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Because I realised I hadn't crossposted, and because it's lunchtime and I'm stuck in the super-quiet library at work, going to try this from my iPod. (Brace positions everyone; hopefully I won't break the Internet)

So I finished another fic! Two is coincidence; if I can make it three, that's a trend. We'll see. This one came about partly because I was mad at Novak getting so many walkovers at the US Open, and then during the final he basically broke all his toes (okay, he lost a toenail) and when he made this face just from TAKING HIS SOCK OFF, I felt guilty for being annoyed and hurt/comfort was the only appropriate response. (I only like Novak for about three minutes on the third Friday of every month with a blue moon; I have no idea why I can't stop writing this pairing. Roger needs to get back to the tour so business as usual can resume).


the coming of the fall, Novak Djokovic/Andy Murray, G, 7775 words.

Summary: 'Novak's summer started terribly. It didn't get any better after that. But summer's just a season and the only way to go is up.'

I'm pretty fond of this one, partly because I made myself go "awwww" at one point which is vaguely shameful when it's your own fic, and partly because getting to write Judy Murray into something was so fun. I'm inordinately fond of Judy Murray these days; she's funny, and sarcastic, and I don't think she'd hesitate to give anyone who deserved it a clip behind the ear. She might show up in a future thing too. If I can make that finishing-things trend pan out.

LJ feels like it's been a little busier lately which is lovely. I hope it continues (and that my bodged HTML in this post doesn't break the Internet after all).
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