging job in the world but it's comfortable and often interesting, and I really don't mind going into work in the morning. I'm very unlikely to ever have a job this easy and yet well-paid again. I'll miss everyone there terribly when it's over.

And I'm really not looking forward to being back on the job market again because I have no idea where to go from here. At all.
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It's called "When I want to say something that I cannot condense into 140 characters for one Tweet, I must put it in an LJ post or not bother to say it."

This may lead to a lot of random posts. Sorry.

So anyway, I've been playing a lot of Chess Titans in the last few days. I took my laptop to work with me on Friday* because even though I had to be at work, not many other people did and I suspected I wouldn't have much work to actually do; as it turned out I had even less work than that. I mostly spent seven hours watching Psych eps and when I finished them, playing laptop chess and sucking at it spectacularly (I tried to play Lemmings but there is nothing less compatible than playing Lemmings and pretending you're actually doing work). I've been trying to get better at it over the last few days because I was never brilliant at chess but I could at least win a game occasionally; in three days, my best result against the computer has been a draw. The computer is nasty; it always sees what move you're setting up and it never makes errors and it is always, always five or six moves ahead (oh and it can't hear you when you call it a bastard. Which I do. Frequently. I'm not a great loser).

And, after three days of on-and-off-solid chess, I was taking a brief chess-break just now to skim tumblr and went "Ooooo, a link to where that awesome picture is from!" And I moved the mouse and hovered...

...and went "Wait, is this really what I want to spend my next move on? It could be the wrong link! Think about this more carefully dammit-!"

And then I remembered that on the internet, you don't only get one click and then have to wait for someone else to pick a link to load. Clicking a dumb link doesn't mean you lose your Queen or screw up your carefully-plotted battle plan or involve any other repercussions than perhaps a few seconds waste of your time.

It genuinely took me a second of panicked thought to recall that the internet does not work on the rules of chess.

You know, maybe it's time I switched to Mahjong.


* yes, I worked Friday. There were no buses running thanks to the bank holiday and I had to get a lift with the Post Boy at the hospital, who has to be at work for about 6:45am and we live about thirty minutes fast driving from where I work, so I had to get up at 5am. Dear William and Kate, next time get married on a Saturday.

(, maybe I didn't think that sentiment through.)
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Something like two and a half hours later, my "quick" header change is done to the point where I at least don't dislike so much that I'll want to change it tomorrow, even if the Photoshopping is spectacularly lazy. I couldn't find anything to change it to for ages, other than knowing I wanted something new; went with Andrew-Lee Potts on, well, a whim. And because I really enjoyed him in SyFy's Alice last week and he's got a pretty face on him, which is always fun to look at everytime I load LJ.

Also, did I mention he was excellent in Alice? The plot was definitely sketchy at times - lots of times -but he and Caterina Scorsone (Alice) made it work. Some (not all but definitely some) of the CGI was pretty nifty too. Worth a watch! I'm side-eyeing the DVD on Amazon right now.


So, as you can see one is not yet dead*, despite my complete lack of LJing lately. I keep thinking of things to post about like new Who and my [ profile] kindoftrouble-inspired reaching-ridiculous-levels-now Psych obsession (yes, James Roday was totally a candidate for the header but I couldn't find pictures I liked and was too lazy to screencap) or the fact that my work contract has now been extended until the end of May (hurrah!)...only I mention them on Twitter and then forget. Twitter has done more to kill my LJ posting mojo than anything else and I apologise.

Not that I say anything really interesting on Twitter either! It's mostly cooing over whichever Psych ep I've been watching (recently) or talking about tennis (though not right now because it's clay season & I don't care) or LOLing at the royal wedding snark (yesterday). Stuff that's worth 140 characters but not an LJ post. Before Twitter, I probably would've made the LJ post regardless but now it all gets splurged over there and it may save LJ from my ramblings, but it stops me posting anything here either. Hhhmm. Maybe I should work on that.

Er. Anyway. I'm trying to get working on fic again after a whole month where I just haven't wanted to pick up a pen at all, and I owe [ profile] jesse_kips many, many words by tomorrow which will get done and maybe at some point I can get some minificlets posted here. Maybe. There's handwritten scribbles everywhere but I'm still mid-writing-funk and can't decide if they're worth typing up.

...So that's pretty much what I've been doing since my last too-long-ago post? At least this one has writing instead of just pictures. I am around LJ still though; I read my flist every day and all my new fic recs still get added to my memories. So you know. I just need to work on the saying stuff regularly part. Which I will! And will say something interesting! Er. Or at least try (no promises). ^_^

*dear universe, no jinx intended, please move along.
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I have two fics I should be working on, six train tickets to price/buy, two lots of cupcakes to bake, a proper LJ post to make, S1 of Fringe to finally start watching, two betas and a crit comment to do, 1000 words of original writing to get done and posted before tonight and I really need to spend some quality time on the WiiFit today. Oh and I'm watching a S3 Primeval marathon that made me want to reread Connor/Becker fic, so I've had this open in a tab for about an hour.

But instead I'm reading this. Because it's rather spectacularly awesome.

eta: Try here for a much more convenient link to the whole thing. I love kinkmemes a lot but god the whole comment-structure thing is annoying.
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Twitter is broken for me and I'm full from my heart-shaped breakfast pancakes* and Disney's Robin Hood is on TV. I need to do the stack of washing up and wash my hair because I'm meeting work people for a wedding party tonight and find where Casper seems to have disappeared to but...the sun is shining in through the windows and I'm very comfortable on the sofa that I have all to myself this weekend. Another five minutes.

* That's not actually Starbucks coffee**; I just like the mugs they sell.

** It's actually Australian coffee. Basalt Blue to be exact. It's mild but has a lovely sweet taste. I hope they have my Skybury Fancy back in stock next time though.
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eta: Should've said, these memes stolen from [ profile] kindoftrouble and others!

a. Type your answer to each of the questions into Flickr Search.
b. Using only the first page, pick an image*.
c. Copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into fd’s mosaic maker.

1. What is your first name? Helen 2. What is your favorite food? Chinese 3. What high school did you go to? The Maelor School, Penley 4. What is your favorite colour? Purple 5. Who is your celebrity crush? Roger Federer 6. Favorite drink? Coffee 7. Your favorite place? Cardiff 8. Favorite dessert? Cupcakes 9. What you want to be when you grow up? Satisfied 10. Where do you want to be right now? Here. 11. Favorite word? serendipity 12. What do you love most in life? Books 13. Who do you love most in life? My friends (and my cat) 14. One word to describe you Hopeful 15. Your greatest dream To be a writer 16. Your favorite childhood story Peter Pan


Post the names of all the files in your WIP folder, regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous.

Titles are usually the last thing I give fics so most of these are basically descriptive/random/inexplicable but not that interesting )


Life continues to be fine. I continue to spend too much money that I should be saving, fail at writing motivation (and indeed motivation for anything), watch too much TV and go to Pets At Home once a week to spend fifteen minutes talking to the rats and thinking wistfully what I'd name them if I knew I'd be in any place to look after them forhowevermanyyears. Sigh. I did almost adopt a dwarf hamster named Milo today but I have no idea where my hamster cage is.

(I may yet look for it and go back. He was adorable and his last owner didn't want him. Sadface for tiny unwanted hamsters.)

...That's pretty much it. I'm not so much with the interesting right now. Oh [ profile] jesse_kips! I'm planning to head to Manchester in the evening of Tuesday March 1st to see Jasper Fforde talk in Waterstone's (assuming I can still get a ticket! I need to call them). Don't know if you could make it but Jasper's awesome (I can't remember if I recced you his books? You totally should read them; it's like crime and literature and humour and you will love them) and worth going to see if you can make it. I'll be getting in about 5:30pm anyway, so let me know if it's doable for a meet-up. :D

...Yeah, that's pretty much it. As you were, y'all.
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I have no idea what that whole "Courier makes Murray introduce his team by name and role for all the slash writers in da house" was about but it was brilliant and now my life is about a hundred times easier because I hate doing research on tennis players' entourages (like the woman in his box that he just pointed out; no one online could've told me that she's from his management company or even if they could, they wouldn't have known that she's been cooking for the rest of them this week because they're all men who spend their entire lives travelling around the world to play/discuss/think about tennis and are apparently incapable of everyday tasks like cooking and laundry. And definitely, definitely, no one would've been able to tell me that Andy Murray doesn't make his bed in the morning.

Except, based on all the evidence from the last two weeks, possibly Novak Djokovic).

Now, it's 4:36am and I need to be asleep an hour ago. I'm hungry - because dinner was a long time ago - but my auntie's Shih Tzu puppy is in the kitchen and if I wake him up again, I suspect this time he may actually bark until someone gives in and plays with him. So, am nomming leftover Xmas chocolate before bed because of a four-month-old-puppy's reign of terror. Dammit.

Bed. Still didn't do anything useful tonight. >_< Argh. DO BETTER TOMORROW.

(And now Casper has just made me let him outside, only it's so cold that I absolutely have to let him back in before I sleep, so that's waiting ten minutes for him to get over the outsideness. ARGH, CAT. WHY. WHY COULDN'T YOU DO THAT HALF AN HOUR AGO.)
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Slightly-less-hasty-than-intended bodge job of a new LJ layout, because it was really time to take the Christmas/New Year one down. Wish I had time for an icon overhaul but then I'd be going into work in PJs with unwashed hair and considering it's not my last week anymore (contract extension 'til March 31st ftw!), I should probably make an effort to appear at least vaguely presentable.

Also, hello LiveJournal. I am not ded. At some point I will finish memes and maybe post fic extracts and flail over the amazinghood of Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic apparently deciding they no longer want to hide their deep and touchy-feely love for each other. However, now I have to go and get ready for the amazing job that lets me go in half days twice a week and still pays me the same. Which I have until the end of March. Win.

(Of course, that's assuming I can get to work with the killer fog that's been outside all morning. If this was an episode of Doctor Who, I'd have been eaten by the fog monsters hours ago.*

* As much as I like to think I'd be the plucky local girl who works out how to defeat the fog monsters with a handheld fan and some de-mister, I rather suspect I'd be the foolish local girl who disappears and the Doctor gets indigantly rageful about, before forgetting about the instant he spots something shiny.

edit: I've just remembered that last night, I dreamed that I bought a Kindle. Er. Wishful thinking there subconscious?

(I also dreamed that I found a hidden library beneath a folding piece of floor in a house we were renting; it was like a whole secret apartment full of books I wanted to read and squishy seats and with the door bricked up. I think perhaps it was my subconscious crossing the line of wishful thinking, into full on delusions.

It was a really beautiful library.)
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a music meme

December 16th: 03 - a song that makes you happy

There was only ever really one contender for this. I considered Tim Minchin's Canvas Bags or Bright Eyes' First Day of My Life (that is possibly my favourite music video ever; you must watch it) but, really, no song makes me more inexplicably happy than Boston's 'More Than A Feeling'. You can listen to the whole song here.

BUT. You don't want to watch it on that boring vid. You want to watch it on the Barclays ad where the guy rides the rollercoaster to work, don't you? Yeah, me too:

While looking this song up on Youtube, I also came across this marvellous Nirvana clip that makes it obvious how similar 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' is to 'More Than A Feeling' (which I didn't notice and now will never be able to notice anything else. And I like Nirvana; there will be more Nirvana songs in this meme).

And to conclude, have 'More Than A Feeling' done Scrubs style here.

the meme )


I will actually go and work on the thing I'm meant to be writing now. ...After getting a cup of coffee, since I finished the strawberry tea I made to help myself write about an hour ago now. And I've written...77 words.
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Oh dear. Thought "I am completely disorganised for Christmas this year; I shall fix this beginning with a Christmas-themed LJ layout!" Then I spent an hour doing the layout (which is not what I pictured; the wrapping paper I scanned for it has bright silver horses but would they scan silver, would they hell) and ended feeling pleased with myself. So pleased that I rewarded myself with an hour nap since I only had about three hours sleep last night (I've rediscovered that I only really write well between 11:30pm and 4am, which is not conducive to getting up for work at 6am) until 10:15pm. Woke up at 10:44pm, went "Excellent! I have only slightly overslept and shall now do useful things!"

And promptly went back to sleep until 1am. You may be sensing a reason here as to why I'm not Christmas-organised at all.

So yes. So far I have sent no UK Christmas cards. This is a terrible situation and I plan to try to fix it, at least a little bit, tomorrow morning since I'm back to working half-days Tuesdays and Thursdays (yet I get paid for the whole day. Have I mentioned before that this job is marvellous?) and should have time, unless I stay up until 4am again. I actually fell asleep on my desk in work tody for a few minutes, so I really probably shouldn't.

Thankfully my immediate boss is all kinds of lovely and woke me up with Christmas chocolate cake and gingerbread. No, really. I am going to miss this job. Especially the money, since I seem incapable of saving; I really must save every extra penny between now and when I finish on Jan 7th to do...I don't know. Something. Not stalk the cute post boy around the hospital anymore, I suppose. D-: It's all I've done for about four months now! What will I do!

Except you know, he lives in my village. So that may prove handy.

So yes, life and such continues to happen to me. We had beautiful snow last week, enough that I took a day off work (oops, moneywise) and they're predicting more for Thursday/Friday which is marvellous, except I really can't miss any more days and will be dragging myself through the blizzards regardless. Then Saturday I have to venture into the manic last-minute shopping crowds to do my manic last-minute shopping. It's entirely possible that I won't make it out alive but I'm inclined not to trust Amazon at this date, especially with all the knock-on effect problems they've had from last week's snow.

Sigh. Remember the days when Christmas wasn't stressful? Yeah. That was good.

That said, I just found the Top Gear Christmas Special teaser on Youtube and frankly, I think it will make up for every single instant of stress...IN THE WORLD. (There are two episodes. TWO. I THOUGHT THERE WAS ONLY ONE. :DDDDD) HERE:

And the Doctor Who special is looking great. And I still have all my Christmas movies to watch. And I'm about four days behind on my advent calendar, so I'm going to do something about that before I sleep.

Hello Christmas. Maybe you're not so bad after all (now please let that cold snowy weather hang around until the 25th again this year please. Let it snow!)


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